Re-checking his lasrifle for the fortieth time since taking off, KK4042231, "Ignitus". prepared for boarding action. Kriegsmen were designed and trained with trench warfare in mind, not fast-paced ship-to-ship combat. Still, whatever the Inquisitor wanted, she would have. A count-down broadcast over the drop ship's vox-speakers. All KK4042231's squad mates tensed up the closer things came to boarding.
On the count of zero, a shudder ran through the ship. Punching a hole straight into the Dark Eldar frigate, the drop ship released its human cargo. A door on the side opened up, and they all filed out. Looking to the side, Ignitus realized some sort of seal prevented depressurization. Nervously, he checked the clamps on his mask. Alarms shrieked through the wounded ship, piercing in their intensity. Grimacing at the grating sounds, the Kriegsman gripped his lasrifle a bit tighter and turned to his commander. Silently, the commander ordered them to split up into groups of two and search the frigate. The commander paired Ignitus with KK4046342 and sent them down the hallway to their left.

Without complaint, the two soldiers headed that direction. The oddly-shaped door at the end of the hall blocked their progress. KK2026342 bashed at it with his own lasrifle for a moment. Looking to the side, KK4042231 noticed a "keypad" of sorts, covered in various, unfamiliar symbols. Pressing a few at random, the pad sparked and spluttered before overloading entirely. Looking to his companion in confusion, he shrugged. A few moments later, the door hissed open. Stepping through, the two Kriegers checked all corners of the room before entering. As far as they could tell, it looked like some sort of sleeping quarters. Three new doors confronted them, one on each wall. Choosing one at random, Ignitus lead the way.

Deciding the middle door must lead deeper into the ship, Ignitus and KK2026342 advanced. A shockwave ground through the ship; the deck jumped and shuddered under their feet, and a distinct rushing sound filled the room. Another, secondary alarm peaked over the piercing invasion siren. Wishing for a moment that he was deaf, KK4042231 approached the door he'd chosen. Just before the two Kriegers reached it, one of the xenos opened it from the other side. For a moment, it stared at them in stupid confusion before KK2026342 raised his lasrifle and squeezed the trigger. Surprise dulled the freakishly proportioned, too-pale alien's reactions, and it dropped to the ground with a thud. Stepping over the corpse with barely a glance, they continued forward. On the other side of the room, a horrifying host faced them.

Alien technologies they couldn't guess at, or even begin to understand bristled from every wall. Blades, poisons, and handguns poked from every available space. What dominated their attention, however, were the massive tanks near the back of the room. Three, side-by-side, were filled with a disgusting purple sludge that slopped at the walls of the tank. In the centre tank, a ruined, scarred body floated. It was missing an arm, and floated almost serenely in the xeno fluid. Some strange apparatus hooked up to his face, obscuring most of it. KK2026342 walked up and tapped the glass, tilting his head at an angle. Ignitus peered at the figure inside. '342 loosed a strangled call and stumbled backwards at the same moment Ignitus realized exactly who the vile purple fluid contained. Though torture marred his body, the Krieg pallor touched his skin and a Krieger designation had been branded into his shoulder. KK2026342 smashed the butt of his rifle into the tank.

The force of the hit cracked the glass, shaking the whole tube violently. Ignitus shied back as some of the purple fluid seeped through the cracks in the glass. His squadmate smashed at it again, and it shook heavily. The figure inside jerked, his eyes snapping open. He flailed wildly about, sending the fluid to violent sloshing. Tearing away the strange, black apparatus, he smashed at the walls of the tank from the inside. KK2026342 cracked it one more time, and it burst open, spilling the purple liquid and the tank's occupant onto the floor. Coughing wetly, he staggered to his feet. '342 pointed his lasgun at him. Through luck, the captured Kriegsman wasn't shot, but his reaction was severe. Surging forward, he landed a punishing blow on the 202nd legionnaire. Quickly running over the orders the Inquisitor gave him before their mission, KK4042231 decided that whichever one lived would go with him. Inquisitor Friia never gave them orders to kill survivors or to save them. The ensuing struggle didn't particularly interest him, so he missed most of it, electing instead to watch out for any other xenos that might head this direction.

Rather quickly, the smaller Kriegsman strangled Ignitus' original partner to death. Stripping off most of his gear, he donned it with speed and precision. Grabbing the lasrifle, he half-raised it in KK4042231's direction before he shook his head. "Designation?"

"4046696." One of his own legion then. Gesturing for the "rescued" Kriegsman to follow him, Ignitus moved deeper into the xeno ship.

M'kai scowled. The alarms blaring through the ship proved his suspicions correct. The human aboard their ship was incompetent, and by trusting him Alloth Tyran was a fool. The boarding action crippled the Scytherunner, but before he died M'kai would end their Shipmaster. The small craft limped through space, its metallic veins clogged with disgusting soldiers of that decaying Imperium. Heading towards the bridge, he pulled out his blade. It shone a sickly dark green under the harsh lights of the ship, and M'kai had a perfect place in mind to shove it.

The doors to the bridge slid open. Alloth scowled over a map of the ship, weighing his options. He knew the Scytherunner couldn't escape with the jaws of the Imperials locked around its throat. M'Kai took his chance. Striding forward without hesitation, he slid his blade forward. Distracted and weak as the fool was, the shipmaster put up no defense as the poisoned blade slid home between his ribs. Quietly, he gurgled and slid to the floor. The paralyzing agent in the poison made his death slow, painful, but silent. Sliding out just as quickly as he'd entered, the Jetbiker left the bridge. While the Scytherunner had no chance, he would not fall over and die so easily.

Friia squared off against the rogue Inquisitor. Her powersword glimmered with raw energy. It crackled with pure destructive potential. Rylas squinted, his fingers sparking with purple energy. She always knew he possessed Psyker abilities, but seeing them was something else entirely. The air vibrated with pressure, and she dodged to the side. Warpfire burned forth, splashing against the bulkhead. It hissed and burned, the metal bubbling beneath the unnatural conflagration.

Dashing forward, she slashed at Rylas, cleaving downward with every ounce of hatred she summoned up for the corrupt whoreson. A sick feeling penetrated her guts and her perception skewed to the side. Stumbling, she fell to the ground, smashing her face against the tainted xenos metal. Shaking her head to clear her Psyker-muddled senses, her vision swam back into focus. Blinking smeared spots from her eyes, she saw Rylas preparing to stab his empty symbol of the Crux Terminatus into her chest.

Rolling to the side, she barely avoided the killing blow. Stabbing upwards with her powersword, it penetrated the corrupt Inquisitor's knee. He cried out, and his cries resonated deeply with Friia. It satisfied her; the cries of one who perverted their power. He staggered, limping away from her. Jumping back to her feet, she lunged at him once more. As her blade cleaved through his chest and burst through his heart, he clapped a hand to the side of her face. Warpfire burst from his palm, scorching the flesh from her face. Horrifying sights of creatures enslaved by xenos ripped through her mind, delving quickly into more heinous visions of things only glimpsed in the fevered nightmares of Psykers. Twitching, she fell to the ground, collapsing atop the cooling corpse of the other Inquisitor. Eyes rolled up into her head, drool foamed at the edges of her mouth. Though her blade felled Rylas, his final act tore her down.

Finally free of the Haemonculus, Sael felt a surreal sense of calm descend over him. He could always claim The Emperor saw him through the ordeal, but whatever faith he held in the gold-glit idol faded, torn from him just as effectively as his flesh. Now that it was gone, phantom sensations of blades dragged through his body. Sael welcomed them. His fingers twitched uneasily across the pilfered lasrifle. Every nerve in his body felt raw. More alive than it ever felt before.

The Kriegsman he followed seemed almost unconcerned that he'd murdered another of their number. A bit of prying between tense sessions of mostly avoiding the Eldar, Sael found the name he'd given himself. Ignitus. Interesting. They stopped before another door, taking up position on either side. The motions drilled into both of them were so mechanical, they didn't even need to know each other to perform them. The portal slid open with a tortured hiss. Popping his head into the room, gun-barrel first, he blinked a few time to make sure his vision wasn't faulty.
Two bodies lay on the floor. Both human. Blood began to crust and dry on the floor, pooling out from beneath them. Ignitus looked into the room and stiffened. After checking the rest of the room, they both advanced into the scene of the battle. KK4042231 knelt down and checked for any signs of life. Eventually, he picked her up and hauled her over his shoulder.

"Follow me." Sael tilted his head, but went along with him. As the first Kriegsman retraced his steps, he placed his gun into the rifle scabbard on his back, putting his full attention towards carrying the woman. KK4046696 couldn't think of why he would do such a thing, but he didn't question. Not if they had a way out. Within a few minutes, mostly back-tracking through rooms they'd already checked were clear, Ignitus lead them to a boarding ship they'd taken over. Re-boarding the damaged craft, he dropped the woman onto the floor.

Crammed into a small escape craft, M'kai wondered where they'd go from there. Only he, that slobbering Haemonculus, her Mandrake slave, and one other jetbiker. Without a ship, and with barely any supplies, he hardly knew how they would continue on. Though his old Shipmaster had been foolish enough to let a Mon-Keigh into their ship, he would not make the same mistakes. No matter what, they would endure. And one day, they would reign a terror upon the Imperium as they'd never known before.

Two weeks after his escape from the horrible xeno craft, Sael stared back at his reflection. Grey circles ringed his eyes, still hollow from the nightmares. Pain still radiated from his scars in sharp bursts. It no longer bothered him. Then, he noticed something strange in his reflection. Looking up towards his scalp, blue hair grew up from the roots. Panic struck him rigid. This... this was heresy. Whatever chemicals that xeno whore injected into him altered him. Grabbing his knife, he hewed off most of his hair, then slammed his helmet down onto his skull.

As the weeks passed, more of the freakish blue hair emerged from his scalp. Every attempt he made to cut this new blue hair failed. He dulled his knife attempting to sever it, and burning it did nothing. An oppresive sense of doom settled over him.

Two month after his liberation from that xenos hell-ship, KK4046696, felt an executioner's blade hover near. The Inquisitor called for him. Since she'd returned to the ship, they'd healed the damage to her mind and flesh. Her once-fine features were ruined by the Warp flames, giving her a more intimidating appearance. She still retained control over the Krieg ship, rather reluctant to give it back to the captain. Her will overturned even the wants of the Commissars aboard.

When Inquisitor Friia summoned him, they'd taken bits of his tissue for something, then pulled out some of his hair. The properties that ruined blades meant to cut it apparently didn't extend to dulling the pain of having it ripped from his scalp. Sitting in the emptry room, he adjusted his helmet once more and began to fidgit nervously. An interminable time later, Inquisitor Friia arrived. Snapping from his seat, Sael stood to attention. She stared back at him.

"This proves a most interesting case. A suvivor of the Dark Eldar, still fit for combat." She paused for an uncomfortable amount of time, leaving KK4046696 standing at attention even still. "I have elected to stay your execution for now." His shoulders relaxed a fraction of an inch. He waited for orders, or an explanation. She offered none. "You are, however, tainted filth. We will be using you for research. First, we'll wait for whatever that Eldar put into you to take full effect before we begin any invasive proceedures. You will be stationed on planet M4467234 until such time as I return to claim you. Leave." Startled for a moment, he hesitated before leaving the room, thoughts torn. On one hand, he would live. On the other, that might only be borrowed time. It was good enough for him.