When JJ gets to the hotel she finds both bags packed and Emily lying on the bed. Emily stands.

"Hi. All the paperwork done?"

"Yep." She pulls her wife into a hug. "How was it?"

"It sucked. But they get it was what she wanted to do; that standing for the dead was her calling."

"Did it make it easier for them?"

Emily shrugs. "I'm not sure anything could make this easier. I think only knowing that fuck is behind bars will help that wound heal."

"Then let's hope he stays there and there's no bullshit over jurisdiction." JJ gives her wife a kiss, stroking a hand down the brunette's cheek. "I love you, Emily. I know this job is dangerous but…but nothing would help me get over the loss of you."

"Ditto. We'd go on for the kids but we'd both have lost a large part of our souls. I can only hope you know just how much I love you. May you never ever doubt my love for you."

"I don't. And I never will."

They share another deep kiss, ending with a tight hug. As they step back from each other, Emily strokes a hand through JJ's hair.

"So, I guess our date night will have to wait until next Saturday."

JJ smiles. "Yes, I guess it will."

"And where is it we're going again?"

JJ laughs and pushes her wife away. "Good try, Prentiss. Grab your bag. Plane leaves as soon as we all get to the airport."

Emily grins and grabs her go bag. "Can't blame me for trying. You haven't slept all night. Thought I could trick you."

"Nope. I'm one of those smart FBI agents. Can't fool me."

"But it sure is fun trying."

The two women laugh and make their way to the airport. On the plane, everyone tries to find a place to rest. Hotch looks at them all.

"When we get back, go home. We worked all night and it's a short flight; it will only make you more tired. Paperwork can wait until Monday. Try to enjoy the rest of the weekend."

"Won't hear me arguing," Rossi says as he folds his blazer into a pillow.

Emily leans against the wall. JJ cuddles up against her. Emily wraps an arm around her wife's shoulder and kisses her temple.

"Sleep, Jen."

"I…I can't. I'll rest but I can't sleep. I'll have a nightmare. I know I will."

Emily sighs. She sits up, which makes JJ sit up. Emily digs into her briefcase and pulls out a deck of cards. JJ smiles.

"Thank you, sweetheart."

"My pleasure, baby. But we're not playing for money. I'm so tired I may fold with a royal flush."

JJ laughs as Emily deals out Texas Hold 'Em to help them pass the time.

"MOMMY!" Henry yells, running to JJ.

She smiles and lifts him up. "Hey, Little Man. I sure missed you."

He gives her a big hug and kiss. "Missed Mommy. Love Mommy."

"MA!" Rocky hollers as she crawls quickly down the hall towards her Mommy.

JJ kneels down and intercepts the little girl, lifting her up with her free arm. She just luxuriates in the love she feels from both of these wonderful children.

"You two make me feel so loved," she tells them.

"Henry and Wok love Mommy," her son tells her.

"And Mommy loves Henry and Rocky," she tells him as she gives them both a kiss.

"Is there enough love left over for Mama?" Emily asks as she walks in the door.

"MAMA!" Henry squeals. JJ lets him go so he can run to Emily, who lifts him up into a hug.

"Hey, Champ."

JJ stands with Rocky in her arms.

"MAMA! MAMA!" the little girl squeals.

After giving Henry a hug and kiss, Emily leans over to kiss Rocky.

"Hey, sweet girl. Have you two been good while we were gone?"

Henry nods. "Wok good. Henry good."

Emily gives him another kiss. "Excellent. Now, would it be okay if Mommy and I went upstairs to take a nap? We didn't get to sleep last night because we were out being Spiderman and Batman."

Henry nods. "Nap, Mama."

"Good. And maybe when we get up we can watch a movie."

"Cars!" Henry says with excitement.

Emily and JJ both laugh. "Sure, we can watch Cars for the millionth time," his Mama agrees.

"Yay! Cars, Wok!"

Rocky just giggles and claps. JJ gives her another kiss. They turn and look at Francesca who has given the family some time to reconnect.

"Hi, Francesca. Everything was okay?"

"They were perfect angels."

"Wonderful," Emily says, kissing Henry once more.

Henry looks at Francesca. "Mama, Mommy naptime. Was 'Pideyman and Ba'man."

Emily sets him back down. "That's right. And then we get to watch Cars." She ruffles his hair. "Sounds like a perfect day."

Francesca takes Rocky from JJ. "Go rest now, caras. We'll see you when some of those suitcases are gone from under your eyes."

JJ and Emily clasp hands and go upstairs to the bedroom. They toss their go bags in the corner to be dealt with later. In just a few minutes they are in their pajamas and crawling into bed. Emily strokes a hand down JJ's cheek.

"I'm here if you need me, sweetheart."

JJ nods. "I know. I always feel safe with you, Emily. Always."

They share a quick kiss. JJ snuggles up against her wife, her head tucked into Emily's shoulder. Both women let out sighs of contentment.

"I love you, Jen."

"Love you, too, Em."

Emily rubs her wife's arm soothingly. Soon both have slipped off to sleep.

And neither one is awakened by a nightmare.