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Chapter 15: The Serpent Strikes

"I forfeit!" Everyone turned their heads to see Kankuro leaning forward over the rail a little to be heard.

"Very well then, moving right along, would..." Genma was interrupted by a loud 'Damn it' that came from the male of the next match. "Shikamaru Nara, and... oh, you're already here." Looking over to see Temari closing her fan as dust settled around her from her landing. "Eager, aren't you?"

Shikamaru stood there with an annoyed, but thoughtful look on his face before being suddenly shoved over the railing and landing on his back, looking up at a snickering Naruto who then called out. "Good luck Shikamaru!"

Shikamaru wisely kept his next thoughts to himself. 'I hate blondes...'


Shikamaru's match lasted both longer, and shorter than people had been expecting. Shorter than the crowd had expected since he was a Nara, longer than his friends and classmates expected, for the same reason. In the end, when it looked like Shikamaru had the win he forfeit. Shikamaru made his way back up to the competitors box with the others, explaining his reasons for giving up when he did. A few of them saw it as stupid and a complete waste of his chance at continuing on in the competition. Others, including Naruto, saw the wisdom in his actions. "It's not a bad plan really. You showed off your skills, your control of your jutsu, your intelligence in strategy, and another facet of your intelligence in knowing when going on would not be worth the risk and/or sacrifice."

Shikamaru gave a rare smile as he looked over at Naruto. "Exactly, plus there's the fact that I don't like fighting women." The rests of the boys from Konohagakure chuckled at his secondary reason. They were distracted by the growing commotion and restlessness of the crowd as they continued to grow impatient for the match that most of them came here to see in the first place and had so far been denied. Shouts of "Where's the Uchiha" and "Stop stalling" were ringing out through the stadium.

"This doesn't look good. If things get much more heated people might start walking out before we get to have the rest of the matches." Naruto looked out over the field to the stands with all the spectators starting to shout for the next match.

Up in the Kage's box, Darious stepped up beside Hiruzen and leaned down to speak in his ear, "Sir, I suggest that we move on past the boy's match. Give Gaara the pass and move forward before the crowd loses it." The elder Hokage took on a look of concentration as he considered his options, sneaking covert glances at the Kazekage as he thought. Before he could make his final decision there was a swirl of leaves in the center of the field that cleared to reveal Kakashi and Sasuke standing back to back with both of their heads hung in an attempt at a dramatic entrance that partially worked until Naruto decided to speak up.

"You don't get to be late as hell AND look cool Teme!" Sasuke started to fume at this since everyone that heard this over the cheering of the crowd started to chuckle.

"Calm yourself Sasuke, from the sounds of the cheers, even with as "fashionably late" as we are you still seem to be in this competition." Kakashi turned and placed his hand on Sasuke's shoulder.

Genma chose this moment to step forward and speak up. "Indeed he is, and it's his turn right now in fact, if you would please vacate the ring, and if Gaara would please enter it?" Looking from Kakashi up to the competitors box to see the redheaded boy no longer standing there. "Great, has anyone seen Genin Gaara?" There was murmuring for a moment before a pair of terrified screams echoed through the entry corridor before being cut off mid scream. Everyone looked over toward the opening in the wall to see only darkness for a few moments. During that silence, most of the spectators didn't notice the pure white feathers that started to drift from the skies as they were already unconscious. Those that were not immediately rendered unconscious looked around, some soon after following the weaker willed civilians, others breaking what they immediately recognized as a massive genjutsu.

Among those breaking themselves out of the genjutsu were the Konohagakure competitors. They all started looking around and were soon startled by a massive blast that rang from the village front gates. A moment later their attention was brought back to the field entrance when a column of sand shot from the door and clear across the field, nearly clipping Genma and Sasuke on its path to the opposite wall where it punched a whole clean through and proceeded to exit the stadium through. Not even a second later there was a large explosion of smoke that formed in the Kage's box. "Troublesome..."

In the stands Kakashi, Gai, and an ANBU stood back to back after deflecting the genjutsu, watching as large numbers of "civilians" dropped their disguises, showing themselves as Oto and Suna nin. The jonin looked around, each quickly taking inventory of the situation. "My eternal rival, and honorable ANBU-san, it looks like we are outnumbered nearly one hundred to one. A truly youthful test of our Flames of Youth!" The ANBU and Kakashi both formed sweat drops on their temples as they both looked back to the green-clad pugilist.

Kakashi glanced over to the Kage's box to see it now vacant and a large purple cube surrounding the Hokage and Kazekage, who was now holding a kunai to Hiruzen's throat. "Okay, I think it's okay for you to drop your disguise "ANBU-san"." The man nodded before a small poof of smoke encompassed his body to reveal a grim faced Darious.

Gai gained a near surprised look on his face as he turned to look behind him. "Darious-san? I thought you were in the box with Hokage-sama!"

"That was the point Gai, if they believed I was up there, then they would feel more confident that the snake would kill me, it would also remove the possibility of real nin being killed. Everyone up there with The Hokage were my water clones." Darious stepped away from the duo and looked back at them. "You two have this area covered?" Receiving a pair of confident nods, and one near blinding smile, Darious vanished from the duo that now stood back to back.

"This is crazy!" Kiba skipped back a couple steps as a kunai imbedded itself in the ground where his foot would have been a moment ago. Naruto and Sasuke both let a couple shuriken fly, striking a small group of Oto nin that were standing caught in Shikamaru's Kagemane no Jutsu before falling dead.

"It's an invasion Kiba, what part of this is meant to be calm and orderly?" Naruto asked as he moved back to back with the other boys as they were surrounded by a dozen Oto and Suna nin that were slowly inching closer to them all. The four boys drew their weapons and hoped that they would be able to take out the numbers before there was a call of "Shuriken Kage Bunshin no Jutsu" came from above them and half of the approaching nin were mowed down by a hail of shuriken. A moment later, Darious landed between the boys and the remaining invaders.

"You boys alright?" Glancing over his shoulder at them to make a cursory appraisal of their condition before looking back to the approaching nin.

Still keeping his guard up, Shikamaru spoke up, asking what they were all wondering or assuming. "We are fine, thank you for the save Darious-san. What is going on here, we are assuming that this is some form or another of invasion from Oto and Suna."

Darious made quick work of the poorly trained Oto nin in front of him, the remaining Suna nin retreating for the time being. "You're actually right on the money with your assumption. The problem with your deduction is that we know this entire thing was set up by Orochimaru. He killed the Kazekage and posed as him long enough to order Suna into joining this attack. Master Jiraiya and I have been working behind the scenes to get things a bit more in our favor, including fixing and suppressing a couple seals." Sasuke reached up and rubbed the normal feeling skin that held a complex seal covering his cursed mark.

"So, does that mean that Gaara...?" Naruto stepped up to Darious, wondering why his fellow Jinchuriki seemed to be forcing his insanity as opposed to enjoying it over the last couple weeks.

The older nin smirked down at his surrogate little brother. "Yep, Master Jiraiya and I managed to find a way to trap him in a genjutsu, incapacitate him, and open up and rebuild his sealing array to more closely resemble yours. Your red headed friend is now in full control, and he and his siblings, along with their sensei all know the truth of the invasion and are working with us to protect the innocent and try to save as many of their misinformed comrades as we all can. That reminds me, whenever possibly, disable Suna nins, avoid killing or maiming them as best you can, but if left no other options... use any means necessary. Your orders for the moment are now as follows; stay in the arena, protect the civilians and injured. Gather any injured and bring them to any established first aid/triage sites that are or will be set up. Understood?" The genin all nodded and gave their affirmatives before Darious nodded and smiled at them.

Turning from them, Darious reached to the small of his back and drew out a pair of sai, twirling them to reacquaint himself with the weight and balance of his favored weapons. He didn't have to wait long to put them to practical use again as a trio of Oto nin appeared in front of him. "Well well well, a lone jonin and cluster of wanna-bees, let's put this bastard down, then get rid of the trash behind him!" The other two chuckled before drawing swords from their backs and moving to circle around beside him. Darious remained calm as he lowered himself into a ready stance with his weapons at the ready. They chose to rush in one at a time, each bringing their swords down in over head strikes. The first and second were deflected before the third was caught, then quickly snapped by the now glowing sai in Darious's hands. Stepping into his guard, Darious quickly moved the staggered nin between himself and the man's partners who slashed across his chest without a care.

"Is that how all Oto nin treat their comrades, or are you two just a couple of real ass holes?" Having used the now dead nin as a human shield, he quickly shoved his lifeless body at the remaining two, giving him enough time to channel his chakra and mutter out "Mizu no Muchi". Water from a puddle to their side rushed to the shaft of his sai and formed long whips of water that he quickly cracked at the recovered Oto nin. He smirked as the two men flinched and started to back away now that Darious had the reach advantage on them. "Now the fun begins."

Behind him, the boys kept their eyes peeled for any additional threats or chances to step in and help. Once Darious had unleashed the whips though, they ended up more watching him work than looking for an opening to help. They watched as he kept the whips moving around and beside him, never letting them sit motionless for more than a second at a time as he started to stalk forward toward the slowly backing pair as they tried to regain their courage. It didn't take long for the one on the right to let our a battle cry and charge at Darious, though his battle cry quickly turned into an agonized cry a split second after a whip crack rang out. The boys looked on as the man collapsed to the ground now clutching the stump that used to be the lower half of his left leg before a line of reddened water splashed down on him in a line leading back to Darious as he formed a new whip from what was left in the puddle beside them. "That... was.. so AWESOME!"

Darious looked back to see the boys standing there with Kiba looking on with stars in his eyes. "I told you boys to get going! Protect the civilians, that is your job as Konohagakure ninja! Now go!" The boys all nodded once again before leaping away leaving Darious with the now soiled remaining Oto nin staring at his companion bleed out on the ground in tears. As he looked back up at Darious, the jonin stomped forward and yelled causing the enemy nin to turn to run, only to trip over the comrade he had helped slice down moments ago and fall onto his own sword. Shaking his head at the irony of the situation, he turned to see where else he could be needed. Looking up to the roof above the Kage's box, he smirked before disappearing in a bright flash and reappearing in front of one corner of the large purple shield that contained Hiruzen and Orochimaru.

A young red headed woman looked up to see him standing there and smirked. "Is it time?"

"Yes Tayuya, it's show time." Darious smirked right back as she released the seal she was holding and went up in a puff of smoke to reveal that she now had a Konoha hitai-ate tied around her neck, her hair now tied back in a low tail held in place by a thick, burnt orange ribbon. The tunic was replaced with a a skin tight black sleeveless top that covers a long sleeved mesh armor shirt with short, black leather bracers that extend over the back of her hand and held in place by a finger loop around her middle finger. Over all of this she wore an open hunter green half jacket that bore the red Uzumaki spiral on the left shoulder. Her shorts were replaced by full length form fitting black pants with a burnt orange stripe running down the sides and held up by a hunter green belt that held her hip pouch in the middle of her back. On her right thigh was a standard shuriken pouch, and on her left was a custom holster that held a kunai and her flute. Rounding it all off, she now wore calf high ninja sandals over the hems of her pants. A few moments after she dropped her seal the purple barrier started to flicker, then fade completely, leaving three stunned teens, a surprised Hokage and a very pissed off former leader looking around to see what happened. When all eyes landed on her, Tayuya smirked and gave them all the bird before jumping away to find her cousin.

Darious on the other hand showed up beside Hiruzen in a bright flash. "Have I missed anything Hokage-sama?"

"No, my boy, nothing that I wouldn't have preferred to miss myself. Just some gloating and presentation of more reasons I should have killed him when I had the chance." Orochimaru's eyes narrowed as he leveled a glare at Hiruzen for his comments, but this only lasted a moment before he looked over to Darious.

"That was the Hirashin no Jutsu, was it not boy? How did you learn that?!" Hiruzen could only smirk as he watched his former student puzzle at how the young man beside him had pulled off such a rare and secretive jutsu.

"That's for very select few to know, or ever find out, and you are not among any of them. Now look around Oro-teme, your forces are being driven back, your secret weapon wasn't so secret, or yours in the end and is now helping us like his father would have before you killed him. The Suna forces are being detained or correctly informed of your treachery and following Gaara and his siblings' example and helping push back your forces." A massive impact was felt and followed by a loud rumble. "And that would be my master crushing your summons with our own. I would surrender, or kill yourself now." Darious and the old Sarutobi couldn't hold back their grins as Orochimaru fumed in supreme anger at how quickly his carefully laid plan was falling apart around him.

Orochimaru took a deep breath before donning a grin of his own now. "You fools may have ruined part of my plans, but I'm not done just yet!" Flying through seals, he ended by clapping his hands together and giving off an evil smirk "Kuchiyose: Edo Tensei." Hiruzen and Darious grit their teeth as a wooden coffin started to rise from the ground, soon followed by a second and a third. Before any of them could get more than half way up, Darious drew a red lined kunai and launched it past Orochimaru before flashing behind him and slamming his foot into his back, sending him crashing into the coffins and ending the summoning before it could finish, sending the coffins back into the ground they had started to come from.

"If what was writing on those coffins were what I think they were, I could kill you right here and now for that desecration!" As Darious was now angrily shouting at the Snake Sannin, Naruto, Tayuya, and most of the other genin landed around the edges of the roof beside the Anbu that had the remaining members of the Sound Four holding defensive positions. Climbing to his feet, Orochimaru could only curse as he lifted his hand in signal to his subordinates who surrounded him before all four started to sink into the roof with victorious smirks on their faces.

"They're getting away!" Kiba started to run for the sinking group before being stopped by Gai as he landed in front of him.

"As brightly as your flames of youth burn, young Inuzuka, you are no match for him, let alone all four. If Hokage-sama isn't chasing after them, then we should follow his lead." Kakashi stepped out from behind Gai, making many wonder where he had actually come from and spoke up as well.

"Gai's right, what we need to do now is finish cleaning up the remaining Oto ninja and subduing the Suna members." This earned a nod of affirmation from the old, and suddenly older, more tired looking Hokage. With this, most of the ANBU and most of the other gathered forces left to do as ordered. All save for the genin and their sensei.

Ino, being the gossip queen that she was, stepped up a little and asked something that had been plaguing her since she saw Darious use Hirashin from the center of the arena when she woke up, and was farther exacerbated by hearing his impassioned statements concerning the coffins. "Um, I know that it's likely none of our concerns, but... what were those coffins and why did they make Darious-san so angry? Also...How does he know the Hirashin no Jutsu?" The first question earned some curious nods from all around her including the gathered sensei, who were also very curious about what that jutsu that he had stopped was.

Hiruzen sighed and stepped closer to the gathered nin before him and spoke up. "The answer to to the last two are tied to the answer to the first. That jutsu was something that was created by the Nidaime," this earned a small grimace from Darious, "it is called the Kuchiyose: Edo Tensei. It was created as a means of resurrecting nigh unstoppable, unkillable soldiers that could be used to clear a battle field using any means necessary, including suicide jutsus... and come back to do so again and again. It was made a kinjutsu by him once he found it to be too inhumane and not worth the sacrifice needed to cast it." There were looks of horror from the genin, and disappointment from the jonin sensei. "The second question, the thing that made Darious and I so angry about it was who Orochimaru had attempted to bring back... we could not see the marking of the third coffin, but the first two read... Shodaime, and Nidaime." This time all gathered, besides those that had witnessed it first hand, had looks of absolute shock. "This brings about the last question, this one is actually for Darious to answer."

Darious gave an appreciative nod to the old Sarutobi. "Thank you sir." Taking a deep, calming breath, Darious looked up to them all. "The reason I know Hirashin no Jutsu is because I was taught it by the man that created it." The genin all immediately thought that he had been speaking of the Yondaime Minato Namikaze, but the adults all knew better.

"So, The Yondaime taught you how to do that?" This earned a sigh from Darious as he saw the look of expectation on Naruto's face in particular at Ino's question and distracted him from noticing someone land behind him and move to stand near the Hokage.

"Minato Namikaze, as great a man and leader as he was did not create that jutsu. I have no idea how he found or learned it, but it is not his creation. The jutsu was created by my grandfather." At this, Gai, Kakashi, and Asuma's eyes widened in shock at the information they had just learned. Kurenai, though was as in the dark as the genin in front of her.

"So who did create it?" Ino was growing impatient and confused as the other genin all were starting to feel similarly.

Before Darious could speak up though, the new arrival spoke up and reveled himself to be Jiraiya. "That honor would go to our late Nidaime Hokage, Tobirama Senju."

The genins' eyes all widened now as realization now dawned on them and Kurenai as Ino finally managed to ask. "So... that would make him..."

Jiraiya smiled and stepped up like he was an announcer on a stage show. "That's right, may I present to you all, one of the only remaining members of his clan, grandson of the late Nidaime Hokage, cousin to my only non-evil team mate... Darious Senju."


Jutsu list/translations:

Kagemane no Jutsu = Shadow imitation technique

Shuriken Kage Bunshin no Jutsu = Shuriken shadow clone technique

Mizu no Muchi = Water Whip

Hiraishin no Jutsu = Flying Thunder God Technique

Kuchiyose: Edo Tensei = Summoning: Impure World Reincarnation


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