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He was angry.

He was angry with his father, who never bothered to show some kindness to his elder son; and his mother, who left him alone in this huge cruel world to fight until the last bit of his life drained away. He was angry with Stefan, who stole his love using his 'saint' impression, not once, but twice. He was angry with both Katherine and Elena, who made him conscious of the truth that - no matter how much better he tries to be - they will always choose Stefan over him. He was angry with Meredith, whose cold attitude reminded him that he was never welcome in their lives, and never would be.

But most of all, he was mad at himself, for always making the wrong choices. He was wrong to choose Katherine and this dark life; he was wrong to love the two most beautiful girls he had seen in his life. He was wrong to let go of the only girl on this planet who made him feel like a human once again; he was wrong to let her go with that Matt guy. He was feeling like a loser.

He came here after leaving the party; Matt Honeycutt's birthday party. He went for a while to wish the girl luck for choosing Matt as her love, but before the act was accomplished, he discovered how much he loved her. Leaving without telling anyone, he drove like hell to the darkest and loneliest place in town. He came to the empty music room, broke in, and screamed out as loudly as he could. He squeezed his eyes shut and clenched his fists, felt the tension building up in his muscles. He tried every possible way to calm himself down, not remembering unconsciously sitting down at the piano and playing with the black and white keys.

He was clueless as to how long he was there. He heard someone coming.

"Damon?" she asked in a low and nervous voice.

"What are you doing here?" he replied bitterly, without looking back.

"I just..."

"You just what?" Damon asked fiercely, closing in on her. "What made you come here, Red? You should be spending time with you precious boyfriend right now, don't you think?" He almost hissed in her ears.

Her eyes brimmed with tears, "Damon, what happened?" She sniffled."Did I do something wrong?"

Damon asked himself the same question. Did she do anything wrong? She chose a handsome guy whom she knew from her junior school, who was actually a good person, and who was going to love her and care for her for their lifetime. What was so wrong about it?

He stepped back, and inhaled deeply.

"No. You have done the right thing. You have made the right choice. Congratulations. Now leave," he said calmly.

"But, Damon..."

"Leave, Red," he yelled at her and realized too late that his predator self was taking over; his face had turned pale, eyes were glowing like fire, and his fangs were elongating. He must have looked like a demon, because the girl ran away crying.

That night, he was wondering if he had done the right thing; why did she leave crying? Today, after fifty long years, he knew the reason - Elena accidentally told her of the prophesy her grandmother made a week prior to that evening.

After that night, he left Fell's Church. He stayed in touch with Stefan and Elena, but he never tried to contact anyone else. And after exactly eleven months and twenty-six days, he learned about her illness.

He was trying to forget the past and 'move on' in his life with Jessica. The blonde was living with him; Stefan and Elena were happy to see the 'old' Damon back once again. Damon himself was happy too. After a long time, he was actually back with all of his powers. He was not feeling weak, emotional, or heart-broken. He was not feeling "human." But all of a sudden, a certain phone call struck him like lightning out of the blue.

It was Meredith Sulez looking for him.

"I never imagined this day would come," she said in a heavy voice.

"Neither did I. So what made you call me?" Damon replied to her in a flat voice.

"It's her. She's not well, Damon, and she wants to see you . . ." she stopped midway. After a short silence, she spoke again, "The doctors are saying she has very little time left. Even though they are making every attempt to save her - trying every sort of medicine and surgery they can - she's still not making any progress; her body is weakening day by day."

"You're looking beautiful."

She smiled again, though he could see tiny pearls of tears in her eyes.

"Won't you come in?" she asked him.

"Really, Red?" He arched his eyebrows, "You are inviting a vampire inside your house?"

"You will never change, will you?" she said, looking tiredly for an honest reply.

"Can you think of me being changed? Being anyone but me?"

She had no answer. How could she think of a different Damon? Different from the guy she had always dreamt of?

She gave him a gentle, friendly smile, "It's not like you've never entered my room before."

"I wanted to see you," he said on that lonely night. Her parents were fast asleep, as were her sister and nurse in the next room. He expected a dying little girl in her bed, and visiting her room he realized how unfairly accurate his expectations were.

"In my dreams, you always come to see me and you are always nice to me . . . but you will be gone once I am awake, won't you?" she murmured from beneath her blanket.

"No, Birdie, I will still be here with you," he whispered in her ear as he stroked her dull, messy hair with his fingers. Was this the same girl he left a year back? The strong medicines she had been taking for almost nine months had stolen her natural glow. Her skin was blanched, eyes lifeless. Her once beautiful pink lips were pale and chapped, and her hair was a tangled scarlet mess. His cold lifeless vampire heart ruptured from the cruel display of her inexorable pain.

Next day when he went to see her, she was reminiscing of their old, happy times. She was shocked and slightly embarrassed to see him. She had been craving to meet him again - dreaming every night of him - but when he was standing in front of her, she wanted to hide herself.

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