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His cell phone beeped reminding him that he was sitting in the darkest corner of the old high school, all alone. He was supposed to attend some concert with some people he barely knew. Making a bitter countenance, he fingered the small rectangular device out of his pocket and read the text. It was Stefan, concerned of his sudden disappearing act, asking how long it would take him to come back to the boarding house. He typed back a short text saying he would meet them at the concert and glanced at his watch.

The concert had begun when he reached the auditorium. He received a scowl from Stefan and a glare from Elena, but a warm smile and a wave from Kayla. He chose to take a seat beside her, and realized the girl was observing him quietly.

"I know I am late, my apologies," he put his most gracious face on and looked directly at her.

"It's okay, you're just in time actually; Izzy's performance is coming up next," Kayla replied sweetly and averted her eyes; Damon heard her heart beating deliriously. He couldn't help but smirk, he was just so irresistible to young girls like her. He leaned towards his brother and murmured in an inaudible tone, which only another vampire like him could understand.

"Remind me again what I am doing here?"

Stefan whispered back without taking his eyes off the performer on the stage, "Trying to find someone . . . could you just relax?"

"Sure, Brother," Damon made a sarcastic expression before getting back to the concert, where a young Asian boy was onstage playing the cello.

After a while he felt someone pulling his jacket. He turned to his left to find Kayla, excitedly tugging the corner of his jacket to get his attention, "It's her turn now; my sister. See that girl in the white dress and red hair? That's Izzy-" she bent her head a little to catch his reaction and added, "-there. Can you see her?"

Of course he could see her. His breathing ceased the moment the girl looked out at her audience. A wonderful mix of happiness, bewilderment, and millions of questions appeared in his mind as his dark blue eyes met her warm brown ones.

How is this possible?

The same small heart shape face, the same red curls that created an innocent charm, the same petite figure, even the same short height; the girl standing on stage was an exact replica of Bonnie McCullough. She started playing the sonata and his mind drifted away. There were voices and music around him, but only he could hear the voices, and only he could feel the music.

"It's your favorite tune, isn't it?"

"Sonata No. 14 by Beethoven, true, that's a tough one."

"Damon, what are you doing here?"

"Adagio sostenuto, the first movement… Damon, you should learn to play too."

"Wait, that was C-sharp minor…"

"I don't know, Bonnie, but I think Allegreto suits your personality better. It's easy, charming and cheerful."

Damon reminisced the moments he and Bonnie shared during their piano lessons, where Bonnie took the responsibility of helping him to learn the sonata. She was not aware of his piano skills and he never told her about the piano lessons he took in his childhood. His promise of telling her his every little secret remained unfulfilled, very much incomplete.

Was it possible that she was turned into an immortal like Elena?

That was not possible; he made sure to make the last days of her life happy and peaceful. He did think of changing her himself, but the image of his innocent little bird sucking the life from another living creature made him sick. The vision of her turning into a monster like him - a damned and cursed creature - and to endure this pain and sorrow, of losing every bit of light from her life, was intolerable to him. He made a decision - he would help his Bonnie to depart peacefully, with hope of arriving in heaven. He believed very strongly that Bonnie would be granted entrance to heaven by whomever it was who sat in the sky.

He never hoped to see her back, yet there she was, storming the keys and enchanting her audience.

She started Presto agitato, C-sharp minor pierced his head and his heart; he found himself sitting inside the old music hall again, with Bonnie playing and streams of tears trickling down her porcelain cheeks. He didn't realize his eyes were moistening too; the impetuous storm was destroying the cold brick wall he had created very carefully so that no one could peek inside. He didn't know how mad one person could become when confronted with the probability of losing the person he was in love with.

He didn't know he had this tide inside him which would flood his senses with its tremendous current until he saw her playing his favorite sonata; the favorite sonata of his little Red Bird. By the time the ferocious third movement ended, he was extremely traumatized - his head was on the verge of exploding and he was about to unleash the beast inside him that was shaking restlessly, tossing and throwing itself about more violently as every second passed.

He had to leave the auditorium at once, and vent out everything as soon as was possible for him. He jumped to his feet and started walking out impatiently. He heard Elena gasping, and Stefan leaving his seat as well. "I will be back in a moment, love," he said to Elena before joining Damon.

"What the hell was that?" Damon grabbed Stefan forcefully by his collar and pinned him to the wall behind him. He hissed viciously and repeated the question, the tumult of feelings doubled in his body as he did so, "What the hell was that?"

"Damon, please-" Stefan tried to reply, but his voice choked off.


"Get off me first," Stefan managed to utter. Damon let him go, although his smoldering gaze remained fixed on him.

Stefan cleared his throat and started speaking in a low and cautious manner, as if he was going tell him the deadliest secret on the planet. "It was Meredith who called us last year. She was the last one from our old gang who was in touch with us. Remember the car crash which killed Matt and Alaric last year? Mary was with them . . . she was found injured badly."

"Mary? You mean Bonnie's sister?"

"Yes," Stefan nodded his head and rubbed his forehead. He dropped himself lifelessly on the pavement outside the auditorium, ignoring the curious people around them. "Meredith told us how Mary's condition was worsening every day. She underwent three surgeries and intensive treatments, but they couldn't save her. Remember when we were in Paris, and that evening Elena suddenly got upset? That was the evening Mary died."

Damon was losing his patience; he never had any interest in Mary. She was too plain to remember, too good for his standard. She was always dutiful, caring, and with a pleasant enough personality. He met her once, when he paid a surprise visit to Bonnie one morning. He couldn't even remember her face now.

"Isobel came to see her grandmother from her residential school with a leave of fifteen days. She stayed until the funeral and then went back to her hostel. Just last month she graduated, and after fifteen days of a short holiday she came back to Fell's Church a week ago. She is planning to join Dalcrest."

Damon couldn't wait for the last words from his brother. He turned his back so that his countenance remained hidden from Stefan.

"Isobel is Mary's granddaughter, an exact replica of Bonnie, absolutely indistinguishable from her. A practical joke made by nature itself, or a miracle as Elena called it, but she has all those features that made our Bonnie so different from other girls of her age - her likes and dislikes, her voice, her coy smile, the way she blushes when she is embarrassed - even you wouldn't believe me. She has the psychic abilities too. It's like the sweet little Bonnie is back from her grave."

Damon was not listening to him anymore. He was not thinking anything. He was not breathing.

Could fate be much crueler to him than it was already?

"It was not a coincidence that suddenly Elena started missing Fell's Church so badly." Stefan let out a small ironic smile.

Damon saw Bonnie standing in front of him.

"What are going to do now, Damon?" she asked and then slowly effervesced into the air.

After midnight, he found himself kneeled by a gravestone. It was cold, and though vampires don't feel cold as the humans do, Damon was freezing. He didn't know where the chilling sensations were coming from, but after attending the concert that evening, he learnt that there were a lot of things he didn't know.

Instead of draining himself thinking about the facts he was not aware of, he did what he had been doing for the past fifty years. He plucked the fresh blood-red rose buds and tied them together in a bouquet using red satin ribbons, and he headed towards the one grave he never failed to visit. He leaned towards the epitaph and read the words inscribed in it…

Bonnie Isobel McCullough.

"Come to me in my dreams, and then

By day I shall be well again!"

Once he had made a promise to the girl lying underneath the cold white grave stone that he would never forget her. He would never let the roses on her grave dry. He never found the time to fulfill the other promises he made her, but this one he never failed to keep.

He placed the rose buds on her grave and lowered his head, "I love you Bonnie, and I miss you." The mute words glowed in the air as if a thousand fireflies were flying, and a sweet fragrance greeted him. He heard the whisper in the air again, just the way it had been happening for the past fifty years, and closed his eyes with a wonderful calmness.

"I love you too, Damon."


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