Jade stretched and rolled over to see the empty spot next to her. Looking around the room she sees Garrus sitting at her terminal typing away. He turned towards her and smiled.

"You're awake," he climbs to his feet making his way to the end of the bed, his blue eyes studying her form as she stretched under the silk sheet that covers her body.

"Hey Jade? Uhm can you...can you come to the cockpit there is something I need you to see," Joker's voice echoed through the intercom.

"Okay, gimme a minute," she tugs the blanket off her as she looks up at Garrus' face and notices something different, something she couldn't put her finger on.

She shook her head and climbed to her feet making her way to the armory. She quickly put on a dark blue undersuit and her armor. Garrus was still standing at the end of her bed watching her carefully.

She moved to him, lightly gliding her fingers against his face before giving him a light kiss, "What's wrong?"

He smiled down at her pressing his forehead against hers, his taloned hand sliding into her hair before he swiped his tongue across her lips, "Nothing..."

She pulled herself out of his arms and walked to the elevator, twisting her hair into a bun at the back of her head. She promptly stuck a pair of chopsticks in to keep her hair place. Her eyes still rested on Garrus as she keyed in the CIC. He followed after her in staring down at his feet shifting about nervously.

'Hmm...' Jade face grimaced as she bit the inside of her cheek.

The door flies open and Garrus made a hasty retreat into the CIC pausing by one of the terminals to start typing. She looked around and noticed her crew all looking haggard and anxious.

'What is going on?'

Worry started to build inside her, "EDI?" Jade's voice echoed the room,"EDI?!"

"EDI's offline Jade," Miranda strides towards her.

"How long has she been offline?"

"A few hours..." Miranda's hands twisting tightly around each other.

Jade's eyes drift towards Nihlus who, for once, was not shadowing Miranda but standing beside Garrus. The two of them were having a quiet conversation as they seemed preoccupied with avoiding her glances..

Jade leaned close to Miranda, "Was Nihlus acting weird?"


"Jade, you really really need to see this..." Joker's voice came from the cockpit.

"Jade, I can't get EDI back online, someone messed up her core," Tali's voice came over the comm.

Jade grit her teeth as she made a beeline for the cockpit. Once she got behind Joker her mouth dropped open as she stared at the sight in front of her ship. Thousands of battle cruisers stood between them and the planet ahead.

"What...planet is that?"

"That? That would be Palavan. The turian homeworld," Joker handed the datapad to Jade.

"How did we get to Palavan? We're suppose to be heading for Eden Prime."

"I don't know Jade..."

"Hey, isn't that the SSV Pargia? Jack's ship?" A ensign said pointing out the window at the smaller version of the Normandy.

"Try hailing it," Jade ordered as she turned seeing both Nihlus and Garrus still working on the terminal.

"No response Jade," Joker's voice now heavily laced with worry. "But that big ship, right in front of us, is drifting to our side. I think they're going to attempt boarding."

"Patch me through the air comm," Jade's hands tightened around the leather backing of the chair.

Joker nodded as he opened the airways.

"This is Jade Shepard of the SSV Normandy, what the fuck is going on?"

"Prepare to be boarded, we're friendly," a dual toned voice responded.

"Turian..." Joker whispers. His head turns quickly as he sees both Garrus and Nihlus standing behind Jade, facing the airlock.

"Friendly my ass..." Jade muttered under her breath. "Prepare docking procedures, all hands on deck!"

Jade watched the ship draw to their side before proceeding to the airlock,"Garrus?"

She turned to look at him, his face was devoid of any expression other than wariness. He moved to stand behind her lightly squeezing her hand before straightening up into a military stance.

The door opened to two turians with matching colony markings.

"Primarch Vakarian, it is nice to see you've managed to free yourself," one of the turians said with a smirk.

Jade turned wide eyed to Garrus, his expression cold and detached.

"I'm sorry for this Jade..." Garrus forced his hand over Jade's mouth, a piece of cloth touching her lips.

"Wh-what are you..ou..."

Jade woke up slowly, feeling something cold wrapped tightly around her slender throat. She reached up with a shaky hand and feels the cold metal of a collar. In a quick panic she looked around the large ornate room, 'What the fuck...?'

She tried to get her footing as she slowly remembered the events, 'Son of a bitch...the bastard drugged me...' Glancing around the room again she noticed a large cushion. She goes to sit on it while finding her clothes had been removed and replaced with a dark blue silk dress that hugged her curves delightfully. By the large cushion she spotted a pair of gold strap sandals, 'Well...I might as well...' She tugged them on her feet taking this time to assess her situation.

A soft feminine voice broke through the silence, "Oh, you're awake. Good."

A small human female carried a large tray to her.

"Drink, eat," she said softly before departing.

"Hey wait! What's going on?" Jade called out.

"You've been captured," the woman says blankly. "I would think that was obvious. But, since you returned the Primarch you and your crew are to be spared."

"Captured?" Jade sat back down contemplating.

Jade watched the woman walk out of the room, the door sliding closed as the green lock turns into glaring red.

'Biotics...why...why can't I feel them...?' she reached up her hand touching the base of her skull trying to feel the amp. "They-they took my amp...those bastards..."

Jade rested her head on the cushion resigning to her fate, 'Guess I'll have to go along with it...for now...don't have much choice...'

Garrus sighed and looked at the door. Carefully he entering the room seeing Jade curled up sleeping on the cushion. "Damn that Victus..." he muttered quietly to himself as he moved to Jade, "Jade...?"

She blinked her eyes open. The second her eyes caught sight of Garrus she cocked her fist and swung at his face.

Garrus stumbled back in shock then he quickly regained his composure,"Yeah...I deserve that..."