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Chapter 1: Goodbye Beacon Hills

Derek Hale didn't run. In fact, Derek usually found himself wandering into the center of the trouble. But the daunting idea of an alpha pack slaughtering his entire pack, including Lydia Martin was too much for Derek.

"Pack your bags." Derek's command ripped through the pack.

"Derek, you cannot be serious. We are running away?" Scott was never opposed to staying out of it. But the Alpha pack wasn't just threatening the pack; they were threatening all of Beacon Hills; His mother, Allison, Stiles, and anyone else who dared step in their way.

"Scott, we cannot win. Just imagine twenty Peter Hale, Chris Argent crossbreeds looking for us. They will rip apart Beacon Hills regardless. If they find us, they will rip apart our pack. They look for new Alphas for one purpose. They eliminate the threat. We are a threat." Derek was out of breath.

Scott knew this was serious. He had never seen Derek Hale back down from anything, let alone run away from it. Scott walked out of the shambles of the Hale house and set off towards Allison's house. If he had to leave, the least he could do was get Allison out of Beacon Hills. He knew Allison would demand to go with him, but he knew Chris Argent would simply follow directions. He knew Allison's dad was well equipped to handle all of this.

"Allison please, I just want to talk to your dad." Scott was out of sorts and Allison knew it.

Allison demanded an explanation. "No! Anything you need to tell him can go through me."

"I need to make sure he understands the details absolutely perfectly. Can I please see him?" Scott begged for a little mercy. Scott planted a small kiss on Allison's lips and looked at her with the sweetest brown eyes. He hated having to use Allison's love for him against her but he had no choice.

"He is in the garage unpacking new bows." Allison's voice was defeated.

"Mr. Argent, do you have a moment?" Scott's voice shook. He shook his head at his still evident fear of the hunter standing in front of him.

"Scott, please call me Chris. After the things we have been through, you know better than to fear me. We called a truce when my father tried to kill my daughter, remember? What can I do for you?" Chris Argent never took his eyes off his bow and continued putting together the pieces of the weapon.

Scott physically relaxed hearing Chris use the word truce once more.

"I need to warn you of a coming attack on Beacon Hills. You need to leave with Allison. Don't stay and try to fight. Even we are leaving." Scott looked at his hands.

"What kind of attack? And who is we? You and your mother?" Chris was confused by Scott's frantic plea.

"No. The pack is leaving."

Chris Argent's eyes shot up to meet Scott's. The pack never ran. Chris was all ears. "Do you want a drink? We can talk about this in my office."

The pack was all at the Hale house waiting on Scott. As usual; Scott always had to make it obvious that he was the Omega of the pack.

"Where is Scott? Every second longer we are in Beacon Hills is another second the Alphas have on us." Derek was growing impatient.

"Derek, calm down for a minute. I am sure he is on his way." Erica was hoping a little reassuring would ease Derek a bit, but she knew better. Derek was a sour wolf when things went wrong.

"Sure I'll calm down. As soon as Scott is here and we are on our way out of Beacon Hills. If I didn't have a pack of ruthless alphas hunting my pack it might actually be nice to see everyone together." Derek hissed sarcastically.

The pack knew how uneasy Derek was right now, and he hated when the pack was together. Derek had said everyday for the past three months "Nothing goes right when the whole pack is together." Derek was more right than he knew. Derek had constructed the most combustible pack he could have ever imagined.

Derek was a sour wolf. It was rare that Derek had a smile on his face or was happy with anything. As for the pack, Scott was not convinced of pack loyalty and considered himself an Omega, most of the time. Erica was too addicted to attention and being seventeen to understand the grave responsibility the bite gave her. Boyd was just too quiet. Isaac was the closest to a serious pack mate Derek had. Isaac listened to Derek's orders. Jackson, still fresh out of the transformation, was overly eager to be a werewolf. He shifted far too often and was "working" on the perfect howl. He was like a constant GPS for the Alpha pack. Then there was Peter. Peter Hale was...hell, just Peter Hale. There is no explanation. He is sarcastic, stubborn, and always looking for trouble. And in light of current events, there was Lydia. Derek refused to leave Lydia in Beacon Hills to die.

Jackson's eyes filled with tears and the Kanima slowly bled out of him. Lydia's face was stained with tears and she kept looking at Jackson. Her love was overflowing in front of Derek and he couldn't help but tear up. He stifled the sensation to cry. He could feel the warmth radiating off Lydia Martin.

Derek saw Lydia do the impossible the day she saved Jackson. What in the world had he missed in her? Derek knew Lydia Martin was more than a mortal girl in love. Derek needed to know what she was and he wanted her. The love he saw emanate out of her was the love he used to see emanate from his mother. He missed that. He craved that. Derek knew if Lydia stayed in Beacon Hills she would die. He couldn't let her die; not after watching the most magnificent interaction he had ever seen.

"Derek! Hello! Are you ready to go?" Scott was yelling in Derek's face. Derek clearly had retreated into his own mind.

"About time! Where the hell have you been?" Derek was irate and could feel the heat building in his face. The Alpha clawed at his throat. Derek clenched his teeth and let Lydia's face flood to mind. Derek's heartbeat returned to normal. Now Derek knew why Scott needed Allison. Love was clearly a better anchor than anger.

"Derek, I'm sorry. I had to tell Allison to get out of Beacon Hills." Scott was ready to shift if Derek continued to argue with him.

"I know. Did you get it all taken care of?" Derek let the tension fall from his face.

Scott's eyes shot up to Derek's. "What?"

"Did you get it all squared away? Is she leaving?"

"Um...yeah. Mr. Argent is taking her up to Washington." Scott was confused. Why did Derek have a genuine concern for Allison's well being?

Derek whispered low enough that only Scott could hear. "Go get Allison. She is your anchor. I get it. You have four hours and then we leave. If Argent needs to come along, so be it. Did you tell Stiles when we were leaving?"

Scott whispered back. "Thank you Derek. No I didn't tell Stiles. I was planning on telling him when we left. I'll tell him now. Who anchored you?" Scott knew that Derek could only understand why he needed Allison through a similar anchoring. Scott wanted to know who it was that conquered Sour Wolf Derek Hale.

"Lydia." Derek whispered one word. Only Scott could hear, but Scott's reaction sent the whole room into frenzy.

"LYDIA! You have got to be kidding me?" The pack was demanding answers.

Jackson had shifted and was brooding in front of Derek.

Derek shifted into Alpha and was brooding similarly parallel to Jackson.

"Do not touch her." Jackson was ready to attack.

"You cannot make the decision for her. Lydia has to decide on her own. I just want to get her out of Beacon Hills alive right now." Derek tried to reason with Jackson.

Jackson stayed silent.

"Nice." Peter's voice shot through the room from the corner. "I knew I wasn't the only one who thought Ms. Lydia Martin was irresistible."

Derek shot daggers at Peter.

The look in Derek's eyes told Peter there was more to the Alpha Pack story. He knew Derek knew something he was not telling the pack. Peter stayed silent, but pulled Jackson back. "It's going to be okay. Let's focus on getting everyone out of Beacon Hills safely before we go to tearing limbs off over Lydia. Okay?"

"Fine." Jackson stepped back and shifted back into his human form. "When are we leaving?"

"I gave Scott four hours to get Allison, which means we have four hours to get Lydia and get out of Beacon Hills. Can everyone handle that?" Derek was only asking out of spite. He planned on giving them no choice in the matter.

The Pack agreed.

Scott sat outside the Argent's house. He could hear Allison screaming at Mr. Argent. Surly this had to do with him dragging her away from Beacon Hills. Scott knocked on the door.

Chris Argent swung open the door. "Scott. Is everything okay?"

"Derek requested that Allison come with the pack, for my sake." Scott cast his eyes to the welcome mat, knowing Argent would not let this happen.

"I'm not letting her go alone. She goes, I go." Chris Argent squinted his eyes and waited for a response.

"Derek expected that. You are allowed to come to. We leave Beacon Hills in four hours. Meet at the Hale house." Scott turned to walk away.

Chris Argent grabbed Scott in a hug. "Thank you. You have continued to put my daughter's well being above your own. Thank you!"

Scott wiggled out of the hug and started walking away. Scott heard Chris Argent call up the stairs in a singsong voice. "Allison honey, we are leaving with the pack!"

7 am ticked closer and closer.

Scott, Allison, and Chris Argent strolled up to the Hale house at 6:57.

"Argent. Thanks for being on time, Scott." Derek hissed.

"Where is Stiles?" Scott was confused.

"He should be here any minute." Derek was feeling a bit more at ease.

"Okay, let's get this show on the road." Stiles voice came calling across the front of the Hale house.

With Stiles arrival, Derek knew the pack was set to leave. He choked a bit on his own words. "Is everyone ready?"

The pack knew it was time to go. Each moment only left them more vulnerable to the Alpha pack.

"Let's move. Scott, Stiles, Lydia, you guys are with me." Derek called car placements. "Isaac, Erica, Jackson, Peter, Boyd. Go with Argent."

Derek stepped up to face Chris Argent. "Don't fuck with me Argent. I'm trusting you with my pack."

Chris Argent looked cold into Derek's red glowing eyes. "I'm trusting you with my daughter! I think we have an understanding. Which way are we headed?"

"East" Derek and Chris Argent both nodded.

Scott grabbed Allison's hand and pulled her along into Derek's Camaro.

Derek started the engine and looked in the rear view mirror. One last look at the old, burnt, Hale house and Derek stepped on the accelerator leaving Beacon Hills in the dust.