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Who's the Father?

Ch. 1: Morgan

Robin stared at the young man before her, in utter disbelief. Her long, white hair blew across her eyes and yet it didn't hide the view that was already engraved in her mind. She made no move to brush it out of her face so the young man did it for her. He stepped back, smiling and silent, letting her process everything.

She never had any interest in falling in love. There was a very brief moment in time when she contemplated if she was in love with Chrom because of comments from the other women but that quickly passed when he announced his engagement to Sumia. Since then the thought of love never crossed her mind again, let alone the thought of starting a family. She had just assumed that she wasn't the type for any of that stuff and she was okay with that. And yet standing before her was the young man, claiming to be her son.

"Robin?" Chrom called but it never registered. He stood back unsure of what to do next. Looking back at rest of the Shepherds he noticed them giving him all kinds of suggestions and it didn't help at all.

The tactician continued to stare at the patient, young man. Morgan, she had to admit she liked the name; it was unique for a man. His brown eyes that stared back into hers were the same, although they had a cheerful look to them. And then there was his choice of tactics; it was HER choice. She couldn't deny it; he was her son, even though she couldn't explain it either.

Her eyes flew to his hair, orange hair. It was the only physical feature that could have possibly come from his father. So, that begged the question, who was the father? She only knew (or at least as far as she could remember) one man with that hair color and he couldn't possibly be the father.

"Mother?" The sound of the foreign word broke her out of her train of thought. Her gaze, once again, focused on all of Morgan, who was still sporting a big smile. "I think the army is ready to leave."

Turning her sights on the army behind her the first thing she noticed was Chrom's concern plastered all over his face. Nodding, she signaled to everyone that she was ready. As she, along with her son, joined everyone she spied Gaius watching them closely. Their eyes met and he turned away to join his wife. Her eyes yet again fell upon her son and his hair.

The rest of the day was the same. Robin was still in a daze and Morgan was more than happy to help her. Sitting in the mess hall she picked at her food, unable to find an appetite or even comprehend what it was. Chrom and his wife sat with her in concern but she was unaware of their presence, for the most part, and they were unsure of how to help. She was vaguely aware of the person that placed his or her tray down next to hers.

"Mother, it's your favorite!" Morgan chirped as he sat down. Only his voice could snap her out of it as he was the one consuming her thoughts. Like before her gaze was held captive by him and his smile. "Would you like some of mine?" Unable to find her voice she was only able to slightly shake her head no.

"Such a kind son," Sumia commented, alerting Robin to her presence.

"You've raised him well, though that's no surprise," Chrom added in hopes of cheering up his tactician. When she didn't respond, he tried a new approach. "So Morgan, what's your favorite food?"

For the first time since upon discovering his mother his smile left his face. "…I don't remember," he admitted unable to meet their gaze.

"Wait! You can't remember something so simple like that but you can remember so much about me?" Robin questioned, grabbing everyone's attention as it was the first thing she said since that day's battle.

"I'm sorry. It's just you mean so much to me, mother. There's no way I could forget about you."

With cheeks ablaze she hesitantly placed a hand on his head and rubbed it. Not once since joining the Shepherds did she really care about her lost memories but now she wished for them. His father could be someone from her life before she met Chrom. It would also have been very useful if she could remember how her mother interacted with her.

"…It's alright. We will just try a lot of food until we find your favorites." His smile returned with full force and he began to eat his food with great vigor. Patting her back Chrom gave her a proud smile, one she wasn't sure how to react to.

Her mind was still full of so many questions but was able to calm down enough so that she can process what she's eating and why she liked it. Surveying the area she realized that Sully and Virion were sitting in front of her. She wondered when they got there but never voiced the question. Her gaze expanded and she noticed Gaius at the other table watching her. Unable to meet his gaze she joined in the conversation that her lord was trying to engage her in.

"You really can't remember your father at all?" Sully's loud voice rang out in the hall. Wordlessly Morgan nodded yes. "How's your mom supposed to know who to have se-"

"What my dear Sully means to say is your mother hasn't met your father yet," Virion interrupts, which Robin was grateful for.

Robin caught her son looking at Gaius. "He's not your father," she whispered so only that he could hear. A look of disappointment washed over his face and she awkwardly patted his head again. She could not explain why that action cheered him up.

She wasn't sure how she made it through the rest of that day; in fact she wasn't able to remember most of it. After dropping off Morgan at his tent she trekked her way back to hers but Gaius was waiting there. Her pace slowed way down in an attempt to buy her some time to think but nothing came to her; not her greatest moment as a tactician.

"Hey Bubbles," he greeted once she finally reached her tent. Nothing still came to her mind so she decided to just remain silent. When she reached for her tent flap he decided to speak again. "Don't you have something you want to tell me?" She simply shook her head and was about to enter when he closed the flap on her. "Not even about our secret love child?" She gave him a look before walking in. A few seconds later he followed.

"He's not your child," she finally spoke as she went to her stack of books in the corner.

"How do you know?"

"The same reason that you do." He shrugged at her response. Picking up the canteen that was next to her book she took a sip, grateful that it was full.

"We need to get you a man." She spat out her water all over her books. Putting the dwelling on the damaged books aside she turned her focus on the most important issue, the thief's comment. "Well, when you find yourself someone, it will put all the rumors to rest." She hadn't heard any of them yet (or maybe she did, she didn't remember) but it wasn't hard to figure out what they were about. "I normally wouldn't care but things are different. I have a wife to think about now."

She thought about his words and understood. Rumors of a false affair could be harmful to a marriage, especially a new one. Nodding, she helped show him out of her tent. "Don't worry, I'll figure something out. After all I am a tactician." And with that she pushed him out and went to attending to her wet books.

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