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Ch. 20: The Big Day

Today was the day; Gerome and Robin were finally going to be wed. Nervousness ate away at them-threating to devour them. She handled it far better than him as she was used to stress and nervousness. He was so nervous that he wasn't sure that he would be able to go through with the ceremony.

"You can't wear the mask," Gaius said as he watched Gerome finger his favorite barrier.

With a frustrated sigh the wyvern rider reluctantly placed his precious mask on the desk that his small room provided. To take his mind off the mask he looked at his reflection on the large mirror that made the tiny room look bigger than it actually was. He couldn't believe that the man in the mirror was him, not a sign of nervousness beside his fidgeting hands could be seen.

Pulling at his collar did not release any of the stiffness he felt in his neck. The suit he wore was very tight and suffocating (but only in his imagination). He preferred to wear only black but now that jet blackness was invaded with color. A big, blue flower had been attached over the pocket to represent Ylisse. A light red, half cape had been attached to his shoulders to represent Rosanne, the country of his origin that had been decided for him (which wasn't a complete lie as his family had live there before all hell broke out in his time). And finally, bright, purple buttons kept his suit nicely closed and were the representation of Plegia for Robin's lineage.

He wasn't sure if he looked handsome in that suit (looks had never been important to him) but he had to admit he, at least, didn't look terrible or completely awkward. His eyes were constantly flying to all the unusual color added to him as much as he tried to deny it he did like the change (just maybe not so much color); his world was no longer so black and white with Robin and Morgan in his life. He wondered if Robin would like the way he looked. Would she notice his face that had been forced to be covered in some make up to hide the little blemishes and the one scar that "ruined" his face? Of course she would, it was Robin after all; she noticed everything.

Once again he pulled on his collar to allow him to swallow somewhat comfortably. "Nervous?" Inigo asked as he, Owain, and Brady walked in, all of which were wearing a similar suit to him but only had the blue flower.

It was agreed that Laurent would not be one of Gerome's best men to save themselves from the awkwardness. But Gerome wasn't sure how Owain had become one. Brady, despite looking menacing, was calm and on good terms with the wyvern rider; Owain, on the other hand, tended to get on Gerome's nerves. Yarne had politely refused to become one as he didn't want the world to know that there still existed Taguel, despite his mother already being a well-known member of the Shepherds; but everyone knew he was just too shy to stand in front of so many people (and Gerome couldn't blame him). Morgan really wanted to be one but both bride and groom agreed it would be a bit weird with their future son in their wedding; even though there were already many weird things about their relationship.

"Of course he is!" Owain shouted before Gerome could respond. "The Lone Rider begins his arduous jou-" A glare from the quiet man silenced the myrmidon. The swordsman swore to refrain from his flashy speech that day and the groom was determined to see to it. Clearing his throat Owain spoke with normal words, "Gerome is now going to begin his boring life as a married man."

"Is that how you feel about marriage? If so then I feel sorry for Nah," Brady replied, beginning a conversation Gerome wanted no part of.

"Ack! Don't you dare say anything to Nah and especially not to her father! The last thing I need is to be cursed, you hear?"

"You think you have it bad?" Ingio joined in and Gerome sighed from his little corner. "If I were to ask for Lucina's hand in marriage I would have to deal with Chrom."

"You want to do what with my daughter?" Chrom growled as menacingly as he could. The color drained from Ingio's face and he didn't dare turn around and face the glare from the Exalt; instead he continued to stare at his friends, seeking aid but only getting looks of pity and a snicker from Gauis.

"Well?" The mercenary flinched when Chrom spoke again. When the lord placed a hand on the dancer's shoulder and hummed, panic had nearly caused Inigo to run away.

"Now, now Blue," Gaius came to Ingio's rescue after he finished laughing. "You're already forcing Bubbles and my boy to have this massive wedding; I don't think they would appreciate a murder on their special day."

All eyes flew to Gerome, who showed no sign of coming to Ingio's aid, at which a strangled cry escaped the dancer. "Robin certainly wouldn't like it," he eventually said after giving into his friend's silent but annoying plea.

"Besides I don't think the Exalt's death at the hands of the hero tactician is a good way to start off an era of peace, wouldn't you agree?" Gaius asked with a laugh to help ease the mood.

Nodding in understanding Chrom shot the mercenary one final glare before turning his attention onto Gerome. No words were needed to be spoken for the others to know that the Exalt wanted to be left alone with the groom. Inigo was the first to leave by skillfully sliding pass the man, he feared, and making a mad dash for the grand hall. The others left more peacefully, until they were out of the room and then Owain's teasing could be heard.

Before Gaius left he stopped at Chrom's side. "Go easy on the boy, okay?" The royal said nothing so the thief sighed. "Can you at least try? He is my son." Gaius threw in the last part in hopes of making the other man feel guilty.

"I'll try," the bluenette said after a few seconds of silence and that was good enough for the thief.

Once the thief was gone, silenced had engulfed the remaining two. Gerome had no immediate desire to say anything and Chrom needed time to think of how he wanted to say things nicely or at least for half of the conversation. He already had the whole conversation planned out but the thing with Inigo had made him forget. The lord stared at the seat that Gaius had been seating in and debated wither or not to sit but in the end he decided it was best to stand.

Almost at the exact same time both men realized that they had never been alone together. Normally Gerome would have had very little -or close to none- interactions with the other man, after all, Chrom was the leader of a nation and Gerome was a displaced nobody. But since the wyvern rider became engaged to Robin, the Exalt's top advisor, the two men had to "interact" a lot; and by "interacting" it was mostly just Gerome standing in the background. Once they realized what little time they spent together without Robin, it became even more awkward for them.

Eventually Chrom got over it as awkward silences were something a leader needed to break (and he couldn't rely on Robin or Lissa forever). "You know about Robin's condition, correct?" Gerome said nothing as he was unsure as to what condition the other man was talking about. "That she has amnesia," Chrom clarified thanks to the silence and Gerome nodded because everyone knew about it; it was impossible not to know when Morgan was proudly claiming that it was one, of the many things, he had in common with his mother.

Robin's amnesia had been a great concern to those from the future as none of them could remember if she had amnesia or not, and feared that they came to the wrong era because of it. Eventually the fears died out as they realized that she had vanished when they were children and there was no need for adults to talk about memory loss, when the woman was missing; beside why would an adult talk about such a complicated subject like that to a small child.

"She has no memory of a family, of someone loving her or caring about her." While the Exalt talked, the rider was silent as he was unsure what the point of the conversation was about. "We may not be related by blood but both Lissa and I feel like Robin's apart of our family, a sister, and we hope Robin feels the same." Smiles graced both men's faces at the happy thought but they didn't last long. Gerome's left him when the mood turned sour and Chrom was glaring at him as menacingly as he did to Inigo not to long ago.

"Robin is my sister!" the lord said very sternly and his glare intensified. The silent man felt the same fear his friend suffered from earlier. Closing the very short distant the noble had backed the other man into a corner.

"I'm going to tell you the same thing I told Vaike," the groom was silent so the other continued, "If you ever hurt her. If you ever make Robin cry, you shall have to answer to me." At that point Chrom was in Gerome's face. "Do you understand?" Unsure if he should speak or not Gerome simply nodded yes, hoping that would be enough to quell the other man's rage.

With a sigh from the bluenette the mood dissipated. Creating the distance, both men desired, Chrom collapsed onto a nearby chair. Gerome watched as the older man rubbed his eyes and he noticed the other was exhausted. In turn the lord studied the rider, who hadn't moved.

"Do you have any idea what you are getting yourself into?" Chrom asked out of the blue.

The wyvern rider hesitated before responding, "Do you not like married life?" The Exalt chuckled making the rider feel like an idiot but calming him a little.

"No, I quite enjoy it," The Exalt said it with no as hesitation but paused as he was unsure of how he wanted to continue. "Do you…," he sighed," Do you have any idea what you are getting into by marring Robin?" It was the exact same question but he felt like by adding the last part it helped clarified things, it didn't.

"You threatened me about making Robin cry and now you are trying to convince me not to marry her? Wouldn't that upset her?" A glare told Gerome that his little snarky remark wasn't appreciated.

"I will always want Robin to be happy but I would also like for you to be happy as well." Caught completely off guard the orange haired man had no idea how to respond. "I know you don't like to be in the center but by marring Robin you'll have to be."

Chrom paused to see if the other man wanted to speak. When silence was his response he continued, "She's one of my top advisors. I need her, especially after the war." Gerome was surprised at the pang of jealousy he felt from that statement. "And because she is one my advisors she will be in the center of attention from the nobles and for being the hero tactician she's also in the center of attention for the citizens of Ylisse. And because of that by extension so will you, if you marry her. Are you okay with that?"

It was quiet as Gerome processed everything. He knew he would be in the center of the Shepherds but it never dawned on him that all of Ylisse would be possibly watching him as well. He found himself becoming incredibly nervous, as if he wasn't already enough. But despite that would it really change things? No, it wouldn't.

"I appreciate your concern but I can't imagine a life without Robin," Chrom smiled at the response. "And if you still doubt me look to Morgan. He should be all the proof that is needed."

Getting up from his seat Chrom clasped a hand onto Gerome's shoulder and gave it a squeeze. "Well then, welcome to the family." A nod and a smile were the rider's response.

Robin was at the mercy of several different women. They plucked, pulled, and violated (in her opinion) her entire body; and to top of it off they dabbed on what felt like a gallon of make-up (or as she started to affectionately call it camouflage paint). She wasn't allowed to do anything, as everyone had concluded that she didn't know how to be lady-like (she couldn't help thinking about a past conversation she had with Chrom), which wasn't too far of a conclusion with her usual sloppy style. She went through a similar ordeal during Chrom's and Sumia's wedding as the castle maids decided that she needed help (which she did) but unlike the maids her friends weren't as gentle or polite.

"No, no, no!" You did her make-up all wrong!" Maribelle complained as she shoved Olivia away, who gave a small squeak in protest. Robin had to suppress a groan as it was the fifth time that someone had done her make-up "wrong" and now she had to deal with Maribelle forcefully washing the make-up off because she couldn't be trusted to wash her own face. "You must accentuate her eyes!"

The tactician had no idea why they cared so much about her make-up. She was going to wear a veil that covered her face for most of the ceremony and as far as the reception went it would only be full of Shepherds, all of which will know she had nothing to do with how she looked. In fact, the only person who will really notice (besides the few insensitive men that would point out the dramatic change) would be Gerome…well if he liked it; she decided it would be worth the giant hassle if he liked it.

"I got the clips!" Lissa announced as she busted into the room carrying a tray full of clips of all shapes and sizes. Curiosity got the better of Robin as she looked at her Maid of Honor and was utterly baffled at the amount of clips and wondered how in the world they would going to use all of them and where were they going to put them. Maribelle grabbed Robin's face and forced her to look at her and gave a warning glare, at which the bride had to fight back the urge to roll her eyes.

"You're still not done with her make-up? We need to do her hair!" Lissa jiggled the tray of clips to strengthen her point.

"My dear Lissa, we will simply do it at the same time." The bride's skeptical look was met with another warning glare. Robin knew full well that when they started to do her hair they would be jerking her head around and that would surely mess up her make-up; she really didn't want to redo it for a sixth time. Unfortunately for her she wasn't allowed to protest so all that she could do was pray that she didn't get stabbed in the eye as they "accented" her eyes and pulled her hair.

After much pulling, pinning, and brushing she was finally "presentable". Pushing past everyone she made her way to the large mirror to finally see everyone's work. Her hair was styled in a way that she could only describe as a honeycomb with two long strips of hair sliding down on either side of her face; she wondered if Gaius and Sumia had inspired the style. And the thing she dreaded most, the make-up, was actually light and simple. Besides the redness added to her lips to make them more "kissable", the only other part with noticeable change was around the eyes where a mixtures of blues and oranges to make her eyes standout.

"You look so beautiful Robin!" Lissa proclaimed loudly and the other women in the room nodded. Unable to accept the compliment Robin looked to the corner with red stained cheeks.

"She would look better if she removed the gloves!" Mirabelle complained.

"No!" the tactician's response was quick and she shielded her right hand with her left. Very few people knew about the mark on her right hand and she was determined to keep it that way. She, and the few that knew, didn't know anything about it and she was too afraid to ask others about it. While the royal family played it off as nothing more than a strange tattoo she received in her unknown past, but to her it gave off a sinister feeling, one she couldn't describe. She had showed it once to Gerome, shortly after their engagement; picking up on her unease of it he never spoke about it and had simply agreed with Chrom about its origins.

"Fine," Mirabelle grumbled. She studied Robin's face. "I feel like you need more make-up."

"It's fine," Robin snapped. She was surprised at the bitterness of her tone. With two consecutive quick, snappy replies she was met with sympathetic stares. Lissa placed on a hand on the tactician's arms and rubbed them.

"It's okay to be nervous."

A sigh escaped the tactician as her hand glided over the mark on her right. If only it was simple nerves, she wished. There was so much she hadn't told Gerome yet, like her nightmares and her fears. She felt horrible and felt like she couldn't marry him but at the same time she was just too afraid to do anything. Guilt demanded she spill everything but fear held a tight grip on her tongue. Gerome didn't deserve that she knew that but she was helpless. She so wished he hadn't fallen in love with her and hadn't proposed to her, and that she hadn't been so weak to give into her desire.

"Robin?" someone had softly called her name, she wasn't sure who though-nor did she really care. Despite her inner turmoil she put on a professional smile to help comfort them, though most just frowned at her. She kept up that shaky smile as she didn't want to go into that discussion, though it was harder to keep it as the stares persisted. Finally able to find her voice she was able to answer them and comforted some.

"I may just have the thing," Cherche's voice rang out and broke Robin out of her melancholy thoughts. With a smile that worried the tactician a little, the wyvern rider handed her a box. After several different gestures the hint was finally taken and the box was open. Horror washed over the bride as she pulled out a very short, semi-see through, black nightgown. Gasps and attempted failed stifled laughs did not make her feel comfortable at all.

"It's to help spice up tonight," Cherche commented, failing to contain a smile. "Though I'm sure you guys won't need any help." The added wink at the end only made it worse.

"Cherche!" Robin screamed out of embarrassment, which caused the other women to laugh. Her cheeks were so hot that she was sure her face was going to melt.

"You guys are going to have to make Morgan someday." The women could have sworn they saw smoke coming off the burning tactician.

Collapsing onto a chair a strange noise escaped the bride. "Can we please not talk about that now," she begged weakly. Sensing that the joke went a bit too far the women began to try and comfort her. With enough encouraging words the innocent woman was able to calm down and just in time as Chrom had come to fetch her and signal the beginning of the wedding.

Gerome stood at the alter along with his best men and the priest. He looked out at the people before him, there was so many. Nobles from both Ylisse and Regna Ferox along with the Shepherds that weren't in the weeding took the first few rows of many and the rest were filled with the lucky strangers that were able to get a seat. He never really saw himself getting married but the one time he did imagine it, it was a small intimate one but his real one was far from that fantasy one. It was one of the prices he had to pay for marrying Robin (though she didn't want it so extravagant either); she was the hero of Ylisse so beloved by the populace that few nobles could challenge her and thus was forced to have such a grand wedding.

To celebrate the new found peace (for the time being at least) Chrom decided that a grand celebration was in order and what better way to celebrate than with the wedding of a hero. Neither Gerome nor Robin wanted such an extravagant wedding and tried to get out of it but it was out of their hands. When the wedding was first announced (before it was even opened to the public), many had come to Ylisstol to celebrate. From there the Exalt had turned it into a grand event to represent the beginning age of peace, just as his wedding had done a few years back.

Gerome stood completely straight, stiff as a board. He kept his hands locked behind his back so others wouldn't seem them fidgeting. His eyes focused on the spot, where Robin would be standing soon, so he wouldn't have to see the judgmental stare from the self-important nobles that were sizing him up. The pressure was intense and he wished he could just send the nobles away.

Despite being very uncomfortable under their watchful gazes he could not blame them. Robin had been a stranger, a woman with no past or background to speak of and suspicion and distrust for her hand been strong (and still was by a lot of power hungry nobles). He had learned that Fredrick didn't trust Robin until Emmeryn's death and she was forced to lead the Shepherd's retreat as Chrom had been too distraught too. It also didn't help him or Robin that she was marrying someone, who too, had no past to speak off; there was no way he could tell all those that suspected him that he was from the future. The nobles did not like the fact that another stranger was having influence over the Exalt; even though the rider's influence was very little.

The orchestra started to play and his body wasn't sure if it should let out a sigh of relief or tense up; he did not enjoy the conflicting emotions that day had to offer him. One by one the bride's maid came in and went to their respective spots. Clammy hands made it difficult for Gerome to keep them steady behind his back and he feared holding Robin's hand in his sweaty ones. The music changed signaling the arrival of the bride and a jolt ran down his spine and once again his body was unsure of how to react.

Gerome's heart nearly sank when he saw that veil hiding Robin's face from the world. Slow agenizing seconds ticked by as Robin carefully made her way down the aisle, with Chrom on her arm. With one final glare, for a warning, Chrom past off his best friend to her soon-to-be husband.

Murmurs erupted through the crowed as everyone compared the couple. The many voices unnerved the groom and he found himself focusing solely on them instead of his bride. Chuckling from the tactician sealed his focus on her.

"You look so different with your hair properly, combed back," she teased in hopes of calming him, even if it was only a little. Rubbing his arms she coaxed him into giving her his hands; she paid no attention to the clamminess and offered him a smile that went completely unseen behind the veil.

"And you look ridiculous with that sheet over your face," he teased back, picking up on her nervousness.

"You don't like it?" She feinted hurt and a soft smile claimed his lips. "And I chose the highest quality of a sheet for you too."

"Can't I just rip the sheet off?"

"Not if you want to cause uproar."

The priest cleared his throat grabbing the couple's attention. They became painfully aware that they had been the only ones talking and with a conversation that could have been easily taken out of context. Against his wishes his cheeks burned a bright red, letting everyone know he was embarrassed and he knew the nobles would have taken careful notice of it.

"Please start," Robin requested pulling the attention away from Gerome, which he was very much grateful for.

"We are gathered here today…" the priest began but the two most important people weren't listening.

Suddenly, everything became very real for the two. Were they ready? They weren't sure, nor did they really have a choice at that moment. Lost in their thoughts the two only listened for the parts that required them and before they knew it, it was time for the vows, which they weren't ready for. Gerome tried his hardest to hide his nervousness but his hand still shook as he reached into his pocket for the folded piece of paper that had his vows on it; lucky for him it was only Robin, who noticed his shaking. As best as he could, he calmly unfolded the paper.

He stared at the paper intensely. One of the many folds went through one of the sentence. The sentence was legible but in his near panicked mind it was completely unreadable. As he continued to stare at it he wondered if it was the right piece of paper. He had rewritten his vows so many times, he could no longer remember which one was the right one and that only caused him to worry more.

"I…," he began to read but the words blurred together forcing him to stop. He severely doubted that he would be able to say them. He wasn't good with expressing himself and everyone knew it; and to express himself in front of so many people was nearly too much. All eyes were on him and he could feel them. His trembling hands only made everything worse. The unspoken criticism that he knew all the strangers had was suffocating him. He knew his silence was causing the nobles to judge Robin more and that just made him feel guilty.

"Gerome?" she whispered his name. Normally the concern in her voice worried him but for reasons he wasn't sure-nor did he really care to find out-it calmed him that moment. Her voice helped him realize that he shouldn't be embarrassed in telling her and the world that he loved her.

Horror almost overwhelmed him as he stared at his paper. In his mini panic attack he had crumpled the paper and without a very awkward pause he wouldn't be able to fix it. He was already taking too long to speak and understood that there was no way he could take up any more. He needed to speak, less he make Robin look worse.

"Are you alright?" the priest whispered as he noticed Gerome's sudden paleness, not helping the rider in the slightest.

Say something! His mind yelled at him but it couldn't come up with anything to say. There more than ever he wished for his father's smooth tongue. Why couldn't he be good at this, at least for that moment? The longer he took the more the pressure got to him.

"Son-" the priest began before he was interrupted.

"From today onward we'll hone our edges, together. We'll carve a path to happiness through whatever fate may bring." At first his voice was high pitched but as he spoke he became more comfortable and it became incredibly easy to say the rest.

Gasps at his sudden outburst melted away the little confidence he managed to regain. Soon after his cheeks turned a crimson shade as he realized how cheesy his vow was. Giggling form Robin didn't help him. He so desperately wished he could wear his mask and shield himself from the world.

"Very sweet," Robin finally commented but it didn't relieve any of his embarrassment.

With a cough into his hand the priest prompted the tactician to say her vows; it was now her turn to go through the embarrassing ordeal. She gripped her bouquet a little too tightly, it went unnoticed by all except Gerome, and it brought him great comfort to know he wasn't the only nervous one.

"I'm a woman wait no past. A woman with no known family, no birth rights to speak of, or even a land to truly call my home." As she spoke he silently listened, held on by her every word; and yet he couldn't help thinking that the moment was completely ruined by the ridiculously thick veil that hid her face. He finally understood why Robin disliked his mask so much.

"I may have never showed it but my lack of a past has greatly troubled me," taking a deep breath she readied herself to speak again, "But when I'm with you I no longer care about it because I know I'll make many great memories with you."

Gerome could not fight the redness that stained his cheeks or the bubbling emotions that were going crazy in his stomach. A smile came so easily to his face that he wasn't even aware of its existence. He felt so honored that he was just so happy. There was no way he could express his feelings into words but he wanted to try.

"Robin-" he started but the priest had cut him off, reminding him of where he was.

As the priest continued both the bride and the groom felt a great weight lifted off their shoulders. When it came time to exchange rings it was easily done with no sign of nervousness to be seen. And before they knew it, it was time for the kiss that would bind them.

Finally Gerome was able to see what was under that blasted veil. He stopped himself when he was able to look at her and saw Maribelle's handy work. A little blush danced on her cheeks and he felt like it added to her beauty. When he heard someone clearing their throat (most likely Inigo or Owain) he knew he wasted enough time. Cupping her face he admired her as he brought their faces closer together.

It was nothing more than a simple, chaste kiss; a much more intimate kiss would be shared in private. A blush stained their features when a massive cheer erupted in the room, reminding the newlyweds that they had just kissed in front of a mass of people. Soon they were running down the aisle, not to get to the reception but simply to escape all the people.

The reception was going exactly as planned. Gerome and Robin wanted to sit back and watch everyone but knew full well that no one would allow that. Maribelle had dragged Robin everywhere to show off her work, much to her friend's chagrin. Inigo, Gaius, and even Morgan took it upon themselves to train the dense Gerome on how to dance (though Morgan didn't know how and Inigo only did it in secret). The joyous occasion for the newlyweds became a very exhausting.

Pulling themselves away from everyone, the couple collapsed at their table with Chrom and Sumia (Gerome's parents were on the dance floor). Sumia gave the couple a smile while Chrom laughed. Gerome gave them a slight nod, still unsure how to interact with the royal family and Robin gave the Exalt a weak glare which caused him to laugh more. Finally able to relax they watched as their friends celebrated.

All good things had to come to an end and for them it came when a soldier handed Chrom a letter. Color quickly drained from the lord's face as he read it, alarming everyone at the table. Quickly he got out of his seat and Sumia did the same but the tactician remained seated with eyes glued to her friends.

"Robin!" Chrom whispered in a hush panicked.

"We should speak here," she answered back calmly. She never took her eyes off of her friends and even smiled and waved at Morgan and Severa, when they passed by.

"But-" he began but she cut him off.

"If we were all to leave it would only worry everyone. We should speak here to make sure the calm remains. Besides everyone is off in their own world they shouldn't be bothering us."

Sumia returned to her seat, trusting in her friend's judgment, but Chrom remained standing. He understood Robin's point and agreed but there was still the issue of Gerome. The Exalt stared at the rider, who was trying his hardest to ignore him.

Unable to ignore the stare any longer the wyvern rider finally spoke, "Should I leave?"

"No," Robin spoke before Chrom could and he frowned at her. "He's my husband now; he should be included in these discussions too."

With a sigh Chrom returned to his seat and apologized and Gerome dismissed it, in only away a commoner unused to royalty could, with too much stuttering and overly polite language. Robin laughed at it and Chrom just shook his head in exasperation. Only Sumia bothered to comfort the embarrassed groom.

The lord was still reluctant to speak in front the other man, making it awkward when it shouldn't have been. Following Robin's example Gerome kept looking forward with the stoic expression he mastered. With an elbow to his gut from his wife Chrom finally spoke with a grunt.

"We've received a message from Plegia." Robin stiffened and it didn't go unnoticed. Both Gerome and Sumia called out for her in concern, while Chrom kept silent knowing the reason for the reaction. Sparing his tactician from explaining herself the Exalt spoke again, "They have the last gem, Sable."

Everyone was silent as they waited for a response from Robin but she did nothing, only continued to watch the celebration. Finally Chrom called for her but she still didn't respond. It wasn't until Gerome held her hand that she moved, only to close her hand around his.

She didn't want- nor did she think she could- tell them but she was having a terrible premonition about everything. She had a very strong feeling that she shouldn't go; that she should get as far away from that country and her father as she possibly could. Her fear was strong as she imagined what awaited her there…Chrom's death at her hands. Her desire to avoid that place was great but she knew there was no way she, the chief tactician, could not go.

Sensing her anxiety her husband squeezed her hand and called her name softly; he did it in hopes of comforting her but it only made her feel worse. His kindness only reminded her of all the secrets she had been hiding from him. She desperately wanted to pull her hand free but she didn't as she knew that would only upset him more. When he called her name again she knew she needed to respond.

"Isn't it too early for this to happen?" She had chosen her words very carefully as to make it seem like she had been in deep thought as to displace their worry and she successfully fooled everyone.

It was the groom's turn to think. Following his wife's example he watched the celebration as he thought. He tried to remember what little history of his timeline he could remember, and he regretted not taking more interest in it. Eyebrows furrowed together as he struggled to recall what happened after the war with Valm.

"There should have been a time of peace that lasted several years," he recalled but wasn't completely sure. Sighing he resigned himself to accepting that he couldn't remember anything else. "Regardless this is happening to fast."

"Why is this happening so quickly?" Sumia asked in concern.

"Probably because of the time travelers," Robin responded so matter-of-fact that Gerome flinched at it. She squeezed his hand to make him feel better but it only helped slightly. "I think this is best." She successfully pulled Gerome's eyes away from the celebration. "I couldn't enjoy peace if I knew what was waiting for us at the end." Everyone agreed. "Besides," she gave his hand another squeeze, "the sooner this is over the sooner we can truly begin to live our lives." Everyone nodded in agreement and smiled.

"Sorry to ruin your guys' wedding night," Chrom commented after a moment of silence. He and his wife watched as the newlyweds blushed themselves into silence.

"There's still time before we need to really start preparing," Sumia started hoping that it would relieve some of the embarrassment from her friends, "you two should go enjoy what little time you have."

Robin quickly stood up and Gerome stared at her in shock. The smile instantly left Chrom's face as he thought about what was going to on between his best friend (that he thought of as a sister) and Gerome (a stranger in his over protective eyes). Receiving an intense glare the wyvern rider wasn't sure what he should do.

"Don't get me wrong!" Robin nearly shouted in embarrassment earning a chuckle from the queen. "I got a lot of packing to do!" Not allowing another second to past she quickly fled. Gerome watched as he wife walked away, unsure if he should follow but when he realized he was left alone with the royal family awkwardness got the better of him and he followed after his wife, ignoring Chrom's glare the best he could.

After a little search Gerome found Robin in the room that had been reserved for them and the redness returned to his cheek. Shyness kept him at the door briefly but urges made him approach her. He stood next to her but she never noticed him her eyes were glue to a box atop of the bed. He watched her briefly before reaching for the box and got the most outrageous reaction he had ever received from her. She snatched the box away all while screaming no at him and with a face that could rival a tomato. Shock only lasted a few seconds before he burst out laughing much to her distress.

"What's in the box?" he asked after his laughing fit ended. A silent cry escaped her and she violently shook her head no. The smile left his face as he started to worry. "Is it something bad?"

"No…not really…It's actually something good…" Amusement returned to him as he watched her try to form a coherent thought. "Not yet though…not ready." Placing a hand on her head he signaled that it was fine and he wouldn't ask anymore.

Nodding slightly she put the box on the floor (away from him). Silence engulfed them as both of them thought of what to do next. Nervousness and excitement bubbled in Gerome at the thought of what was to happen. He fidgeted with an abundance of energy but that all left him as he saw the solemn look on his wife's face.

"I'm sorry Gerome," she said before he could think of how to comfort her. She looked at the bed that had been romantically set for their big night and she fought the blush that wanted to stain her cheeks. Unable to look at the bed any longer her eyes fell to her feet. "But I have a lot of packing to do…"

"It's alright." He wasn't able to completely hide the disappointment in his voice and Robin picked up on it. Realizing that he rubbed her arms in attempt to sooth her. "It really is." That time he was able to hide his disappointment. "We are still young," his cheeks turned red as he continued, "we will have plenty of time to…." Embarrassment won and he wasn't able to finish the sentence. Her laughter brought a smile to his face. "Besides, I would like our first time to not be under such a stressful time."

With no need to rush on his packing the wyvern rider sat on the bed and he was immediately bombarded by the perfume that was sprayed on the bed. The smell was too much and he wanted to get off but the bed was so comfortable that he couldn't resist. With the excitement finally gone his exhaustion took over and he collapsed onto bed.

She watched as he closed his eyes ready to drift off into sleep and guilt ate away at her. Shifting around nervously she debated wither or not to tell him. When he felt a heavy weight on the bed he lazily opened one of his eyes to see what it was, thinking it was nothing more than a box, seeing that it was Robin he quickly got up. He knew he shouldn't get excited but he couldn't help his heart from beating faster. His excitement didn't last long as he noticed that Robin was refusing to look at him.

"Robin," he called her softly to encourage her to speak.

"There's something I need to tell you," she began but quickly paused, "actually, it's something I should have told you before we got married." He was at the mercy of her eyes that seemed to be pleading for him to forgive her and how could he not with those eyes. Placing his hand over hers he was able to convey that he had no hostility towards her.

Reluctant to speak she took her time. When she realized she couldn't stall anymore she spoke, "I met my…father," she nearly had to spit that last word out. Not quite grasping the severity of the situation he couldn't help but feel happy at what he believed to be good news until he thought about it. There had to be a reason why her father wasn't at their wedding or why she had never spoken of him before that moment. The more he thought about it the more he couldn't help but feel like an idiot for getting happy.

"My …father's…," she struggled with that word every time she had to say it. "His name is Validar." He racked his mind trying to see if he knew anyone by that name, he didn't. "He's the king of Plegia." Gerome instantly understood his wife's reaction at the reception and Chrom's silence.

"I didn't tell you earlier because I didn't want to admit it." She looked at him apologetically. Kissing her softly on the forehead he accepted her. He smiled at her and she smiled weakly back at him. Wrapping an arm around her he pulled her closer so that she could rest her head against his shoulders and understand that he was not bothered by the secret.

They sat in silence. Gerome rubbed her back trying to erase her tension and it was somewhat working. He was doing such marvelous job that she found herself wanting to tell him all her fears but when she opened her mouth to speak her voice was suddenly gone and fear gripped her. Sensing her fear he gave her a squeeze and kissed the top of her head. It didn't completely erase her fears but it did add to her guilt. The sweet words he whispered only made her feel worse.

"I have a bad feeling about our next campaign," she finally voiced one of her fears but only to stop his whispers. She couldn't help but look at him and he took an acute noticed of the fear in her eyes. "I won't lie to you but I'm terrified."

Once again he gave her a gentle squeeze and smiled warmly at her. She never expected how much a simple smile could comfort her so much and despite her fears she smiled up at him. "I told you already," he added mostly for his own comfort, "We'll carve a path to happiness through whatever fate may bring." Smiling broadly she hugged him and gave him a kiss. They stopped after the kiss, less they be encourage to go further and prevent Robin from being ready for the next day.

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