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The girl who was sitting opposite was a small and pretty blonde, who needed a serious attitude adjustment. Although Ziva had to admit that she was very careful, not letting any useful information cross through her lips to the point that even simple questions like what her name was met resistance. But eventually they had got that her name was Jennifer 'Carbo' Bennett. When they asked about the Carbo, she had smiled before answering "Because I am like carbon." They had looked at her blankly. And she had continued "I get with everything." They still had, had confused looks on their faces so she had given up trying to explain. "Let me guess, you failed chemistry." She had said dryly. This had aimed at tony who had asked what carbon was. This what she hated so much about this girl she answered simple question with complex answers.

Gibbs had already had to send Tony into calm Ziva down once. When they asked her what her age was, Tony had almost had to grab her to stop her from attacking Jennifer. The girl had noticed and had smirked; seeming to know the fact she had gotten into the interrogators head. This only infuriated Ziva more; she had leaned over the table, screaming at the girl to answer the fucking question. To the girl credit she never flinched, waiting until Ziva had finished ranting to ask. "What's the legal age?" Ziva was surprised and answered "18" "Okay, it's a good thing that I'm 18 then. Isn't it?"

The interrogation continued in much that same pattern until Ziva was sent out as Gibbs began to fear Ziva's job and sanity. This person had managed to turn a reasonably simple case into… weeeelllll…. She had caused more question than she had answered. Like why where her hands all over the crime scene considering that she had a solid alibi. They had checked, Also she completely refused to answer questions like what she did for a job. And to top it all off the only records they had of a Jennifer Bennett were of an elementary student, who had disappeared 12 years ago. But it couldn't be her as the she would be 2 years younger than the one in front of them, could it? All they knew for sure was that they had a lot of a head of them and that she was hiding something and what it was needed to answered.

Tony walked out of the interrogation room. "Hey how are you now, my little ninja?" "I is better, I feel like I am about to blow a basket, though." "That is good but the term is to blow a gasket not a basket." He gave a quick hug before turning to face Gibbs. "What do we do now? We can't keep her here forever." "I know which is why we will let her ago." On re-entering he was faced with a very anxious seeming girl. "Can I go now; I've got things to do." "Yeah but we may bring you back in if we get any new questions or leads." "Fine, whatever." Her cocky attitude had re-appeared with the ending of the interview, and as she left she winked at tony mouthing "Call me." Tony physically shuddered. Ziva had to hand it to Jennifer she had thrown them all off their game, they had interviewed her for nearly 3 hours straight and gotten absolutely nothing from her. All they could be certain of was that they had a busy week ahead of them and that until it was solve none of them would get much sleep.

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