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Just like that I'm crawling back to you,
Just like you said I would yeah,
I swallow my pride,
Now I'm crawling back to you,
I'm out of my head,
Can't wait any longer,
Down on my knees, I thought I was stronger,
Just like that, like you said I'd do,
I'm crawling back to you.

Crawling Back To You ~ Daughtry


That was how she felt.


A million thoughts went through her mind as she put her clothes in the bag. She succeeded in putting all her life into just three suitcases. She should have listened to her mother from the start; illusions couldn't become real, but still she hoped that her relationship with Dimitri was different. They were different, they were meant to be, Rose was sure that they would figure it out in the end because they were in love.

After all the drama with Tatiana's murder was solved, Rose sorted out some things in her life. First she ended things with Adrian, they would never work and it was better to terminate their relationship sooner rather than later. Of course Adrian wasn't as understanding as Rose would've liked –blaming her for breaking his heart- but he would get over it eventually. Next was her relationship with Dimitri, which was an even bigger mess.

That didn't go well either.

"This is a game to you, isn't it?" She whispered, drained from their last fight. Rose tried to hold back her tears, she swore to herself she wouldn't cry in front of him. "How many times do you have to kill me?" Dimitri sat on the armchair opposite of her, just as stoic as she remembered him to be.

"I thought I could. But it's not easy Roza. You have no idea what I'm going through." He answered her calmly. When they got back together they both agreed that this would be a clean start. They would leave their past behind and move on to a future together. It seemed Dimitri had a hard time forgiving himself though. While the first few weeks were good and they seemed to work through their problems Dimitri kept pushing Rose away and holding back, blaming himself for what happened. As the days went they grew apart and that tore Rose's heart into a million pieces. She loved him so very much and he was shutting her out of his life.

"I have no idea?" She hissed through clenched teeth. Her anger was getting the better of her again. They'd been fighting for the past three hours and that had tired both of them out. "I am the reason you are here now. I found the way to bring you back. I risked everything and everyone just so you can be here now telling me how I 'have no idea' how you are feeling." What bothered Rose the most was that Dimitri was willing to talk to Lissa about his feelings and not her. That raised a great wave of jealousy inside of her. She knew there was nothing romantic between them but still it hurt like hell to think that Dimitri found it easier to talk to Lissa than her. She was the one he loved more than life itself according to his words after all.

"Roza-" He tried to say something but Rose cut him off. She stood up and moved to take her coat but Dimitri's hand wrapped around her wrist, stopping her. She turned to look at him and her heart broke in half. Dimitri pulled her in his arms and hugged her tight to his body. Rose could hear his heart beat picking up pace as the seconds passed.

"I'm sorry." She whispered and buried her head in his chest. His fingers were clenching her shirt as if trying to keep her here with him. When she didn't hug him back Dimitri pulled back slightly. "You can't choose what you want so I'm doing it. I'm done." She whispered and tears prickled her eyes. "We are done. I can't do this anymore." She warned him that if it came down to this she would leave him. Even if it meant that she would spend the rest of her life alone. Dimitri pulled her in his arms again and buried his face in her hair as Rose let herself go and cried.

This was the end for them.

Their last meeting left Rose emotionally and physically exhausted. She left Dimitri alone in his room with his guilt for his only company. She refused to go down that road with him again. She warned him that if he would not behave she would leave him once and for all. Still, that didn't make it any less painful. In fact it made her feel like someone had driven a stake through her heart.

"Are you ready?" Her mother's voice brought her out of her thoughts and Rose turned to look at Janine. A gloomy smile upon her face showed that Janine was actually sad Rose was leaving. After she left Dimitri's room, Rose wandered around Court for a few hours trying to pull her thoughts together. She ended up at the front door of the one person she never knew she would need. Abe was surprised to say the least when he saw her on his doorstep. In mere seconds he pulled her in his arms and Rose let her tears fall freely. She had no idea how much time passed or when her mother arrived. The only thing she could hear was her parents whispering trying to figure out what happened to make their daughter cry.

"Yes." Rose said pulling the zipper of the suitcase close. "This was the last one." She passed the luggage to her mother so Janine could carry it out to the car. Rose took one last look around her room here before she closed the door behind her. After she explained to her parents what happened with Dimitri she asked Abe if she could stay with him for a little while. Abe was more than happy to have her with him and get the chance to know his daughter better; Janine on the other hand was not so keen on the idea of Rose hanging out with her father without her present. But after taking a good look at Rose she gave her permission. Apparently Janine had seen something that no one else could; she had seen the pain in Rose's eyes.

Abe pulled some strings and got Rose out of Guardian duties for some time so she could follow him back to Turkey. A week later Rose had settled all her affairs and was more than ready to leave her past back here and start somewhere new. Lissa was her biggest concern but her best friend made it easy for her. Lissa assured Rose that she would be fine and that Rose should take this little 'vacation' as she called it. Besides Lissa had Christian with her and that made Rose feel a little better. He would take good care of her.

She walked down the halfway of Abe's house still surprised to see photos from her childhood hanging on the walls. Her old man really loved her even if he hadn't been there for her. But he made sure to learn how she was doing. It was a sunny day outside compared to the storm inside her. Her parents waited for her in the car ready to leave for the airport were Rose and Abe would fly to Turkey. She had said goodbye to all her friends last night and it surprised her a little that even Adrian came. Lissa assured her again that she would be fine, Christian promised to take care of Lissa; Eddie and Mia just kissed her cheek and told her that they would be here if she needed anything and lastly Adrian apologized for blaming their failed relationship on her. Things between them were by no means all right again but this was a good start.

Dimitri had kept his distance though. He made sure that they never crossed paths while she was still here and Rose appreciated that. As the car engine started Rose closed her eyes and rested her head against the cool window. She never saw the man in the ridiculous duster she loved so much standing on her front door watching the SUV drive away.

Taking her way from him forever.


Turkey was not how Rose expected it to be. It was hotter than Pennsylvania and even if she hadn't been here before the place felt eerily familiar. It was a nice change after what she had been through. She'd made the right choice leaving everything behind her.

Abe wanted to make up for lost time, he wanted to get to know his daughter better and for her to know him and that's exactly what they'd done for the last six months. They had spent hours telling each other stories about their lives. Rose made sure to fill him in on everything he missed in her life; especially things that got her detention. It was nice to have someone care for her for a change, to have someone look after her, not the other way around.

But as fun as it was for Rose to spend time with her father, there were some nights that she couldn't help but think about him. She loved Dimitri, she really did but he broke her heart one time too many. The fight they'd had before she left was the worst. There were so many things that kept them apart. So she moved to Turkey with Abe and tried to forget him; as for what he was doing, Rose avoided asking Lissa or her mother. Every time someone would bring it up she changed the subject. It hurt too much to even say his name, so it would hurt to learn that he was fine and had moved on.

The bad thing with running on human schedule was that at nights she had nothing to comfort herself with. She used to take walks during the day, enjoying the sun and the crowded streets. That way she could forget her loneliness for a while. Here she didn't know anyone and no one knew her. She was just another face among millions of people. But when night would fall the streets would clear out and there was nothing to conceal her pain, to make her forget. As much as Abe tried to cheer her up there was only so much her father could do about her broken heart.

Late at night her mind couldn't help but think of Dimitri. He might've hurt her but that didn't mean she suddenly stopped loving him. He was still her everything even if they weren't together. Rose couldn't understand how he did that, how could he torment her when he was so many miles away. He was everywhere, in her mind, in her dreams, his scent was still on that t-shirt of his she kept, his taste was still on her lips even if she hadn't kissed him in a long time. She could still feel his touch if she closed her eyes.

She had read somewhere that love hurt, but Rose never really believed it until now. It was like her heart had been ripped out of her chest and someone was stomping on it repeatedly. She embraced the pain; even liked it in a very twisted way. It made her feel alive. She needed the pain to remind her that what she'd had with Dimitri was real. She brought the glass of wine to her lips again and took a big gulp. She had tried to sneak some alcohol without her father finding out about it but he caught her. After a long lecture of what she did wrong, how she should do it next time and how Mazurs never get caught, he gave her a bottle from his wine selection.

If you are going to get drunk then you have to do it in style, Abe told her. Her mom would have had kittens if she knew what Rose was doing here. She pulled the letter out of her pocket and read it for the millionth time. Lissa told her that all their friends asked for news about how Rose was doing and sent their love but Rose didn't want to speak to anyone. For now she wanted to stay away from the life she'd shared with Dimitri. That was until five days ago; a letter came for her, a letter Rose loathed with all her might.


I know that you won't believe a word of what I am writing to you. You have every right to call me a coward because I am. I hurt you time and time again from the very first moment we met. You said I'm an egotistical prick and you were right, I am. I always thought of how I felt about what happened and never what you went through.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry for my mistakes. For not treating you like I should. I loved you. I still do and it hurts so much to be away from you. You are the only one for me Roza and I let you slip away. I can't turn back time; but if I could I would never let you walk out that door. You deserve better than me so I won't ask you for a second chance. It's been six months since we last talked and I hope you are well. I ask Lissa all the time for news from you but she refuses to tell me.

You are always on my mind Roza. All I can think about is you. Where are you? What are you doing? Did you find someone else? I hope not. I can't eat or sleep. You haunt my dreams, my love. I'm sorry is all I can say to you Roza. But even I know that an apology won't fix anything between us.

Always yours,

Your Comrade.

The bottle was half empty and the thoughts about Dimitri were more than Rose would have liked. By now fat tears were streaming down her cheeks and Rose hated them. Tears showed weakness and Rose wasn't weak. Never before had she shed a tear in her life for a man. Funny thing that it took one person to bring her down, even if he didn't meant to. Truth be told, Dimitri was all she thought about. Being away from him felt like she was incomplete; like a part of her was missing. Lissa had pointed out that maybe it was time for Rose to come back home and end hers and Dimitri's misery. In a long e-mail her friend wrote that Dimitri was going from bad to worse and being away from Rose was killing him slowly. Which in addition killed Rose, it was easier for her to think of Dimitri finding someone else than knowing he was as broken as she was.

Of course he thought she was doing fine because that's what Rose told Lissa all the time. But Rose was not even close to feeling fine. In fact she was a mess. Even Abe tried to talk to her about what happened. He, like Lissa, suggested that maybe it was a mistake to leave Dimitri. Maybe she should have stayed and talked things out with him. She could see it in her father's eyes that Abe was afraid Rose made the same mistake he did in walking away from love. In one of his wise moments he told her that love never came easy. You had to fight for it, but Rose was tired of fighting.

Tired of fighting Strigoi, fighting people that wanted to hurt her, fighting her own feelings.

A knock on her door made her jump a little.

"Come in." She wiped the tears with the back of her hand just as the door opened a crack and Andrei's head poked inside. Andrei was her father's right hand and very good looking. If it wasn't for the failed relationship with Dimitri she would have made a move on him. Funny thing was that Andrei kind of looked like Dimitri. She thought he was out of town on "business". What kind of business, she really didn't want to know.

"Little Boss, someone wants to see you." Rose smiled sadly at the nickname; her father's Guardians had taken to calling her "Little Boss" teasingly. At first they were a little cautious with her. But after they warmed to her presence and opened up, Rose found out that they could be a very good company.

"It's one in the morning Andrei. I think this can wait." She murmured. "Besides I'm not in the mood for visitors now." She raised the half empty bottle so he could see and leave her alone. The only thing she wanted now was to get drunk and erase Dimitri's memories from her mind.

Even if it was only for a few hours.

"I think you should come with me." He insisted as he opened the door and stepped inside the room. Rose flipped him the bird and turned to look out the window. She liked to hang out with Andrei but now was not the time. "Now, we can do this the easy way. All you have to do is follow me down to your father's office." He smirked and crossed his arms over his chest. Rose contemplated her options; she was way too drunk to spar with Andrei now so the next best thing was to follow him.

"So who wants to see me?" She grumbled. Andrei was a major joy-kill at the moment. That lovely wine bottle was so sweet to her; it had been listening to her pain all night.

Andrei was sure Rose drank more than she could handle. He liked the young girl, she reminded him of his boss very much. She was feisty, stubborn and could do anything she set her mind to. He was sure that when Abe retired Rose could easily take over his business. Plus it made Abe happy to have her around. Andrei had worked for Abe since he was nineteen.

His boss took him in when he had nowhere to go. He was a rebel and he was still in school so when he graduated no one really wanted him as their guardian. Abe gave him a home and food and made him his right hand. When Abe was away for some reason –say to meet a certain female auburn haired guardian so they could remember the old times- everything went through Andrei. Now ten years later Andrei thought of Abe as something more than just his boss, he became a fatherly figure for him.

One night after a lot of Russian vodka –the good stuff- Abe spilled all about his life to Andrei. He told him about Janine and about the daughter he only saw in pictures. Abe told him about how much he loved them both and how much it hurt to be away from them. That night he respected his boss a little more. Andrei remembered clearly that time Rose was in Russia and how frantic and concerned Abe was. He could see how much Abe hurt to see his little girl in pain. So Andrei took it upon himself to go kick Dimitri's ass. They went to school together; Dimitri was only three years younger but they were good friends.

So after a long talk about how much of an idiot Dimitri was, Andrei came back home with something more than he expected. "Someone I'm not sure you want to talk to but there is no harm in trying." He teased her ruffling her hair trying and failing miserable to make her feel better.

"Oh man! Please tell me it's not my mom." She whined. "There is no way I can deal with her now." Her mother and a lecture on why she shouldn't be drunk was the last thing Rose needed now.


"Is it Lissa?" No it couldn't be Lissa. They talked a few hours ago on the phone and she told Rose that she had a lot of work to do at Court. Not even a year as Queen and the Council was already giving her a hard time. But Lissa was tough; she would figure it out on her own. Now Rose was curious. Who the hell came looking for her? "Is it Adrian?" Rose asked cautiously. Adrian was also the last person she wanted to see right now.

"You will see soon enough." Andrei shrugged and opened the door that led to her father's study. He pushed the door open and the sight that met Rose's eyes made her breath catch in her throat.

"Is this some kind of sick joke?" Rose hissed as both men looked up at her. Her father's eyes met hers and Abe looked almost scared to see her reaction. There before her was standing Dimitri Belikov in all his glory; leather cowboy duster and all that jazz. Before Rose could avert her gaze from him, their eyes met for the first time after six months. Her heart started beating faster and unwanted tears welled up behind closed eyelids. Rose took a few deep breaths and kept her eyes shut; her fists were clenching and unclenching at her sides.

"Boss I think I have something to show you. If you…" Andrei trailed off and Rose opened her eyes just in time to see her father and his guardian leaving the room like someone was chasing them away. So much for being a mobster! She thought. But given that her father knew Rose was short tempered it was a good move to leave now. She turned to face Dimitri.

"What are you doing here?" She hissed her voice cold and harsh. Dimitri had never heard Rose speak like that. He didn't blame her and didn't expect anything different. He knew he had hurt her.

"I came to see you." He took a few steps towards her but she moved away from him. Ouch! Dimitri thought; that hurt.

"There was a reason I left Dimitri." She called him by his given name, not Comrade the stupid pet name she had came up with the first day they met just to piss him off. She never called him by his given name. "I didn't want you to find me." She stared hard at him. The alcohol was really kicking in her system and for a moment she thought that she drunk a little bit too much.

"But I did. I came to take you back Roza." He murmured taking a step closer to her and this time she didn't move.

"You have no right to call me that." Rose whispered through clenched teeth and she could see the pain in his eyes. Good! She thought; he was hurting too. "You lost it the night you let me walk away." She moved to sit on the couch and let her head fall in her hands.

"Have you been drinking?"

"That's none of you business Dimitri. I will ask you again, what are you doing here?" Her patience was running low.

"I told you I came to take you back. Everyone is missing you." His voice was so soft like he had a wild animal opposite him and wanted to calm it down. "I missed you Roza." She didn't move at all. Dimitri took it as a good sign and kneeled in front of her. He put two fingers under her chin and lifted it up so he could look in her eyes. "Please come back home." He begged her. Life without Rose was a living hell for everyone. Dimitri needed her to survive and Lissa needed her best friend to help her through a very difficult part of her life. Even Christian was complaining about not having someone to bicker with and how much that sucked.

Tears were running down her cheeks like waterfalls and Rose shook her head. It wasn't so easy. What did he think? That she would go back like nothing happened? No, she couldn't delete the past six months of pain and go back to how things were before. Dimitri's lips touched hers softly and Rose felt her body relaxing against her will. He always had that effect on her; Dimitri could make her melt with just a simple kiss. He pulled her closer as Rose wrapped her arms around his neck relishing in the feeling of his body against hers and Dimitri deepened the kiss.

It wasn't long before they were laid on the floor bodies pressed tight against each other and Rose had completely forgotten why she was angry with him in the first place. His lips felt so nice as they teased and pulled at hers. He still tasted the same as she remembered, sweet and intoxicating. Butterflies danced around inside her stomach and she moaned as she wrapped her legs around his waist. How could this man have so much power over her?

"No." Rose pulled back and pushed him away as her senses came back. Dimitri didn't move and kissed down her neck. "No Dimitri, get off!" She pushed him harder this time and Dimitri looked at her shocked.


Meanwhile on the other side of the door two men were trying to hear what was going on with the couple.

"Are you sure this was a good idea?" Abe asked anxiously. He wasn't afraid of anything except his daughter's wrath. Just like her mother, Rosemarie was a force to be reckoned with when she was angry.

"At first I thought it was. Now I'm not so sure." Andrei answered thoughtfully. "I mean she is ready to rip him in to pieces." He muttered, concerned about his friend's life.

"Should we go inside?" Abe didn't exactly like the boy –he had hurt his little girl after all- but he didn't wish for anyone to come across an angry Hathaway. His girls could be really vicious when they were pissed off about something. He had personal experience on the subject.

"Nah. Let them work it out alone." Andrei shook his head and looked at Abe's concerned face. He had faith in his friend; Dimitri could handle Rose better than anyone else. Of course he had it really bad this time.

Dimitri had really screwed things up.


Rose pulled herself together and slipped away from him. He couldn't do this to her again. She wouldn't let him get her hopes up only to rip her apart once more. There was only so much pain a person could handle and Rose had reached her limit. "How many times?" She whispered and moved to stand by the window. Her father's house had an amazing view. It was build beside the beach and you could see the ocean, dark and deep. It always helped Rose relax when she looked at the waves crashing on shore.

"How many times what?" Dimitri looked confused at her. It hurt that she pushed him away and it was entirely his fault. He destroyed the only thing he'd ever loved. Rose was everything to him. Before her he simply existed, and as stupid as it sounds, it took Rose to show him that there was more to life than work.

"How many times do you have to break me apart Belikov?" She asked not taking her eyes away from the sight outside the window. "Isn't it enough that I left my life to make it easy for you to stay away? Isn't it enough that I can't sleep or eat properly? You broke my heart Belikov and I'm not sure I can mend it again."

"Let me do it." He whispered as he moved to stand behind her. "Let me take away the pain Roza." His arms wrapped around her waist and pulled her against him. "I'm sorry; for everything." He whispered as his lips ghosted over her neck. "Please take me back." His voice was a soft whisper in her ears and Rose relished in the feeling of his embrace. She missed it, she missed him and the way Dimitri made her feel. She missed that warm fuzzy feeling love gave you and Dimitri was that for her. Someone once said that where there is love, there is also pain. The one could not exist without the other, Rose knew that now.

"It's better to leave Dimitri. You are not welcome here." Rose pulled away from him and rushed out of the room leaving a startled Dimitri alone. She passed Abe and Andrei on her way but paid them no mind.

"You really screwed it up this time man!" Andrei gave a deep sigh as he clapped a hand on Dimitri's shoulder. This would be harder than Dimitri thought. Flowers and a few 'I love yous' wouldn't make Rose forgive him.

"I think it would be better to stay with us for now Belikov." Abe locked his hands behind his back and eyed Dimitri carefully. Yep! He didn't like the boy but his daughter loved him and Abe would be damned if he let his little girl stay alone and unhappy for the rest of her life.


Rose woke up with a headache caused from a combination of the wine she was drinking last night and the tears she shed after the door of her bedroom closed. She prayed to whichever god was listening to her for it to be just a bad dream, because she really didn't want to do this. After a very much needed hot shower Rose dragged herself downstairs and breathed a sigh of relief as her eyes landed on her father. He was reading his paper like he did every morning and she was just happy Dimitri was gone.

"Good morning Kiz!" Abe's cheery voice brought her out of her musings. She resisted the urge to throw something at his head just so he would stop smiling. It was clear to her that today would be one of those days she had a Sheldon Cooper moment. She just wanted everyone to leave her the hell alone or else she could very well destroy the planet!

"Morning." She murmured as she piled food on her plate. There was nothing better than a good breakfast to battle a bad hangover. She could feel Abe's eyes watching her but if he knew what was good for him he wouldn't push it. Ignoring him she went back to her food.

"Good morning." Rose froze for a second at the sound of his voice. Her eyes rose to meet his and the atmosphere in the room sifted. She was definitely going to destroy humanity, starting with Dimitri Belikov.

"Father," Her voice adopted a cold tone that made both men shiver in fear. "Your study. Now!" She growled and Abe all but ran. Rose burst as soon as the door was closed. "What the hell is wrong with you old man?"

"So many things I can't even list them Kiz!" He chuckled but his amusement died as soon as his daughter threw him one of the infamous Hathaway glares. If looks could kill Abe would have died a terrible death by now.

"I'm not kidding! Why is he still here? I thought you knew what I was feeling! Why I left Court! I wanted to be away from Dimitri, Dad." It was a cheap trick, she knew that much. Calling Abe 'dad' was a habit she'd taken the last few weeks. It never escaped her how his face brightened every time she called him that and how her wishes came true after she did so. She threw herself over an armchair as he kneeled before her.

"Look Kiz, I know you hate him right now, you even hate me a little bit." She raised a questioning eyebrow and he shrugged. "I can see it in your eyes, but I won't apologize for doing what's right for you. You are making a mistake and I'm trying to help you avoid it. I don't want you to pass up on the chance to love." Like I did, he didn't say it but Rose understood it. Her father's worst fear was coming true.

"Our love was a lost cause from the very first moment we felt it, old man. There is nothing left for Dimitri and I, we are out luck. I guess the tragic endings run into our family." She gave him a small sad smile and left him stunned, gaping at her retreating figure.


"Focus Rose!" Nicolay's voice rang clear in the small gym. He was the head guardian of her father's little army, as she liked to call them teasingly. A few weeks after she got here she asked her father if someone could train with her; while she wanted to relax Rose didn't want to let go of her guardian work out. So Abe suggested that maybe Nicolay could help her if she asked nicely, now though she kind of regretted it.

For the past week she had been distracted and pretty much everyone knew why. That didn't mean Nicolay was going to go easy on her; back when she was in the Academy she thought Dimitri was a strict mentor. That was until she met Nicolay! The guy had been driving her crazy for the last two hours; there was not a single part of her body where she didn't have a bruise. They had been sparing and due to Rose's lack of attention he kept getting her down. He landed a kick on her side and Rose felt the air leave her lungs as pain rushed through her. Her knees buckled and Nicolay caught her before she could hit the floor.

"Sorry kiddo!" He apologized as he moved her to one of the benches. "I was going for your hip, let me see that." He unwrapped her arms from around her waist to take a look at the damage he had done. A whimper escaped her lips as he pressed on a tender spot and Rose tried to hold back the tears. "Does it hurt?"

"Like a bitch." She whispered as he brought her a bottle of water.

"It's nothing serious. You'll just have a mean bruise for the next few days. Maybe we should cut back on your training while this is healing." She nodded, agreeing with whatever he had to say. The whole thing with Dimitri was getting to her and she hated it. She had made it very clear that she wanted nothing to do with him, one way or another. He had his chance and he lost it. Dimitri and quite frankly half of her father's men along with Abe had a different opinion. Thus why Dimitri was still here getting on her nerves.

"Give me some time and I promise to kick your ass."

"I'll hold you on that promise Little Boss." She smiled and they sat in silence for a few minutes. "Can I be honest with you?" Nicolay's words took Rose by surprise but she nodded curious as to what he had to say. "I know it's not my place but I think you are giving up to soon." His words took her by surprise. Nicolay was not the kind of person that liked to interfere with other people's lives. "With the whole Belikov thing I mean. I get it that you went through some rough time and hit a lot of bumps on your road but that's not a good enough reason to give up. Take it from someone much older that knows a tad bit more about love. Don't let this go Rose."

"I take it that you have some pain stained story to tell me too? Like my father and Andrei did? How they lost love and condemned themselves to a miserable life?" It wasn't supposed to come out so nasty but Rose couldn't help being mean. Everyone was acting like they knew what she was going through and at some extent they did, but she wasn't about to let go of the past so easily. Dimitri had to work for her trust and love; she wouldn't give them away again only to be hurt.

"Remember my words kiddo! You don't want to miss out on this one." Nicolay left her alone after that saying something about her father needing him. His words twirled on her mind.


Two days later Rose was laid on her side with an ice pack against her chest. According to Abe's doctor it was only a bruised rib and she would be able to get back to training in three weeks, maximum. Nicolay apologized again and again for that and Rose assured him that the fault was all hers. She was the one that didn't pay any attention.

Her eyes were focused on the flat TV screen; she would never admit it but she got hooked up on a soap-opera that was on the last few days. She used to make fun of those shows, too much drama and clichés, but when you had no love life whatsoever watching others finding their happy ending felt kind of good. "How are you feeling?" Dimitri's question was answered by silence. She had tried many things to make him leave her alone, from screaming her head off to actually locking him out of the house but nothing worked.

Until she tried the best known punishment, silence! She ignored him to the point where she could see he was annoyed but he didn't give up. Not yet anyway. He moved to sit beside her on the couch and Rose made a sound of disagreement but didn't stop him. "You have to come up with something better than the silent treatment to push me away you know." She huffed at his words; well, he would have to work harder to get her back. "I'm here to stay Roza. The only way for me to leave is for you to tell me loud and clear that we are done. That you don't have feelings, or that you weren't just as miserable as I was the last few months. Only then I'll leave you alone." They both knew those words would never slip from her lips. It was hard enough doing so the last time.

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