My very first Supernatural story, I just got into this fandom so let me know if I should stay and make myself comfortable or just leave at the nearest exit. Leave me Love 3 Spoiler for "A very Supernatural Christmas"

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I looked at Dean sitting across from me in his beloved impala, singing away with not a care in the world. The impala's purr grew to a steady rhythm as it headed down the street away from the Carrigan home and towards our make-shift bat cave for the next thirteen hours or so depending on the weather.

Dean, those weren't exactly Hallmark memories for me, you know.

Christmas 1996- Los Alamos, California

"Dad's gonna make it this year isn't he? Cuz he didn't make it last year or the year before that…

"You know dad is off hunting a ghost who is terrorizing the local watering hole. And is it really so bad watching Charlie Brown with your awesome brother and drinking eggnog?"

No he just wanted a normal, apple-pie Christmas with lots of family and relatives gathered around and mom backing cookies.

Dean's off-key version of "Grandma Got Run over by a Reindeer" was enough to jostle me out of my brooding thoughts and smirk at Dean and his antics. Dean just being Dean, not thinking about what awaits him in the year to come or the people that they had lost. So as they pulled into the motel of the week, I knew I owed it to my big brother to give him the Christmas he deserved.

With Dean dropping me off at the motel, while he set out to pay for the room for at least another day due to the falling snow and then headed to a local dinner for their dinner of champions, I watched as the Impala backed out of the space and headed towards the office building. I had a job to do.

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The purring of the Baby announced my big brother's arrival and I set to work filling the rocket fuel eggnog into plastic cups and turned on the one string of lights I could scrounge up.

The key latch turns and in walks my family, my parent and my brother packaged into one person.

I knew by the look on Dean's face I truly made this one hell of Christmas. Dean with his mega-watt smile and his child-like zealous attitude made this one spectacular holiday. The truth is that I may not want to celebrate Christmas for the million or so reasons that I can think of off the top of my head but the man sitting beside me is family and for Dean's sake I at least have to try.