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The start of this story takes place some time in season 1.

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It was another night when Keira Grayson was thankful that her uncle was out of town because that meant she was able to stay out even later for those nightly street races she enjoyed. At first it was just another way for her to earn money by repairing the cars that might have gotten wrecked since a lot of those racers were either in high school or college and they'd prefer not to have to explain to their parents how the cars got trashed. So the 22 year-old would fix them before they all went home, for a price of course.

And now she's actually having fun watching the races. But then again she'd been fascinated with vehicles ever since she first helped her uncle work on that weird looking engine he brought home one day while she was a child.

The chill she felt on her skin shook her out of her thoughts and back to reality. 'I should really stop forgetting to bring my jacket' she thought while hugging herself and trying to ward the cold away. But despite the fact that she was freezing, she loved the atmosphere of the outskirts of Jasper, Nevada, especially at night, seeing the stars so clearly; the only thing missing that night was a full moon. Then she noticed one of the cars zoom past her, blowing even more cold air to her face, and knew the race was over.

Once again, that mysterious red sportscar had won. And without a single scratch on the car, too.

The people started cheering but as expected, the racer didn't even leave his car, just stopped in the middle of the road and revved up the engine for all to hear. Keira waited for the other racers to make it back and frowned when none of them needed repairs. Of course it was great none of them were hurt or anything, but that just meant she wouldn't be earning anything from that race.

"Hey! Keira!" said girl turned around and spotted that high school boy Vince walking up to her.

"Vince, don't you have to study for an exam or something?" she joked.

Vince waved her off. "Whatever, did you see? I almost got him that time. Sure, I came in second again, but I was so close to winning!" he whined. When Keira didn't reply, he continued.

"And look at him-" Vince pointed to the sports car currently driving off as the crowd parted. "Not even stopping to wave to his fans. Figured that guy's a jerk."

Keira refrained from rolling her eyes. Takes one to know one. The only reason Vince was even talking to her was that she was the only one who tolerated his attitude; she had to, since Vince was the one who got his car wrecked the most and she'd hate to lose her best customer.

"Glad you got that off your chest?" she asked instead once Vince was done ranting.

Vince mumbled. "Yeah kinda." Then his eyes brightened. "I didn't trash my car this time."

"I know. Great job." If Vince caught the sarcasm in Keira's voice, he didn't say anything about it.

"Well then, since my ride's fine, guess I should be heading home. Be seein' ya."

"Uh-huh." Keira said as she watched him get back into his car and drive back into town along with the others.

Keira was the last to leave, since she still had to pack up some stuff like the tool kit she brought along. 'Which was useless tonight!' she thought. Then, she made her way to her own car, her uncle's old grey pick-up truck she received for her 18th birthday. Keira placed the tool kit in the backseat, sat herself in the driver's seat and turned the ignition on.

But nothing happened.

Keira's eyes widened. No not now. No please. She thought as she tried turning the key a few more times. She eventually gave up, leaned back into her chair, then groaned.

"CRAP! Really? You wait until I'm left alone in the middle of the night to not work?" She yelled before getting out of her car and opening the hood to see what was wrong.

But everything was fine. Well, at least everything looked fine to her. Keira hugged herself as she felt another chill, and then sighed. Fantastic, I'm gonna have to walk home and call a tow truck in the morning. It wasn't even the fact that the way back would take about 30 minutes, it was because it was freezing cold that made the situation more difficult. Again, she cursed herself for not bringing her jacket and being forced to move in only leggings and a light sweater.

She decided to leave the tool kit behind then locked the car doors before she began her walk home.

Thankful that she at least wore sneakers so that dust wouldn't get to her feet, she listened to the sound of her footsteps, trying to keep her mind off of the cold. Though the chilly air was completely forgotten when Keira heard something behind her.

It sounded like an engine revving and that brought a smile to her face thinking that maybe the stupid truck finally decided to take pity on her. But when she turned around, she instantly frowned.

"Oh, it's just you." She said to the driver of the sportscar. Then, she had an idea and the smile came back. "Hey, mind giving me a lift? Something's wrong with my car and-"

She wasn't able to finish her sentence as the car in front of her started to change shape. Keira could see gears turning and the more the car-or whatever it really was-changed, the more she had to look up as finally, there was a very tall metal being in front of her.

"There's nothing wrong with your pathetic excuse for a vehicle, I just released a small EMP blast on it and it's basically useless for the time being." The giant no-longer-a-car thing said, then tapped the side of his head. "I have her with me. No other humans and no Autobots around as well; it's safe to open a groundbridge."


The giant red no-longer-a-car thing said then dropped his hand back to his side and turned to look at Keira. He-Keira was going to assume 'it' was a 'he'- at least seemed to have human looking features, like the fact that he had two legs, two arms, and a head. The giant retained the colors when he was still a car, with majority of his face being white while his eyes were a deep dark red with lighter red circles acting as what she assumed were his irises.

She also noticed that he had claws, and gulped.

"Done staring?" he asked her, arms crossed.

Keira blinked rapidly, opened her mouth a few times then finally spoke. She wanted to ask what he was, or what exactly he was planning to do to her but she was nervous and freezing, her brain wasn't really functioning that well so instead she asked,

"You're the one who broke my car?"

She could've sworn he just rolled his eyes. "Not broken, just useless for now." Then he smirked. "Though I doubt you'll be using it anytime soon."

Keira cocked an eyebrow but before she could ask the giant what he meant by that, a green swirling vortex appeared behind him. She instinctively took a step back, minding not to fall flat on her butt when she felt her knees start to shake. Whether from the cold or the presence of this… robot, she wasn't sure.

Said robot looked at the vortex, then back at her. "Well? Go on."

"Go where? Through that?" she asked.

"Humans… can't understand even the most basic orders." He shrugged then smirked once more. "All right then, I tried the peaceful way but now you leave me no choice…" then his right arm turned into a very sharp looking buzzsaw.

Keira's eyes widened as he got closer, hugging herself even tighter. "Move now before I am forced to make you my first human test subject."

Taking his warning seriously and not finding any way to escape, she complied and slowly made her way to the vortex while making sure to keep her distance from the buzzsaw.

"Hmph. That's more like it." He said as he changed his arm back to normal and followed Keira.

As Keira stepped into the vortex, she no longer felt the desert's sand under her shoes. These were her last thoughts before a blinding white light caused her to close her eyes and next thing she knew, she was no longer walking along the outskirts of Jasper.

The harsh cold was gone and Keira dropped her arms to her sides. Once she felt that the light had dimmed, Keira opened her eyes, blinked a few times and looked at her surroundings; a really huge area, with monitors flashing different things she didn't understand. There were also other metal giants, purple ones that looked identical to one another, standing by the corners of the room as if they were guards. And there was one who looked different from all the rest, standing in the middle of the room and in front of the biggest monitor. 'They really like the color purple though' she thought.

She could still hear the humming of the vortex and the thud of huge footsteps behind her. No doubt her kidnapper had arrived as well.

Then the humming stopped.

"What? No 'welcome back and good job with your mission Knock Out?'" the red giant announced.

The robot in the middle of the room turned to them and pointed at Keira. Knock Out glanced from visor-bot to her. "Yeah, this is her. I've seen what she can do, she'll get the job done, or at least help me move faster."

Keira tilted her head and decided to break her silence. "What job?" she addressed to the both of them.

It was Knock Out who spoke. "You're just full of questions, aren't you?"

"It's been a crazy night and I expect some answers." It was out before she could stop herself.

The robot smirked. "Finally dropped the 'too terrified to talk back' act, I see. You'll get your answers soon enough, fleshling." Then he turned to visor-bot before Keira could say something else.

"Soundwave, where's our dear Commander Starscream? Practicing another big speech in his quarters?"

Instead of speaking, Soundwave's visor flickered to show a video of more of those guard bots and a very slim grey-colored one in what looked like a mine with crystals on the walls.

Knock Out snorted. "Probably there to hide some Energon for himself, no doubt."

Once he stopped the video, Soundwave pointed again to Keira then at the huge door at one end of the room, it seemed to be the only one as well since the other end had a glass window showing the starry night outside; and that's when Keira realized, as she looked through the glass, that she was now up in the air with a bunch of robots who could crush her at any moment. 'Or slice me in half' she thought as she recalled Knock Out's buzzsaw then she involuntarily shivered.

But Keira stopped that train of thought when Knock Out sighed. "Yes, yes, I'll get on that right away. Come along, fleshling." He said as he started walking away.

Keira didn't follow him though. "What about my answers?"

"Walk with me and you'll get them." He replied without looking back.

Keira sighed. She looked back at Soundwave who was already back to observing the monitor. He didn't seem like the talkative type so she wouldn't get anything from him. Knock Out at least responded to her. That's when she made her decision to follow the sportscar to wherever he was going.

Since he was bigger than her, it only took Knock Out one stride to already be a few steps away from Keira. Which made her have to jog a bit to catch up with him.

"Can you at least slow down?" she asked.

"You're asking the wrong mech to slow down." he replied.

"Then at least carry me to wherever you're going."

Knock Out didn't even look at her as they walked. "And risk you dirtying my finish? You're practically covered with dust."

She decided to give up on that and change the topic as they continued down the long corridor. "Maybe you can answer some of my questions now?"

There was a pause before Knock Out spoke again. "If it will shut you up, fine. However it also depends on what you ask."

Keira shrugged. "All right then. Who are you?"

"Knock Out. Best doctor in all of Cybertron, aligned with the Decepticons."

She suppressed a snarl. There were too many terms and names she couldn't recognize and she feared asking Knock Out about all of them for he might get impatient and stop talking to her, or worse…

So Keira tried asking what she thought were more important. "Knock Out… and I'm guessing everyone here is a Desi- deca-"

"Decepticons." He said slowly, as if speaking to a child. "And yes."

"Decepticons, got it. And you know who I am?"

"Keira Grayson of Jasper, Nevada. You're the mechanic who goes to street races and fixes cars there." Knock Out replied as they turned right at an intersection to another hallway.

Keira raised an eyebrow. "You've been spying on me?"

The robot scoffed. "Hardly, you're there every time I race. I hear the other humans talk about you. And, I've seen what you can do. Not bad for a human, I suppose."

"What's that supposed to mean? Does that have something to do with why I'm here?"

Keira could see a door at the end of the hallway. Knock Out stopped in front of it, which made Keira stop as well.

She saw him smirk as he finally turned to look at her. "That's exactly it. You see, there's a limit to what these fine servos of mine can do." He said while admiring his hands- or rather his servos, as he called them.

He continued speaking when he crossed his arms. "Which means I need help from time to time. Especially with an operation as delicate as this." Knock out turned to look at the still closed door.

Keira tried piecing everything together. "So, you need me because I'm a mechanic and I'm here to what, assist you in this 'operation'?"

"Aren't you the clever one?" he said, his voice dripping with sarcasm. Keira resisted the urge to roll her eyes as he spoke again.

"But yes, that's basically it."

She shrugged. "Ok, let's get to it then. Need me to repair one of your engines?"

He shook his head and grinned. "I'm a doctor, remember? And what do doctors do?"

Knock Out didn't wait for an answer as he walked a few more steps, allowing the door to open.

Only to reveal a huge robot lying on a metal slab with tubes all over his body. She saw the slow rise and fall of his chest, which seemed to be the only thing convincing her that he was still alive.

Keira hesitantly stepped inside the room, not taking her eyes off of the robot lying down. She was so focused on him that she barely heard Knock Out speak.

"We treat patients. Like this big guy in front of you; the leader of the Decepticons himself, Megatron."

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