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To hear the enraged scream of the Prince of Camelot echoing down the hallways had become a somewhat normal routine.

The Prince would scream after his manservant or his personally knighted friends thirsty for revenge.

It was even worse when Gwaine came up with a dreamy idea and Merlin made it entirely possible.

The servants of Camelot were quite used to seeing the lanky manservant use his magic since most of them were there at the battle nearly a year and a half ago now.

They remembered how the young man had come out and openly used his magic in the reconstruction of Camelot. As the magic took the heavy weight of a young boy's arms. Or polished the floor where a mother was desperately trying to finish polishing it so she can get back to her children.

Step by step, they learnt to trust him and especially his magic again. Magic was always there in the fabric of the world that they cannot truly hate it. Fear it, yes. But never truly hate it.

Even Uther, magic was the reason he had his son but he feared it. Not truly hate it.

It took the a while but eventually it seemed that the Prince was fine with it and they learnt to start trusting it once more.

Well, Arthur was fine with it most of the time. But not this time.

His idiotic friend was always up to something. As much as he enjoyed seeing this new more carefree side to Merlin, he most certainly hated it when he was the target.

The last time, Merlin made Arthur start braying again because the Prince had given Merlin a huge list of chores to do, without magic. And the time before that, his sword handle had 'mysteriously' turned pink with purple ribbons and a bendy blade. And the time before that his boots had turned gold with red high heels. And the time before that... well, you get the idea.

It had taken Arthur quite some time to get used to Merlin using his magic openly.

At the start, he wasn't very open like he usually was. But eventually, after weeks of watching his knights ask for demonstrations and seeing some spectacular things, after weeks of watching Gwen smile at Merlin as he gave her a rose or a strawberry, or have the magic mend or work on whatever it was that she was working on.

He learnt to trust his friend once more. He realised that he hadn't hated Merlin for magic. He hated the fact that he might have lost his one true and first friend.

The two were even more inseparable than in the past.

Magic was still outlawed but with many sorcerers starting to come out of hiding, Uther couldn't keep all of them in line. Especially since they were now under the protection of Merlin and Arthur. As long as they swore their allegiance to Emrys and Camelot.

The Knights and Camelot's citizens, who were at the battle were quicker to trust and soon they were trying to help those sorcerers who were in need of help because of being on the run for a really long time.

It was the start of Camelot's Golden Age. That doesn't go to say that it was perfect.

Uther was still on the throne, some of Morgana's remaining army was trying to regroup somewhere to the far north and some of Camelot's allies through the destruction of magic were getting restless.

But at this moment, everybody took it as a chance to rest and recover, not letting their guard down completely but enough to enjoy their couple of years of almost freedom and peace.

However, knowing the Prince and his friends, something was surely going to be happening.



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