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Chapter 1

"Merlin, Gwaine!" Arthur growled. "Will you two just SHUT UP!?" he finally lost his patience and it seems as though the other knights were finding it partly annoying, partly amusing.

The two friends hadn't closed their mouths since they had set out from Camelot - an act of revenge since they hadn't wanted to go anywhere in the first place.

The small group had set out on a quick patrol. Mainly to get Merlin out from under Uther's nose - he had been tempted to do quite some disturbing things to the King like with the goblin - and partly to check on the northern borders where they had heard a rumour of Morgana's remaining army had finally managed to reach a sufficient number.

If it had to come to a fight, then the seven of them would be able to handle themselves. No matter the odds.

They did have Merlin on their side after all.

His powers had grown even stronger now that he could practice his magic freely. As long as Uther or the other older councillors don't see him.

It had been a strange two years. It had its ups and downs but it was worth it. The Round Table was finally equal especially with Arthur and Gwen's upcoming engagement and Merlin being - unofficially of course, they weren't at that stage yet - the future King's personal advisor.

They decided to set camp for night in a slightly hidden clearing where they can still see their surroundings and the road but were hidden from the main path.

It didn't take long and soon they were all fast asleep in their bedrolls with Percival standing watch for the first shift.

The sense of strong magic hit him hard, it was quite surprising that he felt it that strongly when he was asleep. He rolled over and stumbled to his feet, keeping his eyes on the clearing line.

He strode forward carefully, the magic aiding him and muffling his footsteps.

With a softly muttered spell he scanned the surrounding vicinity. What he didn't expect was for it to have been coming from behind. Though he swore that it had come the front, the person had obviously been circling them.

Letting the defences on his mind down slightly, he searched for any foreign auras and thoughts. A skill that had just been acquired recently and a special gift from connecting with the other world more than once. Nobody knew about this of course. Other than Gaius... and Arthur... and Gwaine... and Gwen... in other words, all his close friends.

Thinking back to those times was not a good idea when you had a strong sorcerer circling you with your mental defences down. Not good at all.

And so he was taught that lesson once more. It was starting to be a bad habit of his.

He feels something crawling towards him. It felt somewhat familiar. He'd felt this presence before. He was sure of it!

Spinning around, he felt his blood freeze.

It couldn't be. It just couldn't! He'd barely survived the last time! And that had been with the Dragon's help!

The words from the last time echoed around his head:

"If you will not join me, I will become you and your power will be harnessed to my will."


He felt the presence twist around him as it had all those years ago and hoping for the best, he called onto that same power.

"Ic þín sáwol hér beléac, abide þæt ic þé álíese!"

He started panicking. It wasn't working. He could feel Sigan start to burn his way through him once more.

In a moment of desperation, after having tried the spell with at least three different changes, he screamed.


He struggled with all his might. He would not give. Not now, now after everything that has happened, he couldn't lose now.

Suddenly, someone bawled into him and they both tumbled over on the forest floor.

He gasped tried to suck in as much air as he could and suddenly coughed. A shiny blue ball flew out that was eerily familiar and panic struck once more as Arthur shifted and hit into the ball.

He'd thought that things had settled down slowly with Merlin and that maybe, just maybe, they could have some peace even if for just a little while... but then that scream had woken them all up.

He saw Merlin gasp and start to panic. Which was bad. Merlin never panics. He did the first thing he could think of and started to run towards his friend.

He stumbled over one of the now-waking knights and and bawled straight into Merlin. It was not his fault! It's dark and he couldn't see.

He stumbled back up onto his feet and felt himself gasp as something made contact with him just as Merlin was about to shout out to him, probably warning him against doing that.

But, seriously, it felt amazing. He didn't know exactly what it was but it felt familiar to him, which was... unnerving.

He looked around and saw things which he would never, could never have imagined before. The swirling of colours, the different auras of life, the magic swirling around everything.

He looked down at his hands and saw tiny little swirls of blue, barely noticeable that it blends in with his physical body. He looked towards his knights and saw the same thing, swirls of reds, greens, purples, yellows were all evident and the he looked towards Merlin.

He couldn't hold back the breath that escaped him.

Merlin was kneeling over, looking sick... he went over to his friend and touched his shoulder. Immediately, Merlin lifted his head and looked into Arthur's eyes and repeated a spell.

"Ic þín sáwol hér beléac, abide þæt ic þé álíese!"

Arthur felt his eyes heat up and a slight headache start to build as Merlin's eyes also flashed a deep gold which then turned into solid black irises as he collapsed.

He saw Arthur examine the world around him in glazed eyes. It was nice in a strange way to have someone else see the world the way he did. It always was refreshing. Then he saw Arthur turn to him and run over, ready to help his friend.

Merlin couldn't be grateful enough for the moment that Arthur put his hand on his shoulder. He felt the presence shift and try to attack the magic.

But. The magic wasn't in him for it to attack while it was in his body.

Thinking quickly he tried the spell again and felt it again. The experience being one not to forget easily or quickly.

He felt himself collapse and shudder and the last thought that passed through his mind as he lost consciousness was how he hadn't wanted any of his friends to see this.

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