You're Into Me

"I know you're into me."

Roxanne snorts. "You wish."

Mark just smiles and continues wiping the glass he just washed. The bar is otherwise empty. Several less lights are turned on; the resulting darkness makes the bar feel larger than it actually is.

The silence between them is palpable. Roxanne tries to ignore it but the pull is too strong.

"Okay, fine. Why?" she says.

Mark glances at her and then continues wiping the next glass. "Why what?"

"Why are you so convinced that you have a chance with me?"

He smirks. "Because you keep hanging around here," he says, "when you could be anywhere else. Look around. We closed hours ago. You don't even have a drink now."

She frowns.

He goes on. "Because you deny it too energetically. And because," he says, taking a pause for dramatic effect, "I know you."

Her brow creases. Her lips press together, forming a thin line. She tilts her head to the side ever so slightly and studies him. Under her gaze, he swallows.

"What if," she starts to say. And then she changes her mind.

"What if?" He puts the current glass down and waits.

Roxanne slides off her stool, moves, almost floats, around the bar, and there, stares at him. He stares back, unmoving. The inches between them crackle with energy. He has a look on his face like he's sure she's going to kiss him. And for a moment, she leans in, and she nearly does.

At the last second, she changes direction and grabs a bottle from behind the counter. "You said something about me not having a drink?"