So, well I'm not a good writer, I think i've got the potential. Just not experienced. So the story could still not be mature enough to be a decent story. But i'll try! Hope you guys like It!

Chapter 1: The new beginning

100 yrs ago,

An old woman raced through the woods, looking back to see if no one was following. She ran and ran holding something or somebody close to her chest.

She ran into somewhere she knew was there behind a curtain of vines. She pulled them aside and ran into the clearing were a waterfall a pond and a big tower took up its room. She ran towards the tower and pulled on a door revealing a staircase which she followed up into the tower. It had a kitchen, a staircase that led to the second floor and a window looking into the outside.

Sniffles were heard as she held the small person. She tugged on the blanket revealing a baby with green eyes and long blond hair. "Shh,shh, shh, hush down my dear." she rocked the baby back and forth.

The old woman walked upwards on to the staircase, walked through a curtain. And led herself inside a bedroom, walking up to a bed and placing the baby on the fluffy surface. She grabbed a strand of hair and began to caress it and sang,

"Flower, gleam and glow.
Let your power shine.
Make the clock reverse,
Bring back what once was mine.

Heal what has been hurt.
Change the Fates' design.
Save what has been lost,
Bring back what once was mine. . .

What once was mine."

The old woman slowly turned younger, much younger than her age. As the blonde baby's hair glowed as she sang. The old woman no longer was old, but young with rejuvenated hair, fair skin, and better posture. Once she finished, the child's hair seized to glow.

She turned to a mirror behind her to see she was young again. She squealed loudly and twirled to get a good look at her self. She liked what she saw and Squealed once again, causing the child to muffle and cry.

She picked up the infant and held her in her arms. Rocking her back and forth.

"Shh, shh, shh, my dear. Welcome to you new home. My precious new little flower"

100 yrs later

"Guardians,today I have united us all to discuss a case we've failed to finish for decades, that is Agetha Lilith" Santa Clause said in front of the four Guardians in front of him. The Easter Bunny, Sand man, Tooth fairy, and the one and only Jack Frost.

"What you finally figured out what oils she's been using?" The E. Bunny Joked. causing the others to laugh.

"I bet she's snuck into the North pole to steal those protein drinks Santa makes for himself. To impress his Jolly big self" Jack butted in as well.

"Oh C'mon Jack, If you were her wouldn't you want to be Immortal as well" The tooth fairy asked. Followed by a nod from the Sand man.

"Tooth, I'd like to answer that. But if you haven't noticed, I'm Immortal! So I really don't have a response on that."

"Enough! Do you want to hear what I'ma about to say or not?" Santa exclaimed. They all nodded and quieted down.

"You are all aware of the story about the Sun Flower, are you not?" They all nodded.

"Of course mate! How it has magical powers that can heal any wound and some other stuff. And how it was given to drink to the queen; to save her from dying while pregnant." E. Bunny stated. The hint of excitment in his tone did not go unnoticed.

"And how the powers of the flower were passed on to the child! Who cannot know the story of The Lost Princess? It's been told for over a Hundred years." The tooth fairy smiled with amazement.

"Tooth, you're forgetting the part where she was kidnapped and never seen again. What does The Lost Princess have to do with Agetha?" Jack faced Santa with curiosity.

Santa frowned and took a seat on his red cushioned chair. "I've found out that Agetha, was the Kidnapper of the child. And she's been using the power of the Sun Flower for her own selfishness. And if she is to proceed with her deeds. The magic of the sun flower will turn black. And become very dangerous."

Sand man began to form shapes with his sand. Making Agetha and an arrow pointing towards her.

"No, I don't believe she knows, but I doubt she'll give up the princess."

"The princess has been alive for all this time?" E. Bunny asked.

"From what it seems the Flower made her Immortal." Santa responded.

"What will we do?" Tooth fairy hovered over santa.

"Were are getting her back. I've invited Agetha for some Hot chocolate. Jack you'll follow her home. And you'll hide until Agetha leaves. Once she's gone you'll take capture the princess and return to the North pole."

"What? Why me? Why cant the kangaroo do it?" Jack exclaimed.

"Who are you calling a kangaroo?" E. Bunny grabbed Jack by the collar.

"That's enough! Jack your suitable for the job because you are sneakier, and you can freeze Agetha if she comes and finds you and attacks. Plus you're the Guardian who brings joy, the girl might need it" Santa explained.

"Agetha should be getting here by now so leave. Jack wait outside and make your presence unknown."

"Yeah, yeah. . ." Jack lazily slumped his cane over his shoulder.

As he exited the workshop. He saw a dark haired young woman skip towards the main entrance only to be recieved by Santa himself. "So have you finally decided to make me Ms. Clause!" Agetha giggled. Santa awkwardly laughed and led her inside.

"I guess I won't be the only one suffering after all." Jack smirked as he found a nice place to sit and waited for Agetha.

(A/N:) I've changed rapunzels mothers name because i thought it fitted her. And i haven't written a story for a while so it's like i'm a rookie. Again.