Chapter 5: Jealousy, Love Triangle?

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As I waited for Jack to return from wherever he had gone to. I waited out on the deck near the ocean, swaying my feet back and forth splashing water in the process. I thought about how I never got to spend time with my family, how i never got to experience a childhood with friends.

Other than pascal, i wonder where he is?

How i never got to explore the world, and how I stayed sane for all these decades. Saying that makes me feel so old.

But I guess i should of seen this coming. I always wondered why I didn't look like my mother, err scratch that. Agetha. She had always told me that I had my fathers features. And every time I'd ask about my father she'd never respond. I use to think he cheated on her with someone else and she'd been heartbroken ever since. Or he was a rogue soldier, a spy, or something. I don't know but she never spoke of him.

"Excuse me miss," I heard behind me. I turn around only to find a big buff soldier with a huge beard, Multiple scars on his face, and veins that were ready to pop out. Scary much?. "Y-Yes?" I stand quickly.

"I order you to move," He said. I stood back a little, he is really scary. 'Get a backbone' i thought. I stood tall with my chest out, chin out, and flared my nostrils. "Who says you can order m-me!" my voice cracked. My eyes twitching, I'm really trying to be brave.

"As the royal bodyguard of prince Nathaniel, I order you once more to move." he narrowed his eyes towards me.

"Scar? Why am I still on deck,?" I heard behind him, Scar steps aside and bows. There is a beautiful Young man jet black hair, green eyes, high cheekbones, great posture and body. "Whoah!" I thought he was handsome. But not like Jack, where is he anyway?

"Well, my good heavens? What do we have here? Such a fair beautiful young lady." He steps towards me.

Young? I'm a century older than him. But he doesn't need to know that, nor does he need to know. I step back a little causing him to step forward, and again when I couldn't back up any longer. "Ah!" I slipped.

"Whoa," He caught me, he smile looking into my eyes. "Such beautiful eyes you have. . ." He whispers.

"Uh, I'm Back?" I heard Jack's voice. I turn to the side and i see Jack with a box in his hands. Staring at us with a puzzled face.

(Jack's POV)

I'm walking on to the deck fixing the gift i got Rapunzel, after all it is her birthday. When i look up to see Rapunzel in the arms of what seemed to be a prince or a really girly guy. My heart started to ache as i saw them so close. What am i feeling? Why does it hurt?

"Uh, I'm back?" I say puzzled. Rapunzel turns and immediately tries to get free from his grasp. The guy also turned giving me a nasty look.

"Who are you?" He asks me.

"You're here, where were you?" She runs to me.

"I was buying something, and why were you in the arms of. . .HIM?"

"I almost fell, He caught me and then you came" she awkwardly smiles. I sigh and grab her hand and led her towards the edge. Passing the weird one and his huge friend. I step in to the water and it turned to ice, leaving all three of them puzzled. The Ice forms into a huge, long path that goes out into the ocean.

"Are we going to walk through it? Won't it be too cold for my feet?" She asks. I smile and I hand her the box. She opens it too reveal white lace slippers. She gasped and jumped to hug me. "Thank You!" she laughs as she puts them on.

"No, let me" I grab a slipper and kneel down and slip it on. We were about to leave when that weird tight wearing guy came towards us.

"My fair lady you CANNOT leave with this creature, this. . .Monster!" I hear the prince behind us. I turned and glared at him. He cringed back, earning me a satisfied smile.

(Tooth's POV)

Waiting for Jack isn't the highlight of my day. It's been a week since he left and he hasn't yet to come. I feel like a wife waiting for her husband. I never knew he could worry me this much, but of course I never really admitted my feelings for him to anyone but myself and Santa. I Don't know why I feel like this, that Jack is far from my reach. But hasn't he always been.

I've always been in the heart of Jack but only as a dear friend. No matter what I do, or what I wear, He won't look at me the way I want him too. Does jack not know what love is?

Of course he does. How else will he love all those innocent children he loves to play with.

"Tooth? Are you in here?" Santa walks in with a batch of cookies and hot chocolate.

"That smells good, I think I'll have one or two and floss afterward." I thought out loud.

"Tooth, why are you here again. Not that I'm complaining, you're wonderful to have. but you have responsibilities!" he exclaims and chuckles as his beard gets stained with the foam seeping out of the cup.

We were in his office and all his Ice creations were flying, running, around me and the wonderful bells that are heard outside in the balcony soothed me to a point of relaxation. I Love to come here and think, sitting inside a building surrounded by snow.

"Santa, Do you think I should give up on Jack?"

He places his cup on his desk and lets out a deep breath. "Tooth, what did I just do?"

"Huh? What do you mean?" I asked confused.

"Here I'll do it again" He once again takes a deep breath. And looks at me for an answer.

"You took a deep breath, two actually. Why?"

"Was it easy to me, to do that?" He asks and picks up a block of Ice.

"Well. . .Yes!"

"So will it be easy for you to give up on Jack? Will it be easy to say. I Give up!"

"I, N-, I don't know anymore?" Clearly, I wouldn't ask him for no reason.

"It will be easy to say it, like the saying says 'Easier Said, Than Done' Oh ho ho, Will you heart be able to leave the love that has built up for Jack?"


"Then don't ask me silly questions girl!"He puts down the block of Ice and leaves towards the exit. "By the way Jack, will be here soon. Prepare a room for the princess please."

He left, leaving me alone again. "Crazy old fellow," I mutter. I have no Idea of what just happened.

(Rapunzel Pov)

We were far from shore, and we kept walking on the beautiful path Jack had formed. With every step he took the path kept forming. I honestly can't stop staring at him. I've been doing this for the last couple of minutes. I can't help it. He is so beautiful even from the back.

"Your staring is creeping me out, Punzie"

I jump a little, startled and nearly slipping of the path. Once again only to be caught in a pair of strong arms, jack's arms. The blush that had crept on my cheeks earlier only seemed to get worse as my green eyes get caught with his cerulean.

"Careful," He warns.

We began walking again, my hands against my cheek trying to hide my blush. We finally stopped. Jack raises his staff and I believed he poked, I don't know how to describe it and a whole chunk of water froze into solid. He somehow pulled out from somewhere a thick maroon blanket and placed it on the ice.

"The Ice is thick to hold our body weight, will be fine if you're wondering if it'll crack" He assure me as he sits and pats the blanket.

I Nod and follow. And I sit.

We sit in silence and we wait in watch. As we were walking he said he would take me somewhere better to see the lanterns. I look up at the sky and embrace its beauty. Even though I watched the starry night sky plenty of times from my tower it looked extremely beautiful from out in the open.

"You seem deep in thought" Jack wakes me up from my trance.

"Huh, Oh yeah. I was just thinking how beautiful the sky is tonight"

"You've never seen the sky or something, because I saw a pretty huge window in your home."

"No, it's not that. It's just that I was imprisoned for so many years, the sky always looked the same to me. But now I see it with big buildings, trees, water, and not my tower!" I exclaimed. "It feels so different to me. And I Love it."

"Living in that tower must of been hell, wasn't it?"


He scooted closer to me and looked at me straight in the eyes. "Don't worry, Pascal and I will make sure that you enjoy you immortality and have lots of great memories! Right Pascal?" Pascal comes out of his jacket, groggy and rubbing his eyes and nods. has he been there this whole time. I giggle and reach out to carry Pascal.

"Thank you guys!"

For once I actually didn't feel alone, i felt loved. That people actually cared for me, well Jack at least. "When we get to the north pole, do you think the rest of the guardians will like me?"

He looked at me and smiled showing off those pearly white teeth of his. "They'll love you, Santa, Sandman, Tooth, E. Bunny, everyone will trust me. Especially Tooth, she won't be the only girl anymore."

"Tooth?" I asked confused.

"The Tooth Fairy, you know the fairy that collects teeth."

"Wow, did she ever take my teeth?"

"I bet she did, but only when you where an infant, since your memories seem to stop see every tooth she collects, has a memory of the child and she put them in a capsule for safe keeping. Man does she love teeth its weird sometimes." He chuckles.

"Wow that's amazing!"

I turn around as I catch a shimmering light from the corner of my eye. lanterns were beginning to appear, each multiplying. Surrounding us. They were so many. Jack pulls out a lantern of his own and gives it to me. I look at it and smile. Wow. I giggle and I launch it to the sky, joining the others they were so beautiful.

Jack smiles at my excitment and waves his staff in the air. Small snow flakes begin to appear falling slowly avoiding tha lanterns. The sky was litteraly Glowing and Sparkling.

"Happy Birthday, Rapunzel." He says. I Look at him and throw myself to him into a big embrace.

I Honestly felt a bit of warmth in the exchange.

(Tooth's Pov)

As we waited for Jack to come. I was pacing back and forth.

"Be patient Tooth" E. Bunny warned me, but I ignored him and kept doing it anyway. Soon I hear the great door open and Jack comes in, with a smile on his face.

Behind him was a girl, with looooong blonde hair and green eyes.

Both were holding hands.

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