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A story isn't a charcoal sketch, where every stroke lies on the surface to be seen. It's an oil painting, filled with layers that the author must uncover so carefully to show its beauty.

-Amelia Atwater-Rhodes

Chapter 1:

She stood on the steps to one of the few ancient places left in the modern world, took deep, deep breaths of the cooling dusk air. The breeze brought to her the blending of dust motes and light, everything hazing into a gold-tinted world reminiscent of dreams or nightmares. Her raven hair lifted around her shoulders and she straightened, oceanic eyes glimmering with otherworldly power. She watched absently as the light of her magic danced around her, entwining with the breeze and leaves. Watching, she- who was both old and young, was reminded of what she had once been. She was reminded of what she fought to be every second of every day in the year after she had been forced to return to herself.

As the breeze died and the sun sank behind the skyscrapers, as the shadows shifted around her and her eyes adjusted to the rising darkness, she strove to find the calm of her soul, to find the girl she had once been.

She tried to forget the young woman she had become. That woman had been transcribed to myth and legend by the world and her opinion made little difference in comparison.

Author's Note: So… this story is actually a completed work; therefore, the updates will be weekly! It is also a story that I have come to thoroughly enjoy. The later chapters need to be edited; but, that's usually the case with stuff I'm working on. Tell me what you think, my friends.