The greatest way to live with honor in this world is to be what we pretend to be.


Chapter 5:

Her grandfather raised an eyebrow when she walked into the foyer of the house. He chortled when he scented the magic surrounding his granddaughter like a fine perfume. "Found your calling once more, did you?"

She grinned, eyes lighting up merrily. "Yes, grandfather."

Her dark hair and light footsteps faded away as she drifted merrily up the winding staircase of their shrine home. She hummed a song, whimsical and low that made her grandfather chortle once more.

His little Kagome had always been meant for more than the mundane life of a modern aristocrat. They had money enough to last three lifetimes and he, as the sole male head of the family, was more than happy to set aside enough for her to live out the bright magic of her soul.

As it stood, her published tales from the Feudal Era were selling like hot cakes off of the shelves of bookstores- and apparently online as well. She was probably going to double their family treasury in just a few months time with her gift for words.

He wondered what these new adventures would read like once she started writing them down.

He smiled as his daughter placed two tea cups on the teakwood table. "I've always enjoyed good stories."

Listening to the young woman upstairs as she tossed things around her rooms, his daughter couldn't help but smile. "Me too, papa. It seems like the gods have some more planned for us, ne?"

They both laughed when they heard Kagome stumble and curse.