Silence kills the revolution. –Graffiti

Chapter 5:

"Kagome-nii-san!" Rin ran into the room excitedly, eyes shining and skirts trailing with her speed. "Guess what?"

Kagome looked up from her work, papers strewn about her desk, candles burned low from much earlier in the day. Her sapphire woolen gown was draped around the legs of the chair, mixing with the folds of the scarlet throw she was using to keep warm. One of her hands was hidden in a mink arm warmer, the other holding up a piece of parchment to the glow of the blizzard and the dying fire. At her throat twinkled a diamond star, her name day gift from their mother.

To her youngest sister, she looked beautiful and day dreams filled her eyes with hero worship. "Sesshoumaru-sama will read to us later this evening!"

Kagome smiled distractedly before returning to her financial reports. "That is wonderful, dear one. Please, excuse me. I really must finish this before the Sapphire Quartet performance later."

Rin pouted. "Kagome-nii-san, the Quartet is playing in a few moments. Come on! We will be late. I have heard that all of the Lords will be there."

Surprised at the time, Kagome rose and draped the throw over the back of her chair. A quick check in the mirror, tucking in a few wayward strands of her hair, a touch of eyeliner to darken the corners of her eyes, and she was ready to go. Rin took her hand, beaming and Kagome couldn't help but hug her close. "Have you had a good day, dear one?"

Isabella chose that moment to fade in to the room. She handed Kagome the note with a twinkle in her eye. Rin groaned. "Another letter, nii-san? Shall I wait outside?"

Kagome shook her head and put the letter down. "I shall get to it later, love. Let's go. Kikyou is playing today!"

"Yes! Naraku-sama says that he is looking forward to seeing her play the cello. He played chess with her today though she requested a game from Inuyasha-sama. He played a game of cards with Kaguya-san." Rin brimmed with vitality as she walked along with her elder sister, filled with gossip from the day's events. "Sesshoumaru-sama played back-gammon with Kagura-san; but, he spent most of his day as you did- attending to business. Shippou-san told me."

Kagome hummed as they entered the main concert hall, gaze flitting about the room and landing on long silver hair and broad shoulders. He turned and she looked at the stage where the curtains were drawn, hoping she hadn't blushed. "Shippou is Sesshoumaru-sama's squire, correct?"

"Yes." Rin squealed and waved. "Sesshoumaru-sama is looking our way, nii-san!"

Kagome shifted and met the Prince's gold eyes, ignoring the electric zing that shot down her spine. She curtsied, smiling.

To her pleasure, he smiled and nodded back. At his side, his brother raised an eyebrow before Kaguya said something and drew their attention once more. Shaking her head at her racing pulse, she patted Rin's back. "Go sit with your friends, Rin. I'll see you at dinner."

Rin nodded, curtsied and practically danced off, much to her sister's amusement.

"Kagome-sama, would you sit with me for the duration of the concert?" A cool, low voice next to her ear made her whirl around. Unbeknownst to her the vibrancy of her dress drew the Prince's attention once more. His eyes narrowed when he saw his best friend, the Lord of Makai, speaking with his recent pen-pal.

"I would be honored, Lord Naraku." Kagome smiled at him and took the arm he offered. "Rin tells me you played a game with my sister earlier this afternoon."

His chuckle was as charming as the flash of warmth in his garnet eyes. Dark curls gave him a mysterious aura. "I find your sister to be an engaging companion. I look forward to seeing her play the cello this evening."
To her surprised delight, his squire had reserved two front-row seats for them. While he spoke quietly with the young man, she observed him beneath her lashes, hoping his interest in her sister was genuine.

He would make a good match for Kikyou from what she had heard… although, that would mean having Kagura as a sister-in-law. Kikyou may not like that.

The curtains drew back and ladies dressed in filmy sapphire began to play, filling the air with a haunting, heartfelt melody. The audience fell silent and all of Kagome's thoughts fell to the wayside.


She walked into her room, releasing a huge yawn when the door closed behind her. The dinner had been pleasant enough, having been assigned Lord Hiten for her dinner partner. He was a little shy but attentive and witty. They had both been entertained by Lady Yura's attempts to touch Inuyasha-sama's hair that evening.

She hadn't allowed her gaze to wander to Sesshoumaru-sama at all, afraid of blushing and showing her interest. After all, their notes were simply for conversation's sake and they didn't mean anything more. To think otherwise was foolish.

Life was unfair and dreaming was best left to sleep.

Still, she lifted the letter delicately and smiled when she realized he'd used her gift to seal it. The scent of cedar wood was very masculine and it suited him. She did, however, want to find something that suited him better. Perhaps a future name day gift?

-Lady Kagome,

Happiness is easily attainable and easily lost; however, it is a matter of circumstance. Its loss must be felt to understand its value. While freedom, family and love are required for an individual to live, happiness is only desired. In this, I think happiness is something we strive for but that we can live without. People can not survive without freedom and family. Without love- something that comes in many forms, we surely wilt. Do you think love of another person is required for happiness?

The Healer's Temple has long been honored for their belief in attending to any and all that need their aid. It is gratifying to know that you feel the same- even if you believe you can not act the same. Perhaps your background in the subject can assist me with a few questions I have.

As you know, our dragons have gone for centuries without bearing new young. They are nigh unto immortal and so we have not lost them; but, this is a pressing issue and one that has remained unsolved despite all attempts to rectify it. Any pregnancy is closely monitored by the Healer's Temple; but, unfortunately after about the second stage of development, the last three pregnancies have gone into early labor. All dragonets have been lost for five centuries. The pregnancies are unstable and as such we must have a healer monitoring and assisting the female at all times. I am beginning to believe that the pregnancies become unstable because of an excess of male energy. I do not have a good grasp of the healing arts and as such must ask if this opinion is worth bringing up to the Dragon Healers.

It has recently come to my attention that one of the younger dragons may be coming into a heat cycle soon. We will be trying to breed her with my stallion. I will send you previous and future notes for review. A fresh set of eyes would be much appreciated with this problem.

Finally, thank you for the gift. It is a much appreciated novelty. Cedar wood is one of my favorite scents. What is yours? And your favorite color?

-S. Taisho –

Kagome yawned once more. Ignoring her lethargy, she lit two more candles and reached for her quill as Isabella began to turn down her bed and lay out her sleeping garments.