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Tendershipping/Gemshipping (Ryou x Yami Bakura/Ryou x Thief King Bakura [Akefia])


Blindshipping (Pharaoh Atem x Yugi)

Revertshipping (High Priest Seth x Joey)

Bronzeshipping (Malik x Yami Marik)

Chapter 1: A Drop of Sun and Moon

Once upon a time, a single drop of sunlight and a single drop of moonlight fell from the heavens onto an island that was nearly uninhabited. And from those small drops grew a couple of magical flowers.

The flower that grew from the drop from the sun was a golden lily, which shimmered and shone brightest when the sun was out. The flower that fell from the drop from the moon grew into a silver lily, which danced and shined when the moon glowed by night.

Both flowers had the ability to heal the sick, the frail, and the injured. When they were used together, the person using them would regain their health and youth for two to three weeks at a time, compared to using only one and having to come back every few days.

And such is what happened when an old man with grey hair that had once been silver limped along. He was softly singing the songs his wife had taught him before she had died at a young age, shortly after their marriage.

A golden and silver glow caught his attention. Limping over, Pegasus discovered the two flowers growing close together. How lovely they would look on his wife's tombstone. As he moved to pick them, and still singing, he stopped.

His brittle voice had become strong and clear, sounding like it had in his youth. His old bones didn't ache anymore and he could stand up straight instead of hunched over. He looked to his shriveled hand to discover it was smooth and flawless.

Suddenly, he was young again. Pegasus' eyes widen in selfish delight, and he knew what he would do. He didn't want to die without finding someone to carry on his name, so he would use keep the flowers there so he could keep young until that time came.

Centuries passed, and a small but happy kingdom flourished on another island nearby. The beautiful kingdom was surrounded by sparkling blue water, its gentle waves dappled by sunlit skies, and the island itself was rich in good fortune and in easy harmony among its people.

Though the people of the kingdom had heard the legend of the Gold and Silver Flowers, no one had ever seen them. It was the stuff of stories told around fires on cold winter nights.

The truth was, they had never really needed the flowers.

The little kingdom was ruled by a beloved king and queen. The king had stalk white hair, dark purple eyes, and was young and youthful, despite his natural appearance. His wife had long black hair that was tipped purple and chocolate brown eyes. The monarchs were well loved by the people. And to increase their joy, the queen was about to have a baby. She was extremely heavy with child, and many speculated she carried more than one babe.

But all too soon, the kingdom's happiness came to an abrupt end. The queen was sick, gravely ill. The doctors, the physicians, and even the magicians had tried everything they could, but there seemed to be nothing that could help her. She was running out of time, and that's when people start to look for a miracle.

Or in this case, a couple of magic flowers.

Willing to try anything to save her, the people launched a search throughout the kingdom and all the surrounding lands. The combed the hills and fields, mountains and valleys. They even crossed the clear blue water to explore the stark and rocky terrain on the opposite shore.

With all the years that had passed, Pegasus had long forgotten about producing an heir. Now, he just didn't want to die. So he hoarded the gifts from the heavens, and kept them to himself so no one else profited from the blooms. He sang to them once a week, just to keep him steady as he kept to himself.

As he finished the song and breathed a sigh of relief at the calming aches in his body, Pegasus heard voices. Looking around briefly, he spotted a group of strangers from one of the islands over, searching every inch of the land.

'My flowers!' Pegasus thought as they drew closer, and he placed the coverings he had made, to keep the blooms concealed from everyone else, over them. 'They mustn't find them. They belong to me!'

Turning away and picking up his lantern, Pegasus failed to notice the swinging of his green light had knocked the covering off of the golden flower. Slipping into the trees, he watched the rocky ledge that hosted the blossoms as some soldiers drew close.

"We found it!" one of the guards called when he spotted a golden flower. "We found the golden flower!"

"And here's the other!" a second exclaimed, having tripped over the covering of the silver flower in his rush to get to the gold one.

Pegasus watched, horrified, as the guards uprooted both of the entire plants and carried them off. In a panic, he followed the men back to the castle, hoping he could steal the flowers back before something happened to them.

But it was too late for that. The plants had been planted in the royal gardens and the flowers cut from their steams. Each was made into an individual potion for the ailing queen, who drank them both without complaint.

The magic of the gold and silver flowers healed the queen. The king and all the people in the land rejoiced! Soon afterward, the queen gave birth to two healthy baby boys, princes, and fraternal twins.

One had golden hair and his father's purple eye color. Yugi. And the other had silver hair and his mother's chocolate brown eyes. Ryou.

Both boys cooed and giggled at the mobiles above their cribs before their parents caught their attention. The queen picked up Ryou, and the king picked up Yugi. Taking them outside, and in the presence of the entire kingdom, they launched a flying lantern into the sky to celebrate the boy's births.

For that one moment, everything was perfect.

And then that moment ended.

Late that night, as the kingdom slept, a vengeful Pegasus crept into the royal nursery and approached the cradles. One of the beds was empty; Yugi had an upset stomach and was with the nursemaid, leaving Ryou all alone.

Pegasus drew out a dagger and prepared to kill the child, but stopped. The boy's silver hair looked so much like the silver moon flower. Compelled, he began to stroke the baby's hair, and sang the song he had sung to the flowers so many years ever so softly.

Unexpectedly, Ryou's hair began to glow! Pegasus watched in shock, then delight, as his withered hand became young again. The healing power of the Silver Flower lived on in the prince's sliver hair!

Taking his dagger, Pegasus cut a piece of the prince's hair and gazed at it as it lay in his hand. Now he could take it with him and use it any time he wanted. And if he could find the prince with the golden hair…

But that wasn't to be. Pegasus watched in horror as the hair in his hand turned stalk white, the same white as the king's hair, while his hand wrinkled and lost its youth. He looked back to the prince's neck. There was a short white tuff where the hair had been cut. Anger built up in Pegasus as he realized that the magic only work if he sang the song while stroking the hair on the prince's head!

There was only one thing left to do. Pegasus swiftly picked the boy up from his cradle and glanced around. He didn't see the twin, but the healing magic of even one flower was better than none.

In his arms, Ryou started to cry. Pegasus cursed and quickly ran to the balcony. The door opened, and the king and queen ran inside, horrified at what they saw. Pegasus sneered at them as he leapt off the balcony, and just like that… gone.

That same night, the nursemaid who was taking care of Yugi disappeared as well, taking the infant with her.

Both of the prince's, missing.

The kingdom searched and searched, but they could not find their princes'.

Yugi had been taken to a distant foreign country by the nursemaid, to be sold as a slave as soon as he was old enough.

Ryou was hidden away in a forest, in a boxed-in valley, inside a 70 ft. tall tower, where Pegasus raised the boy as his son. Pegasus was the only person Ryou remembered, the man having been there for his first steps, brought food, and sang lullabies when he was scared.

When he was four years old Ryou got up the courage to ask. Pegasus had just finished brushing his hair, which was not cut and was not down to his hips, while Ryou himself had sung a special song that made his hair glow and 'Father' feel better.

"Why can't I go outside?" Ryou asked.

Ryou had watch Pegasus come and go to gather herb and vegetables for them to eat. On some occasions, he watched the man exit the valley by means of a dark tunnel in the base of the rocky cliff that made the valley. He was curious, and wanted to know why he couldn't go with.

Pegasus knew he had to be cautious with his answer. He had to make the little boy fearful so that he would never stray from the tower. He didn't want to lose Ryou, or rather, Ryou's hair and the magic it possessed. The child was part of him now. He treasured Ryou as if he was a prized rose or a precious jewel.

Ryou was his new magic flower, and he was determined to keep the boy hidden.

"The outside world is a dangerous place filled with horrible, selfish people." Pegasus replied as he lifted the hair off of Ryou's neck to view the white tuff of hair he kept trimmed short. "They wanted your gift for themselves, so they cut your hair. You must stay here, where you're safe. Do you understand, flower?"

"Yes father." Ryou shivered, feeling that the outside world must be a dangerous place.

But on the night of his fifth birthday, Ryou tiptoed down the stairs to one of the window. He peeked out, and there in the night sky where thousands of sparkling lights drifting up beyond the ridge of the valley.

The same thing happened again on the night of his sixth birthday, his seventh, eight, and ninth birthdays. Ryou loved those floating lights. He even grew to believe that they were somehow meant for him.

Ryou didn't know it, but each year the king, queen, and all the people of the kingdom would release thousands of glowing lanterns as beacons for their lost princes'. They hoped that one day, the lights would guide them home.

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Atemu: Where's Yugi?!

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Yugi: Oh. Did my hair get cut to?

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