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" sorry we couldn't go together with you," a certain blue haired boy said sadly.

" no biggie. you guys still gonna come so that does count as something, even if you guys come a bit later than me," a brunette's soft voice came. She looked at a particular black haired guy stood close next to her and a sweet smile appeared across her face. she rather liked him being like this. It's not always she gotta see him this clingy and protective. Usually, he would just stood at the corner silently and watched from afar whenever she needed to board in. 'it's different this time', she thought silently, thinking of where she's going to fly to.

She looked down at her left hand at her side. It fit perfectly in his and his long muscled fingers intertwined with hers warmly. " seriously?" she quirked one brow at him. Even though she liked how her hands felt in his, she needed to go now. " I need to board in now," she added hastily when she saw the line at the boarding room getting shorter and shorter. The grip tightened. The girl looked at the guy and pleaded with her eyes to let her go. The guy bit his lower lip and shook his head.

Seeing what happened, the blue haired guy, smacked his friend's head. " dude, just let it go already. Why are you being clingy all of a sudden? Usually you wouldn't even touch her hands." He chuckled. It's nice to tease him once in awhile. It's not always he got a chance to do it these days. More than often, lately, the guy was always in a foul mood. He already knew the reason for that but he need not ask for it. And if he just mess with him even the tiniest bit, at the wrong time, all hell broke loose. His best friend was in a mood far more worst than a girl who has PMS.

The dark haired guy glared menacingly at his best friend and mumbled something under his breath. Most probably another cursing word, they all thought. he let his hand go and pulled the brunette girl into his arms to give her a bear hug. She was shorter than him so when he pulled her, she crashed into his chest. " you sure you're going to be okay there alone?" his voice came.

The girl looked up and met his steady gaze. " of course I am. Have some faith in me." she wrapped her arms around his waist and buried her face into his chest. She liked how he smelled to her. Sweet yet masculine and calming. Hell, she liked everything about him. He's like perfection to her. forget what people say that nothing is perfect in this world. In HER world, there are. And he's one of them.

He buried his face into her hair and wrapped his arms around her small body. They could just stay like that forever. But reality is the least one could wish for—well, at least not for him. " I do have faith in you. it's just that.. well.. you're going THERE. That's what I'm worried about. And HIM. I don't like the thought of you meeting with him again. It pains me." he murmured against her soft hair. Darn it, ever since he knew about their being transferred to another branch, he couldn't sit still whenever he thought about it. And the fact that she has to go first while they needed to stay behind, made him feel restless. He feels insecure every time the thought popped inside his head. He couldn't sleep because of that. And lately, the insomnia (which he rarely has) kept getting back at him and driving him mad. If he could, he bloody wanted to go with her now; instead of waiting for another week to come before he could follow her. "damn the upperhand," he cursed in his head.

She pulled away and took a step back. She held his hands firmly. " if that's what you have been worrying about, don't. he was my past and you're my future. So, stop fretting already, 'kay?," she reassured him. "If it makes you feel a bit better, I'm just going to have some fun by MYSELF until you guys come. How bout that? much better right?" she emphasized on the word myself a little to ease the pressure off him.

The dark haired guy sighed and nodded. The brunette girl grinned and stood on her toes to give him a peck on the cheek.

The blue haired guy closed his eyes and faked a comical puke. " too much romance going on around here, you guys gonna make me sick." he laughed. "enough already. Just let her go or she's going to miss her flight."

The dark haired guy seemed reluctant to let the girl's hands go but eventually, he did. he had no other choice. the last person on the line had gone inside the boarding room. " just so you know, this is hard for me," he said while smiling weakly at her.

" just so YOU know, it's hard for me too."

They stared at each other for some time, drowning in each other's gaze. The blue haired guy watched for some time, his eyes repeatedly went from the girl to his friend over and over again. Nothing. No one had made a move. And he had watched them for a complete 30 seconds now! he got nothing out of it.

At last, he flipped. " for crying out loud, enough with your melodramatic goodbyes! just go!" He put her hands on the girl's back and gave her a push. Honestly, if he didn't step in, they would stay like that the whole day and she would definitely miss her flight. And for that, God knows what the upperhand would do if that happened.

Realizing that the door almost closed, the girl made a run towards it. Before she finally step inside, she hastily turned around; bowed her head and waved her final goodbye.

Then, she was gone.

" don't worry dude," the blue haired guy said as he patted his best friend's back. They were still standing there, not moving, eyes on the boarding room door. "She's going to be just fine. You know how she is. the guys over there will have a hard time getting comfortable with her temper. Believe me," he added.

" let's just hope that's it's true," he answered miserably. He turned around and made his way to the airport parking lot.

Seeing his best friend in a dejected mood, the blue haired guy quickly picked up his pace and ran after him. Just when he was just a few metres apart, he jumped and grabbed him by the neck, making the dark haired guy's muttered yet, another curse.

" now that your princess is gone, how bout we continue our bromance instead?" he teased.

A vein popped at the dark haired guy's temple. He silently made a small fire in his hand and slowly burnt the end of his best friend's jacket. It wasn't long when the burnt smell finally reached his idiotic friend's nose. And when it finally did, he was so shocked that he nearly tripped when he jumped around like a stupid frog, trying to put off the fire. When his efforts ended up in vain, he took of his jacket and threw it on the floor before he jumped on it and repeated stomped on it.

When the small fire finally ceased and gone, he wiped his sweaty forehead and glared at his best friend who was silently trying his best not to laugh out loud. The dark haired guy tried his hardest to hold his laughter from coming out by holding his stomach with his hands but it was so darn funny to see the entire scene when his friend shriek at the fire and curse non-stop. " that's is not funny!" he frantically hissed.

" it is to me." he smirked, turned around and walked away.

Just after a few feet away, a roar of laughter was heard. Loud and clear.

This time, it was the blue haired guy's turn for his vein to pop on the temple. " YOU ARE SOOOO GOING TO PAY FOR THIS WHEN WE RETURN BACK TO THE ACADEMY!" he yelled furiously.