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A bell chimed as a particular dark haired lad with his eminent crescent tattoo under his left eye walked in. Following close behind him was another lad with his infamous blue hair and baby blue eyes. Both were seen wearing tank tops and cargo pants; not bother putting on a proper t-shirt at all, probably couldn't stand the hot weather as well.

The dark haired was the first one to halt his steps causing his friend behind him suddenly crashed into his back. "Don't just stop like that, dumbass." He messaged his nearly broken nose before looking back at his friend. "Jun, what—" his words immediately stopped when his eyes travelled ahead.

There, in the middle of the lounge, stood a crowd. Kazuki scanned the crowd thoroughly with his eyes. Probably his whole class was there. They were whispering to each other's ears. But he could hear the commotion nonetheless. He moved behind Jun and stood next to him. His eyes not once left the front. The crowd seemed to be gathering around something. And by the look of it, none of them appear to move from where they stand and get nearer to what they're currently gathering around. "That's a bit of a crowd there. What do you think happened here?"

Jun shrugged. "I don't know but something felt a bit off." His green eyes moved to the left side of the room. Narumi was there and he was alone. He was sitting on a chair with a wet towel plastered on his face. His face was covered but he knew that blonde hair matched with ridiculous outfit anywhere if he'd seen it. His gaze moved downward. Narumi's hands were dangling to his sides. His left hand was sheathed with cloth. Something felt a bit off indeed. If that weird Narumi wasn't everywhere smiling and beaming with his ludicrous gay sparkle, something was definitely wrong in the air.

"The air is too heavy, feels like someone had just died," Kazuki said nonchalantly and walked past Jun towards the crowd. He needed to know. He didn't like the feeling of being left out. Besides, the thick air somehow choked him. He's damn curious about what's the thing that that people were gathering about. Even Narumi was left alone. And he barely moved a single limb at all. That much was even weirder.

"Can you guys give me some space?" He pushed through the crowd.

In just a few seconds, the voices died out. They voluntarily gave way to him so he can walk through. He thought they had stiffened instead when they saw him coming but he decided to ignore it and continued walking. He finally made it to the front.

Kazuki froze. His eyes stared in horror. Every muscle of him just stopped moving. Only his brain was buzzing inside his head. And his stomach was doing this whirling thing inside where he felt like it crawling out of his body. And oddly, he suddenly felt every inch of his cells had stopped functioning. "Shit, shit shit." he cursed repeatedly. Finally finding his words, he craned his head around. "Jun! Shit. Fucking come here! It's Mikan!" he yelled. His voice cracked.

Hearing the almost panic tone of Kazuki, Jun rushed to the front. Pushing a few people away and bulldozed them to the sides—he didn't know who they were and he didn't care. When it's Mikan's name concerned, he didn't bloody care about anything but her alone. His feet stopped. His pool of green eyes stared in fear of what they're seeing. His hands trembled. He slowly took another step forward. Nothing can hide his pale horror-stricken face.

He took out one hand and reached out. But then quickly pulled it away when a pain stabbed his hand. A horrible gash had gnashed the back of his hand. Blood started to drip. It stung so bad. It didn't help the awful feeling he's having right now. He felt like every little bones inside him were breaking right now. He looked at his Mikan again.

No, he refused to be weak.

"Get the brief from Narumi," he instructed Kazuki.

Kazuki, without further due, nodded his head and spun around, rushed to Narumi's side.

Taking a deep breath and gathering his compose, Jun tried again. He reached out the same hand he had held out before. And again, less than a second, it hit him again. Blood flowed out from another gash slashed on his palm. He winced.

He stared at the white blurry image around her. It looked like walls. They were barriers. She must have put it out unconsciously. Her alices must had gone wild for this to happen even with that alice control on. He was notified that the bracelet she wore was level 8. Out of 10 levels, the wristband was the highest a student can wear.

Her face was paler than the sheet and her hair was in mess. She had her eyes forced shut. Her shaking hands were covering her ears and her knees were pressed against her chest. Her mind was probably in an uproar right now. She must had not realized her barriers also functioned as a killing machine. Whoever touched it would get slashed in an instant. Hence the state of his hand. The rippling sound of the electrical volt barring the whole wall was enough to add the horror.

If he couldn't touch it, he had to find other alternatives.

"Mikan.." he tried calling out. His voice sounded strangled and broken.

No respond.

"Mikan.." he called out again, this time, higher.

Mikan's shoulders stiffened and he knew she had heard him.

"Mikan, baby. I'm here, okay. I'm here," his voice turned soft, pleading.

Her head perked and she looked up. Her hands both dropped to her sides. Still closing her eyes, she turned to him. "Jun?"

She heard him. Relief washed over him for a while. "Yes, I'm here. Baby, you gotta let down your barrier. It's hurting people," he coaxed her. Though he felt relief that she's talking to him now, not until he can feel her safe in his arm, he still felt scared shitless and worried.

"Jun…I'm s-scared.." her voice broke.

That moment, when she opened her eyes, the commotion quickly built up. Whispers and gasps were heard from every part of the room. People actually backed away from her. It's enough that they were already quite a few feet far away from the barriers, they still took another few steps back.

Jun became relentless as he watched the blood flowed out from her eyes. Continuously like her eyes alone were a pool of it.

He needed to do something. And quick.

Mikan couldn't see clearly. All she see were red everywhere. All the images were blurry red. She knew blood was gushing out from her eyes. She didn't feel the hurt. And yet, she's scared as hell.

Kazuki came to Jun's side at that moment. His face was grief and dark. "A few people from the AAO came. Nogi was badly knocked out. Hyuuga was badly injured." He gave Mikan a forlorn look. "They took Imai away."

Jun's head snapped to his side. He looked at him wide eyes.

Kazuki only nodded his head to confirm it more. "She saw they took her away. Hyuuga told Narumi, she lost control."

She lost it. Mikan had lost it.

Jun pulled off one of his alice controllers from his ears. Then he pulled off another one. He handed them over to Kazuki who accepted with open palm. Shortly after, he had pulled off all four of his alice controllers.

"You sure you want to do this? You take one off, you can still control your alice. You take all off, you might loose all your control."

"I have to do something. Her alices are running loose. I can't get through her barriers. I need all access to my alice if I want to break it down."

"Don't overdo it." Kazuki pocketed Jun's alice controllers in his pockets. He looked at his best friend once more. "Your lifespan," he reminded his best friend.

"I know," Jun replied with a grieving look.

He took a step forward. Then another. And another. He now came face to face with the wall barriers. In just a second, a howling sound was heard throughout the room and a strong gush of wind came knocking everything. It was so wild and strong, the wind. It almost felt like a tornado had hit the place. Screaming and shrieking sound was heard everywhere. People started to panic. Some had already started to cry in despair.

"Jun, ease up!" Kazuki yelled over the howling sound of the wind. The wind was too much inside the room.

And immediately, the strong wind broke into a mild one, blowing just at the mild stroke. The students looked at Jun in disbelief and then threw Kazuki the same incredulous look. Nonetheless, they said nothing for fear it happened again. Except for one guy. He said a horrible thing at the wrong time, poor him. Whether he's too stupid or just insensitive.

"Shit, you could have killed us with that blasted wind!" he stormed, getting up and fixed back his hair.

Kazuki threw him a murderous glare. His eyes were dark and hooded. "If you don't want to fucking die, go away. Don't stay here, dumbass."

"What the hell did you just called me?" the guy glared back.

"It's nobody's choice but yours to be here. This is not a freak live show for you to stay and enjoy," Kazuki's voice was low and dangerous. His eyes went pitch black. "Two of my best friends are about to die and you're still here complaining about your worthless life. Fucking scram if you value your life so much."

The guy squirmed. Then he winced, trying his best not to show any pain distorted on his face whereas, the whole room already knew he was indeed already in a horrible pain. Kazuki had used his alice on him; the mental illusion of burning pain. He should be on his knees now. One minute later, he's still holding in, battling and refuse to show any sign of weakness. The least he could do was kept on wincing. A dark smirk crept at the corner of Kazuki's lips. The man's not weak and was strong willed, he would give him that credit.

Kazuki turned back his attention to the front. It's a sign that he already canceled out his alice on him. He got bigger thing to worry about than verbal fight with a useless twat.

He glanced at him. He was wiping his sweats off his forehead. Kazuki's alice was scary as hell. "If you're planning to stay, shut the hell up." The poor guy nodded his head weakly, finally getting the message after a painful reminder.

Same for the rest of the room. They got the message. Whoever wanted to stay, just stay but clamp your mouth shut. You are responsible for your own lives. And whoever valued their lives so much, you can choose to leave. Some did though. The atmosphere was too tense inside the room.

Kazuki now focused on his best friend. He's determined. To the extend that he took off all his alice controllers, he knew Jun's determined as hell. He could help with his alices. after all, he's an Electricity user as well as Lightning user. Mikan's barrier is nothing but that. But Jun knew Mikan better. They par a lot together too. So he knew how to break the barrier down. Well, Kazuki hoped so.

Kazuki stood behind Jun. His hands were rippling with electrical volt. He readied himself. Jun might need his help later. As soon as he gave him the signal, he would came charging.

"Urm, Akio?" a small voice came behind him.

Kazuki turned. "Tobita." He gave him a curt nod.

Yuu silently flinched under Kazuki's intense black gazes. His eyes had not gone back to normal; it was still pitch black. He had never thought the all smiles one could be this petrifying.

Yuu gathered himself up. "Is Mikan gonna be okay?"

"She will. We'll make sure of it." He gave him a small smile. And that's all it took for Yuu to give them his full trust.

. . .

It was hard to control them all at once. It's been awhile since he had last used his alice in full power. It's quite intimidating even if they're his. It went full blast when he opened up his wind alice. He quickly recovered himself and adjusted it to his liking. It took some time and a lot of effort but it went well. He's getting hang of his full power. So now for the main purpose.

He rolled his wind alice into a cavalry sabre. Taking it at his side, he pulled back before swinging it in full course at the barrier. There was a loud sound, a sound like metal being reflected. Then there was a blast, shocking everyone else inside the room but instead of the barrier cracked, it was the sabre. The blast was from the rupture of the sabre. It broke and disappeared to its true nature.

Jun cursed under his breath. It's not working. This wasn't her regular barrier. If it was, that would've had worked.

"Get me arrows, and shoot." Kazuki came beside him. "You'll know what to do after that." He saw his hands had already rippling with electrical volts. He nodded his head.

He formed another wind and rolled them into wind like bow and a few arrows. Aiming straight for the barrier, his hand grabbed for the string and pulled to his farthest back and shoot. He worked fast, taking another arrow, he shoot another. The another and another without wasting a beat. In just a few seconds, five arrows were stuck on top of another, vertically on the barrier. He saw Kazuki threw a whip that he later found out was his electrical volt he had specialized it in the form of a whip, towards the arrows. They circled between the spaces of the arrows. Jun watched as blinding flashes came when Kazuki electrocuted the arrows, rippled and crackling sounds of his electric alice fighting off with the electrical volts securing the barrier surface. One on one between two electrical particles? He didn't know what's Kazuki's alice was doing but that's what he understood.

"Get ready. Do your shots," Kazuki reminded him.

The pungent smell was the signal. Jun had thought something had burnt to crisp because the smell was jus horrible but he ignored it and focus on what he did best. His alice. He combined his Water alice and Wind alice to freeze the entire barrier up. Cold breezy mist filled the entire room and it felt like the place had been fogged. The smell of fresh water replaced the awful smell soon after. Everyone in the room stared in awe at the tall high flat surface before them, glistening in bluish white. He had frozen them all up.

The two guys breathed in relief when it finally ended to that. The murderous of the electrical volt whipping whoever touched it was the hardest to handle. The rest after that was easy. Jun walked close to the wall and placed one hand on the cold surface. Using his wind alice, a small glass-like piece cut appear beneath his palm and straight stabbed the center of the wall. Soon after, the wall came crashing down into million pieces of small pieces—just like how a glass was shattered to tiny pieces.

There sat on the ground crying her bloody eyes out, was the brunette girl who was the love of his life.

His shoulders sagged. He had never been this tired and anxious in life before. The panic as well. He had never experience this kind of beating before. This was pure torture.

Jun rushed to her side. Bending down his body, he scooped her up in his arms and stood up. He carefully walked to a nearby sofa and placed her gently on the soft cushion next to him, ever keeping her close next to him. The eyes were now staring at them, he couldn't care less. He wrapped his one arm around her small waist and the other warmly coiled with her fingers. Her head weakly pressed against his hard muscled chest. Mikan cried even harder against it. "It's okay, Mikan. I'm here now. I'm here now, sweetheart." All the while, his soft voice repeatedly soothed her. Once in a while, he would press his lips to her hair, comforting her whenever he could.

"Close your eyes, baby. It'll get better. I promise." He tightened his grasp around her.