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First time

When Daryl left the tower he had to wipe the goofy grin off of his face so Merle wouldn't notice it. He had been nervous about kissing Carol but it turned out to be a lot easier than he thought it would and he wanted to do it again. He didn't have watch until tomorrow morning so that left the night for them, which led to more fears. Would she want sex right away? He'd had his share of one-night stands but he'd never made love to a woman. She was a lot more experienced than him and he wasn't sure he could please her.

He was shaken out of his reverie by Rick gesturing from the walkway. "We need to scout C block for safe retreat spaces in case we get attacked." Daryl nodded and went inside to form a group and they spent the rest of the afternoon scouting and discussing emergency plans.

Late that afternoon Carol left the watchtower and entered the cellblock to make dinner. Beth had already put out silverware and cups for everyone. "Aren't you sweet," said Carol. Beth smiled and fed Judith while Carol cooked dinner. Beth usually watched the baby with Hershel in the cellblock so it was unusual for Carol to have company at this time of the day. Carol smiled at Beth and said, "Why don't you sing me a song?" Beth thought for a minute and started a slow mournful Celtic song. Her voice was clear and bounced richly off of the concrete walls.

As Beth sang she closed her eyes and forgot where she was, letting her voice soar with happiness and drop with tragedy with the sad song. Her last notes hung in the air as she opened her eyes and saw Merle standing in the doorway grimly looking at her. She smiled and he vanished. Carol finished stirring the pot and walked to Beth with tears in her eyes. "Thank you, that was so beautiful," whispered Carol.

She could hear people filing in to wash up from a day in the tombs and she got dinner laid out. When Daryl arrived she delivered his plate with a flushed smile. She had given him an extra scoop of powdered potatoes and he nodded at her with a smirk in his eyes. After dinner Rick called a meeting to discuss defense and escape tactics.

When she got the kitchen cleaned and set up things for breakfast everyone had moved into the cellblock to prepare for bed. Carol walked through and saw a light coming from Daryl's cell. She said good night to everyone and headed upstairs.

"Hey," she said with a smile. He was sitting with his legs stretched out on the bed, arms behind his head. "Hey," he replied. She wiggled her butt in near his feet and propped her right knee on the bed, her left foot on the floor. She leaned against the metal bedframe at the foot of the bed and closed her eyes. They relaxed for a while in silence.

She opened her eyes and saw that he was looking at her, his eyes half lidded. "Well," she sighed. "We could go to the movies or we could just watch videos and get pizza." He snorted and smiled. "Or go the boiler room," he offered. She wrinkled her nose and answered, "I don't like their wine selection." He laughed.

"Can I come over?" she asked. He nodded, so she crawled in between him and the wall and lay down with her head on his pillow. She was careful not to touch him too much. She settled with a sigh and closed her eyes.

He looked down at her. "Tired?" he asked. She yawned. "A little," she admitted. She looked up at him and saw the unasked question in his eyes. She rolled to her side to face him. "OK if we just lay here?" she asked quietly. He nodded and reached over to shut the light off then he scooted down so he shared the pillow with her. Slowly she scooted over to put her face in his chest and he hesitantly moved his arm over her waist. His thumb stroked over the top of her shirt.

Slowly she moved her face to his and brushed his lips in a soft kiss. She stroked his face and they kissed for a long time, using the contact to tell each other what they weren't yet ready to say. Finally she sighed and rested her face into his shoulder, pressing her body into his. He pulled her in tighter and rested his chin on the top of her head as they fell asleep.


Carol awoke before dawn with an undeniable need. Daryl's body was sprawled across hers and his erection was digging into her hip. God how she wanted that. She moved her hip against him and he pushed into her in his sleep. She moved her hand down to cup the front of his pants and was mesmerized with his hardness. She couldn't wait anymore.

She wriggled out of her pants and he stirred. She heard his breathing change and knew he was awake. She turned back to him, gently cupped him again and smiled at his sharp intake of breath. She kneaded his hard on and he made a strangled noise in his throat. She began to unbutton his jeans and he took the opportunity to pull his shirt off.

She straddled him and moved her hands up and down his chest, remembering the day she gave him the massage. She softly ran her nails through the sparse hairs on his chest. His hands were on her hips, running up and down her thighs. She bent down to kiss him, teasing him with her tongue until he groaned then making her way to his neck, down his chest and to the waistband of his jeans.

She moved back and pulled his jeans down over his hips, releasing him. "Carol," he whispered, a touch of panic in his voice. She laced the fingers of one hand through his and slowly bent down to take him in her mouth. Daryl shuddered. No one had ever done this to him and it was the best thing he'd ever experienced. Carol put all of her love into her ministrations, stroking him with her mouth, swirling her tongue around him, softly stroking his balls while he shook. Daryl grunted and his hips involuntarily bucked. "Fuck," he moaned as he stiffened and came. Carol remained, softly sucking him through his spasms then gently releasing him and swallowing his semen. He tasted so good.

She lightly stretched out next to him and laid her head on his outstretched arm, inspecting his hunter's body in the muted predawn light. He was perfect. His chin pointed to the ceiling as he caught his breath. She slid her hand onto his stomach, unable not to touch him. He put his hand over hers and turned to look at her. Her elbow was on the bed and her chin was in her hand and she smiled at him wickedly. He snorted and closed his eyes.

He pulled her close and kissed her. "That how ya goin to wake me up every mornin'?" he asked. "If you're good," she said, moving down to kiss his chest.

He sat up and kicked off his jeans then turned to her. He lifted the bottom of her shirt a few inches and planted kisses on the soft skin of her belly while she stroked his hair. He tugged the shirt up higher and she pulled it over her head. His warm breath felt delicious on her breasts as he buried his head in her chest. At first he mouthed her over her bra but when he became bolder he pulled the cups down and teased her small breasts. He tried to do what she had done with her mouth to him. He was determined to please her.

After minutes of experimentation he had a good idea of what she liked and he moved his body between her legs so he could pleasure her breasts as she liked it. Carol's eyes were closed and she could see white stars shooting in the blackness. Oh God Oh God, she thought. Please don't stop. Her legs spread further apart, trying to pull him in. He was hard again and she ground into his hardness, the thin material of her panties interfering with entry.

Suddenly she remembered something. She ran a hand along his back and whispered, "Pass me my pants." Daryl's head rose and his eyes were drugged with lust. He kissed her, his tongue more certain than the previous day. He broke the kiss and grabbed her pants from the floor, handing them to her. She dug in her pocket and pulled out a strip of condoms. She handed them to him.

"Where the hell did you get these?" he asked. "My purse," she whispered. "I kept them for a rainy day." He ripped one package off the strip and put the rest under the pillow. "These and hand grenades," he muttered. He put the condom on and she pulled him back down with a deep kiss.

He moved down between her breasts to her stomach and then to her panties. He tongued her through the thin fabric, inhaling her scent and she gasped. She definitely liked that, he thought. He softly chewed the insides of her thighs and she began to beg him. "Please baby," she urged, her fingers twisting in his hair. He pulled her panties down her legs and off of her ankles. She was writhing on the blanket. He swallowed, knowing that he was about to face his deep fear of not being able to please her.

He parted her and stroked her with his finger, her clit was hard and she was hot and wet. She moaned as he brushed his finger across her. He lowered himself and pushed into her and she moaned and softly begged him. He rocked inside her, amazed at her reactions to him. She pushed against him as hard as he pushed into her and her arms were thrown over her head in abandon.

He changed his angle slightly and she stilled. He saw tense anticipation on her face and he bent his head to suck one of her perfect pink nipples. He felt the trembling start in the core of her and heard her breathing become ragged. "Oh God," she said. He maintained his pace. "Ohhhhhhh God," she moaned more loudly. He moved to the other nipple and felt her body tense. "Ohhhhhhhhh God Daryl!" she cried loudly, her body violently bucking under him. She grunted several times as her walls squeezed him, making him uncontrollably drive into her. He went over the edge hoarsely moaning "Fuck, Carol!" and he collapsed on top of her. He was spent for now.

He stayed inside of her through the aftershocks that he could feel around his shrinking cock and in the catches in her breath. Then he grabbed the base of the condom and pulled out. He pulled the condom off, tied it and threw it onto the other bunk then he laid down beside her. She had a huge smile on her face and was rubbing her ass on the blanket, enjoying the sensation.

Her cheeks were pink and the lines had disappeared from her face. She was completely relaxed. She turned her head to him and lazily opened her eyes. She sighed in pleasure. "OK?" Daryl asked softly. She made a purring sound in the back of her throat. "Perfect," she sighed.

They heard muffled conversation from the kitchen area. Carol looked at the window, it was full light. She looked at Daryl with her hand over her mouth. "Oh my God, people are up. They must have heard!" she breathed. He raised his eyebrows and said, "S'likely".


Carol made her way down to the kitchen, doing her best to act completely normal. She got breakfast going and Daryl trailed in with the others. She noticed that the rest of the group was much more quiet than usual and avoided looking at her and at Daryl. Her cheeks flamed. Oh my God, they heard me screaming like a porn star, she thought.

She shot a look at Daryl and he shifted uncomfortably at the table. The silence was broken by Merle who was freshly shaven and coming from the bathrooms. He strode through the kitchen towards the cellblock to finish his beauty regime and sighted his little brother. He grinned widely and walked over to Daryl. "Congratulations little brother!" he said slapping Daryl on the back. "I guess yous not gay after all. You let me know if you need any pointers on puttin the wood to little Mouse over there!" He shot a grin and a wink to Carol and proceeded to his cell.

Carol stood with her hands cupped over her nose and mouth and the shade of red in her face matched Daryl's. Everyone looked down at the table not wanting to risk Daryl's ire by making eye contact. Glen's mouth was twitching and Maggie was elbowing him.

Rick looked around and cleared his throat. "About that Woodbury attack plan, I think we need to go over that again right now..." he ordered. Carol looked at him gratefully for changing the subject and looked at Daryl. Their eyes met and she saw a momentary flash of affection in his eyes and he smiled just for her.

Awwww, Caryl!