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Here we have two huge dorks trying to do the kinky sexings.

Hiccup's topping. Jack's tied to the bed frame.


"You are so chickening out."

Hiccup's brow creased, an annoyed scowl on his thin lips. His coarse hands tightened the belt over Jack's wrist. "Oh noI am not," he scoffed defensively.

Below him, the winter sprite shook with snickers. From his waist up, the guardian's pale skin was bare, arms stretched up against the wooden headboard of Hiccup's bed. The dragon rider's nimble fingers were securing leather buckles around a pair of white wrists, looping the straps through ornamental gaps in the chestnut frame.

"There we go," the freckly boy huffed out with a final tug. He sat back on his haunches to survey the work. The same pleased little smile spread crookedly along his lips as the one he wore in the workshop, looking over his inventions still fresh out of the forge.

The winter spirit smirked up at the lanky smith. "So?" His salt-and-pepper brows danced suggestively, head quirking slightly to the side while his half-lidded eyes remained fixed on Hiccup. "Am I quite to your satisfaction, Mr. Haddock?" Jack asked in a ludicrously delicate falsetto.

There were maybe two solid seconds of silence, during which Hiccup's blinking face remained resolutely unimpressed. Then a stifled snort ruined his efforts. And once a single giggle broke past his dam ofimpassivity, the floodgates threatened to burst wide open. Consequently, the dragon rider was quaking with the failing struggle to contain semi-hysterics, actually worsened from him trying to hold them back.

"Excuse me," in the same voice, the guardian of fun gave an irritated sniff, expertly maintaining a straight face. "Is something funny to you, sir?" His question ended on a slightly cracked note, a half-giggle almost sneaking past the façade of dignity. He was dangerously close to completely losing it, but ever determined to be a total dork.

Because making the reserved chief-to-be laugh, really laugh, uncontrollably, until he couldn't even stand for a good few minutes, was worth any song and dance.

Of course, it was possible Jack's timing could be better, wrists buckled to the bed frame and all... no pressing matters to focus on, or anything...

The skinny teen above him shook his head, trying with all his scrawny might to summon his voice without succumbing to a chuckling fit.

Hiccup was actually filling out into a slightly less stick-figurey frame. He'd even developed a couple muscles! Jack caught him feeling them curiously when he'd thought he was alone. Gasping, the sprite had swooped in and snatched the boy's bare arm, gaping at the little bulge of a bicep that never before seemed to exist. He'd declared it a Snoggletog miracle, suggesting names they should call the newborn muscle while his flushing friend forcefully kicked the guardian out of his room, slamming the door over a, "Squishy, can we call him Squishy?!"

"Ahh, you know," finally, the nasally voice recovered itself. "I could get another belt, and fix it right over your mouth – you know what, let me just get it..."

The freckly teen started to move from his straddle over one of Jack's legs. Jack protested with an articulate, "Eh-eh-eh-eh–!" before clearing his throat, and beginning again. "Heh, no, no I'll be good, see?" And to demonstrate his ability to not make a joke out of everything, the child-at-heart offered a peachy little smile, bopping his head slightly side-to-side and looking around like an all-too-innocent bystander on the street, occasionally aiming bambi eyes at the dragon rider.

Hiccup's expression quirked with bemusement, palms unfolding into a confused gesture. "How is that... what are you doing?"

Blinking rapidly, the winter sprite's blue gaze darted to both sides before returning to Hiccup. "Behaving?" he tried.

"Like a Terror waiting to be fed?" the boy finished snarkily, a warm grin cutting through the dry tone.

"Nah, that'd be more like–" and Jack repeated the innocent-act, but with a wide-open mouth, saying "aaaah" and bugging his eyes. "Feeeeeeed meeee," he drawled deeply, leaning up as far as he could to the snickering teen above him.

"Jack, if this is you attempting foreplay, I hate to break it to you but it's not working so great," the boy teased.

That instantly stopped Jack. "Oh what, not even a little?" he pouted.

Shrugging, Hiccup lowered down close to the sprite, mischief bright in his eyes. "Eh, maybe a little..."

"Hey laughter is the medicine... of... sex – damn, wait, no..."

Green eyes falling shut, the teenager suppressed a small snort behind tight lips. Shaking his head, Hiccup leaned in and laid a peck on the spirit's narrow cheek. "Nice try," he commended.

As their faces drew together, both boys fell into a familiar, simple ease. Matching grins didn't quite meet, but the possibility of joining at any moment playfully dangled over each of them. Hiccup's fingers spread over his friend's cool chest, and other boy almost forgot he couldn't just reach out and cup the glowing face that was kind of just his favorite face ever. Especially when it was all smiley and openly warm like that. Yeah, Hiccup's face was definitely the best.

"I get a reward for trying, right?" the spirit suggested, a light hush falling over his words with their closeness. "A for effort and all."

The boy's eyes rolled. "Oh, oh you think so?"

"I do actually..."

"Oh really..."

Neither was paying attention to the last things they said, both just murmuring aimlessly over the steady pull to one another's lips. Though the leisurely pressing of mouths was now so routine, it still buzzed with a heated energy under the surface, suddenly bursting out in gasps and groans whenever things got interesting in bed.

Or on the workshop table.

Or against a tree in the cove.

Or that one time in the air, but that kind of ended in a frantic heap in the lake. Flying was a little hardwhen other things got hard...

Speaking of which, Hiccup was currently sucking on Jack's tongue, and that was stirring up Jack Jr. just a little.

Sensing the sprite's waking arousal – or, you know, the pathetic keen in the back of Jack's throat might have been the giveaway – the rider let his hands wander, slowly, the only pair allowed to. Jack's bound hands balled tightly as Hiccup's delved into every dip and curve of the cold, naked torso below him, climbing every peak in painstakingly sluggish sweeps.

The kiss broke, and the dragon tamer's moistened lips ran down Jack's neck, taking a little stroll along his chest. As his mouth closed over a nipple, the sprite inhaled sharply and squirmed a little under the teen. "That – oh that – kinda tickles," he admitted with a slight yip to his voice. Hiccup's voice hummed a clipped laugh over the perking flesh, before moving on downward.

Ohhh, Jack really liked where this was going.

The first time Hiccup went down on him was quite the experiment for the fishbone. He took his time figuring out how much he could take in one go, how deep he could get it in or how fast he should bob, and just what his tongue should be doing meanwhile. Jack was a little too caught up in the wow whoa this is great don't stop oh god factor to care about the boy's eclectic method. But a few tries in, Hiccup had singled out the approach that got the loudest results, and from that point on always dove down with a preset plan of attack.

So Jack had a pretty solididea of what was coming (aside from him, dohahaha). Granted, this would be the first time Jack wasn't permitted wring his hands in Hiccup's growing locks, or really do too much of anything with his upper body. And then what was to follow... well, that was gonna be another first time attempt, but Jack was game as Hiccup to go for something new.

The dragon rider had made a valiant effort to hide his embarrassment when he'd busted out the leather and asked if Jack was "uh, you know, up for... some new things? Maybe? I mean, if you want..." All the while he was doing his overkill I'm-completely-casual-see-how-casual-I-am-see-seee e? routine, complete with swinging arms, a way too bright tone, and darting eye-contact.

Hiccup was a pretty enthusiastic bed buddy, and not all that easy to fluster – 'course, Jack was probably the most qualified candidate around to press his buttons, especially since his discovery at how shy Hiccup really was about his maturing body. Insults and teasing he could take with a quick comeback and an unamused glare. Kisses and fooling around he could take with a boyish grin and open legs.

But innocent observations of thickening muscle and spreading stubble were met with a blank look, breaking into a loud frown across a red face. No comebacks, no grins, just a frustrated flush.

It was a similar fluster to the one the fishbone donned when he wielded the leather belts in his hands. It was that same reluctant acknowledgment of a part of him that was kind of, actually, you know, natural, but he didn't seem to have a first clue what to do about.

Well, maybe little bit of a clue...

Jack's thoughts were abruptly yanked from their straying path, along with his trousers. Scooting down between the guardian's legs, the teenager tugged at the immortal boy's last shroud, maneuvering it down the gangly limbs with impatient concentration. After some inept pulling and shifting and grunted curses, coupled with a taunting chuckle from Jack, Hiccup groaned and gave up, settling for a partial de-pantsing job. And since his next move was to dive right in towards the naked flesh between Jack's legs, the winter sprite had no further comments to offer on his progress other than a lip-bitten moan.

Hiccup's mouth finally reached the sprite's creamy inner-thigh, and sank a sharp kiss just inches shy of Jack's groin. By the time the dragon rider at last made his way to his bound companion's arousal, Jack was on the verge of whining like a neglected puppy. The teen's approach was, as always, painfully slow. He started with a few long, careful laps of his tongue up the spirit's pulsing length, lathering it in wet warmth. That already had Jack gasping and arching up, jerking against his constraints.

Wrapping his fingers just above the sprite's engorged sack, the boy gave a little squeeze of his hand while his lips planted messy pecks all the way to the swollen tip. The guardian wheezed in a couple breaths, sounding as winded as though he'd just encircled the island a good five hundred times without pause. Still completely unhurried in the face of Jack's desperation, Hiccup traced his tongue about the head's girth. The first outline was drawn with just the very edge of the hot muscle, but as he worked it around again, he laid more and more of his tongue over the cool head. Downturned green eyes glanced up, finding Jack's eager blue stare. Their gazes were still locked as Hiccup widened his gaping mouth, and engulfed the head of Jack's cock in it.

The following few minutes were one mad whir of sensations for Jack. A blacksmith-hardened hand tugged him at the base, while the tip was surrounded in wet heat. In a move that had taken several gagging tries to perfect, Hiccup lowered his lips steadily around the unnaturally cold hard on, sinking it into him until he drew his hand away, and the entirety of Jack's cock was inside.

Silvery hair bobbed as the sprite's head lurched, shameless whimpers stealing their way past his clenched jaws. His captive hands wriggled fruitlessly for the freedom to snatch up Hiccup's hair. The teen just swallowed him up, drawing out the absolute best sounds from the guardian that set his mortal blood to a blissful boil.

Just as those sounds were getting mortifyingly close to squeaks, Hiccup relinquished his mouthful and pulled away. Before Jack could gripe about it, the teen was sliding off the bed, jerking the rest of the other boy's leggings with him. He started to clamber back up, but with a frustrated drop of a Norse God's name, Hiccup backtracked out of the bed, tearing off his tunic so impatiently that it snagged for a second over his head, until he managed to clumsily shuck out of it.

Grinning at the self-conscious frown emerging finally out of the boy's tunic, Jack teased despite his own breathlessness, "Whoa, take it easy there eager beaver."

"Oh you can just – shut up," came the not-so-sharp retort, while the teen got to work on his trouser's belt buckle.

"Uh oh," the naked, tied-down immortal had the gall to jibe. "Everybody watch out, we got a real beast on our hands!"

The boy looked up and started to reply, usual snarky expression gearing up. But he was also attempting to unsling his belt, which got caught along his pants rim until he yanked at it hard enough to lose his balance. Stumbling to the side as his trousers dropped and hindered his legs from steadying, Hiccup completely abandoned his comeback in favor of flailing his arms to prevent face-planting.

Jack meanwhile was pretty much dying. "He's untameable!" he practically sobbed with laughter. "A machine, I tell you!"

"Can you not!" Hiccup puffed lamely as he straightened.

"Oh man, you are really off your A-game," commented the sprite bluntly, crossing one of his legs casually over the other. "Knew you were gonna flake out."

Brows pulling together in a determined crease, the dragon rider flung his finger out at the sprite. "This isn't over," he promised, his wry theatrics much more subdued than Jack's.

"Yeah?" the guardian smirked, a challenging quirk on his brow. "So go on, dragon boy. Take a shot already."

The disrobed youth climbed back onto the bed, shuffling the old wood frame under his weight. He winced with sudden remembrance and slipped partway off again, grabbing something from under the bed. As he tossed it up onto the sheets, the rider unhinged his prosthetic while he was at it. Lying on its side by Jack's bent knee was a familiar little jar.

"Does your dad even care at this point that the butter is never in the cupboard?"

"Well ahh, apparently Gobber had him half-believing in trolls after the first couple 'disappearances'. So we're pretty well stocked in socks and dairy."

Hiccup took hold of Jack's folded calves, unwrapping them and scooting up in between them. "Okay... okay," he mumbled, examining his surroundings like he was about to pull off a tricky move with Toothless, feeling down the willowy limbs flanking his sides the same way he patted down his saddle to make sure it was secure.

Eyes falling on the sprite's slightly disenchanted cock, the boy smirked a little at the more familiar predicament. Taking care of it with his palm, Hiccup leaned down against his pale friend, flesh meeting flesh. They kissed, tongues overlapping and breath dragging. Then as Hiccup pulled back again, Jack pouting as he found himself powerless to bring the boy back down to him, the Viking sat up and opened the jar, scooping out a fair daub of butter on his fingers.

"Okay," he repeated, almost to the damn butter. He glanced back at Jack, hesitant gaze asking a question, which the sprite answered with a raised brow and a smirk (truth be told, he was quite a bit more on edge than his expression would allow). "Well... taking a shot..." the boy warned.

Gently pushing up the guardian's thighs, Hiccup reached a butter-lathered finger down under them, pressing at tight-knit flesh. It dallied over the soft gap between pale cheeks, brushing around the edges before slipping inside.

The winter spirit fidgeted, cocking his head at the odd little intrusion. As it began to slowly revolve against his inner muscles, Jack gasped harshly. "Ngh – direct hit," he ground out, the sharp pressure of rhythmic motion within him staggering his breath.

When he got a look up at the dragon rider, the teen was pinching his lip under crooked teeth, inspecting Jack's reaction like he was a new project laid out on the workshop table, being tweaked to perfection by skillful fingers. The imagery had Jack grinning despite the slight ache below, because Hiccup was still a complete dork, and Jack was what he was dorking out over.

He started to relax the more he kept his focus on the boy's face, on its every adorable lift and twist, and the desire to reach out to it drove him nuts. But all he could do was tighten his fists and pull at the leather, conveying suppressed want in an intense stare from below his skinny friend.

The teen added another finger, watching Jack jolt slightly under him, eyes falling shut and mouth widening. "Fff-freya," the sprite breathily invoked the goddess' name, followed with a sighed, "damn..."

Hiccup found that each added finger provoked a new gasped out curse, and with every unexpected stretch of the calloused digits, a string of undignified noises shuddered through the winter sprite's bound form. A twitch shot up the teen's hard flesh, mouth drying as he looked into the frost spirit's strained features. He felt the guardian jerk up to the pace of his fingers, striving to take them in even deeper.

When a ragged, heavy moan abruptly spilled out of Jack, hips bucking up hard, Hiccup's concentrated expression wavered under a pleased little grin.

"Hey, found it!" he chirped.

"What, you want a medal or something?" retorted the guardian's gravelly voice, purpling at the cheeks. Hiccup's comeback was another jab to the sensitive spot he'd discovered, effectively dismantling the sprite's ability to form cohesive sentences. "Shhhihfnk..." he splurted. "Aw shit... okay maybe – you get – a little medal..."

After some more prodding around, and a few dozen more cusses from Jack, the boy slipped his fingers out. Repositioning himself, Hiccup took a breath. "Ready?"

The guardian smiled, panting deeply. "When you are," he quoted back the boy's own words from their first time.

Jack's thighs over his arms, the teen stroked over himself quickly with a still slick hand, and slowly steered himself into his immortal friend.

They gasped in unison.

Hiccup filled the winter spirit with pulsating warmth, inch by steady inch, until his thickish girth was immersed to the base in soft, chilly flesh. Both pairs of eyes fell shut, Jack digging his fingers into his palms and Hiccup tightening his grip on the sprite's thighs.

"So... here goes..." the dragon rider prefaced, pausing a second for any sign that he should wait. But the guardian just nodded between raspy breaths. So Hiccup started to move.

The spirit yelped at the first experimental thrust. Hiccup halted, but Jack just bucked up and groaned, "C-come on, fishbone..." With a tight whimper at the way the immortal enveloped him, Hiccup slowly pushed in again, and back out.

As with everything new the blacksmith attempted, his tactic was kind of a try-anything-and-everything-until-succeed one. Which sometimes made for a lot of not succeeding in the process.

He shifted and changed angles several times, constantly breaking his pace and starting up a new one, from going in deep and slow to shallow and speedy. But it was just a hair harder to focus and maintain control than the teen had imagined. Each slide against cool, dewy inner walls squeezing around him made the boy all dizzy and moany, and sidetracked whatever technique he was about to try. And Jack's crude cusses and cries didn't help either.

Still, the determined dragon rider did his best to stay collected, adjusting his hips over Jack's again to start up at yet another angle.

"Hiccuuup," the spirit complained, "I can feel you overthinking this! Would you cut it out and just do me?"

"Just—?" stammered Hiccup, blinking down at the wrist-fastened nature god, blue eyes foggy and impatient amid a purple-flushed complexion. "O-okay..."

Tossing out all plans, the dragon rider did as bidden and just thoughtlessly rolled his hips, quick and steady. An approving stutter of sound left the immortal boy below him, bed screeching at every lurch of the joined bodies.

Both rider and guardian broke out into staccato moans over the slapping of skin over skin. Sweat dripped along freckled shoulders and down a tense, auburn crested brow. They hadn't gone too long into this consistent stretch of grinding before Jack's voice rose sharply, rather indelicate cries busting out at regular intervals.

Hiccup acted on a dragon rider's instinct now, trusting the bond with his partner to keep them on the same page. Rocking faster to the beat of his pumping blood, the teen tried to hold back inarticulate exclamations and shrill yelps. But the incredible friction of banging up into his friend, the sight of Jack tossing his white head, struggling against the leather belts binding him down, and the hectic tones of the winter sprite spewing every curse he knew at variable pitches – it all made keeping a lid on Hiccup's own awkward noises pretty impossible.

Quick, hard collisions into the sprite's sweet spot had both parties just about ready to pop. But after what felt like hours since they started, a few more desperate thrusts, and Hiccup's breath came in too shallow, heart pounding too fast.

The frantic motions slowed to a stop, the sweaty boy's chest heaving. Jack frowned up at him, puzzled as to where all that slamming fun drifted suddenly off to...

"Need – just – a second – here," wheezed the famed first dragon rider of Berk.

Realization finally clicked in Jack's sex-addled head. "Are you serious," the sprite giggled airily.

An exhausted glare fixed on Jack's half-delighted, half-disappointed expression, before the boy just plopped his head heavily down on the spirit's shoulder. "Look – some of us – don't get to have – immortal frost-pixie stamina – okay?"

"Ew, you're like soaking wet!" the sprite complained giddily, nudging his torso up at the sweat-drenched brow tucked over it. Hiccup just groaned whinily in response. "Aww, are you done?" Jack asked over the auburn locks under his chin.

"No," insisted the boy's muffled voice. "Just need... a moment..."

"Yeah okay, sure, no problem... I'll just be here... twiddling my thumbs – oh wait, I can't."

Sighing heavily, Hiccup pushed himself back up again. "Okay, okay," he rasped, with somewhat renewed strength. "Mr. Whiney," he added.

"So does that make you Mrs. Whiney?" deduced the sprite with a snicker. "Mrs. Hiccup 'I-Just-Need-A-Second' Whiney?"

The teen lifted an eyebrow, thoroughly unimpressed with the high-pitched imitation of Hiccup's voice. "Not unless I missed a pretty important ceremony at some point..."

"It was perfect. Your dad cried, Snotlout cried, we had matching gowns – I can't believe you don't remember this, Hiccup."

Shrugging, the boy leaned over and ran his hands down the sprite's sinewy sides. "Must've blocked out the trauma," he concluded calmly. And before he let the mischievous sprite detract them further, Hiccup reached down and slid his grip around Jack's still-perked erection.

That got him to swallow down whatever nonsense he was about to add, churning out instead a little guttural groan. The rider's wrist flicked up and down briskly, reawakening dulled thrills along their senses. Hiccup was still inside, and began once again to move very slightly.

Precum dribbled down over Hiccup's thumb, Jack's thighs clinging tightly to the boy's hips. After a few keening sighs from the winter sprite, the Viking suddenly took up his prior racing pace, putting in a last effort to throw his friend over the edge.

Jack's gasps escalated in pitch, jolting louder at each combined thrust and stroke. Heaving over him, Hiccup wasn't in much better shape, albeit he wasn't the one thrashing against the bed frame.

With a final series of desperate, hectic yelling, Jack suddenly arched up hard, rattling the frame and spurting over his tight abdomen. The abrupt clenching around Hiccup's cock reduced him to shrill cries and aimless rocking, heating Jack's insides with seed.

As the blinding ecstasy wound down, Hiccup pulled himself out with an awkward grunt. Panting like he'd just completed a marathon, the teen gradually reached over and unfastened the buckles around Jack's wrists.

Free at last, Jack whipped out his arms and drew the boy in to sloppily meet his lips, refusing to let him go until he'd gotten in a long, thorough kiss.

"Not bad," mumbled the guardian as he drew away, offering a spent smirk. "Just a couple hiccups," he couldn't resist adding.

Not missing a beat, the dragon rider deadpanned back, "And just one Jack ass."

Jack glared for a second, but his expression brightened again suddenly. Curling one of his hands into itself, the spirit set a focused stare at his closed fist until little flecks of snow drifted from within his grasp. He unfolded his hand, and a small, round piece of ice hovered up above his palm. It sank down into his waiting fingers, and the self-satisfied winter sprite handed the silver pendant to Hiccup.

Blinking, the boy stared down at the gift, ornamented along the curved edges with sunray-like waves. Embroidered in tiny print at the center of the circle, "Great Job" was scribed.

"Your medal," Jack only barely managed to explain before throwing back his head and cackling.

Hiccup's eyes immediately shut, expression completely dry and nonreactive. But inevitably, the giggle fit caught him too, and he fell forward into the wooly sheets, shaking beside his idiot friend with the contagious laughter that only Jack could wreak.

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