The first time we had kissed was magnificent. It was heaven, it was paradise. Our lips met softly at first and then our mouths opened slowly. Our tongues tangling together as if they were one. It was more incredible than you could even imagine.

The first time we held each others hands couldn't have been any better. We had met under the docks. His warm brown eyes looking into my chocolate ones. We just stared at each other longingly, our hands clasped together tightly, knowing our time together would be cut short.

The first time we made love was a miracle. A miracle like no other. The feel of each others skin on the other. Our souls becoming one. It was all too beautiful. I could not imagine a life with my lover, Sousuke.

The first time we fought was awful. It was the first time in my life I didn't want to be around him. We punched. We kicked. We pulled each others hair. I never hated someone so much. I wanted him to die.

The first makeup. He was there for me, and in that moment I knew I always wanted to be there for him. I didn't want to leave his side. Not again.

The first time we were caught. We ran together, hand in hand. Our breaths heavy and our legs growing weary. When I got too tired to run, he picked me up and carried me. He continued to run as fast as he could with me in his arms.

There are no more first times for us. It is over. For those who started reading this thinking it was going to be a sappy cute love story, you were gravely wrong. We were captured.

No...perhaps there is another first time. The first time one of us has to mourn the death of the other. Sousuke was the first to go. There will be no second mourn, but there will most definitely be a second death. It is something I gladly await so that in another life, I may have many more first times with my beloved.

My name is Ichigo, and this is th