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Warnings: it's un-betaed , unexplained time travel, and it's pre-slash, so if you don't like that, don't read it, if you do anyways, don't come crying to me about it.

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Wide emerald eyes watched in fascination as snowflakes drifted down from the dark night sky, pink lips parting in awe, a five-year old Harry's warm breath makes a small cloud in the chilly November air.
Standing protectively over his shoulder stood an older boy who was shivering slightly from the cold despite his wool coat as he watched Harry try to catch snowflakes on his mitten covered hands.

'Sneaking out in the middle of the night on the whim of a five-year old was mad, impractical and...'

Tom paused his musings to rubbed his nose was red from the cold quickly before tucking it back into his warm pocket, slate gray eyes watching Harry as he quietly giggled and tried to brush the snow from the mop of raven locks atop his head childish glee filling those innocent emerald orbs.

'completely worth it.'

Tom would do anything for Harry.
Anything from innocent as sneaking them out in the middle of the night - right under the nose Mrs. Cole's nose ; the orphanage matron - for Harry to enjoy the first snowfall of the year; to making Cindy Crawford's puppy 'disappear' because she made Harry cry.

Tom looked up at the star filled sky, his breath making a misty cloud in the air as snow flakes landed on his face, melting when they hit his warm skin.
Because Harry was special and needed to be protected, at any and all costs.
Because, and Tom knew it the moment he had laid eyes on the other boy, Harry was his.

Another quiet giggle turned Tom's attention to Harry again, who was trying to catch snowflakes in his mouth.
A small smile made it's way to Tom's thin lips, there was only one person who could make him smile like this. Only one who deserved to see this side of him.

'Only you Harry, only you.'

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