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My first attempt at Cabinlock...please be kind, remember I'm not native english, and...enjoy!

Martin Crieff was completely,supremely, utterly bored. And not bored like that time MJN had to travel that mysterious box containing horse sperm from Hong Kong to Limerick...this time his boredom was paramount, like Arthur had said too many times...

Anyway, please, don't get him wrong: he was glad, and honored, that John Watson and Mary Morstan had decided to invite him, Martin Crieff, Sherlock Holmes half-brother, the captain of the smallest airline in Great Britain, to their wedding; and he was very happy to be the one who was gonna fly the happy newly married couple to Bahamas. But...he was tired, after another fly halfway around the world, and he didn't know anyone, aside from his two half-brothers Mycroft and Sherlock, and John...and let's be clear, the relationship between the brothers was far from idyllic: they always seemed to look at him like he was some kind of strange human experiment that their father had been conducting and that obviously failed.

"I mean, I can't blame them...Mycroft is the english Government, and Sherlock... well Sherlock is Sherlock. He's everything I will never be: intelligent, confident, brave, succesful..." he let his mind wander to a fantasy he often indulged in, where he, Martin Crieff, was the intelligent one, the handsome one,the valiant one...

Unfortunately, he was still the awkward and clumsy one, so on the way towards his table at the wedding reception he tripped over a young woman. "Wonderful Martin, drive all the attention to you, even here" he reprimanded himself, and started to say "I'm sorry, madam, it was my fault...", when he took a moment to look at the girl he had managed to trip over. She was...brilliant. Really brilliant. Wavy brown hair, lively brown eyes,rosy cheeks, lips that seemed so soft to kiss...he remained still, silent for a few instant, while the beautiful female seemed a little confused, because she continued to turn her head very fast and muttered "How is that possible ? He's still seated at his table...".

He finally took a hold of himself and a "What?!" escaped from his mouth. The woman stopped her movements and whispered "Are you his double twin ? Or a doppelgänger? Because I can't explain...even the voice...".

Martin finally saw where her eyes were directed before. Someone had mistaken him for Sherlock. Again.

"No,no...I'm not Sherlock. It's obvious, because...he's not me, isn't he? I'm Crieff, Martin Captain, I mean Martin Captain Crieff! No, I'm Captain Martin Crieff!" he blushed while stuttering.

"And why are you...?" the beautiful woman tried to ask, but Martin interrupted her. "I'm his half-brother...hasn't he told anyone about me?" he wondered, trying to sound calm, but failing.

"Yes! John told me! Nice to meet you, Captain Martin Crieff. I'm Molly Hooper."

And suddenly, Martin was not so bored anymore.

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