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Prompt from Morbidmegz on Tumblr :"Martin is stuck flying in a terrible storm, and thinking of Molly keeps him safe and gets him and the crew back home. Meanwhile, however, Gert-I has been reported as missing, and Molly has been informed that her Martin is probably gone. Of course happy ending ensues, but ya know, you know what I'm getting at".

Molly was finishing the graveyard shift at the morgue, when she received the phone call that every pilot's girlfriend, boyfriend or relative dreaded to receive. "We are regretful to inform you that...". After that, she only caught some words: "Severe winds, heavy rain", "lost radar signal", "the weather is too bad to risk a rescue mission". She barely found the strength to call Mike and tell him that she couldn't stay, because something bad had happened to Martin...her Martin.

She spent the next few days in bed, avoiding her friends' attempts at consoling her. How could they comfort her? She had lost the love of her life, and her future seemed so senseless without the shy captain who had managed to steal her heart. The pathologist feared the days when Martin's clothes in her wardrobe would lose his scent , or when she would forget his smile, or his warm caresses on her back, or the way he used to kiss her awake.

Since the first awkward date, she had known that Martin Crieff was the one, the man she wanted to spend her life with: because he loved her for what she was, because he had accepted everything, her virtues and her faults, and he had offered all of himself in return, without lies or deceptions. Martin made her feel loved, and trusted, and now...now she was alone, with her dreams about a future that was no more, and the heavy burden of all the things she had not said to him.

Molly was wrapped up in one of his shirts, when another phone call arrived. At first, she thought it was a trick of her mind, because the voice she was hearing from the receiver was unmistakably Martin's voice, babbling about a crosswind landing in some place in Mongolia, in the middle of nowhere, with only one engine ("Like in St. Petersburg, Molly! I did it again, and all alone!"). She hung up, the tears that she had managed to restrain for three days poured out, and it took Martin three expensive international calls to make her believe that she was not imagining things, but that he was safe and sound, and very, very alive.

Two days later, after a moving reunion with a lot of kisses and some tears, Martin explained to her how he had made it. "I couldn't stop thinking about you...the fear of losing you, of losing the chance to spend my existence by your side, gave me the strength to remain concentrated, and set Gert-i down. Because I simply can't live without you, Molly Hooper, and I don't even want to imagine a future when we are not together".

Molly kissed him with all her heart, and finally they both told one another what had been on their minds since before the accident, at the same time.

"I'm pregnant".

"Marry me".

Needless to say, it was the quickest case of simultaneous faintings ever recorded. While assisting them, Douglas commented: "Soulmates, indeed...".

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