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None Of It Was Ever Worth The Risk

Chapter 2 - More Than Meets The Eyes

Stiles blinks his heavy eyes open to see a ceiling in his sight, not the dark night sky like how he expected. He lifts his tired body up and looks around him, then he's aware that he's trapped in a locked cell.

Stiles is instantly freaking out, did Pantherius' wolves catch him while he was blacking out? His eyes widen and he breathes rapidly. He tries to get up, only to finds himself not able to. Then he notices that his legs are chained to the cell floor. Stiles harshly yanks the chain, trying to break free, but it won't budge. Tears pricking in his eyes, no he cannot die now, not before avenging the death of his beloved family.

He tries to shift but his body just won't do it, the chain must be made from special material. Suddenly there's some noise comes from outside the cell. Stiles tenses, he smells another werewolves closing in.

"Dude, c'mon.." Stiles heard someone whispering.

"Scott, I really think this is not a good idea." Another one whispered back.

"I wanna see the guy." The first one, who must be Scott, insisted.

"Derek told us not to go downstairs." The second one hissed.

"You scared?" Scott teased.

The second one scoffs arrogantly. "Pfft! Puh-lease... I can kill this werewolf with my eyes closed."

Then Stiles sees two guys appear on the outside of the bars. One of them has shaggy black hair and a too-happy face, the other one has short-cropped blond hair and his too-pretty face looks at Stiles with disgust.

"Oh, you're awake!" Happy greeted him. This one has to be Scott. "What's your name?"

Bitchy rolls his eyes. "You're not supposed to be nice to hostages, you Dickhead, did you ever understand a word the Alpha said on training?" He bitched.

Scott looked at his friend with a blank face. Bitchy sighs dramatically. "Here, I'll show you how it's done."

Bitchy looks at Stiles' way. "Alright you piece of shit, tell us who you are and what you're doing in our territory? Hey! Look at me when I'm talking to you, you son of a bitch!" He hits the bars loudly for effect.

From the smell, Stiles knows both of them are werewolves. But he looks back at them and determined to show some guts, he won't answer to these two clowns.

"I don't think your method works." Scott said teasingly to Bitchy. "Let's try mine."

Scott reaches for his jacket's pocket and takes out a bar of Snickers. "Hey, are you hungry?"

Bitchy gapes. "You refused to give me that earlier!"

Scott spats for the first time. "You ate my cereal!"

"That was days ago!"

"You didn't say you were sorry!"

"Yeah well because I didn't, Dickhead!"

Scott snarls angrily, "Do not call me Dickhead!"

Bitchy snarls teasingly, "Dick. Head."

Scott wolfs out and jumps at Bitchy. Bitchy wolfs out as well on impulse and jumps back. Next thing Stiles knows, there are two werewolves brawling on the opposite side of the bars. Seriously, who are these guys? Stiles just can't picture Phanterius' underlings fighting over a candybar. And now the two of them are tangled in a wrestling match on the floor.

"ENOUGH!" A deep roar booms throughout the room, it sends chills to the back of Stiles' neck. He can feel the wolf inside him whimper, recognizing the tone of a dominant alpha. His father used to have the same tone. The two werewolves pulls apart instantly and gets up from the floor. They straighten their posture and turn their body to face the owner of the silencing growls.

Derek glares at the two youngest betas in front of him. "Scott. Jackson. I remember having clearly ordered you to fix the water leak on the second floor ceiling."

The betas whimper and look at their feet. Jackson gulps nervously, while Scott tries his best to look like a confused puppy.

"And I remember clearly that I forbid the two of you to go to the basement." Derek growled.

"Scott asked me to!" Jackson pointed out.

"I did not!" Scott denied.

"You did!"

"Did not!"




Jackson and Scott shut their mouth instantly. Derek pinches the bridge of his nose in frustation. Well-trained or not, teenagers will be teenagers. These pups are such pain in the ass.

"Go. Just go. Fix the ceiling. I bought some new tools, they're in the car."

The teenagers practically trip over their feet running upstairs, obviously avoiding their angry alpha.

Derek turns to the stairs and warns the fleeing betas. "And I said fix it! If you two fight again and make the roof collapse instead, I swear to God, I'll hang both you upside down on a tree for a week!"

He then turns his gaze to the cell and walks closer, satisfied to hear the boy's heartbeat picking up as he comes closer to the bars. The boy is afraid? Good. Derek smirks while he looks inside.

" You!" Derek growled. The boy ignores him. Derek roars. "Are you deaf!?"

The boy's heart thumps like crazy, but he looks up at Derek and answers bravely.

"I have a name."

Derek is stunned. How dare he! Derek's eyes burn red as he glares sharply at the boy's big brown eyes. But strangely, as their eyes meet, it feels like Derek's soul is sucked into those bambi eyes. Those eyes, Derek saw them before. The eyes of someone in fear but too naive to admit defeat. The eyes of a broken soul but too proud to show weakness. Yes, Derek saw them before, everyday in the mirror for 8 long years. Derek hates those eyes. The boy's eyes, Derek hates them.

"You have 10 seconds to tell me who you are, before I tear you limb to limb." Derek hissed.

This boy, he's just looking back at Derek like Derek is no one to be afraid of. Ha! Maybe the boy can fool everyone, but definitely not him. Derek can see it all. Acting all brave yet so terrified inside. Derek mentally laughs at the naive boy inside the cell.

To be honest, the boy is beautiful. In fact, too beautiful for his own good. It makes Derek wondering if he's another alpha's bitch.

"Who sent you here!? This is MY territory!" Derek roared.

The boy looks taken back by Derek's statement, then his expression changes.

"Oh. Your territory.. Of course. My bad, then. I just—My name is Stiles. I was just looking for a place to stay the night in the woods, I didn't know its yours. My apology."

Derek looks at Stiles suspisciously, the boy didn't lie though. He really didn't know he has entered another werewolf's territory? What a stupid schmuck. Didn't his alpha teach him anything?

"Where's your pack?" Derek asked coldly.

The boy's eyes are suddenly teary, but then he shakes his head and pinches his own eyes.

"I'm—" His voice is catched in his throat, the boy finally breaks his gaze from Derek and looks down. "It's just me." His voice breaks.

Derek scowls. So this Stiles is an omega? Well, not Derek's problem. What? He was alone too after his big sister died. This Stiles came to the wrong werewolf if he seeked sympathy, he is not the only one who has suffered from loneliness.

Derek takes the key from his jeans' pocket and open the cell door. He then walk closer to the omega.

"Ok, listen up, I'm gonna open that ankle chain. But don't try anything because I swear if you do, it's gonna be the last thing you ever do." Derek threatened.

Stiles just nods silently. Derek opens the ankle chain on both Stiles' leg, and after Stiles' legs are free, Derek grabs the back collar of Stiles' t-shirt and drags Stiles up with him roughly.

Derek doesn't speak even a word as he drags the boy upstairs. Stiles just lets the alpha drag him on the back of his neck without a single reluctance. Good, Derek doesn't have to get his hands dirty with blood then.

As Derek reaches the porch of the house, he just pushes Stiles harshly to the ground below the porch stairs. And if Derek hears the boy grunt in pain as the rough dirt scratch his skin in his fall, well tough, Derek doesn't care. We're werewolves, the boy has to just deal with it.

"Consider yourself lucky. Leave. Or die." Derek glares at the boy with his blood-red eyes and crosses his arms on his chest, waiting on the omega to leave.

Stiles struggles to stand up, Derek rolls his eyes as the boy's legs get wobbly and almost fall again. When the boy finally stands up on his legs, he looks at Derek with those goddamn eyes again. "Wait, I—I don't know where to go.. And I'm exhausted and haven't eaten anything since breakfast, I'm not sure if I can leave your area before passing out again. I just—I mean—can I stay just for tonight..?" He looks at Derek pleadingly.

Is this boy serious right now? Derek scowls at the boy in disbelief.

Stiles walks closer hesitantly but steps back again when Derek growls at him in warning.

"Please... I promise I'll leave first thing in the morning. I-I'll cook breakfast for your pack before I leave.. And I won't make any sound, I'll do anything you ask as long as I'm here.. I can stay in the cell, I don't mind, I just—I just need a place to sleep.. Please." The omega begged.

He'll cook breakfast? Huh. Interesting. "You can cook?"

Derek can see tinge of hope in the boy's eyes. Dear Lord, Derek can use him for his advantage and the boy won't even notice. How this boy can stay alive so far is a wonder to Derek.

"Any traditional American dish you want, I worked for a lot of diners in my time." Stiles answered hopefully.

Very interesting offer. "How do I know you won't poison us?" Derek still has to make sure. His betas eat like race horses, Derek won't take any risk, not with his pu—betas.

"I won't. How could I? You let me sleep in your house. In your territory. I know when to pay my debt." Stiles answered, with those pleading eyes again.

Ok, the boy is not lying. Derek huffs a breath. Fine, he'll just have to lock the boy in the basement.

"You sleep in the cell." Derek decided.

And for the first time in that night, Derek sees the boy smiling. It's just a little smile, but so genuine that it shakes Derek's heart a little bit. Just a little bit. Besides, what heart?

"And you better make a hell of damn good breakfast in the morning. Or I'll be pissed."

The boy still smiles and fuck would he just stop staring at Derek like that!?

"Thank you." Stiles said softly, he seems so grateful.


To be continued...


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