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None Of It Was Ever Worth The Risk

Chapter 4 - Derek Hale's Masterplan

Three days. Three days were how long Derek puts Stiles on 'Trial'. If he did excellently, no less, Derek would hire him as the housekeeper and let him stay in the house. Otherwise, he would be denied and escorted to leave the territory.

In those three days, Stiles got to know each individual in the pack better. Well, more like, Scott shared literally everything while Jackson bitched next to him.

Scott and Jackson are still in high school, and apparently they were orphans from the same orphanage. Scott said he was bitten by a rouge Alpha when he was fourteen and when he was recruited under Derek's pack, Jackson followed him, receiving the bite from Derek. They denied it with all their will, but Stiles could see through it, that despite the fact that the two Betas fight all the time, they are figuratively joined at the hips. Family at heart, and Stiles wanted that so much.

Stiles asked whether Scott recognized who bit him, but before Scott answered, Jackson nudged him in warning. Well, Stiles guessed that was already too much information for him. So, he chose not to push the matter.

The other Betas go to a college in town. Isaac is in archeology, Boyd is in economy study, and Erica is in modern art. They still have their own family, but choose to move in together with the pack.

Erica and Boyd are mates. At least it was what Derek told Scott and Jackson. Stiles doesn't know what the hell a 'mate' is, and neither does Scott and Jackson. Scott said Derek won't tell them until they're eighteen. The only thing that Scott and Jackson know about mates is that it means Erica and Boyd can be disgusting together. What the hell that's supposed to mean is still a mystery to Stiles.

And their Alpha? Well it turns out, Derek is a programming genius. He works from home, or precisely, from his office attached next to his bedroom. He creates games and tool software which he sells online, and according to Scott, Derek gets millions from the selling.

Scott said it was not his place to tell Stiles about Derek's family. If Stiles wanted to know, he'd have to ask Derek himself. Yeah right, and get mutilated? Stiles wants to know badly, but with how Derek acts toward him, Stiles really thinks poking the issue would not be the smartest thing to do.

Anyway, everyday was a busy day for Stiles. He woke up at six in the cell where now there is a cot for him to sleep, cleaned the first floor of the house, woke up the Betas but not the Alpha, prepared breakfast, witnessed and handled the chaos of werewolves getting ready for school, and saw the Betas out of the door.

Around nine, he knocked the Alpha's bedroom door gently, prepared breakfast for the Alpha and made his coffee perfectly right, served breakfast to the Alpha, and saw the Alpha entered his office to work before he got himself his late breakfast.

He then cleaned the kitchen, cleaned the second floor and that included Scott and Jackson's signature armageddon called 'bedrooms', fixed Derek's lunch and served it, did the laundry, and then he took a late lunch break.

Around three, he prepared an afternoon snack, served the snack and some hot milk tea to Derek, witnessed and handled the chaos of Betas getting back from school soon after, and he served them the snacks as well. The Betas were always happy about it, they said it was a new habit that they could definitely get used to.

He cooked dinner while the pack trained, served dinner, cleaned the kitchen again, and finally made the Betas hot chocolate at nine before they headed to bed at ten.

In summary, Stiles worked his ass off.

Scott lent him his clothes and they kindly let him take a shower in the guest bathroom. As he cooked for the pack, he could eat the same food too. He just ate his meal alone in the kitchen after the pack was finished, but it was already more than what he could hope. Actually, the pack treated him nicely, but of course he wasn't allowed to bring that up where Derek could hear it.

And those three days were more exciting than any day in the former eight years of Stiles' lifetime. Stiles was so distracted that he forgot about his pain, his misery, his sadness, whatever you call it.
The Betas were around him all the time, entering his personal space and demanding help, even for the most simple thing like finding the lost pair of shoes or choosing between two flavors of ice cream for the waffles.

Stiles knew he shouldn't get attached to them, but Stiles found himself longing for the attention. It comforted him in a way that Stiles could not explain. And his hungry, lonely, damaged soul wanted more of this feeling. Stiles craved it, he breathed easier with it.

If only he could satisfy the Alpha. Oh God, the things he would do just to make Derek show even a tiny bit of satisfaction on his face. But he got none, not even a nod or a single twitch of his facial muscle, nothing.

Everytime he did something for the Alpha, like serving him his best apple crumble pie and steaming cup of milk tea while Derek worked in his office or handing him a cold wet towel and the mineral bottle after pack training, Derek just spared him a glimpse and that was it. And Stiles realized, no matter how the Betas loved what he did, if Derek didn't, Stiles wouldn't get to stay.

So yeah, Stiles is nervous right now, because today is day four. Derek will decide whether Stiles stays or leaves today, and Stiles doesn't know when or how Derek will do it.

Stiles is preparing Derek's breakfast, mushroom cream soup and sausage bruschetta. The Betas already went to school. He gulps nervously as he smells Derek's scent entering the kitchen.

"G-Good morning." He greeted Derek.

Derek ignores him as usual and goes straight to the dining table. Stiles shakes his head, he has to calm himself down. His nervousness will only lead to clumsiness and it won't help him win Derek's good side. He serves Derek his coffee and breakfast, and immediately leaves the Alpha alone.

"Hey." Derek suddenly called him. Stiles turns around to face the Alpha. "Y-Yes?"

"Eat with me."

"What..?" Stiles asked breathlessly. He can't believe what he just heard.

Derek scowls at him. "Are you deaf? Bring your meal, and eat at the fucking table. With me."

Stiles gapes, but then he rushes to the kitchen counter and puts two pieces of bruschetta sloppily on a plate. Then he rushes back to the dining table, noticing he doesn't even know where to sit.

"Where should I.." Stiles started but he saw Derek flicked his finger at the seat across from him. Stiles nods and drags out the chair to sit on.

"Wait." Derek suddenly halted.

Stiles tenses. Oh God, what did he do wrong? Should've he thanked Derek first earlier? Did he pull out the chair too fast? Did he screw up Derek's coffee? Oh God he did, didn't he? He screwed up Derek's coffee!

"Add more food to your plate."

Stiles stares at Derek blankly. "Huh..?"

Derek scowls again. "I said add more food to your plate. This habit of yours to make me repeat myself over and over again really gets on my nerve."

"I-I'm sorry." With that, Stiles rushes back to the kitchen counter and add a couple more of bruschetta on his plate. Then, he heads back to the dining table just to get scolded exasperatedly by Derek again.

"Where's your soup, Stiles!? For God's sake—"

"Oh God, Derek please I-I'm sorry, I'll be right back." Stiles panickingly goes back to the kitchen. He feels so helpless, why he can't even do one thing, just one thing, that's right, in front of Derek.

The night before...

"So what will you do about Stiles, Derek? Does he meet your requirements?" Boyd asked him. They often have chat in Derek's office, especially if Derek needs a second opinion before takes an important decision.

Derek hated to admit it, but he had to show justice as a well-respected Alpha. And Stiles' afternoon milk tea is not bad, but Derek never drank them before, so his opinion can't be considered as valid.

"He's adequate."

"Then he's hired?" Boyd couldn't even hide his relief. God, what kind of magic that the Omega casted on his Betas, really.

"I'm not one-hundred-percent sure." Derek answered.

Boyd sat straighter. "What do you mean? I thought you said he's good."

"We don't have the guarantee that he can be trusted."

What? Those brown bambi eyes were suspicious, they weakened Derek's composure. But Boyd didn't need to know that. Actually, no one needs to know that. Like, ever.

"Okay.." Boyd seemed thinking hard. "But I need you to know that the others are really fond of him. It would scar your image if you denied Stiles for invalid reason."

Boyd was right, he couldn't stench his righteous image just like that. "What is your suggestion?"

Boyd shrugged. "Why don't you spy on him first?"

Derek frowned at the suggestion. "Elaborate." He demanded.

"Like people said, get close to your allies, get even closer to your enemies. If you doubt Stiles' true intention with our pack, then dig information about him. Study his background. Learn about his character and personality." Boyd explained.

"Why don't I just ask you to do it?"

"With all due respect, Derek, but the only one who cannot trust Stiles in this house is you. If you ask me or the other Betas to do the spy thing for you, our judgement will be biased. Or perhaps, that's okay with you?" Boyd smiles at him.

Derek narrowed his eyes at Boyd suspiciously. "No.."

Boyd shrugged again. "Then you have no choice. Just give Stiles the job and get close to him. Then if you find any proof of his hidden evil intention, fire him, or kill him if you think it's necessary. Nobody would question your judgement by then."

And that is exactly what he wanted. Excellent, mission executed. Top priority.


So, the first step that Derek decided to choose was Stiles would have his breakfast and lunch with him everyday. It's the easiest and simplest way to get close to the kid. Maybe after couple of days, Stiles will start talking and slip out his secrets. Even if he didn't, Derek could ask questions. There would be nowhere to hide for Stiles, since it will be just the two of them when the Betas were already gone at school.

The kid is more nervous today, Derek mentally smirks. And the kid's expression when Derek asked him to eat with him was hilarious. Yes, evil brown eyes, be afraid of Derek Hale's glorious charisma.

Derek takes a look over Stiles and notices that Stiles is too skinny. Not that Derek cares but despite the healing power of a werewolf, he still doesn't want break any bones when he starts to play rough, it'll upset the Betas. And Derek's wolf is tempted to play rough with Stiles, maybe the wolf in him is annoyed by Stiles too. Derek understands his wolf's feelings, those eyes are extremely annoyingtoo.

By the way, Stiles only puts two bruschettas on his own plate, seriously? He puts six on Derek's plate. And where's Stiles' goddamn soup? No wonder this Omega is so weak and pathetic.

After Stiles finally has a decent portion of breakfast with the help of Derek's 'encouragement', Derek starts eating. But the boy only steals glimpses at Derek with curiosity in his shiny, wide, beautiful ey—dammit NO!

"Eat." Derek said. Stiles is startled and starts to eat quietly.

"So, Stiles.." Derek said in the middle of the meal. "Why don't you tell me about yourself."

Stiles stops eating and puts down his fork. "I don't know where to start.."

Derek mentally rolls his eyes. "Are you an Omega all your life?" He asked.

"No." Stiles said, bowing down his head.

"Since when?"

"Since I was eight.." Stiles answered with a small voice.

Really? He was alone since that young? Derek has to admit that was fucked.

"How come? Your pack abandoned you?" Derek teased.

"N-No.." Oh great, the shaky voice appears again. What is wrong with this boy? He's just so pathetic.

"Hey. Look at me when I talk to you." Derek ordered. Stiles looks up to Derek, showing his teary bambi brown eyes who look so broken but once again try to stay strong. Derek feels something tingles in him, he wants to do something, but he chooses to ignore the weird urge.

"You left your pack then? You betrayed them?" He sneered.

"I would never do that!" Stiles suddenly yelled. Woah, that surprises him. Stiles looks taken back as well by what he yelled in impulse, he closes his mouth. His teary eyes look scared. "I-I'm sorry, I didn't mean to yell."

Stiles then stands up. "I have to clean up the house. If you'll excuse me."

Derek's gaze follows as the boy gathers his dirty dishes and puts them in the sink. Stiles' reaction is interesting, there must be more to that story. Derek is now curious, Stiles is such a riddle.

"Wait." Derek called Stiles when Stiles started to walk away from the kitchen area.

Stiles turns around, his body is trembling slightly in fear. It makes the muscles in Derek's hands twitch, the urge is there again and it pisses Derek off.

"Please, Derek, please don't make me leave.." Stiles whispered his plea, eyes on full force drilling into Derek's dark deep hole of a soul.

Derek only stares coldly at Stiles, he refuses to let some beautiful face fool him again. Remembering a certain beautiful face in the past makes him suddenly so angry. Derek gritted his teeth, his jaw is clenched.

"Derek..?" Stiles hesitatedly called.

"Shut up." Derek harshly said, making Stiles flinch.

Derek is torn apart. He has to get closer to Stiles to dig some information about him and he knows that Stiles won't open up to him if he keeps lashing at Stiles like that. But at the same time, Derek feels reluctant toward the idea of exposing himself to Stiles. Derek huffs his breath in annoyance.

"I decided to take you in. But one mistake, you're out. You understand?"

Stiles brightens up immediately and fuck those eyes, seriously, they get teary when he's happy too!?

"Yes. Derek, thank you so much.. I won't let you down." Stiles smiles gratefully.

Derek ignores the gratitude and stands up from his seat. "Leave the cleaning up, we'll go grocery shopping. See you outside in fifteen." With that, Derek walks out of the dining area.

If being in the same car with Derek Hale was awkward in silence, then grocery shopping with the Alpha was super awkward in not-silence.

Derek was so unpredictable, really, Stiles couldn't read the Alpha at all. One time, he was angry and looked like he wanted to throttle Stiles when Stiles was clumsily tripped by the welcome rug, but then the other time, he awkwardly and shockingly took the shopping cart from Stiles and insisted that he could handle it.

In the middle of shopping, Derek just frowns when Stiles hesitatedly puts the ramen noodles that Derek took, back to the shelf. While to be honest, it is life and death gambling for Stiles to do that.

"You have me to cook for you now, Derek, you don't have to eat instant food anymore." Stiles explained softly, hoping that the Alpha gets Stiles' genuine concern about his health.

"But I lo—look forward to eating noodles." Derek grumbles, but he doesn't fight Stiles any further, he just scowls as he walks along the rack isle.

Ladies and gentlemen, Stiles could not believe he just witnessed the cold mysterious Derek Hale sulking over instant noodles.

"I can make it from scratch if you want.." Stiles offered. Stiles swears Derek's ears were twitching at that.

"Whatever." Derek only said, but stole a glimpse at Stiles in that way. The way Jackson did when he asked for another round of a meal. Suddenly, Stiles feels an urge to smile at the sight.

"Okay.. What is your favorite flavor?" Stiles asked.

Derek steals a glimpse at Stiles again before saying "tonkatsu" very softly. If Stiles was not a werewolf, he wouldn't be able to hear it.

"Well then, I'll make you home-cooked tonkatsu ramen for lunch. Let's look for the ingredients." Stiles smiles brightly at the Alpha, happy that he finally gets to see a different side of Derek. Somehow, Derek's sour face doesn't look so terrifying anymore.

Derek is taken back when Stiles puts back his ramen noodles and says crap about no-more-instant-food because that was exactly what his mom used to say. And dammit Stiles offered to make the 'real' one too, just like his mom.

Well, he can't say no, right? He has to act nice, not that he loves noodles or is eager to try Stiles' home-cooked one. And why is Stiles smiling stupidly like that? Is he mocking him!? HOW DARE—

"Oh no, Derek, they don't have the pork yet.."

What!? But that's..atrocity! Who the hell is responsible!?

Derek glares murderously at the meat section display table.

"Hey, don't worry, we can always use beef as a subtitute." Stiles spoke up his solution.

"Sure. Whatever." He did not huff in relief, he huffed in annoyance because tonkatsu ramen should have used pork meat.

Two hours later, Derek fidgets in his seat on dining table and huffs in irritation over and over again, waiting impatiently for his noodles. He's hungry, alright? When Stiles appears with a big bowl in his hand, Derek rolls his eyes. Finally.

"Be careful, it's hot." Stiles serves the bowl in front of Derek.

"I'm not a fucking five-year-old." Derek bitched.

Stiles gulps. "I-I'm sorry. I don't mean to be rude.." Stiles turns away and goes back to the kitchen area, starting to clean up the mess.

"Stiles!" Derek called out. He can see Stiles tense before he makes his way to Derek.

"Is there anything wrong with the noodle?" Stiles nervously asked.

"Yes, it's getting cold because you took so long to take your own meal and put your ass in that chair." Derek said sarcastically.

"I don't understand.."

"Eat with me. I told you that this morning."

"I-I thought that was one time only, I assumed—"

"Well you assumed wrong. You will have every meal with me from now on." He ordered.

Stiles rubs the back his neck nervously, Derek can smell his curiosity. "May I ask why..?"

Let's see...

Because he has to spy on Stiles, since Stiles' eyes are suspiciously powerful enough to shake Derek.

Because he needs to reveal every secret that Stiles possesses, including what kind of spell that Stiles casted on Derek's Betas that made them fall for him just in a freaking day.

Because perhaps in the middle of the meal, Derek could tease the boy mercilessly and get to see those scared bambi brown eyes as the result. This is simply for entertainment.

Because...he's the Alpha. And the Alpha always gets what he wants. Duh.

Derek sneers at the boy. "No. But I'm gonna rip your throat out if my noodles gets cold. With my teeth."

Stiles' posture straightens up at the threat. "I-I'll be right back!" He then rushes back to the kitchen area.

Derek smirks in satisfaction. Huh. Getting Stiles so worked up is actually kinda fun.

To be continued...


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