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None Of It Was Ever Worth The Risk

Chapter 7 - Trip For Two

The Alpha of The Pack of Banff

Requests The Pleasure Of Your Company at

The Courting Ball

Saturday, The Tenth of November

At Seven O'Clock In The Evening

The Fairmont Banff Springs Ballroom

Banff, Canada

P.S. Derek, Honey, I swear in the name of your mother, if you don't come to my son's courting ritual, I'm going to hunt down your sorry ass and rip you a new one.

Love, Mama Sue.

"Erica, why the hell the plane tickets said it's on the seventh of November!? You should have booked the ninth! The gala is on the tenth!" Derek fumed, stomping into the living room where his Betas laying around and playing XBox.

Erica looks up from the scrapbook she reads. "Is it? Oh my God, I'm so sorry, I must have read the schedule too fast, mistaking seven for nine." Erica said apologetically, but Derek knows her better than that, recognizing the mischief in her eyes.

Derek eyes her suspiciously while he talks. "Boyd, it means we're gonna be there longer than we expected."

"Derek, that's weekdays, I have classes." Boyd said.

Derek groans in disbelief. "Are you joking right now?"

"I wish I were. Sorry, Boss." Boyd winced.

Derek turns to Isaac who seems attached to his laptop and raises his eyebrows at the oblivious curly haired young man. Boyd elbows Isaac on the side. The Beta is startled but then noticing that his Alpha is questioning him with his eyes.

"What? Oh. Uhm, I have classes too." Isaac said sheepishly.

The Alpha groans again and sends a murderous glare at Erica. She did this, the least thing she can do is going along with him.

"What? Don't look at me, I have a project to submit this Friday." Erica grinned innocently.

Derek's glare intensifies. This woman, he swears to God—

"You can take us with you." Jackson suddenly offered, pausing the game he's playing with Scott who's grinning hopefully at the Alpha. "Yeah, Derek, we don't mind skipping school for few days!" Scott added too eagerly.

The older Betas snort in amusement, someone mutters "of course you don't" under his breath.

"Nice try, but even if the sky falls down, you're still going to school." Derek said.

Scott' hopeful grin falters into a disappointed pout while Jackson just shrugs and focuses back on the game they were playing, catching Scott's attention back to it immediately. Few seconds later, they start accusing each other cheating again.

Later that evening, Derek is packing his essential upstairs in his room when he catches Erica's scent even before the young woman knocks on the door. She comes in even before he says she could.

"Are you seriously going to go alone?" Erica asked while she watches Derek moving back and forth from his closet to the luggage on his bed.

Derek stops in his track and shoots a deadly glare at Erica. "Yeah, thanks to 'someone', I am."

"Oh don't be so bitter, I'm sure there's someone you can bring along with you."

Derek eyes Erica suspiciously as she grins mischievously again. Seriously, what is she playing at? "No, as you can see, there isn't." Derek said, tossing socks into the luggage.

Erica hums and plays with her hair. "Well, you can always take your mate with you.." She suggested.

"I've said it a thousand times, Stiles is not my mate!" Derek hissed as low as he can, not wanting said boy to hear them from downstairs.

Erica raises her eyebrows, amused smile on her pretty face. "Who said I was talking about Stiles? Why, is he who comes to mind when I say mate?"

Derek freezes like a statue. He can't find words to say to that and it's nerve-wrecking, especially when Erica's smile gets even wider from his silence. The temperature of the room suddenly feels hotter. He can hear his own heartbeat go faster than it should.

Erica bursts into laugh. "I'm just kidding! Of course I was talking about him, your face right now is just priceless."

Can he kill this woman? Like, this second?

A wise Alpha does not simply kill his pup even though said pup is being incredibly annoying, Derek mentally told himself. He takes a deep calming breath and his sensitive nose instantly catches the hints of the scent of Stiles' mouth-watering shepherd's pie out of the oven just now. He mentally groans why now and tries to ignore it, but then he hears doors being slammed and feet stomping downstairs in a rushing herd. Obviously the Betas smell the fresh baked pie as well and Derek won't have any of it if they sweep it all clean.

"Erica, leave this instance or I take away your morning one-hour privilege of the master bathroom." He growled, ending up with a threat. The truth is, he really needs to finish up packing fast because he really wants that freaking pie. And he's the Alpha, dammit, he gets to have the biggest slice. Those ungrateful brats should have known their place in this house.

Erica pouts at him before she finally drags her feet reluctantly towards the door. But then she pauses at the doorway and turns around. "I just honestly think that Stiles deserves some days off, you know. And you need company for the event. We all know going alone means disaster to you, because it means everyone will try to start a conversation with you and your anti-social inner wolf hates that. So, why not, right?" She said with a shrug before closing the door behind her.

Well—When she puts it like that, Derek starts to consider the option himself. Compared to all the snobs that tried to steal his attention at every werewolf event he's attended, Stiles is not that annoying. Stiles would be appealing company actually, imagine all the nervousness he will get to see on those stupid brown bambi eyes when the clumsy boy has to attend a formal ball. Derek can't help smirking, maybe he should take the boy with him. And for once, such event won't be that boring.

And no, this has nothing to do with the fact that the wolf in him purrs in approval at the idea of spending some alone time with the Omega in the middle of nowhere without his pups around. Because no pups around means no one will tease him or question his actions toward Stiles. Not that he wants to do anything.

Stiles fidgets in his seat, this is the first time he travels by plane. His senses tingle, catching everything that's going on around him from the scenery outside the window to the things in the cart that the attendant pushes back and forth, his eyes wide in interest.

"Derek, look! Woah, look at the cloud beneath us, it looks like a wide white soft carpet. And the sun, Derek, the freaking sun is like, so close right there." Stiles said eagerly to the man sitting next to him, the tip of his index finger attached to the aircraft window as he points out everything his eyes see. Derek's lips twitch, for a second Stiles thought the man would smile. But Derek just rolls his eyes before focusing back on his book.

Stiles lounges back on his seat. "Anyway, are you really sure I'm permitted to travel abroad?" Stiles nervously asked. Seriously though, he's pretty sure he doesn't even have a passport.

"That's already taken care of." Derek merely answered, copy of Art of War few inches from his handsome face. Stiles takes his time staring at the Alpha and if the man pretends he doesn't notice, Stiles is grateful for that. For the few days ahead, Stiles gets to indulge the view of that handsome face (and everything else) for himself without anyone calling him out.

Since the epic hug that he can't manage to forget even in his sleep, he hasn't been this close to Derek for almost two weeks. But now, he can't imagine how he will survive the tension of being this close to the Alpha again. Even earlier, his silly heart thumps like crazy when Derek leaned very close to his personal space and helped him with the safety belt. He bets his stupid face flushed like some stupid boiled crab.

His head wanders around the idea of spending time in some quiet exclusive town in Canada, surrounded by wild highland, with Derek. Instantly, he feels his inner wolf yelp in anticipation. Stiles is so excited but it's possible he's becoming more fidgety than he already is.

"What the hell is wrong with you? You barely stay still. You need to pee or something?" Derek asked, raising his monumental eyebrows at Stiles in annoyance.

"No.." Stiles said as he blushed and smiled shyly at Derek, shining brown eyes mirroring the happiness that fills his chest. "I'm just so excited to be in this trip. With you."

The last part came out as a soft whisper but Derek is a werewolf, so it's just as loud as the rest to the Alpha. Derek scowls at him in silence before the Alpha turns his head away, ears and cheeks blushing slightly pink matching Stiles himself. "Where's my bento?" Derek asked with a low voice, almost a whisper.

Stiles smiles smittenly, recalling Derek asking him to set a lunch box of rice and beef katsu before they left. Derek is really adorable. Actually, Derek is too adorable to the point that Stiles can't stop smiling at everything the Alpha does nowadays. Stiles starts to think that his excitement towards this closeness to the grumpy Alpha is not just as mere as the search of approval anymore, if only he knows what to call this feeling.

When they finally land eight or more hours later, Stiles can't even stand up straight. Apparently, his first flight was not that fun anymore after the first four hours up in the air passed. Stiles is more than ready to lay himself on the first flat surface he sees. He just hopes Derek agrees with him and gets them to where they will stay for the night right away.

"Derek, I feel funny.." Stiles admitted when they wait for their baggage, his body swaying a little.

Derek frowns at him in silence. Great, not even an hour into the trip and he's already annoying the hell out of Derek. Stiles pouts miserably, he's having the headache of his life and now a possibility of getting some of Derek's angry growls. But to Stiles' surprise, Derek gently grabs his arm and guides him to the nearest bench instead, sitting him down.

"Stay here." The Alpha said softly, but his expression sends a serious warning that Stiles better does as he says. Stiles just nods, trying not to think about the loss he felt when Derek's hand let go of his arm. Derek goes and comes back with their bags sooner that Stiles thought he would.

A very nice car picks them up from the airport, the very polite driver takes care of their luggage and opens the car door for them. Stiles falls asleep in the backseat the next minute and is nudged awake by Derek when the car enters the driveway of a very nice hotel with a fountain on its front and surrounded by trees and gardens of flowers.

Stiles' mouth falls open as he follows Derek into the lobby. He looks up to see a very big chandelier in the middle and looks down to see the floor made of shiny marbles. The people in here look very neat and Stiles bets the warm-looking wooden furnitures cost fortunes.

"Good evening, welcome to the Rimrock Resort. How can I help you, Gentlemen?" The receptionist greeted with a warm smile.

"Good evening, we have a reservation under the name Derek Hale." Derek said.

"Of course, let me check it for you, Sir." The receptionist types something in his computer right away. "Ah yes, Ms. Reyes already reserved the best room in this hotel for you, Mr. Hale." The man confirmed.

After taking care of the administration and giving the room key, the receptionist smiles so brightly at Derek and Stiles. "It's our pleasure to welcome you and we ensure you and your partner will have the most unforgettable experience in your stay."

Fifteen minutes later, Stiles is standing in the middle of the most luxurious hotel suite he can imagine. There's a mahogany fireplace, surrounded by one big cozy-looking sofa with flowers pattern pillows and two beige lounge chairs. A huge mahogany coffee table is placed in front of the fireplace, a vase of fresh white and pink roses on top of it. The peach color of the floor carpet fits the soft ambiance of the room lighting.

Stiles passes the bed to check out the windows, gaping to find out that this room has its own private balcony. A freaking balcony, with a view of breath-taking mountains, pine woods, and flowing streams.

"Derek, this place is amazing." Stiles said breathlessly. Romantic. This place has all the requirements to be called romantic. He will spend private time with Derek in a very romantic environment, his inner wolf purrs in satisfaction. Stiles' breath is caught in his throat, what is happening to him? What is this warming sensation in his chest?

Stiles shakes his confusing thoughts and turns his back from the window to face the Alpha. Derek is staring hard at the royal king-size bed with floral duvet and matching fluffy pillows in front of him.

"The bed looks beautiful." Stiles agreed. Derek glances around the room and stares back at the bed. And then to Stiles' confusion, Derek's heart suddenly paces up so fast. Why? What's wrong?

Stiles' question is answered when Derek turns to the porter who comes in to place their luggage in the room.

"Why does this room have only one bed?" Derek asked. The porter looks at Derek like he's growing two heads, before regaining his best smile and answering.

"Why, Sir, it would be ridiculous to have more than one bed in this room, wouldn't it? This is the Honeymoon Suite, after all."

To be continued...


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