Zoro actually likes this domesticity shit, if Sanji asks him to do something lame then he actually jumps at the chance because doing normal shit with Sanji just feels like they're somehow more real. Before if any of his lovers had asked him to come with them to get suits or to go to a supplier with them Zoro wouldn't have even considered it but with Sanji there's no question. He goes because it's Sanji and he just likes being near him, it's like a contact high but instead of getting high it just makes him happy. Contact contentment, he likes that.

The back of Sanji's car is filled with tablecloths, packed in every available space and Zoro keeps having to turn around the shove them down so that Sanji can see out of the rear view as they drive. They're all for the Baratie of course and they need to be cleaned. For some reason that Zoro can't get Sanji talking about without it devolving into a bitch fit, the company that usually cleans them isn't doing so and so the two of them are going to have to get to the cleaners to get them done manually.

The two of them take up every machine in the fucking laundry place and Zoro has to keep rushing to the nearby shop to break notes into coins until the owner eventually tells him to fuck off and get change elsewhere. By the end of it the two of them are sat in the steamy laundry room, the smell of detergent fragrancing the air and more junk food and drinks between them than either of them need or want.

A loud crack of thunder makes Sanji jolt on the top of the washing machine that he's sitting cross legged on. The sky outside has been dark for hours, not through the time of night but through the storm that's been building all day and fucking with the pressure in Zoro's sinuses and inner ears, he just wants the goddamn thing to break because it's giving him a pressure headache.

"Jumpy." Zoro remarks casually.

"Go fuck yourself." Sanji snaps back defensively and hums to himself for a second, shuffling through the cards in his hand.

"I think I won't, I mean, this is a public place after all..." Zoro says as if he's thinking about it.

"Shut your yap. Two jacks." Sanji says kicking Zoro and putting two cards face down on the pile on the machine between them. Zoro glances down at his hand. He doesn't recall playing more than two jacks in the past so... yeah... ok, Sanji could be telling the truth.

"Hm. Three queens." Zoro grins, placing them down challengingly, daring Sanji to call his bluff. He'll be wrong of course though, the cards he's putting down are actually queens, he's not lying at all and if Sanji makes the mistake of calling it then he's going to have to pick up that whoooooole pile.

Sanji makes a show of thinking about it a lot. Thunder rumbles in the dark outside the laundry place a distant flashes of lightning flare outside.

"Okay, I'll let you have that. Two queens." Sanji says looking at Zoro like butter wouldn't melt in his mouth as if he hadn't just claimed to put down enough queens for their to be five in their deck. Zoro's jaw drops open, the gall of it!

"You fucking cheat! CHEAT!" Zoro yells with a face splitting grin. Outside the rain suddenly drops like someone has turned on a million pressure hoses in the sky, within moments Zoro feels the pressure drop and the ache in his head starts to recede.

"Oh thank fuck for that." He groans, rubbing under his eyes on either side of his nose as the relief starts to flood his system.

"Better?" Sanji asks softly, his hand coming out and touching Zoro's jaw. His fingers are so smooth and soft and Zoro shudders a little despite himself as Sanji's thumb ghosts over his cheekbone.

"Yeah." He breathes against Sanji's wrist. A surge of want rolls in him like a wave, he's stopped ignoring them or denying them now. Ever since he had dinner with Robin he's come to accept the fact that he's fallen for his best friend.

"That's what you get for letting people punch you in your face, you fuck up your sinuses and shit like this happens." Sanji says gently, running a finger over the slight bump in Zoro's nose that he's had most of his adult life.

"I didn't let myself get punched in the face. Anyway, quit changing the subject, you cheated. Pick up." Zoro argues, shaking Sanji's hand off before he does something regrettable and listens to the butterflies swarming in his stomach.

"You think I lied to you about the cards I put down?" Sanji purrs with a grin and his eyes sparking with mischief. Fuck, Zoro just wants to kiss him. He wants to tangle his fingers in that stupid blonde hair and smash his mouth to Sanji's. He wants to hear the noise he'll make when they kiss, will he startle or will he whine or moan and sink into it? He wants to know, to hear it and to feel that. Still, that's not what he's here for and he needs to focus.

"Well, yeah. Three and two is five, dumbfuck." He responds.

There's a snap of lightning, so close it makes Zoro's ears ring and with a bang all of the lights in the ceiling blow, plunging them into startled darkness.

"Oh fuck." Sanji breathes in the blackness.

"Are the machines still on?" Sanji asks after a second. Zoro looks around and sees that the little lights on the displays of all of the machines are still on and he thinks that he can hear them working over the sound of the rain. Less than a second after Sanji has asked the machine between them where their cards are resting suddenly switches to a spin cycle, flinging their cards to the floor along with any chance Zoro had at catching Sanji cheating at their game.

"You still cheated, cook." Zoro grumbles in the dark. He leans forward blindly, groping for their cards in the sudden darkness of the room. His forehead glances off of Sanji's in the dark and the cook yelps and pulls back.

"Oh shit, sorry!" Zoro apologises hastily, crawling forward on top of the juddering machine to reach Sanji. He puts his hand down on something warm and hard though and he pauses in confusion.

"Your thick head has probably bruised my beautiful face. Is there any reason your hand is on my knee marimo?" Sanji prompts him, his voice sounding smug.

"I can't see a fucking thing, don't bitch at me." Zoro grumbles, moving his hand to the right. And... huh. That had felt like Sanji's right knee which means that his hand is now... between Sanji's legs.

"You're fucking lost aren't you?" Sanji sniggers, leaning forward to get his face right in Zoro's space. He can feel Sanji's warm breath on his skin and the most teasing hint of the seam of Sanji's jeans on his forearm and Sanji shifts to make his point as to just where Zoro has planted his stupid hand. God, a little further forward and Sanji would practically be grinding on his arm. If only.

"No." He mutters and feels the breathy huff of Sanji's laugh ghost across his skin. He can locate him now. Zoro turns his head and just feels the tip of Sanji's nose against his own, the blonde pulls back slightly in surprise.

"Oh, so you meant to do that huh?" Sanji teases.

Fuck it.

Zoro leans forward, licks his lips, tilts his head slightly and presses his lips to Sanji's. The blonde lets out a startled gasp and Zoro leans in a little more, his hand coming up from between Sanji's legs and touching the blonde's jaw. Sanji shudders under his touch and within a second he's kissing back. His best friend is kissing him back.

Zoro doesn't have words for how this feels. Obviously he's kissed people before but it's always been in lust, out of a need to get the person who's making him feel so good as close to himself as physically possible, it was just another way of expressing need. But this... this is sweet and needy and meaningful. They come apart a little but don't really part. Zoro surges forward again, if they break the kiss then they're going to have to talk about this and Zoro doesn't want that. He just wants Sanji.

Sanji is his best fucking friend in the whole world. The blonde kicked his way into his life like he owned the fucking joint and completely dominated his mind. Zoro's not a cold heartless bastard and he cares about his friends deeply, but Sanji just owned him like no one else. He'd do anything the blonde asked and he owes so much to him, he knows that he's done plenty for Sanji too, it's not like he's beholden to the cook because he feels obligated or any shit like that. It's just so much evidence for how much he means to him.

He moves up onto his knees, his hands on either side of Sanji's delicate but masculine face as he keeps him close. He kisses him a little deeper and Sanji sighs and lets Zoro's tongue in. He wants to communicate just how much this means. He's never... never been in love with anyone in his life. Oh sure he loves his family, he loved Kuina but this is a completely different creature, even if it has the same name. If he had to fall in love with anyone he's so glad that it's Sanji. He doesn't want to lose what they have and he feels greedy for it but he also wants to much more too.

Eventually they have to pull apart and Sanji's warm hands are on Zoro's wrists. He keeps his hands on Sanji though, one rubbing soft strokes on his jaw with his thumb and the other brushing through the cropped blonde hair at the back of his head.

"Wow." Sanji says softly into the darkness.

"Yeah." Zoro agrees a little breathlessly.

A note of fear strikes through him, he really hopes he's not fucked this up. He doesn't want to lose Sanji, not at all.

"We're... we're still good right? Still friends?" He questions nervously.

"Yeah, we're friends." Sanji laughs gently and Zoro gets the feel that he's missing something but he trusts Sanji enough to tell him if he'd done something wrong.

"So... can I... kiss you again?" Zoro asks hopefully, having moved close enough as he asks that he's almost painting the words onto Sanji's mouth.

Instead of an answer Sanji is the one who leans forward and kisses him. To Zoro's surprise Sanji overwhelms him, surging forward with strength that topples the startled Zoro back onto his ass and then his back across the machine he'd been sitting on before. The few cards that had survived the spin cycle of the machine between them get scattered across the floor by Zoro's foot.

Sanji pours his body over Zoro's like honey, melting into him and getting everywhere. Hands roam over his body, feeling every inch and Zoro just stills and revels in it. He likes a partner who has a certain give and take and challenges him. Sure he wants to hold Sanji down and make him scream but he also wants Sanji to do the same with him. Before he'd thought that required strength, not that Sanji isn't strong because fuck he's seen the guy fight, but Sanji is doing it by overloading Zoro's senses. He's staring up blankly at the ceiling that he can't even make out, it's so dark that he may as well be blindfolded and yet it makes him rely on all of his other senses. All of them however are just returning back the call of Sanji, Sanji, Sanji.

He can smell the soap the cook uses and the soft woodsy aftershave he uses, there are hints of things that Sanji has cooked during the day in there too. The blonde's hands are all over him, pushing up Zoro's shirt with one hand and pinning his wrist above his head to a machine below him. The cook has a thigh between Zoro's and the way he's pressing forward to flutter kisses on Zoro's throat means that it's a perfect kind of teasing pressure. Sanji is pretty quiet but Zoro can hear his own voice echoing off of the metal and linoleum of the laundry place's interior, he can hear what Sanji's doing to him and he can only hope that it affects Sanji as much as it's affecting him.

He whines, finding Sanji's lips again and kissing him. Is he ever going to get bored of kissing Sanji? He can't imagine it, not at all. How could anyone? Shit, how could any of the people who have been with Sanji ever have left him? He's been emotionally intimate with him for like... forever, or so it feels. Sanji's honest and sweet and just amazing but now like this he's brilliant. Well, good thing those idiots gave him up, this way Zoro gets a shot.

The lights flicker back on, apparently the bulbs weren't blown, it must have just been the fuses resetting from the power surge. Above him Sanji blinks owlishly in the light, surprise by its sudden return. Zoro laughs at his stupid expression and thinks that Sanji had a point about relationships, he's pretty fucking excited that he'll get to have one with Sanji of all people. Although, shit, he's not asked that has he?

"Uh, shit. Sanji." He begins awkwardly.

"I don't... I don't want this to be just a stupid one-time thing, right?" Zoro adds to clarify.

"Me neither, marimo." Sanji beams down at him and Zoro can feel the way that Sanji relaxes as he says it. He must have been worried about it too.

"Awesome." Zoro beams and leans up and kisses... well... kisses his boyfriend. There's a first for everything, right?