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Code R.R – Actually that is what I am going for since Campione are called devils or was it Devil King (Maou). I thought to myself what if a Campione became a true Devil this is one of the reasons why I started this story I am entertaining the idea of a Campione becoming a true Devil.

The DragonBard – Issei is revived by 7 pawn pieces and 1 of the 7 is a mutated piece I stated that on chapter 1. It means that 1 mutated pawn + 6 normal pawn = 7 pawns. I am also sorry to say that Godou will get Rias and Akeno is a bit in the 50/50. The reason for getting Rias is so that Godou will have a reason to kick Riser's ass, and for Akeno I just like for her to be in it.

I know that a lot of you are asking about how the spear of light effect the Campione's immunity to magic. I have in the trivia of Campione wiki that "Campione are naturally resistant to magic , to the point that they are immune to all mortal magics delivered externally, and can diminish the power of magics delivered internally." I thought that they are all immune to magics casted by humans and since Angels, Fallen Angels and Devils are not using human magic I just made it that Campione has high resistance to magics casted by them. I would also like to add that Angels are servants by God from the Bible since they are created by God I think the magics they use are powerful enough and looking at the spear it looks like it has a physical property to it. And if I did make him immune to all forms of magic except from Gods Authorities, when I make Godou fight it is like he would just shrug of the magic attack sent by his enemies there will no longer be a use for the [Aegis] that I gave him.

Why is Godou's value is one pawn. Actually since he used [Ram] he does not need reviving that single piece only improved his body structure it just turned him into a true Devil. If you don't like this answer then I am sorry I have no knowledge at how Evil pieces work. I am also sorry I do not have an explanation at how the evil piece affected Godou.

About the [Ram] instant death, I made the [Ram] as long as he activated the [Ram] before his death he can revive from it.

Number of Godou's authority. Why are there few of them, when I looked at the Authorites of the other Campione even Voban they only have a few of them. And looking at all of them it seems that Godou has the most number of powers from an Authority.

I also changed the mutation of his Pawn/King, his Pawn/King has not yet stabilize into a permanent king piece but at some point of the story it will become a permanent King. I just introduced the possibility of it becoming a King, it is like his Pawn can be promoted into a King that is the idea I am working for.

Ama no Murakumo has the ability to slay a God, it also killed the Yamato no Orochi a [Snake].

[Snake] can also be referred as a Dragon. It might be possible for it to kill a dragon.

Why did Godou let Raynare hit him, Godou sensing the magic circle near Issei knows that issei will receive help soon. Godou being a pacifist and not fighting without a valid reason, just decided to let Raynare hit him with the spear of light while his [Ram] is activated knowing he will revival later on.

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Campione DxD – Godslaying Devil

Chapter 2 – From King to Servant

An hour has passed since the death of Kusanagi Godou. With his body completely healed from injuries. Kusanagi Godou once again returned to the land of the living. Looking at his surroundings he could see a wood-paneled room with Victorian-style coaches and chairs along the walls. He could also see a large magic circle inside the room.

Hearing the distinct sound of flowing water similar to a shower being used, searching for the source of the sound Kusanagi Godou he could see a shadow of a female behind a whiter curtain. Godou decided to wait for the female to finish her shower before he start a conversation with her.

Few minutes passed and the female is now finished taking her shower, a beautiful buxom young woman who is around the same age as Godou with long black hair and violet eyes. Her hair is tied in a long ponytail going all the way down to her legs with two antennae sticking out from the top and sloping backwards, with an orange ribbon keeping it in place. Wearing the Kuoh Academy girls' school uniform, along with black knee-high socks, came out of the shower. Seeing the female Godou recognize her as one of the rumored "Kuoh Academy's Two Great Ladies" Himejima Akeno.

"Oh my!, Oh my!(giggles). You are already awake Godou-kun. My name is Himejima Akeno, pleased to make your acquaintance Godou-kun." She introduced herself politely with a smiling face.

Wondering how the female knew his name, Godou decided to be polite and introduce himself. "My name is Kusanagi Godou, It's a pleasure meeting you Himejima-san".

"Godou-kun you can call me Akeno" amusingly spoke Akeno.

"Akeno-san why am in this place and where am I?" Godou asked.

"This is the old schoolhouse of Kuoh Academy this building is being used by our club the Occult research Club, and for the reason why you are her is because it seems that we were not able to locate you files on the school directory. Buchou decided that instead of leaving you behind the park, she decided to bring you here instead" (giggles) answered Akeno.

"Huh…. About that I have a very good reason why my files are missing." After Godou said this Akeno once again giggles in amusement.

"You do not need to explain yourself now Godou-kun. Your explanation can wait when all of the club members are present."

"Hai… But who is Buchou?"

"Buchou is Rias Gremory the Crimson-Haired Ruin Princess a Devil from the clan of Gremory. She is also our Master, Godou-kun" Akeno revealed as if trying to get a reaction from Godou.

"A Devil? Our Master? What do you mean Akeno-san?" Godou asked confused at her statement.

"Kusanagi Godou you have been revived as a Devil by Buchou. You are now one of Buchou's servants"

"I became a Devil huh… Gremory-san turned me into a Devil in order to revive me, is that correct Akeno-san?"

"Hai Godou-kun" Akeno giggles. "It seems you are really an interesting person Godou-kun. You are not shocked to know that you have become a Devil" Akeno giggles after she said those words to Godou.

"…Can I stay here for the time being? It seems that I would not be able to return to the place where I was previously staying at" Goudou asked Akeno. Knowing that he will not be able to return to the abandoned church because of Raynare, he can't just go inside and appear like he was not killed by Raynare it will only surprise her it is better for him if he did not return to the church.

"I am sure Buchou will let you stay here for the time being since you are now her servant. And I am sure Buchou will help with your lodgings since she cares for all of her servants. For the time being you can stay here at the club room." Akeno replied.

"Then could you thank her for me Akeno-san" politely asked Godou.

"Oh my… Oh my. You can thank Buchou yourself Godou-kun we have a club meeting tomorrow after class ends" Akeno said in amusement.

"Hai… I will go to the club meeting tomorrow"

"Then see you tomorrow Godou-kun" after saying those words Akeno left the club room leaving Godou alone in the club room.

The next day class had just ended Kusanagi Godou knowing the Occlut Research Club's meeting decided to go to the club room immediately. Reaching the door to the club from Kusanagi Godou knocked to alert the people inside.

"Oh my… Oh my… Please come in Godou-kun" Akeno said after she opened the door.

"Sorry for intruding" Godou said politely.

"Welcome to the Occult Research Club Kusanagi Godou my pawn, I am your master Rias Gremory of the house of Gremory. My house holds the rank of duke" said the beautiful woman leaning in front of the desk. She seems to have a buxom figure, a light skin tone, and blue-green eyes. The most noticeable trait that you could see on the beautiful woman is her long, crimson red hair that reaches down to her thighs, with a single hair strandsticking out from the top. Her hair also has loose bangs covering her forehead and side bangs framing her face. Godou recognize her as one of Kouh Academy's Two Great Ladies Rias Gremory

"It's a pleasure meeting you Gremory-san"

"You should call me Buchou for now on Kusanagi Godou, since you are now the same as us, can I call you Godou?"

"Hai…does this mean everyone here is a Devil"

"You are correct everyone here is a Devil and all of you are my adorable servants"

"You already met Akeno she is the vice-president of this Research Club, this two are your kouhai on Kuoh Academy, Kiba-kun, Koneko please introduce yourself to Godou"

"My name is Kiba Yuuto. I'm a 2nd year. I'm a Devil too, nice to meet you Kusanagi Godou-senpai."

"1st year... Toujou Koneko...Pleased to make your acquaintance...I'm a Devil..." Toujou Koneko bowed her head slightly.

"My name is Kusanagi Godou a 3rd year. It is nice meeting both of you Yuuto…Tojou"

"Godou-senpai you can call me by my name" Kiba said to Godou.

"Godou-senpai" Koneko pointed at Godou. "Koneko-chan" pointing a finger at herself

"Hai… Kiba and Koneko-chan"Godou said to his kouhai

"Now that the introductions are over let talk about your living arrangements, I could arrange some apartment for you. I will tell you the address when the preparations are complete, and about your missing files. Godou, do you have anything to explain to us." Said Rias looking at Godou.

"I might have used magic to hypnotize the principal to let me enroll at this school" Godou said truthfully

"Oh my, Oh my. Godou-kun you are so naughty" Akeno teased Godou.

"Godou are you a magician?" asked Rias

"…Hai… You are right Buchou but I only know a couple of magic" Godou answered as if confirming Rias's statement.

"Since you are now my Servant I will fix your problems on your files"

"Thank you Buchou"

"Buchou I still have a part time job today can I leave this meeting early" Godou politely said to Rias.

"You can go now, but stay away from the church because the one that killed you might be in there." Rias warned Godou.

Godou nodded and went out of the club room and went straight to his part time job.

The next day

15 minutes before home room starts Himejima Akeno went inside Godou's classroom. You can hear the voice of Godou's classmates saying. "Why is one of Kuoh Academy's Two Great Ladies here", "Akeno-sama your so beautiful" my male classmates said.

Akeno giggles "Godou-kun, Buchou sent me to tell you that we will have a club meeting after school" Akeno said when she got near Godou's sit.

When Akeno talked to Godou, all Godou's female classmates reacted quickly saying "How can I compete with one of Kuoh Academy's Two Great Ladies"

"Akeno-sama please don't steal Godou-kun from me"

"I haven't confessed yet to Godou-san"

While Godou's male classmates stated.

"As expected of our class's unaware lady-killer"

"When did Kusanagi set his fangs on Akeno-sama"

"It seems the female of our class is not enough for Godou-san"

"Is he going after Rias-sama next"

"I understand Akeno-san. Tell Buchou that I might be late cause I have to talk to the manager of my part time job"

After school

During lunch Kusanagi Godou haved noticed that his hearing have improved to a super human level hearing. One of the conversations he heard is that they saw Rias Gremory walking with Hyoudou Issei. This is not the only thing he noticed, last night he noticed that he could see better at night.

Reaching the door of the club room Kusanagi Godou knocked.

"Buchou I am here"

Behind the door, He heard Rias voice. "Come in"

Kusanagi Godou went inside noticing the unfamiliar male student he introduced himself.

"My name is Kusanagi Godou nice to meet you"

"My name is Hyoudou Issei" Issei said while thinking "It's the rumored dense Casanova, the unaware lady-killer Kusanagi Godou-senpai"

"Looks like everyone is here. Hyoudou Issei-kun. No, let me call you Ise." Rias Stated

"Ah, yes." Issei answered

"We, the Occult Research Club, welcome you." Rias said welcoming Issei.

"Um, okay." Issei replied

"As a Devil." Revealed Rias..

Issei thought in his mind"…. Dad and Mum. Looks like I'm in for something big."

"Here's your tea."

"Oh, thank you."

Issei was sitting on a sofa, and Akeno had made tea for him. Issei drank it quickly.

"It tastes good." Issei thanked Akeno

"Oh my. Thank you very much."

Akeno started laughing very happily. Godou,Kiba, Koneko, Rias and Issei sat on the sofa surrounding a table.

"Akeno, you sit over here as well."

"Yes, Buchou."

Akeno sat next to Rias. Then everyone looked at Issei. He looked nervous when everyone was staring at him. Then Rias moved her lips.

"I will tell you directly. We are all Devils."

"Your expression says that you don't believe what I am saying. Well, that can't be helped. You saw the guy with black wings last night?"

"That's a Fallen Angel. They were former Angels who served God, but they fell down to hell because they had evil intentions. They are also the enemy of us Devils."

"We, the Devils, have been in a war with the Fallen Angels since ancient times. We have been fighting over the possession of the Underworld, also known as Hell in the human world. The Underworld is split into two areas of the Devil and Fallen Angel. The Devil forms a pact with humans and receives their sacrifice and increases their strength. The Fallen Angel on the other hand controls humans to eliminate Devils. And here, the Angels come to destroy the two races on God's order. So the war is split into three groups: Devils, Fallen Angels and Angels. This has been going on since ancient times."

"The God that you are talking about is the one on the Bible" Godou asked

"Hai " Rias replied

"Umm, Senpai. That kind of story is hard to take in by a normal male student like myself. Huh? Is this what members of Occult Research Club do?" Issei asked Rias.

"Occult Research Club is just a camouflage. It's my hobby. We are all Devils." Rias answered.

"Amano Yuuma..."

Issei said in his mind. "When I heard that name I realised that this wasn't any joke. Where did she hear that from? "

"That day, you were on a date with Amano Yuuma, right?" asked Rias.

"If you are joking, then can you please stop now... I don't want to talk about it in this atmosphere." Issei said with anger in his voice

"She existed. For certain." Rias said clearly.

"Though it looks like she tried to erase all of the evidence around you."

Rias swirled her finger, and Akeno took out a photo from her pocket.

"This is her, right? Amano Yuuma-chan." asked Rias to Issei.

"This girl, this is a Fallen Angel. It's the same kind as the one that attacked you and Godou last night."

Issei thought "A Fallen Angel? Yuuma-chan is a Fallen Angel?" Rias continued talking.

"This Fallen Angel came in contact with you to accomplish her motive. After she accomplished it, she got rid of any record and evidence regarding herself and that is why she killed Godou because he witnessed the events that happened at the park." Rias stated while Godou kept quiet.

"Motive?" Issei asked

"Yes. To kill you." Rias answered to Issei's question.

"What did she have to kill me for!?"

"Calm down, Ise. It couldn't be helped...No, you were just unlucky. There are possessors who aren't killed."

"What do you mean, unlucky!"

"Is she saying that I was just unlucky to be killed by Yuuma-chan that day!? Huh...? Killed...? But I'm still alive? I'm still here like before." Issei thought

"That day, you were on a date with her and then went to the park, where you were killed by the Spear of Light."

"But I'm still alive! Why did I have to be hunted for?"

"Yeah, that's right. There aren't any reasons for me to be hunted by her. Why do I have to be hunted by Fallen Angels!?" Issei stated this in his mind.

"The reason why your life was aimed for by her, is so she could check if there is a dangerous thing inside you. Since the response was weak, she had to take her time checking you. Then she confirmed it. That you were a human who possessed the Sacred Gear."

Issei thinked "Sacred Gear... I was familiar with that term."

"Sorry. You were a threat to us, so we decided to get rid of you early. If you want to hold a grudge, then hate the God who put the Sacred Gear inside you." Issei recalled Yuuma's words.

Kiba opened his mouth.

"Sacred Gear is an irregular power that is bestowed to certain humans. For example, most of the people whose names are recorded in history are said to be possessors of Sacred Gears. They used the power of their Sacred Gear to record their name in history."

"Presently, there are people who have a Sacred Gear within their body. You know those people who play an important role worldwide? Most of those people possess a Sacred Gear within their body."

Akeno continues from where Kiba stopped at. Rias then continues the discussion.

"Most of the Sacred Gears have functions that are only usable in the human society. But there are exceptional Sacred Gears that are a threat to the Devils and Fallen Angels. Ise, raise your hand high."

Issei didn't respond

"Do it quickly."

Rias urged Issei to do it. So Issei held his left arm upwards.

"Close your eyes and imagine the thing that you think is the strongest."

Issei said "Strongest being? Ummm, Son Goku from Dragon Ball?"

"Then imagine that person. Now imagine him in a particular pose where he looks the strongest."


Issei imagined Goku when he is shooting his Kamehameha.

"Lower your arm slowly and stand up."

Issei got up from the sofa.

"Now mimic the pose of that person. You have to copy it properly, and you cannot hold back."

Issei feeling embarrassed hesitated.

"Hurry and do it."

Rias urged Issei again.

Issei put both his opened hands together and pushed it in front of his chest. Then he finished the pose by yelling out Kamehameha.

"Kamehameha!" shouted Issei

"Now, open your eyes. Since this place is filled with magic powers, the Sacred Gear will appear more easily."

Issei opened his eyes. "Flash! My left arm starts to glow! Whaaaat!? What is this!? What the hell is this!? Can I pull off Kamehameha now!?" Issei thought. The light started to form a shape and covered his left arm. When the light stopped glowing, his left arm is covered in a red gauntlet. It is equipped with a flashy looking object. It looked like a very fine and realistic cosplay item. The part that covers the back of his hand, there is a gem-like object engraved into it.

"What the hell is this!" a shocked Issei said

"That's a Sacred Gear, and it is yours. Once it appears, you could use it anywhere and anytime as you will."

"You were killed by the Fallen Angel, Amano Yuuma, because of the big threat this Sacred Gear poses."

Issei thought how was he still alive.

"You called me when you were on the verge of death. I was summoned by this poster."

Rias pulled out a single leaflet. Issei was familiar with that leaflet. When he was waiting for Yuuma at the meeting spot, one of the people giving out leaflets gave one to him. It was a leaflet with a weird magic circle and a catchphrase that read, "We will grant your wish!" If you look carefully, the magic circle on the leaflet is the same as the big magic circle on the floor.

"This is one of the leaflets we give out. This magic circle is used to summon us Devils. Lately, not many people draw this circle to summon us. So we give these leaflets to people who look like they would summon Devils. This magic circle is safe and easy to use. That day, one of our familiars that was disguised as a human was handing this out at the business district. You got it at that time, Ise. After you were attacked by the Fallen Angel, you called me while you were on the verge of death. You wished so hard that it summoned me. Usually, Akeno and the others from my household are the ones who are summoned."

Issei recalled "That time I was impaled by the Spear of Light, and I wished hard... When my hand was covered in blood, the thing that came into my head was "crimson". I craved for the girl with red hair, Rias Gremory. So then, the person with red hair that appeared in the end of that at the end of that incident, really was Senpai. "

"When I was summoned and saw you, I knew right away that you were attacked by a Fallen Angel and that you were the possessor of the Sacred Gear. But there was a problem, and that was that you were on a brink of death. Not just Devils, but humans also would be killed instantly if impaled by Fallen Angels' Spear of Light. You and Godou were also in a state like that, and I decided to save both your life..."

"...although, as a Devil. Ise, you were reborn as a Devil of mine, Rias Gremory, household, as my underling Devil."

Pan! At that moment wings grew out of the back of everyone besides Issei and Godou. They looked different from the black wings of Fallen Angels. When Godou saw the their wings Godou imagined himself having those wing in his back suddenly they appeared.

"Like wings of a bat."Issei thought. Pan! And from his back, he felt that something was being born. Looking back over his shoulder, Issei saw that he, too, had grown black wings. "Are you serious... I'm a Devil? I'm not a human anymore?" thought Issei.

"Let's introduce everyone anew. Yuuto." Kiba smiled at Issei after Rias called his name.

"My name is Kiba Yuuto. Like you already know, i'm a 2nd year like you, Hyoudou Issei-kun. I'm a Devil too, nice to meet you."

"1st year... Toujou Koneko...Pleased to make your acquaintance...I'm a Devil..." Toujou Koneko bowed her head slightly.

"My name is Himejima Akeno, and I'm in 3rd year. I'm also the vice-president of this Research Club. Nice to meet you. Even though I'm like this, I'm also a Devil. Oh my."

Akeno bowed her head very politely.

"My name is Kusanagi Godou, and the same as Akeno-san and Buchou I'm in 3rd year. And also don't think that I died because of you. Remember that I don't blame you for my death. And I guess I am also a Devil" Godou stated to Issei.

Lastly, it was Rias's turn. She waved her crimson hair and said it very directly.

"And I'm their master, devil Rias Gremory of the house of Gremory. My house holds the rank of a duke. Let's get along from now on, Ise."

Eveyone's wing have disappeared. Except for Godou if you look at him you could see that he is constantly retracting and extracting his wing. And sometimes he is moving his as if he was experimenting his abilities to fly.

"If you are with me, your lifestyle and future will become very bright."

Riasi said that to Issei with a wink while He was looking down after he learned that he was a Devil. Apparently, Issei was turned into her Servant after she reincarnated me as a Devil, and I have to live like that from now on.

Humans who were reincarnated into a Devil have to become the Servant of the Devil who reincarnated them.

"To tell you the truth, there are ranks between Devils. Something called Peerage. I also have one. The place where you were born and the family you were born from plays a big role in it, but there are Devils who rise up. Everyone starts off as a novice first."

"Can you please stop talking like it's a recruiting commercial!? But are you serious? I still can't believe it."

"By the way, you may be able to start a life where you can become popular with girls."

"How!?" The word came out of Issei's mouth before he tried to think about it.

"Majority of the pure Devils were killed in the war a long time ago. Because of that, we, the Devils started to make lots of Servants. Well, we lost a lot of power, so we can't make a huge army compared to the past. Even so, we need to keep on increasing the number of the Devils. Just like humans, the Devils split in genders of male and female and are able to give birth. But even with normal birth, it will take a lot of time to get back to the same population as before. Devils also have a very low birth rate, so we won't be able to stand up against the Fallen Angels. So we find humans who have good quality and make them into Devils. As our Servant, that is."

"So, I'm a Servant after all."

"Oh, don't make a face like that. Now, I will get to the point. Since this only increases the number of Servants, it doesn't increase the number of powerful Devils. So the Devils added a new rule. Chances or opportunities were given to powerful reincarnated Devils, in other words, Devils that were reincarnated from humans. Reincarnated ones are given Peerage as well if they are powerful. Because of that, there are lots of Devils in humans' society. There are also Devils like myself who came to humans' society as well. Ise, you may not have noticed, but you probably passed Devils a couple of times while walking."

"Huh, Devils were always nearby then!?"

"Yes, though there are people who can distinguish which ones are Devils and those who can't. People with a strong greed or people who want to get help from Devils usually can distinguish us strongly. We are usually summoned by the one who can distinguish between them by the leaflet with magic circle that we give out. There are people like you, Ise, who can distinguish Devils but don't believe in our existence. Though majority of them usually believe it if they see magic powers."

"So that means with the right method I would also be able to get a Peerage!?"

"Yes. It's not impossible. Of course, it would take a lot of time and effort to achieve, though."

"Hell yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!"

Issei shouted in the classroom.

"Are you serious! I'm able to make my own harem!? I could have sex with them as well, right!?"

"Yes. I think it's fine if it's with your Servants."

"Oooohhhh yeaaah! Being a Devil rocks! Hell yeah! I can't calm myself anymore! I can probably throw away my porn...!"

"No. Not the porno magazine. Not that. I can't throw that away. That's my treasure. I could still use that until my mum finds it! This and that is a different issue. Yes. It's a different issue!"

"Fufufu. This boy is really funny." Rias is laughing as if she finds Issei amusing.

"Oh my. It's just like you said earlier, he makes me feel like I have a very stupid brother."

Even Akeno is laughing.

"Anyway, Ise. You are alright with being my Servant, right? If you have potential, you will stand out. And then, you will be able to receive a Peerage."

"Yes, Rias-senpai!"

"No, that's not it. You will have to call me 'Buchou'."

"Buchou? Can't I call you Onee-sama?"

Rias thought about it seriously, and then shook her head.

"Hmmmmm. That sounds wonderful, but since I operate mainly in the school, being called 'Buchou' sounds more fitting."

"How about you Godou are you alright being my Servant?"

"Hai, Buchou" Godou answered, thinking that he might be able to go back to his own world if his sticks being Rias's Servant.

"Okay! Then, Buchou! Teach me how to be a Devil!" Issei said and Godou nodded in agreement.

Buchou was smiling as if she was really happy "Good reply."

"I'm going to become a Harem-King!" Issei proclaimed in excitement

The members of Occult Research Club gather at the old school building at night. This is because Devils become stronger at night.

Devils' power increases drastically because of the power of the darkness at night.

Similarly, Devil became weaker in the morning. Devils fear light. The stronger the power of the light is, the more lethal it becomes to a Devil. Light is a poison. The beings that use light as weapons, the Fallen Angels and the Angels, are Devils' greatest foes.

Issei and Godou was told to study about the Devils' society and how it works. For practice, they were ordered to give out these leaflets.

The job goes like this:

First we are summoned, and then we make a contract with them.

After that, we fulfill their wishes.

As a price, we receive an award fitting for the particular wish they made.

It can be money, an object, and even their life.

Well lately, there aren't any contractors who would use their life to make a wish. Even if there was a person like that, if the price they gave doesn't match up to the wish they wish for, then the wish won't be granted. According to Buchou, "People's values aren't equal".

Humans don't realise the presence of a Devil when they are working.

The contract is only limited to occur at night. That's because Devils are only allowed to work at night. The daytime is a time for the Angels and God. The leaflets can only be used once, and if they're used, then we would have to hand it out again. If we keep on making a contract and granting their wish, we get credited by the King of Devils.

On a certain day after school.

The job of handing out the leaflets was originally a job assigned to Rias's familiar. Rias changed the forms of the mouse and bat that she owns to the form of a human. After their forms change, they start giving out the leaflet.

They do it both at daytime and night. The reason why Issei and Godou was assigned to do it was because Buchou wanted them to know what kind of job Devils have to do from the beginning. Even Kiba and the others did the same at first. Kiba, Toujou Koneko, Akeno are all Devil Servants of Rias Gremory.

They all have experienced the work of handing out leaflets. Talk about people's history... Wait, not people, but Devils.

Kusanagi Godou went inside the old building and headed to the room on the second floor.

"I'm entering."

Looking inside he saw that everyone has gathered.

"Godou, you are here." As soon as Rias confirms that everyone is here, she gives an order to Akeno.

"Yes, Buchou. Ise-kun, please sit here in the middle of the magic circle."

Akeno is waving her hand. Issei went to the middle of the circle.

"Ise and Godou, your work of giving out leaflets is finished now. Well done." Rias smiled

"Now you can start your job as a Devil professionally."

"Oh! Now I can make contracts!?" Issei said

"Contracts huh" Godou said as if confirming their answer.

"Yes, that's right. Though, since it's your first time, it's going to be a contract with someone with a small wish. Koneko and Kiba received two contracts beforehand. Since it's hard to do both, I will leave one to each of you."

"Please help me..." Koneko bows her head.

"Godou-senpai you can have my other contract." Kiba said with a smile.

The other members are outside the circle. Akeno who is inside the circle is apparently casting something. Then, the magic circle starts emitting blue and white lights.


"Keep quiet, Ise. Akeno is inserting your carved seal into the magic circle."

Carved seal, the magic circle inside this room is also the sign of the House of Gremory. So for people who are trying to summon them, and for people who want to make a contract with them, this sign represents their symbol. When the magic power is used, it is coordinated with this magic circle. Kiba and the others have these signs on their bodies and it operates whenever they use their powers.

"Ise, put your palms towards here."

Issei put his left hand towards Rias. Rias started to write something on his palm with her fingers. Instantly Issei's palm started to glow. There was a circular symbol, a magic circle engraved in his hand. It's glowing in crimson red.

"This magic seal is used for transportation, and it can transport you to the client's place instantly. And when the contract is finished, it lets you return to this room."

"Akeno, are you ready?"

"Yes, Buchou."

Akeno-san steps out of the magic circle.

Rias ordered Issei"Now stand in the middle of it." Issei stood in the middle point of the magic. Then the magic circle started to glow in a blue color strongly

"The magic circle is responding with the client. Now you are going to be transported to that location. You already have the manual for what to do after getting transported right?"


"Good response. Now get going!"




Rias seemed troubled and was putting her hand on her forehead. Akeno was saying "Oh my, oh my", with a disappointed face. Kiba was making a sigh.



"Unfortunately, you can't use the magic circle to get transported to the client's location."

"Magic circle requires an amount of magic powers... It doesn't require that much magic power. No, it's a feat that could be done by any Devil, even children. Transportation by the magic circle is the first and the easiest step of being a Devil."

"In other words Ise, your magic powers are below that of children. No, it's so low that the magic circle can't respond with it. Ise, your magic is incredibly low."

"What the fuck is that!" a shocked Issei said.

"Unsightly..." Koneko says it expressionlessly

"Oh my, oh my. We are in trouble. What should we do, Buchou?" Akeno also had a troubled face and asked Rias.

Then Rias started to think for awhile, and then said it clearly. "Since there is a client, we can't let him wait. Ise."

"Yes!" replied Issei

"It's never happened before, but you will have to go there on your own feet."

"By myself!?"

"Yes. Just like how you handed out the leaflet, you will have to go to his residence. It can't be helped since you don't have any magic powers. You will have to make up for that part with your own body."

"On a bicycle!? I will have to go to the client's place on a bicycle!? Are there even Devils like that!?" Point! Koneko pointed at Issei silently.

"Hurry and get going! It's a Devil's job to make a contract! You can't make humans wait!" Ordered Rias.

"Uwaaaah! I will do my best!" Issei left the club room while crying.

"Godou give me your palm" Godou obeyed Rias's orders. Rias started to write something on his palm with her fingers. Instantly Godou's palm started to glow. There was a circular symbol, a magic circle engraved in his hand. It's glowing in crimson red. But suddenly the magic circle on Godou's palm suddenly vanished.

"Oh my, Oh my. Buchou did you fail carving his seal?" Akeno asked surprised at what happened.

"Godou do you have something to explain to us" asked a smiling Rias

Godou laughed nervously. "Sorry Buchou. It seems I forgot to explain about the condition of my body. I have extremely high resistance to ordinary magic, I can't be affected by magic" Godou explained

"So Godou do you know how can I carve the seal in your body" Rias asked.

Godou knowing the procedure avoided the answer to her question "Buchou can we forget about carving the seal in my body, I will just do what Issei is doing now"

"It is not possible. The seal is the proof that you are one of my Servants, you need it so that you are recognized as a Servant of the Gremory clan"

Godou blushed when he heard Rias answer knowing what the outcome will be.

Akeno noticing Godou's blush giggled. "Oh my, Oh my. What are you hiding Godou-kun" Akeno teased.

"Kusanagi Godou as your master I order you to tell me the way to carve the seal in your body" Rias ordered using her position as Godou's master.

Giving up, Godou decided to tell her "When magic is blown directly into my body..."

Hearing Godou's answer you could see Rias blushing.

Akeno once again giggled. "Oh my, Oh my. Buchou if you do not want to do it. I can take your place in carving Godou-kun's seal" Akeno said in a teasing tone but if you looked closely you could see a blush on her face.

Akeno walked seductively towards Godou, swaying her hips elegantly while having the seductive feel to it. Seeing her movements Godou swallowed something in his throat.

"Akeno stop… I will do it. Since Godou is my servant, it is the master's duty to carve their seal to their servants" stated a blushing Rias.

"Buchou are you sure you want to give Godou-kun your virgin lips. Since I am Buchou's Servant I can sacrifice the virginity of my own lips in order to preserve the virginity of Buchou's lips." Akeno giggled after she said those words in teasing manners.

"…I will do it" said a nervous Rias.

"Buchou are you sure about this?" Godou asked for confirmation.

Rias nodded at Godou's question.

Godou prepared himself and drew his lips near her.

"Rias - We are starting, is that OK?"

"Yes, very well."

The contact between lips, began with light nibbling at first.

The second time was more intense, deeper, richer, and she responded in kind, sucking away at Godou's lips. The two tongues tangled, and saliva mixed continually.

Transmitting magic power through the mouth.

This was the only method to circumvent a Campione's absolute resistance against magic and allowed spells to take effect. Starting the transmission of magic power from Rias flowed continuously into Godou's body.

Godou separated their lips, a strand of saliva hanging between their mouths as a remnant of the intense passion that passed

"Rias...! You can carve the seal now"

Moaning softly, It took awhile for Rias to respond. Remembering the reasons for the kiss Rias took Godou's palm. She started to write something on his palm with her fingers, guiding her magic on Godou's body to his palm. Suddenly a magic circle engraved in his hand. It's glowing in crimson red.

"Oh my, Oh my. It seems like Buchou had a wonderful experience" a blushing Akeno teased Rias. The cause of her blush is because she imagined if she was the one that carved the seal on Godou, she would be one experiencing Godou's kiss.

Kiba avoiding looking at Rias and Godou stated"Looks like Godou-senpai has some experience"

"…Indecent" stated Koneko

Akeno once again casted the magic circle sending Godou to Kiba's client.

"Godou-senpai good luck, you will need it" Kiba said before Godou is transported completely.

It has been a couple of days since Issei and Godou started their jobs in fulfilling a contract. It seems that Issei keeps on getting weird clients. While in Godou's case,

In the club room you could see Godou and Kiba having a conversation.

"Kiba do you always do those stuff with your clients"

"Hai senpai"

"Then I hope they do not wish for more"

"Hai I hope so to Godou-senpai"

"I am glad Godou-senpai became a Devil"

"Why are you glad Kiba"

"Because now Godou-senpai might get half of those contracts, I will no longer grant those wishes alone I can now rely on Godou-senpai"

"Hai we will help each other in our time in need"

With this a beautiful senpai kouhai relationship has been born.

Goudou's Magic



Golgotha spell


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