It's been 2 months since Team 7 has come back from Wave with Zabuza and Haku. Sakura has gotten a stronger affinity to wind and has learned a few B-Rank offensive and defensive jutsu. Naruto has learned more fire jutsu. Shikamaru has added two new jutsu to the Nara Clan called Shadow Dragon Jutsu and Shadow Crushing Jutsu. The Shadow Crushing Jutsu allows the user to use their own shadow to envelope their opponent and turns the enemies insides to mush. Choji has been learning water style manipulation to the surprise of everyone excluding those who know that he's from the future. Kakashi has been training in chakra control exercises, Taijutsu and getting a stronger affinity to the elements.

We now see Team 7 waiting for Kakashi at their meeting place. "I thought that sensei was getting over his chronic tardiness." Sasuke says a little annoyed

"I'm sure he has a good reason for being late." Sakura says.

"Yea or else it's D-Rank missions for two months." Naruto says and Sakura laughs in her head so no-one thinks she's cracked.

There is a pop of smoke and Kakashi appears. "Sorry I'm late I had a meeting with the Hokage." Kakashi says. "I have just nominated you three for the Chunin exams." He then hands them the pieces of paper. "Take those to room 301 on Friday."

"So they are finally here." Sakura says.

"It took forever waiting for them." Naruto adds.

"This is gonna be a breeze." Sasuke says and the rest of them look at him like he is insane.

"No it's not Sasuke." Naruto says seriously looking at Sasuke. "These exams are not to be taken lightly. Genin have died during these exams and if you go in with that attitude. You will just be added to the ratio of idiots who thought they were the best."

"Naruto's right Sasuke." Kakashi says. "Remember your training and don't lose your temper." Kakashi says. "That's how you got the Curse Mark in the first place." Kakashi adds to himself.

"Well Sakura and I have to go. We promised Kono that we'd help him and his friends train." Naruto says.

"Okay, well have fun." Kakashi says with an eye smile.

"We will." Sakura says and they use a Shunshin to leave.

"I so need to learn that." Sasuke says.

"The Shunshin may be a D-Rank Jutsu, but it takes quite a bit of chakra to pull off." Kakashi says. "But I suppose since you we're able to get the Tree-Climbing exercise down you might be able to learn it."

"So you'll teach it to me?" Sasuke's asks.

"Yes." Kakashi replies. "I just hope this doesn't bite us in the ass in the future." Kakashi says to himself.

With Naruto and Sakura:

"Where's Kono at?" Sakura asks.

"I don't know. This is the place that we said we would meet." Naruto says.


"Oh man last time it was the day before the exams." Sakura says.

"We don't know that it is them, Sakura." Naruto says and they take to the roofs and run at top speed.

After about 30 seconds of running they realize that it is the Sand Genin once again. "Let him go. Now." Sakura says.

"Or what?" Temari says.

"Yea you may dress like real ninja, but you're not that strong." Kankuro says.

"You know what, Sakura?" Naruto asks with his voice shaking. "Maybe we should go?"

"You might be right, Naruto." Sakura says in the same manner and then they both start laughing.

"You don't get it do you." Naruto says seriously and disappears in a pop of smoke and reappears behind Kankuro with a kunai to his throat. "It's you who is outmatched."

"How did you..." Kankuro starts.

"Let the kid go or I spill your blood." Naruto says pressing the kunai closer to his jugular.

"And I spill yours." Sakura says from behind Temari.

"Oh it seems that we have an audience." Naruto says not taking his eyes off of Kankuro. "You in the tree. Learn to keep your teammates in line."

"Temari, Kankuro." Gaara says. "Knock it off, you're an embarrassment to our village."

"Gaara, it's not our fault..." Kankuro says.

"Shut up, or I'll kill you." Gaara threatens.

Kankuro drops Konohamaru, but before he hit the ground Naruto catches him. "You know we could have you arrested for multiple crimes. You attacked a villager, ninja in training and the Hokage's grandson. Don't let any of these happen again or I'll be more than happy to teach you a lesson. A little warning Leaf-ninja don't take to kindly to attacks on any scale." Naruto says and the Sand Genin's eyes' widen. "Leave. Now."

They do as they were told and Sakura looks to the Academy students as Naruto disappears. "Are you three alright?" She asks.

"Yea, thanks to you guys." Moegi says and three Naruto's return.

"Look who I found." Naruto says. "A couple of spies."

"Well spying is against the law and as ninja of this Village it's our job to eliminate spies." Sakura says. "But we're feeling generous so we will let you go. Into Ibiki's hands that is. Naruto you may do the honors and I will take care of the training here."

"Thanks Sakura, you're too kind." Naruto says and they disappear in a swirl of leaves.

The Hokage's Office:

"Enter." Sarutobi says and three Naruto's walks in with the sound spies.

"Lord Hokage, I caught these three spying on us." The real Naruto says.

"I see." Sarutobi says. "Anbu take these three to Ibiki." Sarutobi orders and the Anbu appear and relieve Naruto of the trash in his hands then leave.

"I figured that they could have information that could help us out." Naruto says. "We never had a heads-up that there was an invasion last time and those three are Orochimaru's Genin that enter in the exams."

"Good thinking." Sarutobi says and sees Naruto taking deep breaths. "Are you nervous?" He asks.

"A little bit." Naruto says. "We have two chances to kill that snake and both windows aren't very long. Not too mention that my Mom's pregnant. A part of me doesn't want to participate in the finals, but the Hokage in me is telling me I have no choice." Naruto says and sits down. "Instead of Sakura fighting Orochimaru with you and Pervy-sage. It's you, Pervy-sage and Dad. If Orochimaru survives against Itachi, Sakura and I that is. Not too mention we don't know Danzo's role in all of this. We only have four days until Orochimaru makes his move against Sasuke."

"Naruto, let me tell you something that I once told your father. 'There is a certain amount of worrying that one can do, but one must remember to trust your comrades as well'. Do you understand?" Sarutobi asks.

"Yea I do. It means that I have to focus on the task at hand and put faith in my comrades to help pull through." Naruto says. "Thanks old man." Naruto says smiling. "When you get word about what those three have said please let me know."

"I will, Naruto." Sarutobi says.

"Also, if I were you I would train for the invasion as well." Naruto says. "You may be Hokage, but that doesn't mean you can't train. You have been sitting behind a desk for quite a while. When was the last time you stretched those old muscles?" He asks.

"It certainly has been a while." Sarutobi admits. "I will take your advice into account."

"Thanks old man." Naruto says with his foxy grin and leaves in a pop of smoke.


It is now the day of the Chunin exams. The Genin on Team 10 and Team 7 (minus Sasuke) are worried. Team 7 are at the entrance to the Academy. "Well let's go." Naruto says and they enter the building. After they make there way to the steps they hear a commotion. "Just like last time." Naruto says.

"Yep." Sakura replies and they turn the corner and see 301 on the sign. "Just like last time." "Sasuke just keep going. Don't mention the Genjutsu." Sakura says softly.

When they get to the stairs they see Lee on the ground holding his stomach. "Why don't you turn around, you don't stand a chance." Kotetsu says in his Genin form. Team 7 keeps walking.

"What?" Sakura exclaims when someone grabs her hand.

"Please tell me your name and will you go out with me?" Lee asks.

"No." Sakura says flatly

"What? Why not?" Lee asks.

"Because I'm in a long-term engagement with the one I love." Sakura says.

"Who is it and I will beat them and free you from this engagement." Lee says and Sakura shakes her head.

"If you fought him you would lose even if you took off your weights." Sakura says that last part only for him to hear.

"I will still fight even if it means I will lose." Lee says.

"Oh shut it, Lee." Tenten says and Lee looks at her and Team 7 uses this time to slip away.

"Who was that?" Sasuke asks.

"Rock Lee." Naruto answers. "One of the fastest Genin to enter the exams. Only a select few would be able to beat him."

"You there, what are your names?" A boisterous voice asks and they turn around and see Lee standing there.

"It's polite to give yours first." Naruto says.

"My name is Rock Lee." Lee says.

"Sakura Haruno." Sakura replies.

"Naruto Namikaze." Naruto says.

"Sasuke Uchiha." Sasuke says.

"I wish to fight this years Rookie of the year." Lee says.

"Sorry, but you have wasted enough of our time." Naruto says and he turns around and his cloak snaps at the speed he turned.

"Fine I'll fight you." Sasuke says.

"Sasuke we don't have time for this." Naruto says. "Let's just go. Besides you don't stand a chance against him."

"He's right Sasuke, let's just go." Sakura says.

"I'll make this quick." Sasuke retorts and charges at Lee and aims a kick to his head but, Lee dodges it.

"Too slow." Lee says and spins his leg. "Leaf Whirlwind." Lee says and spins Sasuke who hits the wall.

"That's it." Naruto says. "It's over."

"No." Sasuke says.

"Sasuke if we are late then we fail the Chunin exams before we even start." Sakura says. "Let's go and you can fight him later."

"Fine." Sasuke says and walks out the door.

"You know for all the talk that your mother did, you still have that superior attitude about you." Naruto says sternly.

"What do you know?" Sasuke asks.

"I know that I'm stronger than you." Naruto says and they get to room 301.

"You made it just in time." Kakashi says.

"Yea well, Sasuke here thought he could take on Lee and win." Sakura says.

"Sasuke you won't be able to beat Lee." Kakashi says. "You also should've listened to your teammates. They told you not to fight or you could be late and you would fail before you even started. That is all true. So go on in and good luck." Kakashi then disappears in a puff of smoke.

"Let's get this started." Naruto says and they enter the room.

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