I lie, spread-eagled, on the luxurious covers of my capitol bed. When I'm alone like this, my thoughts go back to the many things that I try, and fail, to keep locked away. Struggling, my mind grasps at the latest fashion, but the mental door is open, and the memories are too strong…

My Father, just before the accident, looking handsome, as always… The Funeral, and the scared looking, dark haired girl who sat in front of me, comforting her Mother and Sister… The 70th games that snatched my younger, twin siblings and my Mother too… The week I came too close to starvation, and was forced to sell my last possession – my body… The 74th games that stole my Peeta, the boy unlike any other, and smashed my heart, hopes, and ability to like Mockingjays… The day waves of new Peacekeepers came to district 12, and the Hob was destroyed, leaving me and so many others in the dust…The day I hid amongst the coal… My first glimpse of the Capitol… The wondrous moment, when I discovered that I was actually very good at designing dresses, and started a new business… My First award; Best Young Designer… The terrible, terrible day when the rebels first attacked… The many more hours of death and misery that the rebels brought… And, finally, Domination. Being overtaken by the girl sat, terrified, at the funeral; the girl who stole my heart's desire, by accident; The Mockingjay; the girl who's fault it was for the destroyal of the Hob, and the rest of district 12… Being overtaken by Katniss Everdeen.

Chapter 1:

The Main Square of the Capitol is packed. Full of ridiculous wigs and make-up that doesn't match outfits. Not that the outfits match anything.

Silence falls as Katniss Everdeen (The Snake) steps up to the microphone. You can tell that she's recovering; she is still covered in gruesome wounds and scars.

"The Rebels" She begins. There are a series of 'boo's from the crowd, but Katniss continues "Have decided to have another Hunger Games." Everyone cheers, starts chatting.

Idiots. I wait for the twist. She is still on stage, waiting for quiet. It doesn't come.

"But" She yells, above the noise, and I can hear everyone turning to listen. "We are going to reap from the children of the Capitol" Silence "The Reaping will be tomorrow. That is all."

Then she turns and goes, just as it sinks in. I grimace, and head back towards my apartment, just as the screams begin.