I run to him and we embrace. Finally, after all this time, the world feels right. I hold him by his shoulders at arm's length. Tears of pure joy leak from my eyes as I just stand and take him in.

"You came for me! I knew you would, I knew it!" I whisper. He smiles at me, drags his hand, gently, down my forehead and tucks a strand of dirty-blonde hair behind my ear, then trails his hand down the line of my jaw. "I have waited my whole life for this moment, ever since I first saw you." I tell him, and sigh. "Peeta?"

"Yes, Catriona?" His voice seems like the sweetest thing I have ever heard.

"I have a confession,"

"You can tell me anything,"

"Ok," I take a deep breath. "I am from District 12. My father dies in a mining accident when I was ten, and my mother literally stopped talking to me, just ignored me and spent her time looking after my young twin siblings.

"Then she got chucked out of work, but she didn't look for a new job. She just spent her days looking after my brother and sister. We were gradually starving to death, so I had to sell the house. After that, we were on the street, but she didn't seem to care.

"I had quit school long ago to try and bring more money in, but I couldn't hunt; I had to beg. It barley kept us alive, but that was all we had.

"When I was twelve, I started to take out tesserae, but only for me, not for my siblings. Still, it wasn't enough. So I did the only thing could… I sold my body."

I look at my boots. I still don't forgive myself for the things I did back then, but I can't do anything about it now. Peeta just looks at me, sympathetically.

"What next? How did you end up in the Capitol?" he asks

"Hang on, I'll get to that," I say, looking up again. "That year was the 70th games…

"Both my siblings were reaped. My mother's only lights in the dark were murdered in seconds, and my mum couldn't take it. She just took off into the woods one day, never to be seen again.

"But she never did care about me. I was just an accident, really.

"For four years, I lived and worked in the black market – the Hob. I would beg by day, sometimes in the town, if I could stay away from the peacekeepers, then I would sell my body by night. I still don't know how I survived.

"Actually, I do: in the third year, something miraculous happened: I met you.

"It was early morning, and I was just coming home from a particularly awful customer. I literally walked into you. You were opening your bakery, so really quite busy, but when you saw me, you stopped and said hello. I looked so tired, I think, you gave me one of your cupcakes. I walked past there every morning after that, but you were always busy or not there.

"And then, on the reaping day of the 74th hunger games, you were reaped.

"That was when I realised that I loved you. I hoped, so, so much, that you would come out alive so that I could tell you – they wouldn't let me in the justice building before the games.

"But then you announced that you loved… Katniss." I spit her name, my voice full of venom and hatred. "I wanted to kill her, and hoped that someone else would, in the games."

"But then you came back from the games with her, and I spotted something that gave me hope. I spotted something in her eyes, in your eyes, that made me think that it might just be for show, that I might have a chance with you, but I never saw you after the victory tour.

"Plus, I had other problems. Like the fact that, because of Katniss' stupid berries, Snow sent in new peacekeepers, people who destroyed the Hob.

"That was it for me. I hid among the coal after the hob was destroyed, taking the next train to the capitol with it, hoping for a better life.

"I did well there, making my fortune in dress-making. It kept me busy at least.

"But then you got taken by the capitol, to a building that was a block away from my apartment. I planed to get you, but the night that I went on, the rebels went on too.

"I opened the door to your cell… And it was empty. I was possibly only a few minutes late.

"Then the rebels attacked the capitol, and I watched in horror as my safe haven was taken over by rebels. Rebels fighting for a cause that I would too have been fighting for… if I had been in District 12.

"But I wasn't, I was a capitol citizen.

"And one with terrible bad luck too. I mean, I'm here, aren't I?" By now, tears are streaming down my face.

Peeta just looks at me sorrowfully.

"Pitiful, isn't it?" I say.

"No, no. You did what was best for you and your family."

"But I didn't think it through! If I had just wondered 'what if this goes wrong?' I might be in a much better position now."

"Come here." He stands and holds me, and everything fades into nothing, except him and me. "It's ok," he whispers "everything will be fine."

Then he leans down and kisses me, hard. The world around me drags to a stop. When he stops, a second or so later, I spot a tear sliding down his face.

"What's wrong, Peeta?" He looks me in the eye, and I get it; Katniss. Of course. It always is.

And he'll always choose her over me.

How could I be so stupid? He was probably recording the whole thing, to get more views. In fact, he probably never meant any of the things he said at all.

"You don't care, do you?" I say, angrily "No, of course you don't. Why would you? It's me, capitol brat, or Katniss, rebel hero, Mockingjay. Ha. No, of course you don't care. In fact you'll probably kill me-"

Suddenly, the world goes black. I've been hit.

The Gamemaking Centre:

Cassie leapt up, distraught.

"Why?!" she screamed at Katniss, who was standing on the balcony above. "She's an innocent girl! Hey, let go of me!"

Armed rebel soldiers gripped her arms, held her back from Katniss, who was joined by President Hawthorne. Cassie watched as he spoke into his radio, but couldn't hear the words. Were they telling Peeta to kill Catriona? Probably.

"No! Katniss, I swear! The capitol will kill you both!" She continued to curse as rebel soldiers dragged her away.

A gunshot silenced her cries.

Katniss and Hawthorne turned back to the monitors as the President sent an order through on his radio.

"Ok, go. Kill her, Peeta."