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The next few days were filled with excitement for Clary and Jace, both of them barely able to keep the grins from their lips for even the smallest of moments. It felt so good, Clary thought, to be happy at last. She was still so young, and so much had happened to her in her short life already.

She stood in a dressmakers shop now, trying on her wedding dress.

The dress was beautiful. Pale gold in colour, the neckline curving in a semi-circle just beneath her collar bone. A tight corset sucked in her waist, making her frame even smaller than it was normally, and thick skirts circled her hips and cascaded down her legs to her ankles.

Jace knew she was from a shadowhunter family now, and so they both agreed to have a shadowhunter wedding back in Idris.

Clary was saddened that her friends from the farm wouldn't, couldn't, be there, but it was for the best. The less mundanes that knew about the shadow world, the better. All they thought was that the pair were to be married in some country abroad where Clary's family resided, and that it would be best for them to stay on the farm until Clary and Jace returned- if they returned.

"Goodness, you look beautiful!" Charlotte exclaimed. The three sisters had joined her in town to try on her dress. A broad and jovial grin spread across the girls lips, and she couldn't help but agree. The colour of it made the pale shade of her skin seem as though she wasn't sick, but merely well bred and part of some sort of noble family.

It seemed like everything was falling into place. There was just one thing niggling at Clary...

With a heavy heart, Clary read the letter once more in the dim light coming from the flickering flame of a single candle. She only lit one so not to wake the other women who were sleeping in the same room.

It was the middle of the night, and the rest of the room was suffocated in darkness, leaving an eerie feel to it. But the girl barely noticed.

She couldn't live with her guilt any longer, and refused to allow Jace to agree to marriage with her without him knowing the whole truth about her past. She had to give him a chance, before they left for Idris the next morning, to back out of the marriage. It would break her heart, she knew, but Clary had no other choice.

Once she was satisfied that she had covered her tragic past in the letter, everything from her arranged marriage, to that final day with Adrian, to her fallen child, she folded the thin paper over into a small square and stood, making her way from the room.

Clary stood outside Jace's room for several minutes before gaining the courage the push the letter just under the thin gap between the door and floor.

Her heart hammered in her chest, and she perched on the step just outside the door. Which is where she sat until dawn.

The girl's eyes were drooping with fatigue as the dawn light sprung up on the horizon, a fan of bright yellow sunlight moving across the floor at the bottom of the steps. "Clary?" The familiar voice came from behind her and she stood quickly, turning to see the face of her - hopefully - husband-to-be.

She chewed nervously on her lip as she attempted to understand his expression. "Good morning, my love..." She muttered, "Are you... Okay?"

"Very much, thank you." He replied, brows furrowing in amused bewilderment and a small smile cracking in his features as he leaned against the wall. "Are you? You look very tired."

With a relieved sigh, she flung herself into his arms. He hesitate a moment before wrapping her up in his strong arms. "I'm perfect, my sweet love. Just perfect." It wasn't until that moment that she truly realised that he must love her. To accept a past like hers, one had to truly love a person, and the thought made her all giddy and warm inside.

Everything of theirs was packed by the time the midday sun shone down on them from its place high in the sky. Everyone on the farm had gathered to say goodbye to them, but Jace seemed to have forgotten something for he was searching through his packed belongings.

When Clary asked him what was wrong, he muttered that he'd left his family ring in his room. "I'll get it for you." Clary grinned in response and, after delivering a quick kiss to her beloved's cheek, made her way to his room. Well, his old room. She had just pushed open the door when her foot caught on the loose carpeting and she fell hard on her backside.

She twisted to release a string of profanity at the carpet that dared to trip her when her emerald gaze fell upon something sticking out from just under the carpet. Her eyes widened as she realised what it was.

The letter.

Her heart swelled in her chest with realisation- Jace hadn't read it. He didn't know the truth.

As she read over it for what must have been the twentieth time, she wondered if maybe it was a good thing he hadn't read it. How could anyone love her after what had happened? Maybe it was a sign from the Angel that she should keep her secret just that- a secret.

She stood, crumpling the letter in her hand and rushed to pick up Jace's ring before she quietly made her way to her own room, where she knew she could be alone and could drop the letter into the fireplace.

The fire was warm on her face, though the heat did nothing to thaw her guilt-frozen blood. In one hand she held the letter, and in the other she twirled Jace's ring around her forefinger, just above where her own Morgenstern ring sat comfortably. Such a decision to make!

"Clary?" Surprised at the sudden interruption, Clary turned on her heel, keeping the letter hidden behind her back. Jace. He stood before her, a curious yet amused expression on his beautiful features. "Everything alright?" He asked.

"Yes, but," She began, finally deciding on an answer to her unspoken question. "There is something I must tell you, Jace. Something very important." She lowered her eyes from his guiltily. "You may want to sit, for it may change your opinion of me." When she glanced up again, he was beginning to move closer to her, but she held up a hand and he stopped. "Please, just listen to me."

She had no idea where to start. How did one even begin to explain what had happened? Nowadays, it was so very difficult to find a husband if one was pure, but she was not. That had been taken from her what seemed like an eternity ago.

"Clary..." He muttered, and when she began to tell him to hush once more, he moved forward a step and spoke her name in a firmer tone. "Clarissa." He was in front of her now, cupping her cheeks with his hands. She balled her fist around the note so he would not see it. "My dearest Clarissa, whatever it is, I don't care. I love you, and I will always love you. Nothing can ever, ever change that. No secret, or story will ever make my love for you lessen, do you understand?"

Her heart swelled with love, and his words were all the confirmation she needed. What would it matter if he knew? He would love her no matter what, so why not keep it a secret, if just for now? She would tell him in time anyway, no doubt. "I understand." She smiled and he pressed a quick, tender kiss to her lips before stepping back.

She passed him his family ring and he left a few moments later, telling her to 'hurry up or the carriage would leave without them.'

Once she was sure he was gone, she turned and glanced at the letter once more before tossing it into the flames. Clary watched as the paper blackened and flamed, and continued to watch as it flaked away into ash.

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