Hi again! If you've read 'Peter's Wrath' Here is the sequel! If you haven't read 'Peter's Wrath' I suggest you read it before reading this. Me and my friend TiffOdair wrote out this story, but mostly the beginning. I decided to finished the rest of the story on my own. Anyways, enjoy! Warning: This prologue contains a bit of abuse of 11-year-old girl, and so called 'romance'.

Disclaimer: I do not own Jake and the Never Land Pirates. They belong to Disney Junior.


Izzy's POV

It had been at least six weeks since our friend Peter Pan was affected by evil lava which made him violent, and abusive to Jake, Cubby, and I. Good thing we got him back to normal before he had the chance to kill us (If he was going to kill us). It was a terrifying week, for me. Peter had slapped me, beat me in the back with a belt, beat my legs with a belt, cut them with a dagger, and punched me in the throat. It had taken me at least ten days to fully heal.

Peter had left us a week ago to do more exploring beyond the Never Seas. It was Monday now, and I was outside the hideout on Pirate Island, thinking about what we were going to do this week. Maybe go on another adventure. Maybe go surfing with Marina and Stormy, maybe-

"Izzy! Can I talk to you for a moment, please?" A voiced called out. I smiled. It was Jake. I turned to see him walking up to me. I wonder what he wants to talk to me about. It must be something important. So I replied: "Sure, Jake. Anything you want."

Jake chuckled. "Great. But we must go to a private area. No one must know about what I'm going to tell you." With that, he grabbed my arm rather tightly, and led to a private area, a small grotto to be exact. This must be something really important, if he doesn't want anybody else to know. I don't think I've ever kept a secret before, but this must be a first time. Once in the grotto, Jake looked around before closing the entrance. We both stood face to face.

"So... what do you want to tell me, Jake?" I asked, after a minute of silence. All of a sudden, Jake started smirking at me... evilly. I started to get a bit uncomfortable. Why is he looking at me like that? "Well, it's very, very important... so important that no one else must know." Jake replied quietly. "I just wanted to tell you about..." he then started to blushed bright red. "How I really feel about you, Iz."

I was taken aback. Was Jake trying to say what I think he was trying to say? "Jake... are you saying... you... love me?" I asked. I was now grateful and blushing myself. "Oh that's so sweet I-" I stopped when I saw Jake advancing towards me, and I stepped back, getting a bit nervous. "Yes. It's true, my fair maiden!" Jake exclaimed, letting out an evil laugh. I was confused and nervous. What was going on with Jake now? He never did this before. "Jake... you're scaring me.." I whimpered. Suddenly, I felt a hand strike my cheek harshly. Did Jake just slap me? I fell to the ground, rubbing my cheek. I looked up to see Jake, who was now sneering at me. "Nobody must know that I love you, Izzy. If you tell anybody, I will hurt you." Jake growled. I was shocked. Jake loves me... and he's going to abuse me too? What in the world?

I got up, only to have Jake grabbed me. "You know, you're really pretty." He said, smirking. I was about to thank him, when he suddenly pressed his lips against mine. He was kissing me, and rather forcefully too. He wrapped his arms around my waist tightly, and squeezed it a bit. This kissing was getting a bit overboard, so I tried to pulled away from Jake, but he tightened his grip on me, nearly squeezing me to death. After another minute, Jake pulled away, and I gasped for breath. "Thanks for saying I'm pretty, Jake." I breath out. Jake smirked. "You welcome, my love." I felt a bit uncomfortable when he called me his 'love'.

Jake grabbed my arm again, and dragged me out of the small grotto. He led me on the beach, and left me there, but gave me a warning: "Keep your mouth shut about this." He growled. With that, he left; leaving me shocked, confused, and frightened.

Well, it seems that Jake likes Izzy. But why is he showing it through abuse? Could he have been affect by the same thing that affected Peter? Probably. I know this was short, but it was just the intro. Chapter 1 will be coming. In the mean time, review please! Thank you.