Soujiro Wandering Too Far from Home

By: Daimyo Shi

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Soujiro walked out of a forested area and came across a road. [Odd road, it is so hard] Soujiro taps it with his saya. Across the road he sees a store surrounded by very odd carriages. As Soujiro walks into the store, a small bell rings. There is a large siting area with tables and chairs. Several people in western dress are sitting at the tables drinking tea and coffee out of brown paper cups with funny writing on them. [Where am I?] wondered Soujiro. He approached the counter with his normal broad smile

"Konichiwa, Watashi . . ."

A white girl dressed in Brown pants, a striped shirt, brown tie and a brown visor with Tim Horton's across the front. She looks at Soujiro like he was from another planet. "What did he say?"

[They don't speak Japanese. This could be a problem.] Soujiro pulled out his coin pouch. Another girl dressed in the same manner but Chinese came up to the counters and says"He is speaking Nihongo."

"Nihongo what is that?" asks the White Girl

Soujiro's ears perk up at the mention of a word he understands.

"It is Japanese, Baka" replies the Chinese Girl.

Soujiro shook out three yen and seven sen from his coin pouch.

The Chinese girl writes down in Chinese {What do you want to eat?} Soujiro looks at it carefully trying to puzzle out all of the kanji. [This looks like Chinese, I think she wants to know what I wish to eat.] Soujiro carefully writes that he wants to know what they have as best he can in Kanji only.

"He wants to know what we have." says the Chinese girl.

"No, really?" said the other girl sarcastically.

The Chinese girl points at the racks of muffins, doughnuts and timbits. Soujiro looks at the timbits and said "Kawaiii!"

"What's that mean?" asked the White Girl.

"It means cute." said the Chinese girl "I think he is Cute."

"Yeah."mutters the white girl as both girls go starry eyed. Soujiro lays down his money and points to the timbits and then to some Boston cream, Maple Dip and double chocolate doughnuts.

"We can't take that money." says the White girl.

"I'll cover it." says the Chinese girl. She picked up the money and put in her pocket. As the White girl filled the boxes with Timbits and Doughnuts. The Chinese girl wrote down something and put it into a bag with two apple juices.

[I'm going to get a lot of chocolate, good I like chocolate] thought Soujiro.

The Chinese Girl handed him the bag and the two boxes as well as a double cupped green tea. {Well that was easier than I thought it would be] thinks Soujiro as he walked out of the store heavily laden with his food. the Chinese Girl watched him leave and sighed "Kaawaaiiiiiiiiiiii".

Soujiro realized he wasn't in Japan anymore. Having nearly been run over by the carriages without horses, he sought refuge in a field not too far from the Tim Horten's. Soujiro sat down and opened the Timbits box and began to eat. [yummy these are better than I thought they would be.] Soujiro took a sip of his green tea.. [Ok so a man walking means I can walk. a red hand means I can't walk and a red hand flashing means hurry up. I think that is right.] Soujiro looked into the bag with apple juice in it and found a strip of paper with several strange characters on it and some kanji. [what is this? heavenly beautiful woman? oh it must be her name. funny name maybe it is different in Chinese] Soujiro blushed slightly [Is she attracted to me? Nani? I . . . never been attractive to women before have I? Hmmm. . . . I only really saw Yumi, I guess it was rare for me to meet women, I never though about it. maybe I am handsome or something? well it is pointless I can't even read all of it. Oh well, I am not in Japan anymore. I have to find someone who understands me.] Soujiro having eaten his fill, got up and began walk, looking for something Japanese.



Nihongo = Japanese as in the language

Sen = are the units that Yen divided into During Meiji times.

kanji the Chinese Character that Japanese uses they are similar to some Chinese characters in Cantonese.