The adventures of Soujiro, the Genki Rurounin

By Daimyo Shi

Words in English


In a Tim Horton's mere minutes from Richard's house. A Young Chinese girl was getting off work.

"See you later May" says Vicky.

"Yeah see you!" Says may as she begins the walk home. She up the street and then makes a left turn down a street near a part that looks on a park that joins a high school yard. May continues down the street. [What a fine summer evening. It nights like this I like to walk home.] She walks toward a woman sweeping her driveway.

"Good evening May how are you?" asks the Woman

"I am fine, Mrs. Steele. How are you?"

"I am Fine, please call me Kenko we have been neighbours for a while now."

"Ok . . . Kenko." says May

"See it doesn't bite!" Kenko looks may up and down "when did you start working at Timmie's"

"Last Monday, it is just for the summer, for now. Maybe weekends in the fall." replies May

"How is it going?" asks Kenko

"Oh it is ok, I get a lot of construction workers and truckers because we are so close to the freeway. They can be a little . . . Odd."

"Oh really? Hey, you didn't have someone come in that was odd in a different way today did you?"

"Well, yeah there was this really cute Japanese guy. He was dressed kind of funny. He had a kimono and a hakama on. He was wearing a European collared shirt under his kimono and the strangest thing was he was carrying a Katana. Further he didn't seem to speak any English just Japanese. Why do you ask?"

"I was just curious."

"He was so cute, I wonder if I will ever hear from him." says May.

"Well I can't imagine it would be impossible. I am sure you see him again. It must be hard to make it around the city without knowing English. Japanese is not a common tongue out here maybe in Toronto he would be better off." says Kenko [imagined that the girl from Soujiro's encounter is May, out next door neighbours. That is very funny!]

"I wonder what he is really like, he was so cute! It was kind of strange, I mean he was carrying a Katana but I didn't really notice it until he left. Weird how you don't pick up when looking at people."

"Especially Attractive people, May Especially them." says Kenko with a smirk.

"Yeah, well I better get going, nice talking to you, Kenko." says may and she continues up to the driveway next to Kenko's House. Kenko sweeps a little longer and then goes back into the house. She finds Richard down stairs in the computer room writing e-mail to his Sister.

"Hey, I was just talking to May from next door and she got a new job?" says Kenko

Richard turns around to face his wife. "Really? Where?"

"I give you three guess!" smirks Kenko.

"Uh, McDonald's?"

"Nope, try again."



Uh? Shopper's Drug Mart?"

"No! You loser, you didn't get it! She working at Timmie's." says Kenko

"Oh, that nice . . . Wait, Soujiro's note was written by a May!"

"Exactly, we found Soujiro's mysterious Girl!"

"I tell him after this then. He should know just so he not caught off guard if he bumps into her when he is just going outside. Interesting, I wonder what the odds are of May living next door to us and writing a love note to a guy that ends up staying with us." remarks Richard

"I am not sure, it is like some badly written romantic comedy."says Kenko.

Kenko holds her head in her hand as a shooting pain goes through her temples.

"Are you ok Ken-chan?" asks Richard.

"I am fine it was just a momentary pain in my temples. I wonder what cause it. It is better now. It felt odd though." replies Kenko.

"Maybe you should go rest, I speak to Soujiro in a couple minutes."

"Ok, maybe you have a point." replies Kenko who then leaves for their upstairs bed room.

Richard finishes his e-mail and then sends it. Then he goes back upstairs to talk to Soujiro.


Soujiro is sitting in his room, looking at a picture of Shishio, Yumi and himself taken shortly before the beginning of Shishio's conflict with Himura and Saitou. [I had to find a new path, Shishio-san. One of my own making both you and Himura-san have taught me a lot it is time for me to learn new lessons. Fitting that I now find myself in a completely new world.] Soujiro looks at the light that he turned on a couple of minutes ago. It was no lantern or gas light. [I wonder how it works? Such a different world they live in. I wonder if I ever get use to it.]

There was a knock on the door. "Soujiro-kun can I come in?"

"Hai." replies Soujiro.

"Well, how are you doing?" asks Richard as he opens the door.

"Not bad I guess, all things considered."

"Well, I found out who was the girl at the Timmie's who gave you that note."

"Really? That was fast even Hoji would have taken at least a couple days to track someone down." You are amazing."

"Well, really Kenko is amazing. Anyway, her more common name is May and she lives right next door to us. So you are going to have to be careful if you go outside. Because she will likely see you. I fairly sure she is attracted to you after all, even in this day and age women don't put notes in bags of complete stranger unless there some major attraction." remarks Richard.

"I see, uh, well what do you think I should do." replies Soujiro

"I don't know, just be careful, ok."

"Well I try, but I never had a woman attracted to me before." remarks Soujiro.

"Really well . . . I not sure what I can tell you. Don't let it worry you too much just get some sleep and I see you in the morning ok? You must be tired."

"True, good night Richard-kun." says Soujiro.

"Good night Soujiro." says Richard closing the door.

Soujiro got up and turns off the light. He then takes of his hakama, Shirt and kimono leaving on just his loincloth. He crawls into the futon and lies there thinking. [I wonder what lies a head. I never had a woman interested in me. What is it like having a woman interested in you. I know what Yumi and Shishio-san did together but I never really understood it. I know that sex has something to do with it but I not sure how it suppose to work. I mean what is it like now? Well one good thing is that I pretty much a blank slate when it come to this so at least I won't have to relearn everything. In theory I have no bad habits to break out of. Still it is yet another complex problem to my now seeming endless problems.] Soujiro sighs.


May checks her clock. It is ten thirty pm. [I wonder where that Guy is sleeping. He didn't look like he had anyway of paying for a room. Maybe I should have offered him a place to sleep.] May pictures him sleeping in her own bed. [Yeah that be fun, but my parents wouldn't allow it, sometimes they are so protective. I man I am seventeen now. I can take care of myself. I didn't take Six years of Bok Pai {Crane} Kung Fu for no reason. Hey maybe I could start taking Richard's kendo Class now that I am working. . . my parents will have a fit with me taking a Japanese martial art they already are mad that I watch so much anime. Yeah. I talk to Richard tomorrow, he has that open house in a couple days and I have tomorrow off any ways.] may put on her Love Hina Original Soundtrack on and climbed into bed. She took a Love Hina manga volume two off the shelf next to her bed and began to read it.

I welcome all reviews and any ideas on how to go further with this story I keep having Huge writers' block related to this story.

Daimyo Shi