But I AM Madara! – Stones Are Dangerous

Summary: 13 year-old Madara was just having a competition with Hashirama, when he suddenly finds himself in the Uchiha compound in Konoha. Wait. Since when does his clan live in a village and why do people insist that his name isn't Madara? At least, he has found a new friend who helps him paint the face which is stuck on a mountain and reminds him greatly of his eternal rival and friend. Set prior to Uchiha Massacre.

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Madara Uchiha, a talented individual of the infamous Uchiha clan, was currently staring intensely at the other boy's eyes. Not once did he blink, neither did his opponent: Hashirama Senju, his eternal rival and friend.

Madara was confident that he would win this staring competition when suddenly Hashirama yawned and broke eye contact, scratching the back of his head.

Madara blinked several times, before he shouted, "why the hell did you do that?! We were in the middle of a competition!"

His words caused Hashirama to drop to his knees, looking very gloomy. In an equally gloomy voice he said: "I got tired from all this staring. Forgive me for ruining this competition…"

Already used to his friend's weird behavior, Madara sighed and rubbed his temples. "Forget it, it wasn't that important anyway." He dropped to the ground right beside his friends and started to gaze at the sky, watching the clouds.

"I wonder," Hashirama said, his face solemn, "when it will finally be over."

Madara instantly knew what he was talking about, even if Hashirama didn't elaborate further. Picking up one of the stones which were spread all over the ground, he glanced to Hashirama, whose focus was fixed on the river. "We'll change things for the better," he declared confidently and threw the stone skillfully so that it would skip to the other side of the river. However, the stone didn't follow its intended course at all and like a boomerang bounced right back to him, knocking him out.

The last thing he heard was the laughter of Hashirama. Little bastard would most likely never let him live that down.


Uchiha were people who could rarely be caught off guard, something which every villager of Konohagakure could attest to. But even they couldn't help the gasps escaping their throats and the widening of their eyes, when a boy suddenly appeared out of the blue.

His hair was dark and spiky and he looked like an Uchiha, which was the only thing that stopped the present Uchiha from killing him on the spot.

Fugaku Uchiha, head of his clan and known for always maintaining his composure, was the first to voice out the thought, probably everyone in this room was thinking.

"What the hell just happened?"

The sudden noise made the young Uchiha groan and slowly he tried to stand up, blinking several times until his surroundings were no longer blurry. "That's what I want to know too," he groaned, rubbing the spot on his forehead where the stone had smacked him. He now sported a bruise, its color varying from yellow to blue.

The first thing which hit him when he decided to examine his surroundings was the huge banner with the Uchiha symbol on it, the red fan. Well, the people who were currently staring at him now did look a lot like Uchiha. But why hadn't he seen them before? Unless he had hit his head harder than he had first expected.

Realizing that the other possibilities regarding the identity of that group of people weren't much better and some sounded very insane or slightly troubling, he decided to go with this one.

"So you're the Uchiha clan, right?" Well, if they weren't, he might as well say good bye to the world: other clans didn't take kindly to being suddenly intruded upon and apparently interrupted in the middle of a meeting.

"Yes, we are," the man, who had said something before, replied. "And who are you?" he asked. Although his voice was calm, the threat underneath it wasn't that hard to spot.

It was one of the most basic shinobi rules that you didn't give your full name to strangers. But maybe they weren't strangers at all and he had only temporarily forgotten about them. Madara was willing to take the risk.

"I am Madara Uchiha."

He certainly did not expect the reactions following the revelation of his name. Most of them only stared at him in disbelief, but the man was narrowing his eyes and one of the bigger Uchiha angrily hissed: "the hell you are!"

"I am!" Madara insisted, wondering why the hell they didn't believe him.

"He has been dead for a century!" the Uchiha who had voiced his disbelief earlier shot back.

"Well, then it must be another Madara as I'm pretty alive and kicking!"

"Not for long," the Uchiha threatened, "if you go on with that pitiful deception."

"I'm not deceiving anyone," Madara protested. "I really am Madara!"

The other Uchiha was about to retort when the man who had first spoken up said authoritatively: "Silence!" Although he didn't raise his voice, every noise in the room ceased immediately, making Madara idly wonder if that was the head of the clan—but wouldn't he at least recognize him?

Madara was jolted out of his thoughts when the man addressed him with an icy voice: "State your real name. I grow tired of all this immatureness."

As it was, he wasn't the only one to feel the same. "Get it into your thick head!" Madara snapped, his patience finally drained out. "I'm Madara and you not believing me won't change that fact, old man!"

The temperature had now reached its lowest point, and the tension was so thick in the air that he could nearly taste it. Madara gulped. Damn his temper! One didn't just simply waltz right into a meeting and insult the leader.

Not good, the current situation he was in wasn't good at all.

To his surprise and utter relief, the man hadn't ordered his men to execute him on the spot for his disrespectful behavior, but instead continued to interrogate him in an icy tone. "There are no Uchiha going under that name or else I would have known of that. So seeing as that is an obvious lie, can you at least prove that you're an Uchiha?"

Aware that he was pushing his luck, Madara nevertheless challenged: "Can you prove to be what you claim to be? The Uchiha clan?"

"You insolent brat! How dare you?" the Uchiha from before growled, taking out a kunai. At this, Madara's body immediately tensed and he quickly took up a fighting stance, shurikens materializing in his hands.

"Didn't I say to remain calm?" the man, who was most likely the leader of the group, said in a dangerously quiet voice, which made the Uchiha in question bow deeply.

"I apologize for disregarding one of your orders, Fugaku-sama."

Fugaku nodded curtly. "See that it will not happen again. As for you doubting us," he closed his eyes, only to reopen them again, his dark eyes turned into a color of blood red, three tomoes for each eye circling around the central pupil. The Sharingan. Now it was certain that Madara was indeed facing the Uchiha clan.

Madara didn't know whether to feel happy or horrified about this discovery. Remembering the man's earlier request, he activated his own Sharingan, blood red eyes meeting similar red eyes.

"I see," Fugaku said, now looking pensive rather than annoyed and fighting against the homicidal urge to strangle the boy. "You really are what you claim to be, at least the latter part."

Madara felt ready to bang his head repeatedly against a wall in frustration. "Why can't you believe I'm Madara?"

"Because not only does no Madara exist in this clan, it's also rather strange that you happen to have the name of our mighty ancestor, Madara Uchiha," Fugaku explained, regarding the young boy before him with a newfound interest.

No matter how much he tried, the situation Madara was currently in didn't make any sense to him. The people before him are the Uchiha clan so why didn't he recognize any of them and why did no one recognize him? Granted, Madara was only a child but he was still hailed a prodigy and pretty known throughout the entire clan and even in the higher ranks. His first idea that he had lost some of his memories didn't make any sense, seeing as he could clearly remember his real clan and his mind so far didn't show any gaping holes in it. So he was pretty sure that everything was alright with it, which made that Uchiha clan seem a bit fishy.

Unless they were impostors, using the Uchiha's reputation for their own selfish needs. Only the thought of it made his blood boil. But wait…the man who seemed to be the boss of this group had just shown him his Sharingan and it was in no way a fake. Only a real Sharingan could make one feel so uncomfortable under its gaze.

So had that man defected and due to his powers as an Uchiha made himself independent and formed a group, claiming to be the Uchiha clan—or did he even steal the Sharingan from an Uchiha?

He had only seen the latter occurring once. The man had been taken captive by an enemy clan and had been already dead by the point they had found him, blood still dripping from the empty eye sockets. Sometimes, he'd still have nightmares from it and after waking up, he'd make sure that his eyes were still there. The clan who had stolen the eyes had been wiped out entirely, not only out of vengeance but also out of fear that one of the Uchiha's strongest weapons could be used against them.

Although those theories made more sense than them being the Uchiha clan, there was still something that felt off, but he couldn't wrap his finger around it and that frustrated him to no end.

The clearing of a throat made him snap out of his musings and his eyes met Fugaku's, which were flickering with annoyance.

"Err, sorry. I was thinking about something," Madara said rather sheepishly, scratching the back of his head in an embarrassed manner.

Fugaku raised one of his eyebrows in response, so Madara elaborated further: "I'm pretty confused right now as you don't seem to be the way I remember the Uchiha clan at all." It was painfully true but it was not like lying would have gotten him out of the mess he had walked—or more accurately, fallen—into. And if these people were indeed a hostile group which was not above stealing children's eyes, then he was most likely in serious trouble either way.

If anything Madara's explanation confused Fugaku even further, when suddenly a theory formed inside the clan leader's head. "Well, why won't you tell us what's the last thing you can remember before you…arrived here in... such a curious way?" he asked, hoping to gain more evidence for his theory that the boy had suffered some kind of amnesia and having his mind replaced by twisted memories, even if that did not explain how the boy got here.

"Well, I was having a staring competition with a friend," Madara told them awkwardly. Saying it out aloud made him feel like an idiot, most likely because the idea had been a stupid one as Hashirama had already pointed out—even when he had told him to shut up because he hadn't wanted to admit that his friend was right.

"I see," Fugaku said slowly, having at least gained further proof to his other theory that the boy standing before him was an utter moron. "Any more details regarding that friend of yours?"

Inwardly, Madara gulped. Well, that was a question where he couldn't sputter some random reply. Until now he had kept his friendship with the Senju boy a secret as he was very sure that his clan wouldn't take that unorthodox friendship as something good. And as honorable as Madara knew his clan was he wasn't quite sure that they wouldn't use his friend for some nefarious plot to undoubtedly harm the hated Senju clan in some way.

Of course, he didn't intend to keep it secret forever but rather wait for a good opportunity—like him becoming the leader of the clan and Hashirama the one from his own clan and then forming a truce between them—to expose his secret. However, this was definitely not the sort of good opportunity he had in mind. So what to tell if not the truth? He decided to opt for the semi-truth.

"His name is Hashirama. He's a boy I met at a river and we have met there ever since." Well, there were some rather crucial details left out but technically it was no lie, so they shouldn't complain or become too suspicious.

To his surprise the man's reply was a totally different one than he had expected. "Oh, and now your supposed friend is Hashirama Senju, now tell us that the two of you are planning to found a village and the tale will be complete," Fugaku said in an obviously sarcastic tone.

"How do you know that?" Madara said, referring to the Senju and founding a village part, in his astonishment and shock not realizing that he had practically given himself away.

And this was the final proof to Fugaku's third theory that the boy was either delusional or insane and had run away from a madhouse. Now the only question left was how to deal with that boy, especially if he was indeed insane?

The silence coming from Fugaku unnerved Madara. What was he supposed to do? Let events take their course and remain inactive, fight them, or simply make a run for it?

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