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After the business dinner between Raoul and Iason, the Blondie and Riki went back to the penthouse.

Cal came to greet at them, as usual.

"Welcome home, Master Iason."

"Wine, Cal." Iason ordered. It had become such a ritual that Cal had already bowed to his Master and reached for a glass for wine.

While Cal poured the comforting drink, Iason quickly, angrily unfastened the collar from Riki's neck.

Riki hadn't opened his mouth since Raoul's retort: "it seems that Iason was able to teach you some manners at last."

The bastard. He didn't have any clue about anything which happened in Dahna Burn -as if he ever had before anyway. Yet he really couldn't help but give his useless arrogant views about everything related to Riki's mongrel nature, could he? What did Raoul really know about life aside from lab-work anyway? Riki was sure that Raoul didn't stand a chance against Iason for anything. If it was not for the sake of his Blondie master and lover, Riki would have definitely spat at his colleague. After having embraced death of his own and free will, he really wasn't afraid of anything anymore. Except... well, it wasn't a real fear, but he certainly didn't want to part from Iason again. That was the only bond which really gave Riki a proper reason for going on with his life now.

Ceres had forgotten him. That was what he had asked Katze for because then he thought he would die. He didn't regret his decision. His friends -Guy- had suffered from his stupidity and selfishness well enough. It had taken all that they had gone through to admit it at last, but he loved Iason. That was why he came back to him and couldn't justify himself to Guy. That was why he felt like he didn't belong anywhere else, but by Iason's side.

But then what? He would stay in Eos, play the well-behaved pet, wear chains and collar in public like some beast whereas he knew about the real nature of human kind? Whereas he knew about freedom? Whereas he knew about Iason's LOVE?

You have no idea what we've been going through, so don't even dare to give us a talk, you fucking arrogant whatever Elite bullshit !

Iason had felt Riki's inner struggle after Raoul's useless quip too. It was not as if the mongrel was the type to lick his boots just to get the Blondie's favor anyway-he could tell. Nevertheless, something had definitely changed since... that day. Iason kept playing in his mind, that moment when Riki had switched from figurative speaking in Dahna Burn to action at dinner. He had been touched by Riki's genuine move of affection as much as he had blamed Raoul for breaking the magic of the moment. Yes, despite all his snarling and indiscretion, Raoul was a real friend who was covering them up, but... He also had become hopelessly predictable when it came about Riki.

In fact, Raoul's words had hurt the Blondie as well. Iason had never really wanted Riki to be tamed. At least, not anymore. He just wanted Riki to be his. And now, such a thing was possible. It was an unthinkable dream coming true.

As soft and attached as he had acted, his Riki was till the same. No, in fact he had become even stronger. That was the most beautiful part of it. The fire in him was not extinguished, quite the contrary. Riki's legendary ebony eyes blazed even more now that both lovers had faced death together. His body seemed to glow with an aura much stronger than before, as if all his cells together were screaming to the world that they were the most alive and the most persistent ever.

Yet this incredible, irresistible aura was also tainted by pure fury right now. A fury which made him clutch his fist and clench his teeth to not blow it away.

Iason knew better than anyone how explosive Riki could be at moments like this, hence he came to him and embraced the tensed boy to soothe him down.

"You don't have to behave like my pet. I know how harsh Raoul's words were on you."

Riki snorted.

"Yeah, not as if I was expecting something else from that guy anyway."

Iason smiled at it. The boy seemed to have kind of relaxed from the hug, and was now returning it back.

"Why didn't you reply back at him?"

"Isn't it obvious?"

"You heard Raoul. He's covering us up. Which means..."Iason smirked, imagining Raoul's face if he could hear this. "that you don't have to hold back with him either."

"Tch. It would please him way too much if I had acted the way he had predicted. Plus, he would get me into useless trouble."

Iason's blue eyes became icy. "I wouldn't let him. And he knows that."

"Let's say that's true. Then what? I'm supposed to live as your pet my whole life? You know way better."

Iason smiled, hugging his Riki tighter, his breath on his neck : "You don't have to stay at Eos. You can work for Katze again. And... I gave up the idea that you could live as a pet for a single day long ago anyway."

Riki parted from an amused Iason to take his head between his hands, black burning eyes into deep blue ones.

"As if that ever stopped you."

He pressed his lips against Iason's. Softly and slowly. Without anything else but tenderness. As only a human being could do.

He parted and kissed again, much harsher this time. In fact, Riki was starving of Iason. Since both of them had left the hospital a week ago, Iason hadn't touched him. He didn't want to -he couldn't- impose himself on Riki again. He rather preferred that Riki was the one to come to him, on his own.

As delighted as he was to see this happen at last, Iason was perplexed by such a soft move. He would have expected much more eagerness from the mongrel. Riki parted again. Amused by the Blondie silence, guessing his thoughts, he stated, half-serious:

"There is much more to human love than you perverted bunch of Elite know."

Iason's chest slightly pounded from excitement. Had Riki even realized what he had just said? Which word he had just used? This was the moment. Riki had acted on his own, his words reflecting not only his feelings for the Blondie but also all the dignity that this rare natural-bred human being was possibly capable of in front of the artificial one.

With the same amused tone as his beloved, he moved closer to Riki until he could press his demanding body against his. Then, looking at the burning dark eyes, he said with a smirk:

"Ooh? Teach me then."

He kissed him back, letting Riki's tongue express all that he wanted to say, for the sheer pleasure of discovering a whole new panel of sensations from the one that he had never let express anything before.

Riki slightly pushed Iason, who sat on the bed, the boy straddling him, kissing him deeper and deeper, his breath getting harsher and harsher He thrust his tongue further and further, mocking the same motion with his hips. He could feel his body and Iason's harden quicky through the clothes, from the gesture.

Without moving from his position, he broke off the kiss with the Blondie. In a graceful gesture, he pulled his black top above the head, stretching his tanned muscles in full view for the Blondie, who followed him in the process.

They looked at each other, Iason's large and still torso pressed against Riki's panting bare chest, the atmosphere heavy from expectation and desire.

Iason wanted to take Riki. He needed it. But he also wanted Riki to be free to do it the way he wanted and Riki had understood that.

Quickly, still gazing at his beloved, Riki unfastened his pants and Iason's, before lightly pushing him on the bed with a deep kiss. They removed their last clothes in barely two moves before lying on the bed. Riki couldn't help but notice the light scars around Iason's knees. This view made the memory of the Blondie sacrificing himself to save the mongrel's life even more vivid. His lips and tongue left Iason's to glide on the neck, where he deliberately left a love mark or two, on discrete places where he knew that they would be hidden by the clothes. In the meantime, Iason had taken profit from Riki's proximity to skim his skin with his lips and fondle him with his hands. He didn't have the time to touch Riki's most sensitive spots: the mongrel retreated from Iason's touch to kiss further. He was sweating, panting, writhing from excitement, eager to feel Iason filling him as much as Iason wanted to make Riki his. But there was something he really wanted to do, because he had never done it for Iason before. After reaching Iason's calves, he seized Iason's hips with his hands, as to take his grip, ready to fondle Iason with his mouth.

Shocked by the move, Iason tensed up. Both amused and vexed by such a reaction from the "Blondie master", Riki halted, a bit perplexed.

"What? You don't want it?"

Iason didn't say anything and Riki didn't mock him any further. Both of them knew exactly what the other was thinking. Never, ever, in over four years, even during the worst humiliating moments in Riki's training, had Iason summoned Riki to service him this way. In fact, it had even surprised Riki that, with all that the Blondie had forced on him, he never had considered the mongrel to use his mouth. And it had surprised the mongrel even more, after the night they had spent in Apatia, before Guy kidnapped him, when Iason had taken Riki with his own mouth instead.

Well, not that he didn't understand at all either. He has been living with Blondies for long enough to know that part of their pride stood in their way of keeping their feelings hidden. To be as in-human as possible. That was why Iason taking Riki had caused such a commotion among the Elite in the first place.

If I lose control because of him, it is not a big deal, coz I'm a mere human, and a mongrel on that, but the other way round it is another story, huh?

Iason clenched his teeth when he felt Riki's bodyheat around his member, in order not to emit any embarassing moan. This was a whole new kind of pleasure for him. The mongrel sure knew his moves. He was soft. But also... The way Riki was slowly fondling him, griping his sacks, purposely taking his time at the most sensible points, Iason suspected that Riki was taking his revenge for all the oral sex that he had to endure from Daryl, the former furniture, during the first months of his captivity.

The Blondie relaxed on the bed and breathed slowly to control the waves of pleasure which were getting more and more intense from Riki's insisting tongue and lips. Yet he couldn't prevent his hips from thrusting his desire deeper into Riki's throat. Neither could he restrict the slight, single soft moan which escaped from his own throat when the tension was released in one last thrust.

The boy didn't retreat immediatly after he felt the hot seed into his throat, as if to savor a few more seconds the moment when Iason had expressed his own pleasure despite his Blondie nature.

After recovering a bit, Iason rose on his elbows to face Riki who was already reaching for him, his legs spread above his hips, his arms straddling the torso, rubbing his sides and back, the lips and tongue exploring the chest. Riki was obviously getting more and more passionate, eager to discover Iason's own sensitive spots, smiling slightly from victory each time that the tip of his tongue or fingers coaxed some reaction, as faint as it sounded, from the Blondie.

Iason was amazed by Riki's fiery boldness. A completely different way than both of them were used to, without any pet ring, the boy had excited himself at least as much as he was exciting his partner.

But Iason was also surprised by something else.

Despite all his fresh moves, from Riki's posture, it was clear that he wanted Iason inside.

Iason cupped Riki's head between his hands to look at him into the eyes. His view at this moment... was a pure marvel. The taut muscles, the glowing brown skin, the black bangs slightly wet from sweat, and these powerful, hot, blazing eyes which where devouring him from above. Burning with intense desire, just as they had burnt for him that day.

Iason pressed Riki in a tight embrace to reverse the position. Riki let himself go, his legs which were previously straddling Iason's hips now spread wide underneath, wrapping the Blondie high around his sides. The boy was obviously craving for him and didn't hold back.

Iason couldn't help but tease Riki on this point, while he was pinching nipples and placing himself against Riki's body.

"I thought you would take the advantage much more than this."

But Riki couldn't even retort, so pressing his demand was. He writhed, skin against skin, his arms tight around his lover's torso, already grinding in anticipation, looking at a bemused Blondie behind half-closed lids:

"I really - I need you - right now." He articulated through his moans.

What was happening was among Iason's wildest expectations.

He couldn't resist.

"Riki..." He whispered.

The mongrel choked when Iason entered with a finger to prepare his next move. He had expected that the starving Blondie would thrust in at once. Has he become that thoughtful about the well-being of his partner?

Half-dizzy from the waves of pleasure and rush of feelings, Riki smiled under Iason's affectionate gaze. Both of them had definitely changed, hadn't they?

The boy looked at Iason straight into the eyes: "Go in."

The sensation of Iason inside him after so long, and in such a gentle way, Iason's one hand fondling him, the other teasing his nipples and neck, his long silk hair skimming his skin, his lips kissing his, their tongues combined altogether... This was almost too much to bear. After the choked couple of words he pronounced, drunk from this incredible cocktail of sensations, he was unable to utter anything else.

Iason could clearly feel the difference with all their previous encounters. Riki was participating in every way. The way his hands were gliding in his hair, stroking Iason's skin everywhere. The way he answered to the kisses by others of his own. The way he bucked against Iason's hips to make him go deeper and deeper.

"Ah..." Iason let softly escape, answering to Riki's moans.

Both embarrassed and amused by this involuntary sound, he smiled and looked at Riki who was smiling too, but from victory. His fierce eyes seemed to say: "See? It's not that bad huh?".

Their smiles faded when both of them shuddered, desire rushing like sparks of electricity through their spine. At this point, they dived into each other gaze to never let go.

Their common pace began to accelerate, both backs to arch, muscles to contract, faces to tense up, Riki's eyes to widen, Iason's to sharpen.

The Blondie thrust one last time, as far as he could, the mongrel pressed himself against his partner's body as hard as he could, to merge even more.

Until the simultaneous culmination of their love.

Wrapping a panting Iason with his arms and legs, Riki's eyes shed a few unvoluntar tears, a natural reaction from the release of desire and relief. The hard days were gone. At least, when it came to them both.

Together, in this society which rose unnecessary wide gaps between natural and genetically modified breeds, their bodies had led them to reach a whole new level of consciousness.


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