Choose Your Path

Disclaimer:: I do not own any of the Dragonball/z/gt characters. That would be so cool though.

She sat against a tall tree in the heavily wooded area with her eyes shut. It had been two weeks since the Cell games and she had been living outside in various places ever since. She had lost everything that was important to her during that time, and now she had nowhere to go. It had often crossed her mind that the little bald man would be more then happy to have her stay with him but something kept her from going to that little guy for help.

Her eyes shot open as she heard a rustling sound close by. She stood up and looked around.


She recognized the voice, "17?!"

17 came out from behind some trees and walked up to her. "You look like shit 18."

18 smiled, "I missed you too brother." Neither android showed the emotions toward each other that a normal person would, but despite that they were extremely happy to see each other. "But I don't understand. . .How are you alive?"

"I'm not exactly sure. I was being absorbed by Cell and the next thing I know, I'm standing in the middle of nowhere as good as new. So what happened to you?"

18 told him everything except the detail about the bomb inside of her being removed. She thought it would be better if he didn't know that she was now missing a part of herself.

"So that little human took care of you while you were out?"


"Boy 18, you really know how to manipulate those weak male humans."

18 shrugged, "What can I say? It's a gift."

17 looked at her attire, "Well I've got this place we can go to. . .Or do you prefer living outside?"

"I think you know the answer to that."

17 nodded and motioned for her to follow him as he jumped up into the air. 18 was happier then she had been in a while, though she didn't show it. Neither one of them did, it would show that they had weak human emotions. After a couple minutes 17 landed and 18 followed him down. She looked forward at the cabin, "How did you get this?"

17 smirked, "The humans were happy to give it to me after a little persuasion."

"I'm sure they were." They walked inside to the smell of coffee and cedar.

"I have an extra room. I was saving it incase. . .Well I was hopping I'd come across you." He cleared his throat, "Well the bathroom's over there incase you want take a shower. . .Which I highly suggest at this point."

18 gave him a look, "Well you'd smell too if you'd been through what I have. Living outside with no place to bathe."

"It's good to have you back."

"Yeah." 18 smirked then walked into the bathroom. She took off her clothes and got into the shower. She turned the hot water on and started washing her body and her hair. After a half an hour she turned the water off and got out. Being clean felt wonderful after all this time. She picked up her clothes, walked out and was immediately greeted by her brother.

"You're not honestly going to put those back on are you?"

"Well what do propose I do? Walk around naked all day?"

"You can borrow some of mine for now, and tomorrow you can get some of your own." He took the clothes from her and threw them in the trashcan.

"Alright." She followed him to his room and started rummaging through his closet. She pulled out a pair of jeans and a black shirt, "17 I think it's you who needs to go shopping. . .Your clothes are all practically the same."


18 sighed, she had always been the fashion freak, not him. She went over to his drawer and pulled out a pair of his boxers. She put them on then she put on the shirt and jeans. "Good thing we wear the same size."

17 nodded the walked out. 18 followed him into the next room. 18 looked around. The room was already set up for someone to be there. There was a bed against the wall at the far side and there was a dresser at the other. "I know it need some work but I figured if I tried to furnish it, you'd just change everything anyway."

18 looked at him, "Yeah probably. This is just fine for now, thank you."

17 nodded, "You should get some rest, I'll see you in the morning.", then he shut the door.

18 walked over to her bed and collapsed on it. She started to drift into a peaceful sleep. ~I can't believe this is happening. He's actually alive. Now I can live a normal life here with the one person that matters to me~

Or so she thought. . .

~To be continued~