Hey guys! After quite some time I have decided to start writing again. And this time not with the Joker in the leading role, but Bane. I think he's very intriguing. This story takes place after the movie, only Bane has survived. How, when and why? Well just read and find out. English isn't my first language, so I already apologize for spelling faults! Still I love the English language and I want to improve myself, so that's part reason for writing this story. Are you a beta? And interested in Beta-ing this story? Please let me know?!


~Chapter 1. Meeting evil.~

The night was slowly passing by. Jane was sitting at a local pub in town, drinking the night away. She and her friends came here every Friday after college, to eat, drink and just hang out together. Still this night was kind of different. The news had been quiet this week. Not one single message from the radio, TV or newspapers to inform the citizens that Bane had risen again. People were starting to have hope again. Hope that Gotham wasn't destroyed and burnt to the ground, like Bane had promised. People were already building the town back up. Jane smiled. She loved goofing around with her friends, and now, they didn't have to worry about the way they would be going home later that night. There were no more threats on the streets, Gotham had been cleaned.

"And cheers!", Sarah spoke, hitting her glass against Jane's. In one gulp she emptied her glass. Jane smiled and followed, emptying her own glass. John and Frank were pooling, leaving Sarah and Jane at the table. Talking time.

"So, about you and Frank?", Sarah innocently asked Jane, who was adverting her eyes elsewhere. She didn't liked where her friend was leading the conversation to. She and Frank had always just been friends. She knew Frank liked her a lot more than that, but she didn't quite knew what she wanted at that moment, and she didn't liked for him to be hanging on.

"Sarah, I already told you everything, there's nothing going on between us. And you should know that because you already asked about a hundred times!," Jane said laughing and giving her friend a little shake.

"Ok, ok," Sarah said, putting her hands up in defense. She smiled meaningful at the boys down at the pooling table, what was irritating Jane more then she could say. Sarah and John had been a couple for 3 weeks now, and Jane knew Sarah would love for her and Frank to follow in their footsteps.

While Sarah was paying attention towards the boys, Jane saw a big figure walking in. She guessed it had to be a guy, due to his immense size. He was wearing a big black coat, that fell over the upper part of his legs as well. He walked straight to the bar and ordered something. Jane couldn't see his face, but she was really curious. She kept staring some more at the guy, till Sarah poked her arm and they went for a pooling game with Frank and John.

Jane had almost forgot about the whole guy down at the bar, until Sarah and John started making out and Frank asked her if she wanted another drink. Jane nodded, and followed him down to the bar. Then she saw the big guy again, sitting at the bar. His back was to them. As Franks ordered another round for them, Jane side stepped to get a glance. She regretted it instantly. The man must have felt her eyes looking at him, for he instantly turned his gaze towards her. Jane was shocked. The first thing she saw was that he was wearing a black cloth over his mouth and nose. But his eyes, a piercing gaze Jane was almost hypnotized by. He curiously kept looking at her. Jane swallowed and quickly turned around, following Frank back to their Pooling table. This whole guy made her feel tense, she had no clue why though. She decided not to pay any more attention to the guy, and started paying more attention to the pooling and Frank. Sarah and John had wandered off to a more quiet place back in the bar. So it was just Frank and Jane pooling now. And Frank liked it a lot.

"So you also have 3 test next week?", he asked Jane, leaning on his pool stick.

"Yeah, still have to study for all three of them this weekend," Jane answered. Jane and Frank followed all the same classes, something that only made it more difficult for Jane to give him the right impression. She really liked him as a friend, only a friend. But her being all giggly and funny around him, sometimes gave him the wrong impression after all. Jane sighed, she gave up the pooling, she would never win from Frank anyways.

"I've had it for tonight Frank, I think I'll start my study's tonight," Jane said to Frank, who disappointedly put his stick down.

"Yeah, you're right. I'll do the same. Let's get Sarah and John," Franks answered.

"No, just let hem, it seems they are having fun," Jane said, taking Frank by the arm, so he wouldn't walk over to their friends. Sarah and John were kissing as if their lives depended on it. Inwardly Jane smirked. She loved her goofy and funny friend Sarah. She was really outgoing, and made friends everywhere. But with boys… let's say she could be a little more withholding. On the other hand, if it wasn't for Sarah, Jane would never go out in the weekends. She wasn't really the dancer type, so she rather stayed home with a good movie or a book. But Sarah just dragged her along whenever she wanted to.

"Shall I drive you home?", Frank asked, getting his car keys from his pocket. Shoot. Jane had forgotten. She was with her bike tonight. If Sarah stayed, she had to drive home alone. 'Gotham is safe now' the voice in her head said. Oh yeah she had forgotten.

Well she really didn't felt like riding home with Frank, and then she would have to get back here tomorrow to get her bike home. No, she could drive home alone tonight.

"No that's not necessary, I think I'll make it home by myself." Frank gave her a wink.

"Fine then, just let me know it when you get home, ok?", Franks teased before he gave her a hug and left. Jane laughed at this. Frank could be the perfect boyfriend. Just not for her.

Putting on her coat and getting her bike keys from her bag, Jane never noticed that all the seats at the bar were now empty. The big guy was gone. Unlocking her bike and stepping on it, Jane felt that she was being watched. Looking around she noticed nothing strange. She also couldn't find anybody that was staring at her. She decided that it must be because of everything they had to endure the last couple of weeks in Gotham.

"Nothing is wrong, just stop being a coward", she said softly to herself. Still she started to cycle a bit faster, to get home as soon as possible. After 15 minutes she finally reached her street and put her bike in the back yard. She shared this apartment with Sarah. Her parents lived 2 hours away from here, too far for Jane to live while going to college. The apartment wasn't big, or luxurious. But it was good enough for the both of them, living by their own rules, cooking their own meals. Jane took her key out of her bag and opened the front door. Nothing strange had happened, and Jane sighed. She was such a drama queen. Still that man at the bar was quite weird, right? Shaking her head Jane walking towards her room, getting her stuff together for a nice, long and hot shower.

Outside, a figure was standing on the sidewalk. His gaze was on one of the houses in particular. He had followed the girl home. He smirked at the thought of seeing her tonight. She had been so close. The scent of her vanilla shampoo reaching his nose while her long brown curls hung freely on her back. He was glad she had not recognized him, for his plan would have failed. But he just had to see her tonight, before he would take her. By the thought of having her all to himself, he felt the need in his body, tensing him up. He had been following her for months now. And he knew, that from the moment he had seen her, he had to have her. At all costs. His plans for Gotham had failed, but they thought he was dead. So he could start over, make new plans. All his enemies where gone as well. And what made tonight's events even more easy was that she had chosen to go home alone. He was quite sure that her friend would stay in the bar for a few more hours. And that was all the time he needed to accomplish his plan. He smiled. Time for his plan for Jane Howard to come to life.

Back in the house, Jane just finished her shower. She picked a large white towel from the heating and dried herself quickly. Then she wrapped it tightly around her form and walked into the living room, turning on the radio. She didn't liked being home alone, but at least here was nothing to be afraid of. And she could play every song she liked as loud as she wanted without Sarah complaining about her taste in music. After a minute Paradise by the dashboard light came from the radio and singing along Jane walked back into the bathroom, combing her wet curls. 'Time for a visit to the hairdresser' she thought after brushing her hair that already fell over mid waist. After brushing her teeth, Jane decided she only needed a bottle of water and the she would go to bed. She was rather tired and she could always study in the morning. She walked back into the living room, turned off the radio, and turned to head for the kitchen when she heard the most terrifying sound. Hard, uneven breathing. A mechanic sound. The scariest thing was that she recognized it instantly. She turned quickly, and saw on her couch in her living room, in hér house, sat no man other than Bane. The Bane. The man that had haunted whole Gotham for such a long time. And this wasn't the first time she had seen him real life. He had been on the TV every single day. But TV was safe, far enough away to ever be scared from. But about half a year ago, she had bumped into a big man in town. She had excused for she hadn't seen where she was going. But when she turned to look who she had bumped into, she had swallowed her excuse, and was gladly pulled away from him by her friends. But she had never forgotten the sound he made while breathing or the way he had looked at her. It made her skin crawl. The hairs on her arms stood straight up as she watched him sit there, totally comfortable.

"Wha- what are you doing here?", she softly spoke. Still walking backwards into the kitchen. She hoped to grab a knife, without him seeing her.

"Well, aren't you pleased to see me, darling? I had the feeling that back in the pub I had all of your interest and undivided attention." His voice sounded amused. She didn't have the guts to look into his eyes, so instead her eyes fixated on his mask. It was scary on TV, but in real life, in her house, it was horrifying. The mask covered most of his face, his mouth, nose and ears.

"They said you were dead", She tried to speak a little louder, but being terrified and all it was a hard task. So he had been the big mysterious guy back in the pub.

"Well darling, you should never believe everything you hear from the news, now should you?", he answered. It amused him she couldn't even look at him. He knew she would never go willingly with him, still he liked a little play before he would make her.

"As for your other question, I am here for you." Jane swallowed. For her? What her? What the hell could he possibly want from her?

"Me?", she asked. Feeling with her hand on the kitchen counter. Her fingers encircled a fork. 'Well that's something' she thought to herself, walking her back into a corner.

"Yes darling, for you," He stood from the couch, smiling when he saw her grabbing her towel a little tighter. Jane could slam herself for still being in only that towel. That man was so big, he towered above her, being almost 2 heads bigger than her. And then we hadn't even discussed his muscles. If he wanted he could snap her in two, with little effort. Jane swallowed. What did he want from her?

"Look if this is about me running into you some time ago, I'm sorry for not apologizing", Jane rattled. A loud laughter erupted from under his mask. How cute, did she really believe that?

"Well, actually, that was the first time I ever noticed you. And yes since then I've been following you. Awaiting the opportune moment to claim you as my own", Bane said, slowly walking towards the terrified girl. Jane swallowed again. This just couldn't be happening.

She wished she could just be invisible right now, even falling through the floor would have been ok. Bane walked up until there were only a few inches between them. Jane still refused to look him in the eyes. But she did follow his hands as one took her arm from behind her back, making her flimsy weapon fall.

"How charming of you to await me in this lovely towel and with a - fork?", he stated, laughing once more. Jane really didn't knew what to do now. He couldn't be serious, right?

"Now I suggest you go back into your room, dress, and then we'll discuss what will happen from here on." His low and dark voice made Jane shudder. With one hand he held her by her waist, the other was gently trailing her neckline, stopping at the towel.

"Unless of course, you choose to stay in the towel, doesn't bother me", he said looking down upon her. She squirmed out of his grasp immediately, hurrying into her room. Even though she wasn't planning on going anywhere with him, she really wanted to be dressed I something less showing. She quickly threw on some underwear, and was just zipping her jeans, when she heard him enter behind her.

He didn't say a word, grabbing a big black bag, and started pulling clothes from her closet.

"What are you doing?!", Jane said, watching him with big eyes, emptying all of her closets contents into the bag.

"I thought you would want something to wear, besides, I told you to get dressed and thén we'll discuss what we will be going to do, didn't I?", he said, turning and looking at her. Jane had put on some jeans, still her upper body was only covered by a bra. She became very aware of that fact when he stared at her, his eyes dropping to her chest immediately. She quickly turned, and picked a blouse from her bed, hastily putting it on.

"Good, follow me", his low voice commanded. Jane felt tears sting behind her eyes. Never in her life had she ever been more terrified than right now. He zipped the large bag and threw it in the corner of the living room, pointing for her to sit on the couch. She slowly did, but not where he had pointed out, she choose the spot that was the most far away from him. He chuckled and sat down himself.

"So since you've cooperated so well, I think I should let you in on my whole plan so far."

"Plan?", Jane asked. She saw he didn't liked being interrupted so she kept her mouth further shut.

"As I was saying, I came here for you. You will come with me to my hiding place."

Jane's eyes grew wide. He couldn't be serious.

"Hiding place? What- Why, what do you plan on doing with me?", she asked, tears finally making their way down her face. Bane looked at the girl. Compared to his size she was nothing. A little branch that could be easily broken if he wished. Still, he wanted to protect her. The reason that he was here, coming for her was that he wanted her for himself. He thought she was the most precious thing he had ever laid eyes on. Beautifully shaped. Lovely curves in all the right places. He never had seen a young woman more appealing to him, And he needed her. Her long brown hair, fell over her shoulders and over her face when she buried her face into her hands. She was crying. He stood making his way over to her. He kneeled in front of her, gently taking her chin in his hand.

"Don't be so sad, my little angel. You won't be alone. You'll be there by my side." That wasn't something that made Jane feel any better at all. But for Bane time was running out. He didn't knew for sure that her friend wouldn't be getting home anytime soon, so they had to leave. He gently brushed her tears away with his thumbs, looking into her eyes, and to her lips. He knew he couldn't do any of the things he so desired, she would be even more scared of him then she already was. He let one of his hands slide though her still damp hair, and then placed one arm under her knees, and the other under her back, standing up.

Jane was stunned for one moment, then she started squirming in his arms. Bane gave her a warning look.

"You have 2 options. One, you will stop struggling and go with me willingly. Two I will have to sedate you. Believe me, waking from sedation isn't the best feeling you can have", he warned, picking up the big black bag with her still in his arms. Jane stilled instantly, not liking the idea of being unconscious while being with him.

"Good", he spoke, walking towards the door. Jane started to panic, how could she escape this madman? He walked them outside, towards a big black hummer. Jane felt nausea coming up.

"Please put me down", she said, pulling his arm. He again looked at her warningly, but saw her face becoming ghostly white. He gently placed her down, beside the passenger door of the car. He kept one of her upper arms in a death grip. Jane quickly bowed her head. She was glad she could keep herself from vomiting, but she didn't felt good.

"Are we ready to go, angel?", he asked, not sure if she was capable of getting herself together. Jane took a deep breath and looked around. Was there no one who saw this happening?

Bane opened the passenger door and lifted her by her waist. Jane didn't liked him touching her so much as he had already done tonight and quickly seated herself on the seat. Before she could even think about making a run for it, he closed the door, locking it with a loud click. He walked around the car, and jumped in. Within a few seconds he had started the engine and he was pulling the hummer on the road.

"Please don't take me with you", Jane tried with another plead. She finally looked him in his eyes, trying to change his mind. His look softened at the sight of her. Finally he had her by his side. If she only knew what he felt for her, how he needed her. In time she would understand. For now, she just had to comply.

"You will understand all of this later darling, I promise. For now, close your eyes and try to get some sleep. We'll be driving for some hours."

Her heart sunk trough her chest. There was no way of escaping now. She was trapped.

Sooo, you guys still there? What do you guys think? I have much idea's for this story. I hope you liked it. Please let me hear you thoughts and idea's!