"Monica, calm down. No, Joey hasn't eaten all his sandwiches already. We're keeping a close eye on him" Rachel told Monica on the phone, as she glared at me as I ate my last sandwich.

Jeez, her and Chandler had only been in their fancy new house in the suburbs for a day and already Monica was in her OCD mood. No doubt she'd been running round the house all morning clenaing and checking everywhere for dust.

"Yes, I'm with Joey now. No, just me. Phoebe is at dinner with Mike and Ross had to work late. No I can handle Joey. I am not a pushover!" Rachel answered to Mon, nibbling her lip as she looked at me. It had took me overal about thirty seconds for me to persuade her to let me have a sandwich. Easy.

I started to chuckle until she hit me over the head with the teatowel she was holding.

"Aww, that's so sweet. Yeah, I'll just tell him" Rachel says then turns to me, holding the reciever out, "Chanfdler wants to speak to you"

"Alright!" I jump in the air and pump my fist in the air, snatching the phone "hey, when you gonna visit?"

"I only saw you yesterday" Chandler laughed back.

"Well, I miss you! Hey, I can get us tickets for the Nicks tomorrow night?"

"Joey, I can't, I've got to help Monica with the twins"

"Oh, what about if we go out for a few bears the next night"

"Joey, I cant"

"Oh, sorry, got to go now, we're breaking up, sorry can't hear you" I yell as I slam the phone down.

My best friends grown up and left me.

"Oh honey" Rachel sighed and gave me a hug,

A/N so I know this chapter isn't great, but it is jut an intro to this story. It is told by Joey, and how he felt being the only one without a happy ending. Please R&Rx