Kurt has just curled up in a really comfortable position on the couch when there's a knock on the door. He entertains the thought of not opening, because it's nine thirty on a Tuesday night, but it could be the girl from the third floor again, and, yeah. Rachel's out, so he gets up, shuffling across the floor with the blanket still wrapped around his shoulders. Whatever comment that was on the tip of his tongue, dies instantly when he sees who's outside the door.

Adam. Adam, who got home from England just two hours ago, and who Kurt is seeingtomorrow, because that's what they agreed on, is standing in the hallway outside of Kurt and Rachel's apartment. His clothes are rumpled and he looks like he hasn't slept in two days, but he smiles at Kurt when he sees him.

"Surprise?" he says, a little hesitant.

"You've ruined my life," Kurt blurts out, and Adam's smile instantly falters and he takes a step back. Kurt blinks. "No! No, shit, no, I'm—not like that, just—" He grabs Adams wrist and drags him inside so he can close the door again. The blanket falls from his shoulder with the movement and reveals one of Adam's plaid flannel shirts. "Oh, shut up," Kurt huffs when he catches Adam looking at the fabric with a small, pleased smile. "I thought we said tomorrow?" he asks, hitching the blanket up again.

Adam shrugs. "I didn't want to wait. You…don't seem to have the same concern, though," he says, frowning a little.

"No! I'm glad to see you, I really am, even if I look like crap—"

"You never look like crap," Adam interjects, not able to stop his compulsive need to prevent Kurt from self-deprecation.

"—Even if I look like crap," Kurt repeats, pointedly. "But I did what you said," he says, crossing his arms and glaring at his boyfriend.

Adam's frown just deepens. "You…did what I said?" he repeats, confused.

"I started watching Doctor Who," Kurt mutters, not meeting Adam's eyes. He rolls his eyes at the answering chuckle.

"Okay, I totally get the less-than-heartfelt greeting now," he says, stepping closer and wrapping his arms around Kurt. "Care to give me a better one?"

Kurt uncrosses his arms and lets the blanket fall to the floor, wrapping his arms around Adam's neck instead and kissing him. "Hi," he says when they break apart. "I've missed you."

Adam smiles and rubs their noses together. "I can see that," he says and pinches the shirt Kurt's wearing.

"Stop it," Kurt protests and bats his hand away. "He burned up a star just to say goodbye, I needed some comfort."

"Aww, sweetheart," Adam coos and runs a hand over Kurt's back. "I like you in my clothes, it's hot. And I've missed you, too."

"I'm just…glad you were on the other side of the Atlantic, not a parallel universe," Kurt sighs, burrowing his face in Adam's neck.

Adam smiles and strokes his hair. "Yeah. Me, too."