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Becoming a hero.

Much as the rest of the world had not noticed the happenings of that fateful Halloween, another family survived the night in question relatively unscathed, although this family was a normal family. they were a young couple who were just settling into their dentistry practice, and had a small child, a young girl named Hermione. The Granger family of Crawley lived ina small upscale neighborhood with a few other well-to-do Londoners. However a few decidedly strange things had happened as of yet.

Hermione was frightfully bright for her age, already beginning to read and developing a highly advanced vocabulary for a two year old. That in itself made play dates difficult as Hermione would become rather bored of the whole thing quickly as she had no interest in "baby games" as it were and the other children just were not capable of understanding someone like her.

This made her socially awkward. She kept to herself and began refusing to go on such outtings after a while. She still loved to run and dance like any other little girl, but she balanced her time between such efforts and her intellectual pursuits. She always had to piece out the inner workings of things and was able to correlate and troubleshoot most problems with very little if any challenge.

Daniel Granger, a former SAS Colonel who retired the youngest one in British military history, pursued his degree using his military connections and his keen mind to rush through school at a break-neck pace. There he met Emma DuBois, second generation French descended student who was in the same Pharmacology class. He found her beautiful chestnut eyes and petite yet curvascious frame to be utterly mesmerizing, but the thing that truly captivated his heart was her towering intellect. She was a veritable walking encyclopedia and some may have passed her off as being too bookish, but Dan,after a few dates found out she was a spitfire.

Her father had served in the RAF during the Blitz so she was naturally well aware of the lingering issues from service that Dan still was working to get over and wasa godsend in helping him heal. They grew even closer until Emma came to him in tears one evening, telling him it was over. After the initial shock wore off, Dan refused to accept the breakup at face value and finally got her to admit that she wasscared because her gyno had discoveredshe was pregnant and Emma was uncertain as to whether she was redy to become a mother. Dan reassured her that he was proud to be the father of her baby and then promptly proposed to her. He explained that he was planning to invite her to a night out on the town that very weekend and propose anyway, so her pregnancy was not the sole reason for his proposal.

They were married a month later in a quaint ceremony outside a little hamlet called Godric's Hollow where another young couple named James Potter and Lily Evans after Emma had begged the local pastor to do the ceremony that day, and then befriended young Miss Evans, bore witness, Thus Dan and Emma Granger became husband and wife, and then James and Lily became Mr. and Mrs. James Potter with their other witnesses being a gaunt wiry young man named Remus and a dark rougish young man named Sirius who seemed to tke the mickey out on James and Remus every chance they turned their back. The one Dan got a bad feeling about was the pudgylittle one who seemed to be slightly out of place. Something in this Peter's eyes and mannerisms just didn't set well, but Dan shrugged it off as a side effect of the high he was feeling at marrying Emma, nt wanting to upset the other newlywed couple or their party. What a day June 10, 1979 had become!

Then came the honeymoon, followed by sitting their licensing exams. The Doctors Granger then welcomed young miss Hermione Jane Granger into the world in Sept of 1979. Emma was glowing and motherhood suited her well. Dan continued securing patients forthe new practice ad tapped into his trust fund to purchase their home in Crawley. They practiced in the suburbs and even had famous clients, so money was never an object, plus Lily Potter, whose father was an investment banker, had given Emma some investment tips that seemed to be doing rather well both short temr dividends and projected longterm growth.

Emma and Lily were constantly corresponding as Emma annouced that Lily had become pregnant and wanted to name her a godmother. She was excited with that prospect, and the young couple stood for a young Harry James Potter, who Hermione seemed to take to with little prompting. The tykes were inseparable and Lily and Emma became like sisters. Aparently Lily had an older sister who lived in Surrey, but the two had a huge falling out so Emm welcomed the closeness. One day Lily didn't show up for the ususal playdate and Hermione was asking about her Harry quite frequently that morning, but no answer came. A few days later a post came from Lily and Emma finally smiled again excited and relieved that her friend had contacted her and had to be safe a result, but the excitement was short-lived as Emma received a notice saying she and James were moving away and she was uncertain when she could contact Emma again.

Hermione cried for days when Emma told her Harry had moved away. Hermione tried to send her Auntie Lily aletter for Harry, but the letters came back return-to-sender. That summer was terrible for the Granger women. Dan did his best, but hehad no idea what to do about the two sulking females in his life. He tried to convince Emma to return to work so she could not dwell on her friend's absense, but Emma declined stating that Hermione was not old enough for school yet.

Then the night of Halloween 1981 came about. Dan was awoken by the sound of a blast as his backdoor shattered in on itself. He sprang to action, grabbing his handgun and quickly loading it. He stalked down the stairs to find a group of three hoodlums in black robes with white skull masks ransacking his study. Not bothering to warn these intruders, he simply took aim and fired, sending two rounds per target, his silencer keeping the noiselevel down. He had all three down when heard signs of a struggle upstairs. he raced back to find another of the hoods attempting to rape his wife. Dan saw red and cleared the distance between himself and the would-be-rapist in the space of a breath.

He launched a lightning fast roundhouse kick just below the ear from behind the intruder, and the criminal dropped his arm to the side, the limb rendered useless by the effects of Dan's blow. The assailant dropped what appeared to be some kind of stick from his loose handsand the man desparately tried to kneel and recover it, as if it were some kind of weapon. Dan had never seen anything like it, but he was not aboutto allow the stranger a chance to gain an advantage of any kind. He promptly kicked the bastard in the face like a Brazilian winger in a Gold Cup championship match. He then proceeded to bludgeon the man with the handle of the pistol severely beating him about the head and shoulders. The man began to twitch rather oddly and then slumped, his leg spasming slightly every so often. Dan then headed down the stairs with the bastard's body preparing to call the bobbies to haul them away when he heard a whispered word in latin and a falsh of light, "Obliviate."