Chapter 10

"I have a surprise for you."

I follow Manchu to the grand staircase where he pulls a gate out and props it up behind us. "Sorry Roscoe, go to your bed." I watch as the animal lopes away and moves towards a big dog bed in the corner of the family room.

We continue up the stairs that turn halfway up to the right, and reach the landing of the second floor. Continuing down a hallway, I look around at the walls, which have family photos mixed in with artwork. I catch a brief glimpse of a few; Manchu in cap and gown flanked by an older man and Rose, Manchu and Roscoe in a park, Manchu surrounded by a group of happy children with skin the color of melted chocolate. There are a few doors we pass that are closed, and I wonder how many of them are bedrooms, and what he does with all the space. This is a huge house for a single guy.

He stops walking when we get to the end of the hall that contains a set of open double doors, which he gestures me through.

It's obviously his bedroom; the bed takes up a huge amount of space in the middle. The big cherry wood sleigh bed is covered in plush white bedding. The remaining furniture matches the wood and the floor is covered in a thick beige carpet.

"A bedroom, huh? I thought maybe you were leading me to a playroom."

"Not my style." He says from behind me. "Although I wouldn't be opposed to tying you up." I gulp and walk around the room.

"I must say this isn't what I would've expected."

"Oh, no? What would you picture me in?"

"Black satin, black lacquer furniture, chrome fixtures with naked abstract paintings of women on the walls." I shrug.

"So I scream bad '80's music video, do I?" He laughs and I join in.


He walks to me and that shuts me up. Taking my elbow gently as to not spill my wine, he leads me to the huge bay window. I look out and I'm not surprised to see an equally stunning back yard, complete with a beautiful, shimmering blue pool.

"Is this my surprise?" I ask, joking.

I feel his breath close to my ear, something he seems to enjoy doing often, and he whispers. "Look outside to the right."

I do as he says and my eyes widen as I see a couple in the yard next door, naked and about to get in a hot tub.

"Oh my god." My hand raises to my mouth and my fingers dance on my bottom lip. I'm suddenly full of nervous energy. "How did you know…" I break away, still looking at the couple as I watch them embrace in a heated kiss.

"Every two weeks, her mother takes the kids overnight. They seem to have a thing for hot tub sex." I feel his mouth touch my ear slightly, and I shiver.

"You've watched them before." I whisper.

"Of course."

"I assume they don't know?"

I feel him shrug. "If they do, they don't seem to care."

I feel him leave my body, and I stand mesmerized at the sight. "What if they see us now?" As I say it, the lights turn off and the glow from the pool casts wavy blue shadows across the walls.

Manchu reenters my vision, two large pillows in hand. He places them on the floor before the window, and tells me to kneel. He takes my glass from me and grabs my hand, helping me ease my body to the floor. The windowsill is wide enough for me to rest my elbows on, and he goes to place my wine on it before rethinking and putting it on the end table next to his. I think that's a sign of the activity to come.

He slinks down close to me on the left, joining me in kneeling, and I feel his hand snake across my lower back. "It's more perverted this way." He chuckles low, and I make a nervous sound in response. "It's like we're doing something wicked." He adds.

"We are." I feel my pussy clench at the thought of being a voyeur, with Manchu at my side again. I immediately remember how hot it was watching the car in the bank parking lot with him and turn to speak.

"I like your surprise."

"You ain't seen nothing yet." He nods his head towards the window, telling me to return my gaze.

The couple pours some champagne and gets in the hot tub, sipping casually and sitting closely together. The man starts to kiss his wife's neck and at the same time, I feel Manchu's mustache brush against my hair, his hand moving it to expose my own neck. My lids grow heavy as he starts to lightly suck, but I don't close them fully.

Manchu mimics what I'm watching, reaching for my breast as the man cups the woman's, and they both start to play and squeeze. I feel his hand remove itself and climb up under my shirt, his fingers sliding in my bra. While he plays with my nipple, I continue watching as the man lowers his head, grabbing her breast in both hands, before licking and sucking her.

Her hand disappears under the bubbling water, and I know what she's going for. I reach behind me feeling for the erection I know he's sporting, and I'm not disappointed. His hard cock is straining behind the denim, and I rub a few times over the outside. He moans in my ear and I start to let my eyes close, but he chastises me and commands that I keep them open.

The man below has his head thrown back and his hand reaches under the water towards her. I can imagine how slick she is, and the mutual masturbation causes their bodies to move together, her tits rubbing against his chest.

I feel Manchu's other hand slide over my waist and head towards my pants button, dipping his fingers under the waistband before popping the closure and easing the zipper down slowly.

He takes his hand away and grabs mine, pushing both of our hands in my panties. I moan as I feel how wet I am, and he guides my fingers to start rubbing against my clit. "I want you to make yourself come." He says as he pulls his hand away.

He presses his erection against me, trapping my hand with his cock, and pumps a few times into my backside. "Don't you fucking look away from them." He growls when I feel my head bowing down and I snap back up.

My fingers are pressing into me, rubbing and circling my clit while my breathing escalates. The man removes the woman's hand from his body but continues to play with her under the foamy water.

"Vuoi venire, Bella?" He grunts in my ear while continuing to push himself into my hand. "Are you going to come, beautiful?" He translates, and starts to push my jeans down my hips, taking my underwear with them. I keep rubbing as I feel him remove one boot and then the other, followed by my socks.

Movement and rustling against my back signals the removal of his shirt, and I feel him press himself against me once again.

"They're going to fuck soon, they don't last long." He chuckles seductively, his chin resting on my shoulder and I feel his head move, looking between the couple and what my hand is doing down below. "I want you to come before they do."

At his words, I start moving my hand faster, dipping one finger into myself at the same time. I hear him suck in a breath behind me, and I start to come, my hips starting to buck but my body wanting to collapse from pleasure. He grabs me around my waist to stop me from sitting, and pulls my arm with his other hand, bringing my slick fingers to his waiting mouth.

He sucks on them, moaning at the taste, before releasing them and telling me to stand. He helps me up as I rise shakily, and starts to pull my pants and underwear down my legs. I brace myself against the window frame while he pulls off one leg, and then the other. Once my bottom half is naked, he stands up and removes the upper half of my clothing. Squeezing and pawing my breasts from behind, he reminds me to watch the couple so I look back in time to see the husband rise up out of the water and sit on the edge of the hot tub.

Manchu's hands suddenly leave my body, and I hear him taking off his pants. His hands return to rest on my shoulders and he instructs me to kneel once again. Gliding to the floor, he tells me to turn around.

Turning my head, I'm face to face with his erection, which reminds me of just how big he is, and my pussy has a phantom ache from the memory. "She's going to blow him now. Will you suck me, Isabella? I want to see your pretty mouth on my cock."

I look at the couple quickly, and indeed, she's still in the water but has him fully in her mouth, bobbing her head vigorously. I must groan when I see the husband's hand move to guide her head, because Manchu quickly puts his on mine and prompts me to turn around once again.

I look up, and his whole face is awash in desire, his eyes boring down on me. He takes his other hand and holds his cock, stroking twice before placing it in front of my mouth. "Open."

I stretch my lips over the head, trying not to brush my teeth against him, and realize this is a ridiculous task. I proceed anyway, and try to loosen my jaw a little, not wanting to scrape him too hard. I manage to move on him a few times, his hand lightly guiding and pushing until he takes pity on me and gently moves my mouth off of him.

"Ow." I move my jaw back and forth a little, which makes him laugh. The fact that we can go from deep seduction to humor warms me, as I've never felt such a connection with someone like this during sex.

"You'll have to practice." He says, smiling, as he rejoins me in kneeling on the soft, maroon pillows. His hand reaches up to my jaw, and he moves it back and forth once before leaning in to kiss me. He does so slowly, our tongues meeting, but before I get too into it he breaks away and glances over my shoulder. "Showtime."

I scurry around in time to see the wife pop out of the water and turn, sitting down on the man's lap, reverse cowgirl. My stomach twists and my lower body clenches, as I see her reach between her legs to put his cock where she wants it.

She starts moving on top of him while he reaches around to play with a tit, and out of the corner of my eye I see Manchu's hand hold a condom in front of my mouth. "Rip." I quickly take the corner and put my teeth on it, biting down and pulling the foil open. I see him toss the wrapper on the floor, before I feel the movement behind me of him putting it on.

"Lean forward, baby." I do as he says when I feel his hand on my back, and brace myself on the window ledge. The man and wife are going full throttle, he's leaning back on one hand while the other is in her hair as she bops and twists on top of him, bracing her hands on his knees.

I feel Manchu press his cock near my opening, and steady myself for the gigantic intrusion I know is coming. I feel his fingers twirl around my opening briefly, before I feel him start to push the tip in. I shudder, and feel his hand soothing my tense muscles, running up and down my back.

He pushes in further, slowly, until I feel his hips meet mine and we both exhale. Without warning, he starts to fuck me, his hands moving to my hips and grabbing them firmly. He's swiftly pulling me on and off of him, at the same time I feel him slamming into me.

I press my hands against the sill and hold my arms rigid, lest I get thrust forward into the window. He continues to pound into me, the sound of our flesh meeting and slapping loud in the room and accompanying the animal sounds that escape both our mouths.

"Watch them!" He grunts and I feel his hand on the back of my head, pulling my hair a bit forcefully so that I'll jerk my head up and watch, the woman now on her butt on the largest corner of the hot tub while the man plows into her. I feel Manchu's hand leave my hair and slide down to start rubbing my clit, his fingers frantically working me up to my second orgasm.

As I come around him, I hear him grunting and saying something or other about it feeling good, while continuing to pump his hips into mine powerfully. My arms ache, but he feels too incredible inside me to even think about moving them. He must see them shaking because he takes his arm and wraps it around my stomach just under my breasts and pulls me upright, without missing a beat.

My arms are spaghetti at my sides, but I manage to move one back to feel his thigh, his motions making the muscles flex and undulate under his skin.

We move like this for a few moments, and it gives me the opportunity to look down at the couple again. "I think they're almost done." I grit through my teeth, as my sensitive pussy feels like it's going to clench again.

"Fuck, I'd rather watch you." I feel him lean his body back while still holding mine up, and I know he's watching his cock slip in and out, and envy the hot show he's getting.

The husband's ass tightens as I watch him duck his head and still his movement deep within her. I imagine her feeling his come exploding inside of her, and briefly wish I were feeling Manchu's.

I want to call out to Manchu, to tell him I'm coming, but I'm stuck on what to call him so I just come without warning, his cursing letting me know he feels it. With three long drives into me, he comes and presses his sweaty body against me once more.

His body starts to lower us down, still joined, so that my butt is resting on his thighs, half sitting half kneeling, while we both try to control our breathing.

"Fuck. Christ, that was good." He says into my disheveled hair, panting and swallowing. All I can do is say "mmm" in response. I think he's killed me.

When it's time to move, I get up on my shaky knees, feeling him slip out of me. Two hands grip my ribcage and Manchu stands, pulling me to my feet gently. He places a kiss on my shoulder blade and moves me to the bed, pulling back the covers. "I'll be right back."

He leaves to go to the bathroom I assume, and I look at the white bedding. I don't think so. I stand, waiting my turn in the bathroom and I start to feel awkward.

Am I supposed to leave now? I should've maybe conferred with Google on protocol for a relationship such as this. Before I can decide anything, he comes out and looks from the bed to me questioningly. "I need the bathroom."

He gestures behind him and I walk briskly over and shut the door. The bathroom is huge, hotel like, with double sinks, granite counters, a sunken tub and huge walk in shower with heavy-duty equipment in it. I think I count six showerheads.

Returning to the bedroom when done, I see he's lounging on the bed, proud and naked as all get out, and I start to gather my clothes.

"We're not done yet." I hear him say, and I stand slowly to find him grinning devilishly.

"Uh, I need a little time to recover from…" I gesture loosely towards his cock, still shockingly big even when not erect.

"It's the question and answer part of the evening."

"Yikes." I smile, and slip my panties on.

"Leave the rest off." He demands, and I walk to the bed to climb up, settling myself on my side lying crossways by his feet. He hands me my wine and I drink, careful not to spill any of the red liquid on the pristine comforter.

"Okay, so do you have a hat full of questions I pick from, or what?" I joke.

"So funny." He rolls his eyes at me, mocking.

I shrug, and wait.

"This feels forced."

I nod my head. "It does."

"Let's go swimming."

"I don't have a suit." I smile, cause I know he's not going to care.

"Ew, you're gonna swim in my pool naked?" I hit his foot at this comment and he laughs while he gets up and holds a hand out, wiggling his eyebrows. "Let's go skinny dipping."

Walking through his house naked is fun; I get to watch his ass move in front of me. I swear I can see his dick swinging on either side of his hips. "Won't your neighbors be able to see us now?"

"Do you care?"

"Well, we're done so it's not like they'll get the show we did." He stops short on the stairs and turns to face me.

"Who said anything about being done?" His chest puffs out as he looks at me incredulously.


"Tons means more than three, Half Pint."

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